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Having a GF is a fucking meme
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Having a GF is a fucking meme

There are virtually no plus sides and marriage is 100x worse.

There is no reason to want or have a gf let alone a wife in this century.
idk i mean i gotta fuck some girl man. my dick tells me to
>tfw you will never get trapped by the vaginal jew
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original cunt required
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niggers doing backflips
not gonna become a violent unhygienic scumbag just to attract women, #sorrynotsorry
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>Get home from work
>Open the door to a chorus of "Daddy's home!" from my children
>They all hug me, then take my cat and bag to put them away
>Wife comes to me with a kiss and a drink
>Change clothes then the children tell me about their day
>Sit in the den reading while the kids set the table
>Go to the dining room, have a delicious, home-cooked meal
>Then sit on the porch with my wife enjoying a cigar and whiskey as the children clean up. We talk about our day
>Return inside, watch a movie with the children, then play cards while they all shower and get ready for bed
>Send them off to bed, spend more time with my wife
>Go to bed, have great sex, go to sleep
>Wake up to fresh coffee and a nice breakfast my wife has made me
>Shower, get dressed, head to work knowing I get to do this every weekday
Yeah - marriage is Hell
Sex anon. Sex. It's great and totally worth anything else you have to put up with. Are saying sex is a meme? Because it's not. It's goddamn amazing.
Well, good because that's the opposite of how you attract women.
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women are literally turned on by rape, unkept beards and jacked as fuck high test niggers

The higher the test of the black bull the more the women pay to fuck them
That's even faker than anime
Try ask how many kids nowadays want to hang out with their iPads if you take away their parents for few weeks. Little shits might even tell their parents to "fuck off"
Tyrone is a clean guy. He's just black and has an enormous dick. There's nothing unhygenic about that. Nobody likes unkempt beards, the fuck did you hear that?

And being turned on by rape doesn't mean you actually want to be raped. I've got a lot of fetishes that, quite frankly, only work as fantasy. It's better that way.

Ultimately, clean guys get women. Even if they're just pretending and hiding their violent and uncouth tendencies until she's addicted to the D.
Like your wife wouldn't just cuck you for a better option anyway. What you described what an idealistic 1950's marriage. It's not the same anymore.
>nonsense, the post
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>get home from work
>work 16h a week, and 45h/per hour and 70% of hours are doing nothing, the rest doing enjoyable intellectual work
>make top 20% income per hour and more than most my age
>get home in 5 minutes to my appt in exclusive neighbourhood in centre of capital
>power nap despite working less than 1h today
>get up cook 9/10 meal in another 5 minutes
>fuckbuddy comes 10/10 sex for 35mins, tight young, hot white petite d cup breasts no obligations, shower afterward, drink rose she brought me
>talk for 30mins then she leaves to go home
>finish bottle, message 9/10 yale educated 23 y/o blonde for drinks later
>will probably catch up with a bro from my old city first
>will probably sleep at 01:00 tonight, wake up at 9 tomorrow and walk 5-10mins to work
>watch porn and do drugs if I want to
>will do nothing and get paid

Enjoy your 90h work week 55 y/o saggy wizard sleeve pussy

Enjoy your daughters getting bbced and your sons failing school

Enjoy paying for NEETS (I pay no tax)

Enjoy living in a crowded half a million house where you have no space and no rights and it belongs to your wife who sucks and fucks jamal when you're at work

>enjoy fucking the same women over and over again

>enjoy getting told when you can have sex

>enjoy getting cucked and enslaved for 99% of your time and effort

Your wife and children are doing virtually nothing... I do my chores in less than 1h per week in total.
What better option?
You do know that most first marriages last, right?
You're just another one of those morons that believe the shit feminists shoved down their throats in school, aren't you?
clean guys get the honor of paying for used up 40 y/o pussy that chads have torn up for decades
sex is good if you don't have to travel light years away from your comfort zone to get it.

we're competing with our comfort zones now. the combination of drugs, media, porn and food is honestly sustaining me.
i'm scared because i'm afraid i'm sustained.
what if i just die like this?

i guess it doesn't matter. i only have my regrets to answer to on my deathbed.
That wasn't very nice anon.
Consider the feelings of others before btfoing them so hard next time.
>come home to an empty flat, sleep out of boredom
>cook the same thing I made myself yesterday and the day before
>fap. again
>browse 4chan
>go to bed, alone. Again
depends. gfs can be worthwhile for normies who effortlessly get them, don't care, and recover fine after a breakup.

for robots the effort and fallout can be more hassle than its worth.
Facts from the GSS, NHS, Ohio State Survey, and Birkbeck Study
>Married men live longer, are healthier, have more sex, and have higher quality sex than men who are single or men who live with a girl but are unmarried
>Married men make more money, get more promotions, have fewer sick days, and save more than men who are single or men who live with a girl but are unmarried
>Married men with stay at home wives top all of these categories being the healthiest, longest lived, highest-earners, etc.
You hate science, do ya'?
Chad has to be clean too, you clown. Nice guys get screwed. Everybody should be clean though. Women don't like dirty men.
>Doesnt know the difference between a correlation and a causal relation
Men who are highly educated, wealthier and healthier are more likely to get married and stay married. Marriage will not make you healthy or wealthy.
>Doesn't know that correlation is a powerful predicitive tool useful for making important decisions
Just ask your insurance agent or your stockbroker
Oh, too bad?
>these studies controlled for age, education, and income
Shucks, according to the analyses being married DOES make you richer and healthier!
Real shame the multivariate studies showed you being wrong, huh?
Am I the only one that gets rock hard by girls with braces?
its boring after the 20th time
They only show correlation you dolt. Men who stay married were already better off than men who couldn't. Marriage itself does nothing.
this is fun for a few weeks, maybe a month
Then everyone gets bored, your wife cheats on you or you cheat on her
The affair is uncovered and you get divorced
She gets your house, the kids, and most of you money. And you'll have to pay monthly alimony
Then you kill yourself
modern marriage 101 senpai
>I am scared of women
-less than 10% of men and women in marriage cheat and if you don't live together before marriage it is a lot lower
-no more than 30% of first marriages end in divorce. That number is the max and you can easily lower it. And it is dropping
-"I'd get bored with a good, decent life" only applied to the mentally ill
>am married
inb4 normie REEEE and whatever the fuck
>not as wealthy as I would be single
have single friends who make less than me and yet have more money saved up than I do
>health probably has nothing to deal with marriage itself
I'm less healthy because of added stress providing for someone else (she works too, but we still have to deal with each other)
only reason I'm "healthier" is that possibly I would be more self-destructive without her.

keep memeing
>its boring after the 20th time
only if you're boring at sex
if you are in a relationship, than boring sex is you and your partner's fault.
if you are single and having sex and it's boring, that probably means either you're bad at it or the chicks you're picking up are bad at it or passed out and you're raping them
Everyone I know irl has been divorced, some several times
Parents, relatives, friends
Your stats are cute but there's no escape
you're either full of shit (most likely)
or you're the worst father ever
you're worse than an absent father
children aren't your house servants, uncle tom
get involved you selfish asshole
Ant kids?
And if she isn't making bank you're an idiot to have her work
>anecdotes aren't data
My dad is one of 8, my mom one of 6. None of my aunts or uncles (or my parents) ever divorced.
Who wins, your story or mine?
Of my closests friends one couple divorced, and they had been divorced before.
blah, blah, blah
>"My kids do chores"
Does your mommy make you microwave your own hot pockets, or something?
Its like youve never choked a bitch out with your dick while fisting them. Try doing it like a robot. Women actually like this. They dont get off on benis in bagina.
I just want someone to love me

People need to work to stay sane. Unless you have some super-domestic goddess waifu, put her to fucking work. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the concept of the family wage is dead.

And no, I'm not just bitter after seeing my mother trash our house, take 3 hour naps every afternon, go on massive spending sprees, accumulate stray animals, and shout at my dad for not helping out around the house more whenever he got home from a 12 hour shift at the steel mill...
What's the job nigger?
>People need to work to stay sane.
So you think
>shopping for a family
>Cooking 3+ meals a day
>Cleaning a house
>Caring for children
alone isn't 'work'?
FFS, half the SAHW I know do a shit ton more than that.
>the concept of the family wage is dead.

median income for a person?
Average median income for a household where both spouses work full time?
Median income of a man with a SAHW?
Yes, that is controlled for age, education, etc.

The problem? The costs associated with a second job (commuting, etc.) cost a family where both spouses work about $17,000 a year
You're better off with her as a SAHW
Thread replies: 44
Thread images: 6
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