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tell me about your high school crush
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lewd biel teacher.png
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tell me about your high school crush
She was a brown hair blue eyes, qt 3.14 , she was a year older than me.

She obviously dated the basket ball team captain.

We never spoke, i had nothing to say to her that could be of any interest so when i could i would observe her from afar, specially during breaks, she had this soft voice and her laugh was the cutest thing i've had ever heard.

After highschool she kept dating basketball chad. i think they broke up i stopped caring after that.

it's been 4 years now don't know where she might be or doing. I remember the sensation of joy when i had the slightest chance to see her, man i wish i was dead right now.
he was a teacher
>Be 30 years old
>One day be lonely and decide to pull out the old yearbook and see how some of those high school kids are doing now that they're all 30.
>Get to my high school crush.
>Look her up
>Find an obituary
>She died.
>Look her up further and see that she was a stripper before she died... probably died from drugs.
>Remember she signed my yearbook.
>She wrote "Wow, I was looking through your signatures and didn't realize you had so many friends. You're so quite in class but you're also one of the coolest guys around. Here's my number, don't be a stranger we should hang out sometime!"
>Think about what life had been if I had just called her anytime after high school.
>Just cry. I just cried.
She was my teacher. Elegant, intelligent, and strangely beautiful.

I never had a chance with her but she probably knew.
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It was an orange, because grape is for niggers.
What? This contradicts my precious stereotypes
Yeah, most people give out their number when signing yearbooks, mine filled with them, doesn't mean nothing
She was one of those cool girls who was into The Strokes when they only had one album out. She used to bully me but that just made my dick harder.
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She obviously rejected me but i wasn't that depressed.

I changed a lot after being rejected,i realised that i was a pure autist and overweight,lost my weight and got a nice haircut after that.My life got a lot better actually.
She was from a foreign country and thought I was gross. : /
Everyone does that. Think nothing of it. It wouldn't have been life changing.
>Super quiet super petite nerdy qt
>Delicate face, pale skin, model-thin
>Friends with the nerdy group of girls at the school - all into anime, Disney, Dr Who etc
>Maybe not the hottest girl in the school objectively but god I had a crush on her. Spent literally every class we had together staring at her
Finally worked up the courage to ask her to the prom in our last year.
>She said yes.
>I had no idea what to do after that
>Complete spaghetti
>Literally didn't speak to her again until we arrived (separately) at the prom
>Shared one dance together
>Spent the rest of the night ignoring her, talking shit with my mates and grinding with the school's 10/10 and 10/10's almost as hot friend
I forced a crush on a girl because my friends kept bugging when I said I didn't have one. It sorta worked but it faded really fast.
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Do you genuinely have autism, anon?
She was a year older than me, a short, shy ultra qt with brown hair and sometimes wore glasses. She was in a conflict resolution club/group or someshit. It turned out the crush was mutual, as a friend I saw talking to her eventually approached me about hooking me up with a gf(her)/feeling me out for girls I was interested in. Unfortunately I was too much of a coward fucking faggot to go with it or straight out admit I liked her. Though I sort of did when I said I liked someone, but wouldn't say who as I saw her talking to him, and he said she was the only girl he really talked to. We had a few classes together throughout high school, but only 2 very brief, sterile interactions I can think of. Never saw her again after she graduated. I heard a cute but sad story about her chickening out at a talent show and not doing her act(singing).
Anything more develop from the biel teacher threads?
She had a fat ass and a skinny waist. And it could have been mine of I wasn't such a stupid beta fuck
>N-no, not formally diagnosed...

I just looked her up on facebook. Looks like the same nerdy qt just even hotter, and not a single drunken or slutty picture to be seen.

I might even send her a message once I'm back in my home town and I've become Chad enough not to blow it
File: 1454387698848.png (85 KB, 492x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>It could have been mine
No I'm serious. She was all over me before the winter break in junior year. Then afterwards she stopped talking to me. I guess I said something stupid, I don't know.
She was my jr high crush.
I met her while serving lunch time detention.
My friend and I were messing around, I guess she noticed or something.
She was pretty, nice hips/bum, large boobs, black hair, tiny waist.
Eventually she started coming around my locker and we would hang out. Msn information was exchanged and we started talking through that when not at school.
Unfortunately I was heavily into runescape and prioritized it over everything. To the point where I cut off contact with most people and skipped school.
Months go by and she randomly message me. Saying how she had sex for the first time with a friend of mine. I wasn't phased just because I was so invested into runescape.
She eventually started dated some kid and they've been together for probably a decade.
She was a beautiful shy blonde who was usually seen alone or with a female friend or two.
I stalked her Instagram and Facebook account and found out we have a LOT in common and it seemed like a relationship with her would be perfect, but I never had the courage to approach her because I'm anxious as fuck.
>Met in 8th grade, got along fairly well. Speak constantly, develop huge crush
>Ask her out, rejects me, doesn't talk to me for years
>Starts talking again in 11th grade as we've got same friends
>Talk a lot, hang out a lot, I'm continually sceptical though
>Invites herself to my house for birthday
>hang out, actually have a good time, she brushes up against me constantly
>giving me many signs she likes me
>Ask her about it
>She denies she's interested
>Thank fuck
>Have the most awkward dinner
>She leaves
>Start 12th grade (final year)
>Starts acting odd
>Speaks on random occasions, sometimes desperate to speak to me, sometimes acts like she hates me
>Get sick of it
>Block her number, remove her on every social media, stop talking to her
>She gets depressed, tells my friends she thinks I hate her and misses me
>Don't really give a shit
>She gets depressed, self-harms
>Isolates herself and stops talking to friends
>Fucks up for end of year exams, can't move interstate like she wanted to.
>I moved interstate, haven't heard anything about her from friends

I got no remorse. If you gonna act like a manipulative cunt I'm not going to care if your life goes to shit.
>qt indie grill, kinda like Aubrey plaza
>close friends for a while
>she dates my best friend at the time
>they've been together for almost a decade now

Since then I've withdrawn from my old friends. Also, I keep seeing her around my uni campus, and every time I do I feel so lonely.
>met in high school
>she was decently qt
>hung out a bit every now and then
>lots of MSN conversations (fucking MSN)
>I'm semi-autistic, no experience with girls whatsoever
>finally ask her out for lunch
>have lunch, semi-awkward conversation but still okay
>hung out at her place a couple of times
>can't bring myself to go from autistic flirtation to actual physical interaction
>it's just awkwardly hanging in-between nothing and something
>feel like shit about all of this, can't handle emotional crap because semi-autistic
>sometime last year of HS
>party at her(?, can't remember exactly) place
>everyone's a bit drunk
>she kisses me
>also kisses three or four other guys there
>after this my mind just goes blank
>no rage, no emotional turmoil
>stop talking to her entirely
>only give off-handish replies to her whenever she says something
>finally she stops
>I feel great
>months go by
>my gf seduces and picks me up (yes, she did the work)
>life's good
>later I thought about it, and I suppose my gf sensed I had potential to become something and go places, so she picked me up on the cheap, when I was a socially useless dumbass dressed in the same shitty clothes most days.

I found out years later (from my gf) that the rumor mill in the school made it seem like I was some kind of badboy (kek, literally what?) who just cut the other girl off, and that she was really hurt by it because she apparently liked me a lot.

Oh, and when we both went to the same city for uni, the same girl asked (publically, on Facebook) if she could move in with me there. I didn't even know what to say, so I just never replied. I think she's studying to become a doctor or something now, so I guess her life is turning out well regardless.
Which one? I had around 6-10 of them
All of them please
Some anime watching vidya playing qt, didn't date at all.
I even asked her out.
She said I was an asshole.
I'm black so I'm convinced my race is one of the reasons why
It's a good thing she rejected me because then she would have been a coalburner
It's been years so she's probably a college "so nerdy xD" slut now anyways.
>socially retarded kid in HS
>seriously, so bad at it that I honestly didn't realize I was abnormal, just kind of accepted my social status as The Way Of The World
>be in marching band because one of my few friends told me to join
>there's this girl who wears a cape every day
>I'm completely obsessed with her, probably 90% because of the cape
>exchange maybe two sentences with her over two years or so
I saw her in a bra once when we were all changing into our marching uniforms, though.
She's 2D, this is not a copy
File: uZDu9dX.jpg (94 KB, 944x831) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 944x831
Speaking of fucking up, you're in for a doozy
File: file.png (196 KB, 450x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've posted this story before

>15 years old
>neighbor is the cutest girl in the world
>we were friends for years and would always hang out
>she's kind, generous, sweet, smart, creative, honest, funny, we had all the same interests, same sense of humor
>I wanted to take it to another level as young men often do
>she's gorgeous and I'd literally have zero chance with her if we weren't friends
>finally get the sack to ask her out, as boyfriend and girlfriend
>she says yes!
>happiest I've ever been in my life
>got my first kiss that night
>I'm a pretty nerdy underdog kind of kid so naturally I tell my friends
>"ahaha dude NICE!" and all that shit
>it starts getting around
>these popular girls come up to me later
>(this was like 4 days later btw)
"is it true you're going out with _____?"
>hell yeah its true I feel like a sick cunt
"oh... she says it's not true..."
>go and talk with her about it
>her face is completely serious
"anon... this embarrassing. I wish you didn't actually tell people."
"so we're like... not a thing, okay? please don't tell people we are. we can be friends or whatever but we're not like that."
>and she just walks away
>complete fucking 180 of her personality
>never explains to me what happened, I don't press the issue any further because I'm trying to keep my pride and my composure
>she lives across the street from me so I have to see her every fucking day
>doesn't even talk to me, just looks at me in a really intense way every time we make eye contact
>our friendship is completely ruined because of me
>1 year later she moves away to another town

I haven't seen her since
>>our friendship is completely ruined because of me
Since you feel guilty look at it another way.
If you were her would you have done the same ?
No. She's a bitch it's not your fault now get over it
sings in choir, likes travel, pure, gamer, doing a 2nd year "exam"paper right now
likes japan culture, not to weeb level
hmm wears big classes, darker than blond hair, a bit lower than me
gets good grades, doing homework a week beforehand and stuff
principals daughter desu
>blonde qt, literally purity personified
>played piano and sang, excellently
>sat on the other side of the room in our one shared class (English Lit), but facing her so I could stare without it being weird
>occasionally she made eye contact with me and smiled
>at first thought she might like me, but realised she was like that with everyone because she was genuinely just nice
>spoke occasionally but only ever about dumb stuff like homework
>check her fb now, no lewd shit
>happily engaged and in last year of music college

All while I just plod along underachieving. I still dream of proposing to her every now and then.
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