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Who else trying to pick up a qt before /Valentines/?

Going out, talking to random girls. I went to a speed dating event today and it went really well but still didn't follow up with anyone
im in the opposite situation brobot
can't enjoy peaceful night at pub drinking beer and chatting with my bantender buddy
without desperate girls throwing themselves at me
too bad they are either ugly or fat
>women approaching a man
Almost fell for this bait.
Kind of girls I met on speed date:

Insanely gorgeous German girl who was flirty as fuck, easily the hottest girl there objectively

Insanely cute Austrian girl with freckles and blonde hime cut, friends with above

Physics girl who looked high, or just extremely smily

Fat girl

Girl with an extremely tiny face, very petite, was so nervous she couldn't make eye contact and we talked about the Nuremberg defense and millgram experiments..
Kept rolling her eyes at me for innocuous things??

Nobody else really made an impression on me.
believe it or not man
if you are not a neckbeard fatass it can happen to you
chicks can't drink so they get easier the later it gets
also they are pretty desperate at this time of the year
im tellin ya
you can feel the cringe when they approach
>inb4 fuck off Chad
im ugly skinny fag but have good jawline
but so what i hate them all anyway
wouldnt go for anythin but one night stand
but not with fatass i'd rather stay virgin pham
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If you're attractive and not on your phone all the time, Girls in bars will try and approach you. But 9/10s out of ten they won't and will expect you to to do the work. Because women are pussies

Because women are so pussy and can't even handle approaching someone, you need to be the man and do it yourself
>just "fat girl"
Oh and one girl asked my hobbies and I panicked because "video games, jerking off and shitposting" are not good hobbies and "going to the gym" sounds lame as fuck

I asked her and she said games, i prodded about jer taste and she told me some pleb shit like BioShock and Assassins creed
thats truth
im ugly myself and only time any female showed any interest in me was some drunk chicks in pubs

but with valentines day round the corner
plenty of girls go for it
to avoid another Vday spent alone or with friends instead of actual bf
it reminds them that they failed at their main objective in life, which is attracting male for reproduction
How did you talk about Nazis during a speed date??
Might have been me I'm not sure. She studies History or some shit
who /not gonna be lonely for valentines here/
literally got a gf last night
TB test and the rest are you going to be a great day
I'm trying. It's not working
lol is this WoW?
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Don't try to pick up qt's around this time
Females know whoever is trying to relashunship with them around this time is just trying not to be lonely for valentine's day and will gladly accept all positive feelings and gifts directed towards her
until valentine's day that is
>"haha sorry anon I'm going out with friends this weekend :) I'm sure you're fine with it right? Considering you're such a sweet guy :)"
I don't have money so I can't go any place that has people. I probably wouldn't if I had money either because I got nothing to offer.
Should've gone with Physics girl
Yeah she was really cute, I should have

sorry Claire
I would like a girl who just likes me.

Why is this impossible.
>A girl asked me to get dinner with her this Friday at a Super Bowl party on Sunday.
>She's pretty hot but I've done stuff with her before like a few months ago and I paid for everything
>Denied a kiss when I went for one after a dinner
>Now she wants to go back to that same place which is expensive

I think I'm just being used for betabuxx. What do you all think?
Generally if you invited her your paying.

This sounds like either she not likely is paying or ye might double dutch.

If you do go pay your half if she doesn't seem interested at all.
If she asked you, you should have asked if she was paying.

Alpha mode: before you agree to dinner, ask her if she wants to go back to your place afterward. If she says no, don't go. If yes, just pay anyways and bring that bitch home
Gotta put your foot down. Now I don't know this girl very well but you could attempt to go for even Stevens and have her pay this time or just split it at the very least.
I'm watching you, Irish
We cant be the only ones to use it
In that context, yes we are. To be fair its useful as fuck to use as a plural you
>any female that crosses my path
>Always a sigh as they walk by
>Always develop crushes at work.
>Having trouble which girl i want to commit to asking at work
>Can only ask one or i'll risk becomeing the workplace creep
>the likely hood they'll turn me down anyways still high
>Can't think of anything else to express my love
>Last week, co worker suggests my work place crush and I go out where she would be my wingman.
>At one point in the discussion my crush turns to me and i think say "im sorry i just don't find you attractive"
>Don't know though for sure she. Whispered it so quickly. I dunno it could be a thing where femanons have to give bad news in the shortest sweetest manner possible.
>Still crushing on her
>Still want to do something with her
>All my relevant interests and realy fun to talk to.
>My subconscious is fighting against me it seems
>Think im just gonna write personalized "love letters" at work
>Really worried about over stepping boundaries though
>My heart still swells.
>Think about giving my crush a valentines that reads: " here lies all of anons romantic feelings for you in order to support the greater good and professionalism. It wasnt easy. And even on cold lonely nights you can still hear their howling in the wind"
Pretty sure some people at work can tell which posts are mine on here too.
I'm sorry anon, you have autism
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