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How'd you become a robot
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sad pikachu face.png
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> 5 years ago
> be 14
> be a normie
> dad worked in china while rest of family lived in canada
> parents decide I need more exposure to chinese culture
> move in with dad to china
> attend a shit school because cheap

This is not a joke guys, seriously, search Manila Xiamen International School. A school run by fucking dirty filipinos.

> first day, be nervous
> 95% asians, not even a real international school
> shit school and teachers, but students unexpectedly nice
> be only guy from canada, athletic and good grades
> become popular
> ascend to Chad status
> because of this become confident
> start liking this girl
> 7/10
> actually ask her out
> she says yes
> holy shit

> go on dates over a few weeks and learns that shes really into oldies music
> after a month she finally invites me over
> go to her place, no one else home
> chat and watch chinese tv shows for awhile
> starts getting touchy feely
> start kissing
> dick hard as diamonds now, can't wait to lose virginity
> shes suddenly stops
> wtf
> "anon, this is going a bit too fast, lets just slow it down"
> fucking asian girls always talkinag about things going too fast
> too desperate at this point to force it and risk loosing that sweet pussy
> decide to be romantic in hopes of increasing pussy chance
> rmb shes like oldies music
> play a oldies music playlist i found randomly on youku, a chinese youtube ripoff
> shes smiles and we start talking again
> things start getting heavy once more
> she doesn't stop me this time
> dick like a mammoth tusk
> start stripping
> about to lose my virginity
> music suddenly switches to "never gonna give you up"
> she hears the song and says its one of her favourites and she listens to it all the time
> realize people in china don't know what rickrolling is
> realize she rick rolls herself multiple times a day
> feel like laughing my ass off but try to suppress it cuz don't want to ruin moment
> can't focus because i'm getting rick rolled while trying to lose virginity
> lose boner, can't get it hard anymore
> she sees me go flaccid
> thinks i have erectile dysfunction
> she gives me a pity smile and says its ok
> she starts dressing and says her parents are coming home soon and that i should go
> still getting rickrolled when i walk out the door
> next day at school
> shes telling everyone how i couldn't get it up
> everyone's laughing behind my back
> lose chad status
> girls stop talking to me
> can't even be a normie
> mfw rickrolling cockblocked me and ruined my life

Thats how i became a robot.
> 14yo virgin
> loses erection in front of girl

I thought that was impossible, if this actually happened you're definitely a faggot OP
>be 15yo me, confident guy with decent social life
>ask girl out
>rejected, but only because she was already dating someone else
>I didn't know this
>be devastated, send multi paragraph sob message to her phone
>message ignored
>I see her on daily basis for next 3 years, struggle to talk to her
>lose all confidence in any social interaction
>spend 4 years of uni barely talking to anyone
>be sitting on couch unemployed despite being valedictorian of school and earning first class honours at uni
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>be 14 or so idk
>be awkward kid with few friends
>be talking with a friend about Pokemon
>get pissed at friend because he said "Pokemon" out loud
>he asks me why do I care
>literally don't know
>next day
>stop overthinking shit before talking
>act more naturally in class
>be noisy all the time, but not awkward
>didn't reserve jokes anymore, I'd just say them out loud in class
>went to more parties
>got more friends
>fast forward: go to live in France for a year
>go back to hometown after one year
>nobody cares about me
>people starts calling me fat out of nowhere
>it really gets into me
>start inventing excuses for not going out with friends to the point they don't invite me anymore
>got fatter
>lost basic sense of fashion
>school got harder
>which made parents get disappointed constantly
>which eventually made me sad all the time
Deluding myself into "I don't care anymore because I'm doing more important things" is the lie I believe right now.
>be 18
>go to college as spring admit
>first day of class goes by
>everyone already knows each other by day 2
>miss chance to meet new people
>dont join any clubs or cliques
>go to class and coming back home is a daily routine now
>no parties
>just sit in front of computer all day
>eventually also cut contact with high school friends only txting every now and then
>become a semi shut-in
>stop talking to roommates
>start joking about killing myself in front of acquaintances like lab partners
>get dps called on me
>spill spaghetti and can't keep it cool
>"I-I'm going to kill myself! look at me!"
>put a knife to my throat
>get subdued
>go to psychiatry ward
>its living hell
>makes me even more deranged but i keep it to myself
>get out
>everyone knows me now as "that kid who tried to kill himself"
>more alone than before somehow
>roommates kick me out
>parents almost disown me
>no more money from parents
>dropped out of school
>get work, late night shift only
>present time
>no water for 2 days
at least i have electricity and my neighbor's wifi i guess
i was born a robot desu
File: 1442317667373.jpg (264 KB, 1080x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264 KB, 1080x1080
>10 years old
>coming back from a 1 month visit to my grandma's
>rush into my parents room to see my dad
>room is cleaned out
>''oh, btw I divorced your father, also even we're moving to the other side of the county away from all the friends and teacher you've come to know and love just in time for you to start 7th grade, also meet Carlos, my new bf''
>go to new school and get ridiculed by the blacks and latinos for acting too white, whites keep their distance because I'm brown
>social isolation coupled with the constant ridicule keeps me from developing my social skills and developing a real sense of identity
>spend the next 11 years playing catch up

kek, this is incredible. I can't imagine what its like to be so close to the sun at that age then come crashing down
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5 KB, 290x174
Just made a thread about it, senpai.

It's quite a long post, but it was aimed at robots in general.

I'm 5'6". That's how I became a robot.
File: sadfrog.gif (306 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
306 KB, 600x450
Same here. But I'm 5'8 and asian.
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Thread images: 5
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