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i have diagnosed aspergers and tourretes
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i have diagnosed aspergers and tourretes
how do i get my autism bux
i tried applying before but they told me i have no symptoms?
what do
my mommy also wont get me to a doctor
she always makes up some random excuse and says shes working on it
but its been months
whenever i ask mommyi say "idk how to do any of this stuff"
and she says
"me too i dont think anyone gets it" and goes back to drinking and neglecting me
Are you teying to get disability income? Or what?
im trying to get meds for my aspergers and tourretes and get disability income since apparently iu need medical proof/seek treatment within 90 days of filing
And they won't give you any meds? That's fucked up. Try again maybe, and if they blow you off again you might have to find a new doctor
no i went to therapist
i havent been to an actual doctor yet
ive been counselling my whole life so idk why mom brought me to therapist
its been months now and i keep reminding her i need a doctor and she makes up some bs about how she doesnt know who to take me to

she also tells me stupid normie shit like "get out of ur room more its bad for ur mind" when in reality my mind is bad for itself and me wholing myself up in my room is due to anxiety and other problems caused by my mental illness and i need a fucking doctor
Damn dude, that sucks. I don't know your situation, but I can relate a little bit. Leaving my solitude and socializing is nothing but being insecure and having horrible anxiety due to my asbergerness and mild schizophrenia too. Do you have your shit together enough to try and find a doctor yourself?
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to put it in perspective
last 9/11 (yes i know) i was denied disability benefits
since then i keep trying to contact lawyers but i dont ever answer
i dont know how to do any real life things i was never taught
to top it all off ive had depression
i got this picture of all my symptoms
just asking my mom to find me a doctor makes me feel like im spoiled and i get super anxious but WHY ITS MY MENTAL HEALTH WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS

i have reasons to believe alongside hte problems ive h ad my entire life i might be developing some pyschotic mental illness like schizophrenia
Dealing with shit is the worse when you don't know what you're doing. I'm sorry you don't have more help. It's pretty standard that you get rejected the first couple of times you apply. It's just something you've got to push through if you really want it. Don't feel guilty about asking your mom for help either, it's not our fault we were born like this

I need to apply too, but I'm so lazy and hate dealing with shit out in public so much that I don't know when I'll get around to it
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Get a job or die.
>Mfw this is what it boils down to for neet degenerates
You cant lose
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This needs lots of luck.
More like get a job or have a miserable life.

So have a miserable life or have a miserable life

Or get autismbux. That's the only way out.

Still a miserable life tho
Disability is hard to get on in the states no matter what disease you have.

I'm on SSI. I have a medical condition that causes me constant pain, nausea, weight loss and other problems (like spine damage from a procedure they did trying to fix the stomach pain). I had never worked and was in the hospital about 200 times before I applied.

SSI always, ALWAYS, denies the first application. If you have a legitimate problem then what you do next is gather all your doctor paperwork, have doctors write letters explaining your condition, put them into a folder and give it to a lawyer you hire.
Lawyers that accept SSI cases almost always work on the conditions that if they accept your case (if they think you have a chance) they will not charge you anything until you get SSI. They take their fee as a % of the first check you receive (which is the largest check, as it will cover time you were disabled but not on SSI up to 6 months or a year). This will require the lawyer to go to court and appeal your denial, which is why you need the medical paperwork.

If you're trying to get it for anxiety, which I'm not sure if that alone will qualify you, then you're going to need several months or years of doctor paperwork that shows you've been receiving treatment for that problem (this lets them know that a doctor recognized it and it's having a legitimate impact on your life).

If you don't have medical records or don't hire a lawyer you will never get it.

I had about 6 years of medical records, including hospital records, which was a 4" thick stack of paper and was still denied and had to hire a lawyer to receive it.
Even after going through that process, which will take a year or more, you will receive $750 per month maximum. You will be deducted $100 if you live with roommates or your parents.

If you have SSI you will qualify for section 8 housing and food stamps as well.
and tourretes
isnt just anxiety
>you will receive $750 per month maximum
Forgot to mention, that $750 month maximum is assuming you have never had a job.
If you have had a job in the past the maximum will be higher. I am not sure what the rate to taxes paid to increased SSI money is, though.
That's great. It doesn't change anything about what I said, though.
You'll have to do that process to get on it no matter what you're diagnosed with.
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Asperger's and ADD here.
Very interested in how to get Grand Theft Autism money
>walk into doctor's office
>run around in circles like sonic
Congrats! You have just gotten free NEETbux!
maybe, just maybe, you find a job you like?
Are you in the US? I'm lookin to do the same for Asperger's/agoraphobia/panic attacks/lung problems
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>mfw my mom wants to put me on SSI and disability
>mfw I won't have to do a damn thing
>she's gotten herself disability and retirement before so I'm def gonna get it
for as long as I'm 18+ and attending college I get $250 a month because my dad hurt himself at work in 1994
No such thing exists.
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