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Pretty fucking awful thing just happened...
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Pretty fucking awful thing just happened to me, and now I can see why you robots avoid women.

>Went on a date with a real 8.5/10 yesterday and in my city girls that cute are rare
>She's one of those "emo" faux nerd girls who is a "gamer" but only plays League of Legends and streams it on Twitch
>She's also heavily into BDSM and has a DDLG fetish and wanted a "Daddy" so I played along and became the dominant role she wanted
>She changed her name on Kik to "Anon's Kitten"
>Normally I despise girls like this but I tried being open minded
>We had been getting along really great in chat for weeks and she really started to like me
>She keeps asking to meet me
>Go out on a date with her and date went amazingly well
>Physical, verbal, you name it, all cues pointed to her being really happy and into me
>She couldn't stop looking at my eyes, holding my hands and kissing them
>She kept wanting to be held by me and kiss me
>I started to like her a lot more than I thought I would and felt super special
>After date her and I are messaging again and she casually tells me that she's a fucking camgirl on MFC
>I felt really special when she sent me nudes earlier but that special feeling went right out the fucking window because she shows herself off naked to random strangers for money
>I was insulted she ACTUALLY thought I'd be okay with it
> "I don't do it often at all. Maybe 2-3 times a week"
>That is fucking often
>I asked her if she'd stop for me, since I though maybe she would
>"Yes. Okay, I'm all yours. I'll stop for you. I promise."
>Have a sick sinking feeling and search her Kik name on Google
>Constantly posts to her Instagram and Twitter about her cam show and her foot fetish
>Message her from a dummy account asking her if she still did cam shows
>"yass. Ill be on tonight"
>Not even 5 minutes after she promised me she'd stop
>She says I'm all hers yet thinks flaunting her naked body on cam for hundreds of random guys for money doesn't count?
>"I want to make you feel special. I want to make you feel like the only man in the world. I want you to be the only man for me."
>I'd never met someone more deluded and full of shit
>"I'm not a whore. I don't fuck people after just meeting them" she said to me in attempt to look better
>On her fucking MFC profile she said the craziest thing she'd ever done is fuck guys she just met
>She thinks just because she has Canada blocked from seeing her camshow
>lol Tor can view her profile and her show
Only one thing left to do now OP.

Jerk off to her cam show and cry.
>Turns out not even 2 hours after our date she got a random guy to cum on her feet and uploaded a pic to twitter of it
>She messaged me about a half hour later telling me she lost all interest in me and didn't want to talk to me anymore because I "came off too strongly"
>Her new Kik name was "Nobody's Kitten"
>She initiated fucking everything
>Of course she's a fucking Twitch streamer for League of Legends
>10 minutes later she changes her name to "Daddy's Kitten" because she already had a Daddy the next city over the whole fucking time
>She doesn't accept an ounce of blame for anything and doesn't apologize
>mfw all of this

The one time I decide to be open minded and let my guard down this happens. I regret thinking that trusting a woman and giving her the benefit of the doubt was a good idea.
Dude who gives a fuck. Like, why. You could be banging her on cam and making money.
I seriously hope this story is not real.
she sounds like a turbo slut

you dodged a bullet m8 and gained valuable experience

the journey has just begun, nobody said it would be easy

march forward and claim what is yours
Anon, I don't mean to rub it in, but you should have seen this from the get-go. This isn't a problem with women, it's a problem with her.

All women are turbo sluts
You don't sound bitter at all

Blox blox
Yeah man.

There were warning signs dude.

The fact that she gave away affection and claimed to be your kitten so cheaply, the fact that she told you about her daddy little girl fetish so early on, the fact that she's a gamer girl and streams in twitch.

These are all obvious, common red flags that get posted on /r9k/ incessantly in red flag threads.

Well you know for next time.
You won't so easily emotionally invest in some slut who probably has histrionic personality disorder.

Still, you can have fun with girls like that.

If a girl is not relationship material then don't sweat it, just fuck her , give her the kind of attention she wants (or the lack of attention she wants) and have fun with her.

The more experience you gave fucking, women, seducing women, physically escalating with women and working out what kind of things s girl probably likes from her behaviour and the impression you get from her, the more successful you will be with women.

Think of yourself as a neural network getting better and better at classifying and solving the problem accurately the more data you train on.
Not that anon but it's true

>"""""""best friend"""""""" wouldn't even give me a chance
>but let multiple niggers sodomize her
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She is generally a whore who would do and say anything to get people to like her. There is nothing genuine, meaningful, or truthful about her .

Don't date a whore anon you don't deserve that.
I mean the more successful you will be with women, including the rare kinds of women who are worthwhile and aren't ruined.

Of course you can't treat a nice girl the exact same way you would a really loose slut who straight away says she wants a daddy little girl thing, but there are still generally successful strategies and behaviours.
What a fucking surprise, you dated a sex-crazed attention whore and you got exactly what was coming to you.
>now I can see why you robots avoid women

Fucking /r9k/, I swear.
>date an obviously damaged and slutty girl
>shit goes bad
>hurr durr all girls are bad

This is why you people will never get a quality gf.
Don't worry. I learned my lesson. I chose to be "open-minded" and ignore all the red-flags that I saw and give someone the benefit of the doubt.

Lesson learned is to avoid girls like this at ALL costs.

you must have thought the woman hate was a meme, you been redpiled the hard way, OP but i dont blame girls are tempting but they are all whores on the inside
>into BDSM and has a DDLG fetish and wanted a "Daddy"

don't ever date girls like that they are generally huge whores who want to exploit men for resources by using their sexuality.
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Post her info man.

>> gets upset when C4MWH0RE G4M3RGRRL decides to act like a typical camwhore gamergirl seeking attention from betas, white knights, sugar daddys, and the legions of other enablers
>> falls for the succubus' act that he's something special

i hope you learned a valuable lesson.....
this is the type of shit that people constantly complain about and warned you about, but you walked straight into it

Just be glad you didn't lose anything or suffer some permanent setback.
I recant everything I said
came off too strongly my ass.

what a goddamn bitchy tease.>>26399876
i want fun qt turboslut
but no stds and rubber free and no babies and emotional investment.
You can block certain regions from seeing your show?

>crushing realization
hur dur not all women are the same argument bullshit. funny because my friend used the same argument and said my gf is "different" and you know what happen???? she cheated just like any woman out there would.
>i have the mental capacity of a three month old chimp: the post
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56 KB, 399x388
>dates an 8.5/10 slut who puts out and looks hot instead of an average quiet loyal faithful religious 4.5/10
>cries that she's a whore

Unless you're getting fucked around on by a homely girl, I don't care you failed normie shit.
>getting dates with hot chicks
>rejecting them because you have a thousand other chicks to fuck anyway

fucking Chad
i learned not to trust girls for years
yeah dude i would be surprised if the "emo" alt gamer girl type was like this. I tried dating one for a while she never wanted to have sex, cheated on me, would talk shit. Was legitimately surprised when I was fine with breaking up. Ran into her a couple years later when I was like 21 she comes back to my place start fooling around and surprise she doesn't want to have sex. Make a sarcastic joke about getting married when we're 30 to have sex like she literally thought I was serious and tried contacting me right before I turned 30. Seen her suck off some random dude in a public park like and she still talks trash about me.
some girls are just fucked up and better left alone
On one hand I'm glad most of you are retarded enough to not be able to discipline yourself over the power of muh dick and then ruin yourselves and become celibate, because you can't resist whores and stacey.

Because for me, with common sense and a little knowledge, I've had ripe picking of the actual quiet girls and decent ones who follow me along like lost puppies.

So from chad,

Thanks lads.
That's what I'm thinking. People are into that couples shit and he could be making some serious cash
post her nudes

she is a camwhore after all
Pretty much this.

>tfw gf who is quiet, respectable, works full time and wakes me up with sex every morning
>find out that someone I know didn't disable their profile, it was just hidden from my niche third-world country
>hasn't been active in half a year but, the were shows later than the ones they admitted toe
so you were offered flat rate sex for free by beautiful prostitute you did not even like in the first place. Then you insult her and start an internet haxxor cringe campaign. No wonder you guys suck at life..
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What are you writing a fucking book? Learn to summarize
The day sexuality means to women what it means to men is the day we are liberated from shit like this
File: 1661646.jpg (48 KB, 604x476) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 604x476
Well done op. You learned a valuable lesson about women. They are animals that want to play first then bite you and run away. Don't give yourself to a modern woman. They can get away with everything and the entire world is their toy. Now embrace the bitterness.
>internet haxxor cringe campaign
I don't even..
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