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Alright guys, there's an asshole at...
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Alright guys, there's an asshole at my school, and he's literally the worst human being I've met.
>extremely controlling over my fembot friend
>harassing for nudes
>threatens to an hero over her
>literally just today tried to choke her out
>she bit his hand and tried to get away
>she came back and bit her full force on the neck
>she got the police involved as well, but nothing else so far
There's so much more, and it only gets more fucked. Will probably continue if I'm not already dead.
>i'd like to say a month back
>talking with fembot friend
>asshole is gone, I guess we'll call him Jake
>Jake is in the lunch line
>fembot friend tells me that he has a crush on a dude
>other dude is literally an alchoholic
>not even of age yet
>Jake comes back
>act like nothing is wrong
This comes into play later.
>later that night
>get message
>he has a picture of Jake in a crop-top, panties, cat ears, and a collar
>laugh my fucking ass off
>in my laughter, i forgot to save
I still regret it.
Very interested. Keep posting, OP.
keep posting faggot

>a week or two later
>Jake sends fembot more threats
>threatens to cut to the bone if he doesn't get nudes
>she says no
>sends a google image search cutting wound
>pic related
>i search it up and find the photo
>screenshot and tell him to send him the results
>he flips shit and stops messaging for a bit
A little bit later..
>the police that hang around the lunch table come up and tell Jake to come with them
>he's confused
>police grab his lunchbag
>pull out a fucking kukri
>reach into another compartment
>suspended for two weeks
Best two weeks of my life
nice blog post :)

liked, upvoted and retweeted :D
>he shows up at lunch again
>we're still at the same table like a bunch of fucking idiots
>he sits down and starts talking about what happened
>just then, another kid starts walking up to the table
>Jake snaps up in 0.87 seconds and stares the kid dead in the eyes
>the other kid goes, "u-uhm, n-no hard feelings, right dude?"
>Jake just stares for a few seconds
>then he just says "Not for now." in like this comic villian voice
>other kid tries to hold back a smile from laughing at that stupid voice
>walks back to his table
>turns out, that kid saw Jake taking the kukri from his locker and putting it into his bag
He may have saved my life, but I don't know for how long.
Alright, theres more shit inbetween like the third story, but here goes what happened today.
>sitting at lunch
>school got bigger tables, so thats 'good'
>brought a few new people over
>but Jake still sits with us
>another kid is gone, so we just try to hide the seat from everyone
>pushing it under the table, taking it to another table
>we're faggots
>after we've all pretty much eaten, the asshole Jake likes comes up and kicks the back of fembot's gf's seat
>pretty much almost kicking everything over, pushing her into the table, etc.
>fembot and fembot gf start yelling at him, start cleaning up spilled milk
>kid sees seat, try to sit down
>i pull it away from him, telling him to fuck off
>he asks what he did
>gesture towards the mess he caused
>"but thats nothing"
>'well you know what it something, you being an alchoholic at this fucking age"
>start giving him life lessons in a very sarcastic cocky asshole way
>think how John Mulaney does standup, I suppose
>just then, Jake gets up and starts screaming at me, telling me "YOU CAN'T ATTACK HIM YOU ASSHOLE, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT"
>he tries to flip the table
>literally naruto runs out of the lunchroom
>obviously everyone is looking at the table
>other asshole starts asking what the hell that was all about
>basically tell him that Jake likes him, and that we have a lot of proof
>he looks confused at first
>then total disgust
>"that explains a lot..."
>supervisor comes over, no police there today
>we start explaining shit, trying to avoid why he actually flipped shit
>even asshole kid is trying to cover my ass
>"well why was he screaming at you?"
>"he really cares about him"
>"anon, be nice."
>"its true."
>acts like she has no idea what homosexuality is
>we start explaining eveything
>just then, the fucking principle comes in escorting Jake
>supervisor bolts
>he sits down and puts his head down
>fembot just sort of incognito roasts him
>lunch dismissed and i bolt back to class
Knowing this dude, I may get stabbed. Despite him being a massive fag.
This is pretty alright, even though you're probably underage
Please op
Feeeeed meeeee
That's pretty much all I have. I can probably answer some questions any of you guys have about him and the whole situation though.
nice blog faggot

underage b&
I just wanted to get my story out to be honest. I don't really mind.
Was this thread an allegory for something else?
Not at all, no. This is something that has actually been going on for quite some time now.
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