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Anons who lost their virginity to escorts/prostitutes,...
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Anons who lost their virginity to escorts/prostitutes, what was it like? Did you enjoy it? Was it freeing at all, or did it strengthen whatever shame you already felt about yourself?

I'm a virgin in his 20's and thinking about going this route and want to hear some first hand experiences. So lay it on me, what happened?
Bump I wanna know this too.
Virginity at 24 is just too much, I have a friend that loves prostitutes, he always invites me but I always decline.
Next month I'm accepting his invitation, but still I don't want to have a bad experience.
I did.

The main takeaway was that sex is just this series of motions you do with another person. There isn't anything magic about it. Nothing changes. You aren't cooler, more relaxed around women, etc.
If it's with someone you're in a mutually loving relationship with it is magical and life changing though.
I'm bumping this thread.
I'm 19 and in uni, when I finally get out I'm gonna be making some really good money so I'm planning on visiting prostitutes every weekend. I've never kissed a girl or had sex, and I don't plan to. Paying for sex seems to me like the only honest option, otherwise the only reason women have sex with you is for their own motivations. They don't have to find you attractive physically or emotionally, they just have to want something from you. In high school, I think women have liked me but I've conditioned myself to tell myself its a lie, they're deceiving you, they're not serious, they're only being friendly, they're settling for you, or they want something. I geuss I have serious emotional issues, I see getting attached to people as being vulnerable, so I geuss I'll just wait till I get a high paying job from my major and relieve my sexual urges and emotional loneliness with hookers.
Here's what you should do. If you're in a decently sized city, go to Rubmaps.com and check out what the best reviewed parlor is in your area. Go, and let the girl initiate, she'll usually try to upsell you to a bj if you seem cool.

Once you pop your cherry, sex gets addictive for a bit but then it peters what. Fun but def not necessary.
Here's what my experience was like:

>be 19
>finally fed up with the fact that everyone I knew had more or less lost it already
>throw a massive autist REEEEEEEE fit because I wanted sex now
>call up a few escorts from backpage
>go to bed pissed because none of them replied
>wake up from a text from one of the escorts and we make a date to meet
>the only problem was a didn't have a car then
>somehow, and I still don't know how I pulled this off, I got my dad to drop me off at the sketchiest looking apartment complex by the side of the highway on his way to pick up some tools
>I told him she was a classmate from community college and we were going to study
>even now I don't think he believed
>anyway as I make my way up there I'm nervous as all hell
>come to her door and knock and she lets me in
>she a skinny, pale, brunette but still pretty good looking
>one thing I forgot to mention was the she had a pit bull, but it was friendly
>we talk for a bit and I tell her my ob story about tfw no gf
>I give her the money and we go down to the lobby because she had to pay her rent or something

Sexy times happen in the next part. Will continue.
I'm looking forward to part 2 . . .

If you post post part 2 after this post you're a major fag

>have to pay to look at reviews

>we go back to her room and talk some more
>she can obviously tell I'm a virgin and she tries to help me calm down
>she offers me some weed and I can't even smoke it right because I like only did it once or twice before
>anyway she tells me to undress and she gives me a massage which really helped me to relax a bit
>I ask about her other clients and she tells me some are ok and others are pretty weird
>like one guy wanted her to piss in his mouth which they did and they both ended up gagging
>anyway she gets undressed and I noticed she has a cute tattoo of a butterfly right above her pelvis
>think to myself even as she coming over to me there is no way I'm getting laid. Why would the universe grant me such a normie privileged?
>I'm sure other robots have experienced similar thoughts
>she gives me a quick blowjob then puts a condom on me
>she positions my dick right above her vag
>I think, hey this is really happening
>Holy shit, this is really happening
>she slides herself down onto my shaft and I realize I'm not a virgin anymore
>she rides me for a bit and I awkwardly fondle her breasts
>eventually we switch to missionary and I bury my face into her neck and try to get into a rhythm
>its really awkward and eventually we switch to doggy which was awesome because for a little bit I felt kind of like a pornstar
>eventually switch back to missionary for the rest of the session
>I was unable to cum due to nervousness but afterwards we get dressed and talk for a little bit
>eventually she left when some thug looking white guy came to pick her up
>leave her place feeling really better, like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders
>the first thing I did was brag to my friend who was still a virgin, which was a dick move looking back on it

Anyway thats my story. It also began a long, long spiral of frequenting prostitutes that lasted for years and led me to making some really bad decisions.
Also, I might as well say overall I'm glad I did it. It really gives you a huge confidence boost and you feel less anxious around women since it demystifies sex.
Became a lot more relaxed around women
I did it at 18 and it was freeing as fuck. It made me a better person and improved my life and confidence.
The sex itself blew but it was completely worth it.
Bien ahi Master
La pusiste
Ya sos un ganador ahora anda al club and slap bitchies asses till having sex

Firma el paco

This is believable. Pretty much how I'd expect it to go down if it was me except I'd definitely take the weed offer

Mmmmm, hmmm... Riiiiiiight.
Round the 50th to 100th time you've had sex with the same person something clicks and you have a transcendent experience because you both understand each others bodies and know what each other like. It's similar to out of body experiences I've had on drugs and I've experienced it with two women. This is something most people experience. You don't believe it because you are far removed from the norm.
Sexy times happen in the next part

borat was around ten years ago anon its not a funny joke anymore
Cerra el culo flaco
Chupamelo mejor
Pedazo de puto
21 here. Lost it a few weeks ago... Well worth. Finally done with and never have to think of it again. Feel better overall and was the first time I smiled in a long time.
"lost" it at 16
Because i didn't evne get fully hard so she had to finish me off with a condom blowjob and then i didn't really feel like i had actually lost my virginity even though i did put it in her vagoo, then it made me think i had ED and it wasn't until i was 20 or 21 that i actually lost it with my current GF of 2 and a half years.

i'd say don't do it man, it fucked me over from 16 to 20 thinking i had ED.
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Callate chicano de mierda
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