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R9K Made me a CHAD
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A week here and I already quit drinking. I already am a normie who gyms 4-5 times a week. But thanks to your motivation I'm going full Chad no matter what I have to do. Thanks r9k
I drink maybe five times a year and I go to the gym way more than that, and I'm full fledged robot.
You may need to put in a little more effort.

Good job man.

Keep that momentum going.

We believe in you.
Just never come back here okay?
doesnt chad drink every night of the week?
That's a really good picture
Imagine living that guys life
No doubt had mad pussy whenever and wherever he commanded it
I made friends here in Uni. Working out gives me the confidence to talk to more people etc. It's part of a larger plan.
Thanks robot
I plan on lurking here to remind myself to just get over my social anxiety around people etc. It works.
Not if he wants to maintain those 6 pack abs past the age of 20.
I have a good face and I can get that body now that I cut out drinking so It's something to aim for.
He is like a buff eminem.
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revy avatar.png
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start lifting and you can become him.
OP here.
I already have been for two and a half years. I run 10 miles every other day,no worries there. Still antisocial.
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laughing grill .jpg
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I'm fully social I just need more confidence sometimes. Lifting gives me that. Lifting seriously for about 4 or 5 months now. I also quit drinking so I could get into better shape. Your probably way worse off then I am.
Hope everything works for you OP, but remember 2 things:

- Once you reach Chad status, please leave

- And never forget about us, don't let our memory die in your normalfaggotry life
>Once you reach Chad status, please leave
I probably will. Still a kv at 26 so not Chad yet.
>And never forget about us, don't let our memory die in your normalfaggotry life
Whenever I'm in doubt I'll remember how pointless the robot live is and how it's more important to be a Chad even if that means you have to be a dick sometimes.
I don't want to be a Chad OP. I am antisocial because I have schizophrenia. I have never been overweight either. I have had a grillfriend in the past. Never wanted to be a chad. Sounds like you have been overweight before.
What are your symptoms? I'm very curious to hear about it from someone who has it. When did you first show signs of it? Btw I'm not OP
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revy 01.gif
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I was by 60 pounds. I lost 30 by walking a lot but then I JUST'ed up my feet. So I got back into gyming and am doing that to lose the remaining 30. I look decent since I put on a lot of upper body and back muscle but if I lose my remaining fat I'll be Chad tier. I'm aiming to hit this by the end of the year.
>had had a gf
Being normie isn't about having had a gf it's about being to get one whenever you want. That's confidence.
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This sump serves to reinforce the reminder of how we've, or could again end up in its noxious grasp. I'm grateful whilst loathing this cesspit which has leeched years off my life. Such a powerful reminder, offering encouragement to persist with betterment.
>tfw post /r9k/ cut drinking after years of being a drunkard (semi-shamefully drank tonight hence my being here, still awake, but in moderation I see no big issue, last time I drank was due to New Years)
>dropped caffeine pills, fuck adherence to stimulants
>ceased taking benzodiazepines
>embraced abstemiousness (asceticism in regards to certain substances)
>yet adhere to a strict lifting and hiking routine
>read for 45 mins minimum per day
>leave house more often, visit /r9k/ far less (once frequented here several hours per day, everyday for yrs)
>outlook has augmented
During my time of frequenting /r9k/, I had reached my lowest of lows. It may be fair to say that was more a consequence of my abject situation rather than a cause. Nonetheless, it is both one of the worst and best things that has happened to me.

For fuck's sake robots, I am literally brain damaged. We can all make it, we're not lost causes.
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todd hyp 1.jpg
73 KB, 850x637
>brain damage
We can all make man you just gotta figure out what you want. Me I want to get seriously /fit/. Not for girls but for me. It makes me feel good and that's enough to help my confidence.
Are you the same guy that has been asking on all the mental health posts?
> was 17-19, now 22
>End of highschool
>started withdrawing from people
> paranoid of people in college
> started thinking people were talking about me when they drove past me in their cars. I could hear them talking even when the window were rolled up.
>withdrew from women.
>cut all my close women friends off
>thought women were out to get me
> 20-21 started hearing people calling me names and mocking me.
> started happening even in my house alone.
>hate grew for women
>had to move back in with my parents.
> can't walk to my car without getting paranoid.
> stay secluded and don't talk to anyone at work.
>thinking the neighbours are out to get me and that they are mocking me. Can hear them talking about me.
> Recently thought my neibhours were trying to poison me with rat poison.
> I think all women are out to get me and that they think I am a disgusting. No women has ever told me that though.
>My phone white noise maker was mocking me at night.
> I would of never thought it was delusion my parents have to convince me or my friends from when I was incollege had to convince me that the delusions we're not real.
File: revy 02.png (197 KB, 487x769) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
revy 02.png
197 KB, 487x769
There are a lot of people who have mental health issues here so I would doubt it.
Good job on the weightloss OP. And good luck on becoming a chad.
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revy 03.png
577 KB, 660x638
Thanks senpai. I'm halfway there already I just gotta keep on going. Quitting drinking is gonna be what I need to reach that finish line of Chadhood.
>ADL make me a Hitler
>Tibet make me Mao Zedong
>Uganda make me Idi Amin
File: revy 04.jpg (31 KB, 777x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
revy 04.jpg
31 KB, 777x441
alright-ity senpai. Missing the point of this thread.
We can all make it, or at least better ourselves a little.
File: ippo.gif (935 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
935 KB, 500x375
>Not for girls but for me
Good mindset. To look in the mirror and gradually respect what you see more and more each time, for a better functioning mind and body, is great.
Now all you have to do to finish Chadding is learn to dance.

Can you do the electric-nigger?
File: revy 05.jpg (32 KB, 223x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
revy 05.jpg
32 KB, 223x350
Thanks senpai, we're gonna make it.
Since I don't drink alcohol anymore I have at least an excuse for not going to shitty clubs.
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