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>be Australian
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>be Australian
>Found a girl on tinder, nice and short, really pale like me, loves the water, has a picture of her in the Australian army uniform with face paint on and doing stuff like snorkeling
>Clearly served in the Army
>1000+ images on Instagram
>My dream is to date a girl who served, nothing gets me more harder then a girl in uniform
>She's literally perfect
>Liked her
>Waiting for a match now
>Only 20kms away from me
>Looks innocent and not a whore
>Want to go camping with her and watch her army skills at work

please like me
She probably has psych issues and choke u 2 death
I'll bet she fucked a ton of male soldiers m8. Why the fuck would you want some GI jizzbucket?
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Man, she looks perfect. Plus i want to join the army it has always been my dream. Plus i like outdoor stuff and the water.

We are a perfect match. I hope i get a match.
Considering the sort of men she would be used to after serving, do you really think you have a chance?

Come on cobber, be a bit realistic
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>Considering the sort of men she would be used to after serving, do you really think you have a chance?

Well, thanks for bringing me back to reality. Anyway i started lifting weights a couple weeks ago so that HAS to count for something.
girl in uniform is my fetish.

>tfw wont get to hold my qt gfs hand while shes in uniform and tell people how my girlfriend serves

Feels bad, i know i won't get a match. I hardly ever get matches.
I kept waiting for her to end up being a kangaroo
>on tinder
>not a whore
You know Tinder is literally an app for hookups and quick sex. It's NOT a dating app.
I would recommend OkCupid, but i just remembered that it was a slutty girl that recommended that website to me in the first place, so that's probably no good either. She boasted about how easy it was to find a perfect guy there... well yeah.. as an average to good looking girl, you just have to pick the best from the hundreds of guys who message you
OP I've got a fucking story for you. Let me get home first.

So basically I've got no chance, i mean what sort of guy do you think shes after? I'm literally her perfect fucking match.

>Love the military, will eventually join.
>Love war films / action films
>Love the water, swimming etc..
>6ft, 5-6/10 looks, look after my self, used to run a lot but now i lift weights
>car License currently suspended though


Is it a good story?
Army girls are usually HUGE sluts, I'm talking to one in uni right now cause we both served but idk

>Own guns
>1000 instashit
>not a whore

pick one and only one
Most of the pictures were of her. And not with men.


Why are army women such whores? cant they contain themselves?
>look at me please look at me
>oh you looked at me ill suck your dick
>and yours too
>that one too
>validateeee meeeeee
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Lol @ serving the fucking defence force
Damn, it's that fucking easy?
It's a deeper version of your story.
Even if she's not in the army but is just married to an army guy someone will probably dick her from the base.
More me spilling my fucking heart out on 4chan but here it goes

>Find cute latina
>Her profile shows her hitting diamond in league
>Bio is playu league with me ya scrub
>I play with her for fun
>Get to talking
>She's a serious gamer, not just btw im a gril attention whore shit
>Super attracted because she's down to earth
>Speak about her past one relationship
>Speak about what she wants
>Wants something serious
>First relationship for me so do I
>Meet up
>Turns out she got Tinder the day I met her
>Turns out I was her first match and person to talk to her
>She didn't intend to do anything on there/just wanted to fuck around etc (but secretly hoped for finding someone I'm sure)
>Wow.jpg she's great
>Lots of fun
>Meet a few more times eventually start dating
>Lots of insecurities follow
>Thinks I'm a liar, player, thinks I don't really like her etc.
>Deal with all of this shit
>Shit's going great, 2 months in
>She's fucking amazing, all I wanted
>Used to favor small while girls, pale, green eyes etc
>She basically converted me to like the more "exotic" type
>Lots of fucking great shit, I'm learning, we're becoming closer, we love each other
>Yesterday she sees Tinder on phone without me seeing
>Randomly flips, slowly starts getting worse
>I'm trying to figure it out
>Her thoughts go wild, thinks I'm cheating/playing her despite me having no matches
>I had Tinder because I was insecure about her and used it to see if she was on there because of a fucking dream I had that paranoid
>Following her like a creep trying to calm the situation down
>She always had trust issues and put up a wall so it was surprising to see her cry
>Finally go home when I got on her bus and asked some nigger to move so I can sit next to her and she responds with "What? No go away"
>Feel like a fucking alien
>This is the worst treatment I can get/worst fear
>Be ignored, another fear
>Decide the next day (today) to go to her work to show I care/ talk etc
>This is a big message because normally I sleep when she wakes so I have to go through a lot of shit to pull that off
>Go to her work on two hours of sleep
>Still treating me like a fucking alien
>Fucking cunt
>Try so hard to talk to her
>Finally says "sorry, we're closed"
>I persist
>Keeps telling me to let her work/leave her alone
>I keep asking to let me explain so I can leave
>Keep getting rejected
>Finally says we're done, don't you get it?
>Stupid bitch co-worker comes out
>I don't look at her and interrupt her and talk over whatever bullshit she's saying
>I say "You're done? Because of that?"
>Okay, alright
>Walk out
Fucking. Hurts. Holy Christ, we were getting along so well too. I realize she's stupid for throwing it away just like that for something so dumb, but she was a great girl, all I ever wanted, could have worked out beautifully, very compatible but it had to go fucking south.
I genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, hope she never finds happiness, realizes how stupid she is, realize how well I treated her and what I did for her, begs for me back then fucking kills herself so I can be satisfied. Fuck you, you fucking bitch. You fucking bitch. The only thing I can take solace in is that I wasn't the bad guy in this case, 'cause I didn't break up with her. But even then, I do look like the bad guy because I was "cheating" fucking bitch. Accusing me of shit then not giving me the chance to clear it up. Oh, and
>Exam today
I'm fat. Should I even bother with tinder? It seems like there are a lot of muscular guys using it, at least in my city
>It seems like there are a lot of muscular guys using it, at least in my city

Answered your own question..
>150+ matches in 1 month
>1 girl messages
>hold a conversation over a couple of days
>she's an alt/indie type, 6-7/10, kinda cute
>literally the most boring fucker in the world
>Conversation is of the form:
>>I ask a question
>>She responds
>>I ask another question
>Occasionally it's not that shit but mostly follows that pattern
>just stop responding after a few days
>she's literally too boring to talk to

I hope all women aren't like this, this was my longest conversation with a girl. Ever.
I just felt like such effort. I want a girlfriend, not a hookup with some random slut so even if I did manage to take her out and bang her it wouldnt have met my purpose at all.

destined to be alone forever t b h
I work 40-50hrs a week, get up at 6am to go to work. My girlfriend gets up between 8-9 to take her son to school at 9:15. More often then not, she comes back home and gets in bed. I've come home to find her still in PJs numerous times.

She always complains she never has enough time to do anything when she's working 20hrs tops during the week. She sets her own hours and spreads it out between 3, sometimes 4 days during the week. She will call me at work and tell me I need to pick up her son at school because she's getting her nails done, or is shopping and wont make it in time. So I have to jostle my schedule around so she can have pretty nails.

Yet, when I come home from working my third Saturday this month and just want to relax with a beer and watch some Futurama, she gets pissy because "we never go out and she's bored".

Bitch, get some fucking friends.
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