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Anyone here notice that the whites and spics...
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Anyone here notice that the whites and spics on 4chan tend to be shitty people yet the blacks and Asians are generally pretty bro tier?
For instance, most of the biggest shitposters are white (or spics), the shittiest women are white , the narcissists are almost entirely white (or spics), the casuals (in terms of taste in animu, vidya, etc. etc.) are whites, it just seems like the whites and spics here are the worst of the worst.
My theory is that it's because the whites and spics for the most part are college kids living life on easy mode who do nothing but smoke weed and do drugs on mommy and daddy's dollar in between shitposting, while the Asians are Asians, so they're actually more reserved and less retarded, and the blacks are so far gone from your average black that they're just full 180 decent people who just happen to have degenerate fetishes or odd taste in vidya/animu, so they end up here on 4chan, kind of like what the userbase used to be before normie white kids invaded.
Basically, it seems like the biggest normalfags and annoying, shitty, low-quality posters, are white or Hispanic.
What do you think /r9k/?
kingblackchad is a piece of shit and he's black

bebe is a piece of shit and she's black

AMWF spammer is a piece of shit and he's Asian

checkmate, OP
I second this

Original comment
Hmm, good point, but those are only 3 examples compared to a plethora of horrible white posters.
Fuck off nigger trash.
Redwood's a cunt but other than that you might be onto something

I'd say spics are easily the worst
>I'd say spics are easily the worst
By far.
I may seem to shit on whites, but I think EVERYONE can agree that spics are a plague on 4chan.
Honestly, spics should just be banned, they're like a more widespread version of Aussies.
How can you even tell on boards without flags?
Broken English
Stupid spic behavior
The bootlicking towards whites since they DESPERATELY want to be white (and never will).
Y'know, typical shit you'd expect from insecure faggots who think they're in "2nd place."
not sure if satire.

on subject man men here thinks theres a worldwide conspiracy to destroy them which is why they turn misogenyst/racist/trumpvoters, theyre really just mad at life
Oh, also insane amounts of shitposting.
Enough to make an Aussie blush.
But anon, this is a widespread issue across all of 4chan, aside from maybe the most "anti-normalfag" boards like /a/, which is heavily moderated and keeps shitposting to a (relative) minimum.

Only read the first line, are you black or Asian?
I'm a spic.
I guess. Racisms used to be for teh lulz before but now theres a lot of stormfags everywhere. I blame pol
I'm not even talking about the racism stuff, that's still just as funny as it used to be, I'm talking about the lower quality of posts.


>Whites seem to have the biggest egos despite being some of the biggest degenerates on the planet.

>Why are non-white women on 4chan so full of self-hate? I ask as a white man, why don't you stick to your own fucking race? We don't want to be with you, we want our kids to look like us. If a white guy wants you, it's because he just wants to fuck you, and let's be honest, your shit skin isn't attractive.

This is embarrassing. You've made multiple posts showing how frustrated you are with white people and your own race for desiring them, even pretending to be white to shame them for doing so. Do you live in Mexico or the US? Have you never been in a relationship? I'm trying to understand, because the views you have posts in OP are entirely invalidated if it's just you attaching your feelings towards particular groups to any post you feel is low quality.
Hispanics are the best at social integration because we are the master race. Sorry you got the shit end of the stick being any other race.
>Best at anything
Literal nigger-tier.
No black people are literally nigger tier

Learn your own language or do you like to destroy it like the nignogs you love so much?
Nah, spics are nigger-tier too, almost as bad as sandniggers.
Lol if we were that bad America would over. You only have niggers and Muslims asking for diversity and calling white people racist. It's literally a fact that Hispanics are best at integrating into a new society. Whatever I'm gonna go have lunch with my white girlfriend.
Whites in general tend to be shiity people.
Good thing I'm not American spic.
Enjoy being nigger-tier.
Thread replies: 24
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