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who here monster?
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who here monster?
>wake up
>ask for tendies
>mom locked herself in her room again
>threaten her to turn the house on fire if she doesnt open the door
>start breaking shit and making a mess while she cries
>suddenly i hear someone open the door and run up the stairs all the way to me
>its my uncle, he is coming to beat me up
>push uncle with all my weight
>tell him if he touches me again i will push him down the stairs and jump on him until he stops moving
>he looks me with nothing but disgust
>mom yells if i dont go to my room she will call the cops
>go into room have to be carefull with all the broken glass and trash on the floor
>hear mom crying and uncle swearing
>they leave and mom doesnt come back home in 3 days
>thats 3 days without food
>thank god she didnt take the router
>then again maybe she was too scared
it wasntr about tendies tho, i dont even remember what it was about
i ave done horrible things in my life my friend there is no question about it
why do you do that anon?
>going to rich peoples school
>this poor kid on a scolarship everyone makes fun of gets attached to me
>come back from the bathroom and im mising some stuff
>acuse him of stealing from me
>he gets sad and tells me he wouldnt
>yell at him in front of whole class he is poor, that its not my fault his dad is poor, that he doesnt belong here and he should stop bothering showing up
>he runs away crying
pics of your room plz
i got kicked out eventually and i no longer live there tho
can i get a human trash please?
because i dont care about them at all thats why
its all their fault anyways, they own me this
do you have ODD or conduct disorder?
or something like BPD?

sometime i have fun making cry my mother too
i dont think so, im just angry all the time
you definitely have violence issues
you are not a monster anon,
maybe therapy can help, also a diagnostic can help you to better understand your problem

hope you get better
>another poor friend is staying with me
>its midnight
>we are having fun
>i trip and break some stuff
>i blame him and tell him to pay for it
>he doesnt have any money because he is poor
>i kick him out
>at midnight
>with no buses
>and nowhere to go
>he lives 4 hours away
i later found out he spent all night walking the streets because there are security guards here, afraid they would call the cops on him
>and then he had to take the busses and train to get home in the morning with no sloeep at all
he didnt speak with me in 3 months lol but he forgot about it eventually
i love surrounding myself with poor people because i can get away with anything lol
i never feel guilty about any of this either
i have been on theraqpy and medication all my life
cops have been called countless times
your anger wants you to become a RAGING FAGGOT
you should get your medical record and read it
i bet you have CD desu
how old are you and what are you doing with your life? does your anger issues only happen with your familly?
why do you have a treatment? what kind of medication?
>have a party nor something
>have a new suit because its a fancy thing
>mom is really happy
>i tell her no photos, i hate photos
>she takes my photo anyways
>i get really mad and slap the camera to the floor breaking it
>then i slap mom
>dad pushes me to the floor
>we are in the bathroom downstairs for some reason
>dad opens the shower on me
>i keep trying to stand up but i keep slipping
>dad tells me im garbage then complaing about me ruining an expensive suit
>mom cries the whole time
Damn OP, you just sound like an out of control faggot tbqh. Count your lucky stars that nobody has killed your ass. Do you behave like that to other people? If so, how many people have beaten you up for it?
i dont have much contact with my family anymore, my dad drops some money from time to time but refuses to see me
no one, i beat one kid once tho
he made fun of me but i didnt even hear what he said right
i just got really mad and started punching him in the face again and again
i have no idea how many times i hit him but i was told it went on for a while
>be a real monster
>i can tell these stories are faked to try and elicit stories from people like me


Sure, "real monster," you're very scary.
all these stories are real not that i care about what you think at all.
they happened over the years tho, its not one week of my life
most of the stuff i did tho is really fuzzy tho because of the medication
>have fight with dad
>he wins like always
>we are at the balcony
>i grab moms new puppy
>tell dad that if he comes near me i will throw the puppy to the street
>he doesnt belive me at firs but im serious about it
>he gives up and tells me im not human or something
>i let the puppy go
>dad and me are alone with my baby sister for some reason
>dad has to leave for an emrgency or something, i cant remember at all
>tell dad i will take care of her
>dad leaves and she starts crying
>cant figure out why she is crying so i give up after 5 minutes
>go to my room leaving her alone crying and turn the tv really loud
>dad shows up an hour or so later and beats me up
i really hated my sister
damn you guys are hardcore, I feel like shit just calling my mom a bad name
its all me tho
nobody else has posted yet
I'm showing this thread to my parents

My mom can longer threaten to call the cops because I didn't do the dishes
you clearly have some issues

wow what a piece of shit I hope you die in fire or something

again more issues
hope you get stabbed in the neck while your asleep
and somehow almost killing my sister with neglect got no attention
File: 1454407955706.jpg (98 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 640x960
Fuck off with your fake sad meme frog shit.

It's a good thing your horrible fat ass will die by thirty and that you'll never reproduce.

Normally, I try to be nice to everybody on here. But you are such a disgusting pile of human shit that I'm not even going to pretend to be. Please die from a heart attack.
people take dishes so seriously
I don't get it fampai
just let em pile up until I have none left, then I round them all up and do a wash
ezpz what's the big deal
This thread is making me sad.
anon, how do you know im fat?
there appears to be someone always knowing stuff about me for no reason lately
how old was your sister at the time? was she a baby if so then ok yeh I would have smacked you in the mouth

and if she was a baby at the time im sure she was teething or she could have gone poopy
its making me kind of nostalgic to be honest, not sure why
i didnt really start keeping count until she turned 7 i think
Kill yourself, seriously. You're fucking disgusting. I bet you'll be that raging cunt who complains that people only want to hang out with you/date you because you're rich.

You treat people like they're less than human because of the circumstances you were both born into. You don't deserve to be alive
You were in the right. You said no photos and that should have been enough.
I quoted the last lines from the Great Gatsby. A bit cringy now thinking back.
because you threaten a man by saying you'd put his weight on him, dumbass.
>disgusting NEET sperglord
>how do you know I'm fat???
>complains about people only caring about you because you are rich
i never complained abou this but its true :)
i like it that way tho :P
i told you all im a sociopath, maybe you now belive me :)
im not sure if im a sociopat anymore tho, i havent felt angry at all since i live alone. I really needed it to be honest :)
well when a baby is a few months old its going to be hard for anyone to work out what the problems are hell even the little shit wont have any ideas of whats wrong

wish I could help more but that's kinda uncharted territory
i told him i would jump on him, it doesnt take much weight to kill someone like that
i also said i pushed him with all my weight, that doesnt mean im fat
>disabled guy in middle school on a wheelchair, he has no friends and gets made fun of a lot
>me and a group of friends "befriend him" and even go to his house, his parents seem really happy to have us over
>we later take him to the park, steal his wheelchair and leave him crying in a porta potty
>he spends the night in it before he's found

I guess we were kinda dicks back then? Not even sure why we did it.
I mean it honestly depends how old anon was at the time, like if he's younge than like 12 and a robot or irresponsible, it's his fucking dads fault for leaving his son alone to take care of her.

If she was just cying for an hour like Anon was being a dick but she's going to be fine, leaving kids to cry when they don't need anything isn't that bad, I know parents who have done that. His dad is a piece of shit for beating his son up because he neglected his own Daughter. If it was a Femanon Robot and a little boy the dad wouldn't have given a shit I almost guarantee it
you raise a good point there
:) yeah nice baito baito desu anon you sure are a scary sociopath!

I bet you don't even know what a sociopath is, nice emoticons though. I'm very flustered

You're totally the same guy as well
here is a fun one i did to my poor friend who i acussed of stealing from me
i waited until swimming class was over and he was the only one left in the changing rooms and i stole all his clothes and towel leaving him with only a dirty rugh to get out of the bathroom and grab his stuiff in front of everyone
so its not all mean stuff there are fun bits too :)
If you weren't sure why you did it, you were just going along with the group mentality. It's a shitty thing to do desu, but I have a feeling only 1 of you did it out of spite. I would tell you to kill yourself but I don't think you deserve it, did you leave him alone after that or?

Also was the whole thing premeditated or did you just pretend to be his friend to fuck with him? I mean I need more context, but kids do shitty things all the time
i am tho :)
i told people before i have tons of personas here and each one i make reveals something extra about me :p
i have admited to being neet, to being rich, to having no emapthy and to being gay :)
i dont think i have more to reveal tho :(
truth being told being called a piece of shit kind of brings a smile to my face :)
Trying way too hard fammo
you sound like an edgy 14 year old mate, trying waayy too hard lol
maybe :p
its not like i planned it either :(
i always come here when im sad :)
i didnt made this thread with any intention of being spooky i jut tought it would be fun when some anon asked me if i had bpd or something :p
i told you about the kid i bullyed because everyone else bulyed him :) even tho he thought he was my friend :(
i told you about the kid i beat up in the school cafeteria before too :p
truth be told i kind of want to be free from this place too :)
i guess you can relate to that :(
a rich sociopath wouldnt hang out on r9k, he would be at a nightclub doing drugs

your just a loser like us
yes im a looser too :(
its wierd how much everyone is the same here :p
to some deegree at least :)
i mean you can probably relate to being beaten by your dad :p
or completely ignored by your mom because i had that too :) mom is pretty narcisistic :p
or bullyed in school, everyone in middleschool hated me and i mean parents and faculty too :(
or being medicated all your childhood :p
i bet everyone here has one of these if not more
Lmao this thread is so fake, you're just an edgy shitposter, stop trying to seem sociopath.
File: 1425525203178.jpg (46 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 500x375
>loser aut kid in my class in middleschool has crush on me
>always quiet so never gain any attachment to others in class
>he follows me around constantly
>don't want to be associated with this filth
>ask him on a date to the park on a saturday evening
>have my backpack full of dad's camping supplies
>we go out deep into the forest area
>trick him to let me tie him to a tree and I'll kiss him
>leave there and go home, leaving him bound to a tree
>he was apparently there for four hours until his mom showed up worried
>never get any backlash from this because he was too embarrassed
>for the rest of the year he slowly tried retalking to me
>finally told him to fuck off and kill himself
>he didn't show up next year at our school
well im disapointed :(
i thought more people here would relate to all this :p
i have been here so long and heard so many stories :(
when everyone was suicidal and we only talked about it and junji itos manga was endlessly possted i was suicidal too ;_;
i kind of thought crazy theories back when i had nothing else to do like maybe its all the same poster in different universes or that this is some sorth of prison :( hey i was 18 :(
i mean i have given you everything :( everything but my fucking name :( and even that i hinted on :p
all because i was trying to connect with someone :( oner misserable soul :( but everyone here is so fucking oblivious :(
File: 1455058227225.jpg (54 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is your name Reed? How was the colonoscopy?
no, im not reed. I have never told my name to anyone in this site.
4chan is all i have left by this point :( but i want to chanmge that :)
are there seriously no other time drifters ;(
watching this board change and changing themselves with it :p constantly here :) constantly watching :p
what happenned to robots :( all i see anymore are reddit memes :(
where are you guys :(
i have been told by several people im the worst friend they ever had haha
i remember showing up to my friends birthday party with tons of booze and thten forcing him to pay for it :) he didnt want to but i wouldnt leave him alone :p
Being unlikeable hinders your success

You have failed.

Also great meme thread guys, I'll call the edge master council and see if I can't get everyone promoted to green day meany pants-tier
you are going to loove this one tho
you know the friend who stayed with me for half a year when i was depressed praqctically acting like my personal nurse, getting me out of bed, making sure i ate and bathed. That i didnt try to kill myself and that i wennt outside :(
one day he showed up really upset :( he had this big problem he needed help with :( and i told him that i didnt care :p that our friendship didnt work that way :( and that he was there to help me :)
>Being unlikeable hinders your success
i dont care anymore
i have proven time and time again to be unable to have a normal life ;_;
4 chan just feels like playing the same old game again and again everyday ;(
and i used money all my life
money to attract people
money to be forgiven
money to always land on my feet
and when money couldnt fix what i did on one school:(
i went on a more expensive school instead :)
i have been kicked out of 6 :)
it was daddys money, then money from my job and at the end money from my dad again which will eventually be mine
and i plan of using money to get a lover and money to get a spouce
and you know that kid that i always picked on?
he dropped out
turned to drugs :p
and never got a ged :)
and years later when he calleed asking for help :p
i didnt pick up :)
and it was all my fault :)
we kept pushing it on him :)
we kept drilling it in his head ;p
you are poor :) you dont belong :p you are here to entretain us :p
so he would show up high all the time :) so we could make fun of him :p
and he would drink himself to blacking out instead of sduding :p just because we told him to :) and he would fuck trannys and get sick :p
because we made fun of him for being gay :)
and this was the wors thing i ever did in my life :( and my other friends are in complete denial about it :p or dont talk to us anymore :p and i hope someone reads this :( because i destroyed someones life :( and i never could talk to anyone about it :p
>girl hits on me and starts a fuck buddy thing with me
>I find out she has a boyfriend
>she breaks up with him and devotes herself to me entirely and dates me
>for the next 2 years she stays loyal but I never forgave her for... being a slut I guess... and I constantly belittle her and make her feel bad.
I don't feel guilty.
I'll pick things that never happened for 500 jerry
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I think that's a bad case of not having been beaten enough as a kid.

You have to go back in time and periodically beat the shit out of your younger self.
you are pretty guilty in enabling her to be honest, it is a good thing that she is not very bright and takes it
somebody please talk to me about this
he was a good kid:( he was shy and afraid ;( he was always akward :( i was the first person to ever talk to him in the school :( a school with over 2000 kids :( and if any of those kids would have talked to him instead :( he would be living a completely different life :(
i havent hurt anyone in years :) mostly because i dont really ineract with people anymore :(
so now i live alone and my fanily loves me, they forgave everything i did
and i have a life long friend
and the hability to make friends easy
and anything i want in life
so there are no consequences to any of the things i did
You make it sound like a good thing.
maybe this is my punishment
knowing i did this
being unable to feel guilt about it
being unable to let go
or talk to someoneabout it
>be in high school
>live with mom as in-house sitter for old lady with Alzheimer's
>mom goes out every night cuz the old lady drives us crazy
>I have to feed her bathe her and put her to bed
>she refused to goto bathroom so she shit herself
>rubs shit over herself cuz she don't know what to do
>use baby wipes to clean shit
>no shower
>refuses to eat and when she does she chews it and spits it out and then stuffs it in couch cushions
>quit feeding her
>every night ordeal
>start neglecting her so she starts yelling
>ducttape her hands and mouth
>start putting her to bed as soon as mom leaves with ducttape on
>tear ducttape off right before mom comes home
>she died after I moved out
>never got caught
>Never cared
that's pretty rad, you should make a game about it
i sometimes feel like i will feel guilt, like its all building up inside me but then it goes away just like that.
Did this ever happen to you?
this thread made me feel better. at least i'll never be THIS pathetic :)
Can I have some money anon?
are you sure? you are the one reading it, you need to read about other peoples sorry life toi get a kick because yours is completely uneventful you will never experience half of what i did i think thats the most pathetic reason for browsing 4 chan
Never felt guilty or anywhere near guilty before in my life.
yeah, i'm sure. making your mother cry is one of the most pathetic things you can do in live.
no, i only giove money to people i hurt terribly in orfer to keep them around
>sister doesnt leave me alone because i have to walk her shitty dog
>the fucker eventually pisses on the floor
>get yelled at by mom and sis
>walk down the dog and kick him all the way down the stairs
i fucking hate dogs
its one of the countless things you will never get to regret. in fact not doing things is your only regret at all
My mom just came up to my room to talk to me, something which I really wasn't expecting, and I'm pretty sure she could tell I was fucked up on something. So now I feel even shittier than I usually do.

Yes my story isn't as bad as most of the ones here, but my story is actually true.
anon everything i typed is true
Sure it is. I have complete faith in you.
>after I moved out found out mom was doing drugs to deal with the old lady
>huge fight when I go back to get rest of my stuff
>antifreeze moms dog
>she cant take care of old lady she doesn't deserve dog or me
>this was 5 years ago
>heard 3 months ago she is homeless whoring herself out for drugs
>because of dog and me and old lady
>live in a 4 bedroom house, make 70k year
>2 bedrooms are empty
>mom still homeless
>don't give a fuck
Well that's a t least justified I gjess
>got drunk last weekend
>start diving around small town
>goto where the homeless people get fed by charity for lunch
>see mom
>I've changed so much she doesn't recognize me in new 2015 charger
>literally rev up engine and start chasing her
>drunk and having fun
>finally she trips and falls
>front bumper hits back of legs
>bust out laughing and go home
>park in garage and see blood on bumper
>wipe it off laugh and goto bed
Going to get drunk this weekend and find her again. Trying to think of what I should do when I find her. I was thinking of something with antifreeze and bones
File: 1455022872470.png (4 KB, 209x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 209x177
Take a bat with you anon. Go for the kneecaps, but wear a mask. Pour antifreeze over the knees when finished.
rape her anon, rape her
please tell me this is satire
Thread replies: 102
Thread images: 6
Thread DB ID: 500634

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