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Can someone link me some good EDM music?...
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Can someone link me some good EDM music? Like something that is actually good and will make me happy that I can listen to over and over?

I feel like killing myself and I need something to listen to but going through youtube to find anything good is really cumbersome.
>good music
op this is probably the reason you want to kys

I bet you listen to metal. Fuck you
What type of EDM?
Fuck off fedora.

Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5c7yeg8Apk

Nadia Ali is my favorite so whatever is similar.
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listen to plunderphonics instead
Porter robinson
Kekked at Nadia Ali
just listen to zedd or some shit
have an exotic uplifting song, OP

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Don't be a snob. It doesn't mean shitty knife party, skrillex whatever normie-core Bro electronica they put on the radio. Oldschool trance and techno are pretty good.

Type in mixes by Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Satoshi Tomiie, hard trance mixes, I love techno (early years), Bonzai Traxx, Underground Resistance, oldschool goa. Dive, dive deep and never emerge.

This is coming from an gothfag who did the warehouse thing before underage Stacies in neon bikinis and nigs selling bunk x killed it, so I'm not some teen plur retard on their first roll who thinks massives or anime con afterparties are raves.
this isn't "edm" as it's known today, but it's quality electronic music nonetheless.
the first link should be
campfire headphase by boards of canada

OP here. This is actually decent. Boards of Canada are kinda "2deep4me" in a way though.
>Aphex Twin
My nigger.

To his credit, Deadmau5 was actually a skilled producer and I kind of liked his early stuff when it was sort of experimental, then bassy, nasty club stuff and midi-based, surprisingly inventive live mixing. He promptly turned himself into a disposable incon for hot topic kids and started making brostep and generic kiddylectro, though.
Listening to this rn. Not strictly EDM but still a must-listen when it comes to electronic music.




more dark techno


different psytrance (theres certian 'styles' to them but basically just minimal, fullon, melodic or more acid/goa)


these are more electronic that you'd dance to and follow basic 'four to the floor' beat, so what I'd say is EDM.

but if you want other 'electronic music' then stuff like

dubstep (more 'oldschool') or grime


drum n bass/breakbeat
more liquid or 'happy'

darker and more 'complex'

sites like residentadvisor show different artists and thier labels and can see from there. or sites like ektoplazm which release free psytrance/techno/goa music to download in high quality
Aqua mother fucker no joke the shit is literally happy music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXfi6c1-OwI
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0Ew3cl1gyc Got you bro
>Rufus du sol

I listen to these daily
All Yours - Sensi Sye

>Porter Robinson
My fucking nigga

Fall in Love With Me - Dallas Cotton ft. Flamingosis


One of my go to good mood happy songs
He's pretty popular now, but still really good. Sad Machine still my favorite, listen to if it you haven't before. Probably have though


squarpusher is nice. thanks for the find

i also used to listen to ltj bukem alot
I actually haven't, I found him from osu!and have only heard divinity.
OMN - In quiet rooms


Betwixt by them is really good too
Oh you'll love sad machine then
I did. Gonna go play the beatmap for it now, I suppose
You're doing god's work, anon
3am Apologies - Mark Redito

New Woof - Mister Lies


Spent a good few years on Soundclod finding good artists. I don't want to sound like a faggot and say I have good taste in music, but just posting songs I really like, and genuinely think that others would like them too
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who /rave/ here

Atlanta reporting
i agree with you desu
I'll See You Later - Kuma


One of my favorites forever
check out warp records or ninja tune labels for some similar music if you like those

I like anime OSTs for some electronic music though. OSTs usually have lots of different musics and keys of the music so theres more variety. aswell if you listen to an anime you've watched it can remind you of the scene

ping pong te no hira is one of my favourite songs. i wish it was longer though. if you haven't watched the anime you should watch it (most people have seen it though, but if you don't watch anime it's a good anime for first), once you get to that scene you'll understand it.. it's a good anime

angel beats and yoko kanno (from cowboy bebop music) are other favourites too
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