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Idk, i just want to hear about your experiences with the game.
Your builds
Your weapons
Your experience
Betting $10 that OP is less than 18 years old
>inb4 bloodborne cucks hijack the thread
Ds1 > DeS > BB >>> Ds2
This is about the dubs isnt it
I beat the game at SL1 and use it to rape in undead Burg.
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Thief Hammerrite.jpg
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I once tried to do a Hammerite build but there are no good hammers in the Souls games.
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I went a pyro/dex build shit was so cash
Over 2000 hours on PC
Some hours on PS3

Dark souls, and other souls games, have the worst online community in the history of video gaming communities
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i know i'll be called a faggot but i trashed the game once i realized it didnt have a map and i would have to spend a bunch of time just walking around trying to figure out where to go

fuck that shit, i'm not autistic enough for that
The game map is tiny tho senpai baka
I bet you use a gps when driving.
who the fuck wouldn't in this day and age?

if i'm going outside of town or somewhere i've never been you bet your ass I use gps
Just use the dark souls wiki maps senpai
Pyro/dex is the best
>dex/int build
>great scythe
>affinity/dark hail or dark hail/crystal mw/soul spears

ez modo activated
Dark Souls 2:
24 Str
12 Dex
Rush Zweihander to fire enchant and you have 700AR at like Soul Level 40 and 300k memory.

You can also get Flynn's ring+RoB if you don't enchant, or havels gloves+legs with a light chest, you'll be basically maxxed out at SL 70 and can gank the Bell Tower and two shot people.
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I run the "canon" build most of the time; straight sword, crest shield, and elite knight armor. I try to parry and don't backstab fish very often. Build most of my points into vitality and endurance, along with the stats for my sword and faith/int and attunement.

Resistance is fucking useless and should be treated like the trash it is, I leave it at 10 because I'm a fucking baller who don't need no curse, bleed, or poison resist.

Aside from that - I upgrade all the gear I have and tend to use buff spells instead of long range spells unless I'm feeling pious enough for lightning/sunspears.
Over 1000 hours in dark souls and about 1300 in dark souls 2.

Ive always preferred strength builds over anything, especially in dark souls 2
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dex all the way
Doing another run this time on pc.
Meh, the build is good, but i made quite a few mistakes and dumb deaths that triggers my autism because of perfectionism.
>hear about dark souls, and all the repeated deaths you experience playing
>get it, play the fuck out of it with a hybrid int/tank type shit
>didn't read the wiki and not get flash sweat
>have to re-start the whole fucking game on a new character
I was so fucking pissed, but excited about killing everything all over again with a better build
In DS1, just go enough dex to use spears, imbue with lightning or fire

In DS2, Mundane all the way. Always loved it. Normally use the regular dagger or any shirt sword, some hexes, and a lot of bows. I consisrently fuck people up in PvP
here is a screen of how my guy looks like, i beat the game naked with just a basic firesword, the one u get from the left part of the tunnel from that firefrog in the begining of the game

i hope this is true because i actually liked ds2 better than ds1 and hopefully bloodborne is better than both of them!
I always just play with shield

This is why I disliked bloodborne no shield
I play as a heavy dude with black knight greatsword, big ass shield, and havel set. I block most damage but having trouble with 4 kings atm.

Anyone played Demon's Souls? I played it a while ago and put it aside because it made me frustrated. I have since played and gotten gud at Dark Souls and wanna play DeS again. Might go for a spellcaster.

>I've gotten gud at Souls
>plays tank
>might go for spellcaster

Damn, son.
So I've started half a dozen different characters trying to get my friends into this game. I became extremely fast at getting the zwei, lightning bolts, and a then using those to one shot the dragon tail so my friends start the game with a drake sword.

On one such occasion, we were going to the gargoyles and were invaded by a guy who had the exiled king set and max level pyromancy. This fucking twink low leveled all the way through fucking Anor Londo just so he could cosplay while he one shotted SL20's on a ladder. I killed him
I preferred stone set for four kings, remember that divine weapons rule that fight. You can summon someone, but don't summon the witch, she doesn't contribute enough.
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I tried to make a cute girl
while i browse /r9k/ i have the bellkeeper ring on waiting for battles.
there is a stone map...
Gotten better, then
>Paying dark souls 2 and not co-op'ing with a friend and using silver talismans to run a train on anyone who walks by
>be shit at this game
>casually throw arrows at the drake's tail because it moves whenever I do it and I'm bored
>get some badass sword that kills the shitty hollows in one hit
>game becomes way more fun
>die to some gargoyles while exploring

Was this supposed to happen?

>Hey everyone I'm a subhuman piece of shit ganker

Fucking kill yourself.
Oh I'm sorry I didn't know we were supposed to play video games only this certain way.

Stay mad autist
i have 700 hours in das 1
300 hours in das 2
40 hours in sotfs
30 hours in bloodshit
i only play souls games for the pvp
alright where to start

bought ps3 just to play demons souls back in the day, spent a good 700 hours or so on it who cursed dbs here

when das rolled out I spent around 900hrs on ps3 and another 400 on pc, 70% of the time it was just 120pvp at kiln

das2? pretty fucking shit if you ask me, bought on day 1 and it couldnt keep me hooked for more than 40 hours - got straight up bored with it, same old mechanics, nothing new just a rehash and an obvious cash grab

atmosphere wise demons souls is definitely the best game in the """"souls"""" series albeit if it comes to mechanics and overall """"feel""" its gonna be das1, das 2 is basically a meme at this point

honestly the series shouldve had ended at das1
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never played dark souls 2

payed ds1 and des on a friends ps3 a while back.

only one i currently own is bloodborne, which i love. cane is the greatest. followed close by +10 evelyn and high bloodtinge

can't wait for souls 3.
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No shield, ultra greatsword, very light armour. Maybe an avelyn not shown on my other hand for a surprise.

No magic or pyro either.
me laddie
of course the game mechanics are the same,
what did you expect? vehicles?
the graphics have improved and the game mechanics have improved a little.
the locations dont fit perfectly, the no mans wharf is a little weird.
the grafix were improved by a very small margin, you could get twice as good eyecandy with dsfix and a good rig on ds1

the whole game (ds2) is out of place
Yeah, you're supposed to kill those little fire breathing faggots and then ring the bell behind them.

I am shit at it like you, but I found a dex build with a +5 bow rips them a new one.
it really feels archaic when i go back to das 1 and see so many features missing
no climbing up a ladder fast or instant drop down
you can only roll in 4 directions
you can only sprint in 2 directions while locked on
you cant adjust your aim for your weapon while locked on
LT is fairly useless on 95% of weapons
poise damage makes no sense, why are the strong attacks on a weapon doing the same poise damage as weak attacks?
theres no penalty for spamming r1s after you ran out of stamina
dual wielding is ultra clunky and barely functional
cant estus or heal while on a ladder
humanity is way too OP as a healing tool
it takes a vast amount of time and NG+s to grind out +15 weapons and +10 armors
2 handing gives bonus strength for some reason, its better to have it just as a modifier like it is in das 2

das 2 gets so much shit for it but these simple ideas are great and should have been in the original game as well

I love slaughtering you little faggots. You run around touching your dicks together and have no idea how to defend against someone with an ounce of PVP knowledge, even with a numerical advantage.

Stay bad shitter
the graphic difference is huge if you would actually look at it. i dont say ds2 is better, but i like it.
maybe they improve it in ds3 even further.
but in locations i like ds1 more, it felt more dreary.
I started my first real playthrough about 2 weeks ago. I'm a level 160~ battle mage and I'm on new game plus.

The game is fucking amazing, I haven't felt my heart beat at the thought of dying on a game since I was a kid. I have had some of my worst rage moments in lifetime playing the game so far though.
>Takes pride in killing people in a video game

Nobody fucking cares, death is a mechanic.
Come and kill me, I only have three humanity on me anyway because I'm a shitter. I'll just resurrect and go about my business like nothing happened.
SL and area? ill come smash your shit right now
I'm at work because I do other things with my time than laugh at neckbeards talking shit on a Mongolian basket-weaving forum. Another day, champ.
I rolled with a tank build but i used all the equip load boosting items so I could roll fast instead of using a sheild, use heavy armor and then double handed a dark knight greatsword
if you were just going to taunt and then pussy out like a little bitch then dont even bother replying at all
May I suggest the glorious Giant Dad build?
>Taunt and then pussy out
>Still talking about game where you are supposed to die regularly anyway
>Still wants to fight a garbage player for no reason other than "fite me u little shit"

Dude, you need to work on your anger management.
I was pretty frustrated with Dark Souls at first because I'm normally a PC gamer and wasn't used to using a controller. Also, first time playing, the world seems a lot bigger than it actually is because of how slowly you get to it. So at one point while I trying to kill Gaping Dragon (my favorite boss by far) in the depths my katana broke and I had to go all the way back to Andre to fix it? Fuck that shit, rage quitted the game.

I came back to it a day or two later because despite being frustrating there really was something about that drew me in and made me want to keep playing it. This time I made a new character, dicked around, got into the graveyard, and got the sweihander. By the end of the game, totally independently, I was wielding a (raw) sweihander, grass crest, favor and protection, havels, and not the giant set but the brass set with the father mask and some pyromancy built in. I had independently created giant dad completely on accident. So that was my first real character and I liked playing that because the sweihander makes the game pretty easy modo. Eventually got him to NG++ and never tried to make it further.

The first time I co-oped was on an archery character I enjoyed playing. I kinda just liked hanging outside of boss rooms waiting to be summoned and then doing DPS on the boss while the summoner played hero. Very comfy.

Most interesting character was the wizard character. Miracles, Sorceries, and Pryomancy. No swords, no shields, no bows, magic only. Not easy to play but very fun.

After that I didn't really have much interest in the game. I'd played with all the toys (weapons) I wanted and had no interest in PvP so there wasn't much else to do for me. Total hours played are around ~80. Still, had fun time with the character.

Never played DeS, DaS2, or BB though.
>dark souls 2 hex build with 60 int/fth


nothing beats this

use roaring halberd, Flynn's ring (under 10 vit) third dragon ring, dark clutch ring and any other ring you like
Always go melee/magic hybrid w/ no shield, caster offhands. play super aggressive, use magic while stamina regens, relentless in pvp, don't give enemy time to dodge out and regen his stamina. Loved bloodborne for gearing toward my playstyle. but it didn't work in Dark Souls 2 because spells cost stamina, just went 2h moonlight
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