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who /badteeth/ here?
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who /badteeth/ here?

>tfw two of my teeth already fell out this year

Im only 20 I dont want false teeth goddamnit
>never floss or brush
>teeth fill up with gunk regularly
>only brush when I can't stand it anymore
>still have all my teeth
>tfw got a root canal done cause only brushed once a day for 24 years

Rip in peace toothbro ;_;
>tfw brushing exposed pulp on all 4 back molars
false teeth?
you realize implants have been standard treatment for 30 years?
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I think I got this on one of my teeth

It isn't sensitive to hot/cold but it hurts like a bitch when I chew with it or brush the top of it hard

Luckily its a wisdom tooth so hes going to be evicted soon, only root canal I've had was because my dentist was a negligent cunt

Ive got a bad history with dentists, horror stories even
shit I have 2 or 3 exposed pulp too

also had root canal done on a few teeth

I obviously dont know a lot about dental procedures
>Brush once a day for 26 years
>Gums are gone
>Car accident where I faceplanted a windscreen
>"Killed" one of my teeth
>Four years later I've got an infection / abcess there
>Need to have root canal if it doesn't clear up in four months

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>Never had teeth problems till my molars started coming in all retarded.
>Teeth get shuffled all around mouth. Oral surgeon botches extraction, get abscesses in cheeks, facial surgeon fucks up corrective surgery.
>Can't open mouth properly for 6 months
>Decide to rinse with hydrogen-peroxide to prevent teeth from rotting away.
>Use 10% instead of 1.5% solution. More is always better.
>Heal up enough to open mouth properly.
>Gums are grey and translucent. mfw
>never brush as kid
>teeth jacked as fuck
>see people with slightly off color teeth get called out on it

feels pretty shit Tbh
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I learned that root canals are noting to be feared if your root dies in your tooth

I got a root canal for Xmas in 2014 and was in agony for a week until it finally died, then the tooth had no feeling at all

Thats when you should really get it worke on though, the abcess will keep growing if you don't keep it clean and eventually the infection left in your gum with decay your jawbone

Then you need serious reconstruction surgery
I have a really bad frontal crossbite from when I lost a lot of front teeth as a little kid. My dentist is offering me really cheap invisalign to fix it but I can't afford them anyway because poor.
Also had one root canal and barely saved one other tooth with a huge filling. Still pressing F to pay respects to that brave tooth. Have like 5 fillings in general. My wisdom teeth were demineralized but I got a high fluoride toothpaste similar to GelCam to fix that and I think things might be better now.
Also my teeth are cheese yellow.
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I never burshed much as a kid but I ended up with bracers

Shit was painful and even worse, every time I went in I had 2 cavities that needed to be filled and I never got over the sound of the fucking drill

The drill is now nightmare fuel, kinda sounded like at the start of this

Just hearing it if making my mouth hurt, fuck
>Bite down on candy.
>Nail in it.
>Teeth hurts for a week, then stops.
>Go for routine check-up 3 months latter.
>Nail made hairline fracture in tooth.
>Nerve completely rotted away.
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N-nail? This doesn't happen often right?
you a second+ child? I heard that usually the first born gets the best teeth then everything goes down from there
fucking worst pain ever. happened to one of my molars a couple years back, awful
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To be honest it was more like a piece of sharp copper wire, it had char marks on one side, probably fell in when they repaired a machine.
Still, assholes could buy an industrial metal detector.
That brand of candy is mostly marketed to kids, I bought it for my kid cousin but thought "fuck him."

Still better than what happened to my other cousin
>he orders a pizza
>bites down, feels his tooth crack
>spits out pizza, sees tooth on pizza
>puts finger in mouth, feels his cracked tooth
>mfw he cracked his tooth on a human tooth that was in the dough.
The thing is, I don't feel anything. It only hurt like hell for a week, dentist say something is not right. How fucked am I?
>tfwonly brush before work.
>tfw only work 4 days a week

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refer to

You need a root canal pretty quick, don't let it sit like that
>tfw never brush
>tfw never laugh
>tfw never talk to anyone
my teeth are actually pretty white and straight, just most of them are broken

they broke easily tho
i got to big holes but im to scared to leave the house so i cant do anything about it
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