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Geography Thread
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Tiddly-ho, robots and NEET master race! You're not doing anything better with your lives, so let's learn some geography.

ITT I will post various perfect scores on various geography quizzes, and link you the quizzes. Sporcle is really good for these, but Jetpunk is good too.

I find that drawing a map of a country by free hand, and its provinces, is the fastest way to memorize them.

Here are the provinces of China. Notice how there's a bunch of "pairs" close to Beijing that are easy to memorize: Shanxi/Shaanxi, Hebei/Hubei, Henan/Hunan.

If you think about it, most of you already know four or five of these! Hong Kong, Sichuan (Szechuan), Tibet, Beijing...

1. Provinces of China.
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India's primary divisions are "states and Union Territories". Once again, you really already know a couple, you just don't realize it: Delhi, Punjab, Kashmir, maybe West Bengal...

2. States and Union Territories of India.

Once I knew these, I re-visited the India section at the local museum, and I realized I understood where "Uttar Pradesh" actually was in relation to the rest.

There's five different "Pradeshes".
here we have the states of brazil...

(Lots of "Rios", and "Paras")...

4. States of Brazil.

How about counties of England? I got a perfect score in 1:58, though I am a bong and have been everywhere, so it wasn't hard
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And here's one I quite like about the world's territories. It's thorough, but incomplete. OTTOMH the one thing that's missing that I can think of, is "Aland".

18. World Territories (detailed, thorough, but incomplete)
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I memorized those very recently. Yet again, I realized that I already knew like half of the place names (or else just started bashing "english" sounding things), it was just a question or organizing.

I still don't understand the differences between the various county levels in a detailed manner, so if you could comment on that it would be appreciated.

6. Ceremonial counties of England.
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Staying in this part of the world, the counties of Ireland were the easiest for me to memorize. Ironically they sounded more "english" to me in some sense than the english counties. shorter, easier things to recognize too.

7. Counties of Ireland.
>I still don't understand the differences between the various county levels in a detailed manner, so if you could comment on that it would be appreciated.

I barely even know myself, It has become very fucked up in recent years.

It used to be simply UK > County > district.

Now some districts are unitary authorities which have the same level of power as a county. A county would have 5 districts, but only weild power over 4 of the districs. Some counties are now just a single district run by the county. It's a bit of a clusterfuck these days. Everyone just calls counties like how they are on your map.

I did Ireland too 32/32
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This is a very nice overview of the UK's countries and their capitals.

The "Crown Dependencies" are technically not in the UK, but they're the closest bestest buddies of the UK, and basically the same thing anyway so that doesn't really mean anything.

You can easily memorize Guernsey and Jersey's capitals like this: they both start with "St.", and the LONGER word, Guernsey, has the LONGER Capital name, St. Peter Port. The SHORTER word, Jersey, has the SHORTER capital name, St. Helier. Also it sounds a bit more French, and Jersey is a bit closer to France.

I have a romantically idealized image of the Channel Islands as the comfiest place on earth. The islanders refer to themselves as "donkeys" or "toads, depending on which balliwick they're from.

5. Countries and Crown Dependencies of the UK, and their Capitals.

I'll Be back in 30 minutes, hope the thread is still here.

I can do
>Counties of England
>Counties of Ireland
>US States
>German states
>Countries of Europe
>Countries of the world 182/197
Tibet is not China, Tibet is an independent country.
I did these for Spain and France a while ago, but those are easy-tier.

It'd be cool to eventually learn all these provinces/states, but I don't know how useful it will ever be. It doesn't fulfill me at all.
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I find it interesting in the sense that when I hear about a (detailed) place on the news, I know exactly whereabouts it is without need for further context. In that sense I find it fulfilling, but it's just an autistic hobby.

Indonesia is very easy, too. Same drill, you really already know several: Sumatra, Bali, Jakarta... These just use a lot of cardinal directions (north, west) so it's really about memorizing the islands as they call them.

3. Provinces of Indonesia.
I know all countries, their place on a map, their capitals and their flags. If i was a neet i'd learn the districts, but fuck it.
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Mexico does not have 'provinces', but states, which came as a surprise to me.

8. States of Mexico.
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I understand what you mean. I just got bored with doing those after a while (regularly browsing /int/ and /pol/ is REALLY good for beefing up on those).

So later I thought I'd focus on the divisions of LARGE countries, and certain important smaller countries.

Really the only things left that I even want to do are Russia, and some Euro countries (I learned Germany's divisions in HS but I've since forgotten them, I bet I know over half though)

Severest autism, now:

21. World Country and Territory Capitals (EXTREMELY thorough. HARD.)
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For completeness, I indicate various US quizzes:

9. US States.

10. US State Capitals.

11. US State Flags.
The worst was a game with the flags.

They asked you the flag of a cut, and you had to pick from the list. So you check 2xx flags 2xx times.
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Their capitals...

Fun fact: only a third of states have their largest city for their capital. This wise American culture of dividing power away from large cities regularly triggers Australians and Euros on /int/, who start blabbering Muh Large Cities, indicating their lack of understanding.
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They (sporcle) set up their quizzes in multiple ways: with maps (most of these), without maps, slide-shows, pick-from-a-list (and if you pick wrong you are docked points)....

The one that they're populating right now is click-on-a-map, without outlines. This is good for province-level stuff like I"m focusing on.

I'm not fully understanding your thing though, please expand on it. sounds like pick-from-a-list, or the closely related "minefield" (one wrong guess and you're done).

US State flags (already linked above)...
look at : http://lizardpoint.com/flags/flags_of_World_wholething.php

it gets boring fast
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Rounding out North America's continental land mass is Canada (breddy easy, if you live in the USA you should really know at least the provinces):

12. Provinces and Territories of Canada.

13. Provincial Capitals of Canada.

14. Provincial and Territorial Flags of Canada.
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IIRC MOST, but not ALL of Canada's local capitals are also that area's largest city.
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Canada has some breddy gud local flags, too.
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Australia is also worth knowing, both as a fellow Anglo "new" country, and a small number of things to memorize.

15. States and Territories of Australia (includes minor external territories).

16. State and (major) Territorial Capitals of Australia.

17. State and Territorial Flags of Australia.
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(Major) Strayan capitals...
File: 17.png (174 KB, 945x654) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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and Strayan flags.
File: 19.png (145 KB, 949x1697) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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19. World Countries AND Territories.
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Sporcle's world flags.

20. World Country Flags.
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This is one I really like. The execution is a bit flawed (especially at the end), but the idea and breadth more than make up for it:

22. Non-sovereign World Territories' flags. (Slideshow, some picture links at the end are broken)

If the creator were to randomize the flags and do some clean-up, it would be a 10/10 quiz. You get nice big reproductions of these lesser-known flags, many of which are in 4chan's standard /int/pol/sp/ flagset.
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I was playing with self-bumping earlier so I left out the Brazil picture on purpose. Eventually other anons took interest and now the thread has a little life. Anyway here's the picture for >>26417008

Yeah, fuck that thing. It's not well set up.

I had initially hoped that correct choices might disappear from the field, but that would have just made too much sense. Off to work on Germany before they're all reorganized as Kebab governates, I guess. :^)

Welp, this lad has had like an hour. Hope he comes back and gives it a bump.

Here I am lad. Might have a go at France soon
holy fuck some of you guys are smart. how do you memorize them?

Lots of free time. Plus if you follow world news to any degree, you realize that you already know several of these.

It's very kind of you to give me the benefit of the doubt like that; after all I could just as easily have cheated myself. but it's true, I actually do know the material of these quizzes. Some Indian kid would still wipe the floor with me in a geography bee though.

Something I want to improve on is rivers. I feel like I'm deficient on those.

Also just for the record, being able to memorize a lot of stuff isn't quite the same thing as intelligence (although it's pretty closely related I think).

Educational credentialing, memorization capacity and raw intelligence are three distinct (but again, closely related) things IMO.
Just one more bump. I want to recommend to anons to pick one or two on this thread, and play it for a day or two in between other things till you know the whole thing. Learn something new!
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