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have you been to the psych ward r9k?
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psych bed.jpg
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have you been to the psych ward r9k?

post your stories
how did you end up there?
were you ever put in the quiet room?
what was your favorite meal?
did you make friends?
These mental illness threads have turned to utter shit. They're always the same thing every time
>your mental illness is just a meme/etc
>only I'm allowed to complain about my problems
>I wish I was schizophrenic
>guys I think I have avoidant personality disorder
>x person had this mental illness and I didn't like them, so all people with this illness are evil
Etc etc
Where the hell did the support go? The compassion? We're all fucked in the head, why the hell are we tearing each other down on top of that? No matter what your diagnosis is, normies will laugh at you regardless, so why do you laugh at each other instead of banding together? I've always written off "x board is shit now" posts, but fucking christ, I'm making one myself. Fuck people.
I was driven to the hospital 1.3hours away where I was examined by professionals because I broke a bunch of glass and 3 tvs during an autistic episode, I was then diagnosed with aspergers and had an above average intelligence while taking 50mg of seroquel every night for 2-3 weeks. Never got put in a quiet room actually there was a ventilation fan with uncomfortable bed and pillow, we had a ps3, games, and movies. My favorite meal was breakfast which was different each morning. I avoided everybody because I was bashful and embarassed, but I did watch a little bit of planet 51 with this black guy before I walked over somewhere to do something else, people were either fucked up or in the wrong place in their lives and I'm glad that I got out of there, the workers would shine a flashlight at your eyes during various times throughout then night and most people were awkward, pretentious, or just strange.
a quiet room is where they lock you to a bed for 4+ hours

I made a doctor butthurt when i yelled at her for not letting me leave she kept renewing the restraint order so I was in bed for 2 days
2 months
Older patients get paid by security to harass you around your exit date so that you will punch them and be forced to stay longer
that sounds like a delusion
i have and wont tell you why
> the workers would shine a flashlight at your eyes during various times throughout then night
to see you during the 15 minute checks
they check on you every 15 minutes or does it take 15 minutes?
Was in for 6 months for agoraphobia. Ask me anything.
every 15 minutes
did you not want to leave or something?
Well I didn't leave my room for the first few weeks I was in a pretty bad state. In the hospital I was in you got assessed for release every 6 weeks.
fucking hell that sounds bad

i got aspergers and im really scared that im gonna snap one day and have to go to psych ward
its not that bad it feels like people give a shit about how you feel
so how did u stay 6 months
I don't really know. They wanted me to be able to go to a shop on my own before they could discharge me, which I still can't really do now. Like i said I was in a bad state when I arrived going from being bed bound to room bound. Then eventually being able to have meals with other patients.
what was your favorite meal and what meds did you take?
I was on a high dose of fluoxitine and that was it. Meals were pretty nice I enjoyed a treat we sometimes had called tiffin which is like a mixture of brownie and biscuit. But for main meals my favourite was the fish and chips they did every Friday (obvious brotbong)
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Wasn't really a psych ward but in emergency psychiatry where they put suicidal and depressed but harmless people before they send them elsewhere. I had suicidal impulsions but a part of me wanted to live and I didn't want to parasuicide like a teen girl so went to the ER waited 18 hours and they sent me there. I refused their plan so I went back to life one after one week except I didn't have antidepressants anymore (which didn't work), but have lorazepam instead. Tomorrow I have to see some nurse which is unrelated and friday I have a follow up but I feel worse. This place was Disneyland.

There they gave me Lorazepam and Zopiclone whose I refused at the end of the week.

Here's a picture I took there.

For 2.5 months or so when I was 9. It was put forward by my school, which sucked cause this school hated me. Teachers call me retard, encourage kids to bully me, had a teacher literally throw my pencil case and then when I got angry use that as an excuse to send me out of class for a day.
I went for anxiety issues and I'm glad I went tb.h but annoyed that te school ha influence. It helped me overall even though it was a lot for a kid.
I probably missed about a years education in total from the amount of times I got sent out of class.

Main thing that sucked about the plae was you needed 5 weeks of gold stars to be allowed 15 minutes of game boy color time a day. Doesn't sound to bad? This was like 2007.
And you lose points easier than you get them, once there was this gross dinner I refused to eat. Good bye good boy gold star points.
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Ya I went there

I started to get schizo'd because everyone sucks my fat white cock IRL. seriously

it all started when i transferred to a public UNI, and I'd be going to parties and just going to class, the occasional group of girls going by would catcall me say I was really hot shit like that. I mean I know I am, but im only 5'8 so I started to get really into my own head. (im jacked tho)

people on yik yak were posting about me (like 4chan for college campus, anonymous posting)

out of like 16,000 people at this school i got posted about like 4 or 5 times. I got called guns in one of my classes because of my arms.

anyways I started to get treated like a turbo chad, and PROBABLY BECAUSE OF THIS FUCKING BOARD I started to lose my mind.

I started to hear voices, people complementing me when it wasn't really there or saying mean nasty things like I was super ugly. anyways i started to flip shit, had panic attacks whenever I went out and it all boiled down to one day these sorority stacies walked by and said 'we'd try to explain how attractive you are but you wouldn't believe us..hehe..." so I stopped and told them how crazy this had made me and they literally thought I was an alien. I finished the semester but checked in and let me tell you LOL

I told everyone there my name was chad whiteman, (I still use that name when i meet strangers haha)

and the retards there were sucking my weener from day one. there was a rule for no sleeveless shirts, but the nurses would never say anything to me because I beat one of the big Bozo's in a arm wrestle (Idk how the nigga was huge) and they all laughed. this one obviously gay kid was constantly bothering me, first thing he said to me was "woah man you look like you're out of a movie!!!" literally was a retard

then this other gay idiot who was a prostitute outside told me I should become one and live in california, he said its the easiest life especially if you're hot

shit was weird but fun
I go in everyday as a med student on my psych term.
cont + trips of truth

there was a fat kid named rob who was literally 300 pounds of retard strength. he had hairy hands from chewing on them all day and he smelled like spoiled milk. He couldn't even speak any language. He'd sometimes escape his room and steal peoples food. It would be funny, i was sitting watching tv once and he escaped and i saw his eyes lock onto my doritioes. I grabbed them and ran and fatty chased me down the hall before getting caught and sedated by the BigNigs.

2nd weirdo: pamela the dumb hispanic chick. She'd always be screaming on the phone to her husband outside about how they were gonna get married in the bamahas. lol no, she was stupid as a molerat

tyler the ginger: kid was literally going straight to jail after the ward. He was 24, probably a 30IQ, looked like he had done too much meth for himself to handle. Total idiot but hilarious

Alec: had kind of a deformed head, but thought he was fucking gorgeous. gay and in denial, would fart in group therapy and laugh, then when nobody laughed, would cry and leave

Mike the black guy: only cool guy in there. 28, fucked bitches, smoked a blunt with him when I got out.

Alex the hairy gremlin: biggest pussy ever. had panic attacks in the group sessions, had hair on every inch of his body. one time Alec the gay kid called him sasquatch and Alex cried. lol fags

who else.... right RIGHT LOL SHIT CARL

it was this retarded nigger kid who was all deformed and shit, had a huge tumor on his back. his vocabulary consisted of "I'm hungry, you're handsome, and poopoo time" he called me handsome all the time. dude was 20 and looked like a deformed baby. plus if you put anything on his little table, he'd swat it across the room. shit was hilarious
Got sent to a psych ward at 13 for joking about killing myself, unfortunately, because of my aspergers, everybody thought I was serious, a fucking cop came in and told me "Doesn't seem like anything serious, but take him in anyways", worst part is that it was a 3 day weekend.
Anyways, when the psychologist sent me to the psych ward, I fucking raged, the mother with her daughter even left because she felt that I was unsafe.
Around half were just people who were in the same boat as me, people who weren't really suicidial, but were autistic enough to get sent here.
The other half had legit problems, there was this girl who cut herself because she wanted to feel something, because of the voices in her head, back then, I was struggling not to explode with laughter, but now I could see where she was coming from.
There was also this girl who had the tighest ass ever, and wore these tight, blue yoga pants, I had a massive fucking boner everytime I got near her, sadly she never talked to me, didn't stop me from fapping to her in the showers though, she was slightly mentally ill too.
There was also this blond kid who, I think managed to escape the ward, he was dragged in and you could hear him screaming his ass off.
Few hours later, he came out, he acted and looked like a meth addict going through withdrawl, very very mellowed, I shudder when thinking about what sort of shit they must have put him on.
I left on a monday, my english teacher who loved me told me she completely understood (To her I was some sort of jacob barnett, computer genius kid or something), I think a rumor also spread around my classmates, one of them saw the cop when they brought my bookbag down.
Needless to say, nobody really treated me the same after that.
sounds fake and gay
Thread replies: 28
Thread images: 3
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