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Men be like...
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Men be like...
>I just need an AVERAGE, HOMELY and traditional qt like pic related. I'm not asking for much.
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>I'm not asking for much
yes you are
people like this are becoming increasingly rare, and are still highly sought after
so there's quite a bit of competition for this limited resource, so it is asking a lot
>expecting robots to think logically
they're male SJWs, anon
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Women be like
>i just want an extremely wealthy loyal hunk young bull that treats me well and fucks me like a whore
The funny thing is that your average robot is sexist, racist, autistic, fat, smelly, ugly, NEET etc etc etc and yet wants a traditional housewife. Even if you DO get one who's going to provide for your children? Why must robots be so stupid? If you want a cute traditional housewife you must also be the hard-working handsome rich husband
Lose some weight and put effort into your appearance, then you can be as retarded as you like and still desirable. Same goes for guys too, so stop crying
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> you must also be the hard-working handsome rich husband

kek's so hard
What's so funny exactly? If you're ugly and fat and a NEET manchild you have no right to demand a cute traditional girl
I can't wait for black speak as a joke to die.

Black people are a meme.
Difference is, I would ignore someone like that pic instantly because I know how ill be treated by her, plus I dont want the emotional pain
The sort of girls I go for are the "unfortunately" ugly who are fat, and even then I dont do well. I would like traditional and all that, but I realise that these days I may as well start looking for a unicorn
black speak has been in fashion since the 60s jive turkey. Literally never going away virgin
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i'm not fat, i'm a skelly, i'm not a neet , i wageslave my ass off, ugly well that is obviously true, manchild, seeing as i like videogames and playing online yeah i guess so, i never asked for the girl in pic related in fact i'm not asking for women at all, you poor devils are not worth the time.
But you are implying that women actually go for that type of men, when in fact most chads are not economically stable nor are they hard working. So your statement is a complete fallacy, because what women really want are 2 separate types of men, the submissive beta cuck that provides and gives them all the attention in the world acts as an emotional tampon, and the chad tier bull that fucks her brains out and doesn't call her.

So you may argue that it's not true, but you can't lie to yourself.

Rarely a men has all of the qualities in one package, that's why there's women out there paying hunks 400 dollars a pop to fuck them so well it lasts for a week and then go home to the husband that's paying a mortgage and 2 cars.

Women are never satisfied, never.....

sad, disgusting lifestyle.
Haha whatever you say virgin
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>inb4 whiteknight

no don't judge they only seek to secure a stable gene pool for the baby. if the guy has money and is also a hunk 10/10 chad, it's basically eugenics working, but most of the times it's not, it's an old grimy dude with lots of money, and ultimately that will secure their future.

Let it be stranger, let go of the relationship meme and the hate towards them.

Women will become obsolete don't worry
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:^) putting words into my mouth.

i've already told you i have no use for women, i've gone past it.
> in fact i'm not asking for women at all, you poor devils are not worth the time.

see it's right here ^

maybe you skipped it, all i said is that rarely the men you described exists in one single package, so you obviously need 2 partners, guess you took it as an offense.

>Haha whatever you say virgin
immediately using sex as a weapon/offense, well i was expecting that and it's ok, your opinion (and mine) have no value so i'm ok with that.

Wish you to find the Chad you are looking for
the men i know of captured their perfect wife when the girl was under 16, married them, had kids with them, end of story

this is pretty much the only way to do it,

just like what it says in the bible (except christards don't practise it)

BUT muslims still do, marrying a young girl before they've matured so the girl grows up with the man

saying mohammed was a pedo is retarded, he married a 9 yo but that was so his wife would grow up with him to go from a girl to a woman unmarred by 1000s of chad cocks rendering them total fucking whores
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why do you have to be so mean?
thank you for posting this. Women have standards for a REASON DIPWADS. Attractive men are smarter, healthier, and stronger than ugly men. If women don't like you that's because you are NOT suitable for reproduction
>when in fact most chads are not economically stable nor are they hard working

But Chad manages a department in the office, or runs the sales team, or is a vice president at the bank.

You need to stop with the lie that Chad isn't better than you at all aspects of life.
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Yeah... that's what i was saying, what's with all the name calling and the aggression?

seems so needless
I could give a fuck what a girl looks like. As long as she has dignity and humility and isn't a slut. "traditional" isn't too much to ask for. There's a reason it's tradition, because it's so desirable and functional for a family.
because r9k thinks ugly men are somehow being "cheated". There is a good reason that black men, short men, and other assorted uggos are not tolerated by females
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Wealthy good looking people breed wealthy good looking man, the fact that he got there is by no means hard work or dedication, that position was being saved up for him.

>You need to stop with the lie that Chad isn't better than you at all aspects of life.

yeah probably should have not said not economically stable, just saying he isn't there because of merit nor hard work. Those are not the people that build your future, engineers, construction workers, plumbers, those are hard working people.

But they aren't attractive enough and that's ok, just don't say department office is hard work.... or running a bank, that makes you look like a bit of a dummy.

fuck off liberal
Chad is beautiful and beauty means superiority. He is smarter, stronger, healthier, happier etc. Even I as a 5ft 6in black manlet know my place. There is a reason beautiful men become powerful men
We all want to be Chads. There's no point in denying it, even the manlets agree.
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Ofcourse there is, women only seek the best genes possible, even when they are not at the same standard as Chad.

And yeah a lot of people on r9k are mad because they've been dealt a bad hand right from the start, the hate is only natural.

I used to be like that, then i totally accepted it and now i stopped having the "gf" need, you find that by accepting loneliness as a companion life gets a bit easier.
i dont wanna be chad
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Never said he wasn't, i just said don't call jobs of management and high level ranks , hard work.

so you might want calm down and read more carefully next time.

they are hard work. Dominance over others means responsibility for others. The more power you have the more blame is bestowed upon you if something goes wrong. Submissive weaker people actually have it easy. Why do you think women outlive men?
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>they are hard work

>Dominance over others means responsibility for others.
Responsibility that's the key word, see they actually have 0 accountability for their actions because if they did, all the people at the most famous brands me and you use should be in jail for child labour and slavery. But they aren't instead they are getting bigger and bigger raises everyday, wanna talk about that bank bull shit??? what happened when the american market collapsed?? ohhh right right those people of "responsibility" got bonuses for crashing the american housing market and the worlds economy with it. yeah you are really onto something here.

>The more power you have the more blame is bestowed upon you if something goes wrong

Keksimus maximus, read above, that has never happened, it's usually always someone below them that gets the blame, and even when they are caught they always get bail. so no

haven't laughed so hard internally in a while, that's why when something goes bust the high ranks never gets it??

His position grants him the ability to throw lesser people under the buss, when the people in prestigious positions get caught being naughty, they always bail out.

So you are full of human feces (sorry hopefully that wasn't too offensive)

But it's ok i understand why you think it works like that in your little fabricated fantasy world. You know if you actually stopped and think'd about it just for a second you would understand that those are not the people that make life possible fpr all of us.

But that's too much of a thought process for you, because when you have to maintain / build a house, you do not call a broker or a bank manager, you call construction workers , simple people make the world go round.
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jesus the autism is kicking in
his only negative trait is being ugly, how does that make him A SHITTY PERSON?
Certainly not his fault you rancid cunt
they have people like you who give them shit for it. Chads can't go to jail because that's only for the extremely ugly. They have to be given leeway. Think of Chad kind of the way religious people look at god. Yes there are contradictions, inaccuracies, cruelty, and the like but it's not our place to question . We are to submit to authority without question
ugly people are generally terrible people, the myth that you are beautiful on the inside is just something ugly people made up to feel better
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let her be anon, don't call her names, it's all right we are all friends. don't worry.
Chad doesn't care, he just doesn't give a shit unless he is one of the tiny minority who are blessed with both a conscience and ability. >>26397512 sounds like a naive liberal but really you are kind of naive to think there is some kind of tantric karma which places a burden on the douches of the world, if there are any costs they are vastly outweighed by the benefits and the benefits can be used to sanitize what is happening, they live up in the big house while the overseers whip the niggers
ugly men are stupid, dirty, sickly, and worthless. His ugliness is just advertising it
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Well memed.

here have some rope
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Never said anything about thantric karma.... i just said that high ranking positions are not hard work, i said that people in those position never get punished for their actions.

but what ever, seems like everything i'm saying it's getting distorted, in a weird non very formulated way.

kinda lost you there
all great people are ugly
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>muh /r9k/ expects 10/10 qt3.14 stacies meme
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