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ITT: 3 good things and 3 bad things about you.
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ITT: 3 good things and 3 bad things about you.
>im hygienic
>i enjoy the finer things
>i have a nourishing palette

>Have passions and interests
>Drive & look after myself in general

Get out, normie.

>I work fulltime
>I am currently in a state of happyness
>I am honest

>I work fulltime
>I am honest
>I sweat too easily
>college degree

>jerk off to sister's nudes
>bad gag reflex
I'll add the bad things for you

>craving attention
>wants to appear smart but fails miserably ("nourishing pallete"?)
The guy below my post is more of a normie unless you fell for his asocial meme
Do you not know what the words nourishing and palette mean? They're not even "smart" words

>>craving attention

lol wat


>i enjoy the finer things
>7 inch dick
>Unafraid to say what I think

>Lazyness personified
>Compulsive Masturbation

Your post.
>not ironically saying the finer things
1. I can climax pretty fast
2. I can go for days without showering
3. I can survive on fast food/takeouts

As for negatives, I really don't have any.
Yes I do. It's called "palate" not palette you dumbfuck. And "nourishing"? Your palate itself provides nourishment?
Read more before you embarrass yourself in real life.
If you're just gonna name call because you're angry that I have a good diet and hygiene than sounds like you're the pathetic one kiddo :^)
>Always smiling, makes me seem friendly

>Appear arrogant to mask my insecurities
>Asperger's syndrome
>Obsessive wanking
>>palate itself provides nourishment

Not if it's a shitty one

>one typo

lmao try harder bitch
>i like coffee
>i'm empathetic
>2 college degrees

>anxiety/ADD/eating disorder
>black and unattractive
>kind of smart
>decent at art
>not ugly

>horribly lazy
>very depressed
>shower once every 3 days
>pretty funny

>fat fuck
>low self esteem when it comes to girls
You typed that word in two posts meaning it's not a typo. Palette means something else entirely, which shows you're an uncultured dolt who just makes up stuff you vaguely remember to sound pretentious. Try harder at reading.
Not that anon, but a palate is:

1.the roof of the mouth, separating the cavities of the nose and the mouth in vertebrates.
2.a person's appreciation of taste and flavor, especially when sophisticated and discriminating.

Neither of these things are "nourishing" unless you happen to eat the roof of your mouth.

This one negative cancels out any positive qualities you have desu. Sorry, senpai.
>relatively content
>usually compliant unless set moral is crossed

>socially/emotionally stupid
....Last one is supposed to impress?
>7 inch cock


>inb4 meme illnesses
How does your adhd and tourette manifest?
>2 of your positives are also your negatives
>last negative isn't a real negative
When asked about your weaknesses you probably say things like "desire for perfection" or "attention to detail" huh?
>good at theoretical thinking
>Careing and respectfull towards other people

>Not in touch with my emotions
>spaces out during social interactions
>takes time for me to "open up"
>aesthetics on point
>steady, well-paid career

> weapons-grade autism
> horrible hygiene
> clearly starved for attention
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>amazing artist
>very smart, being the top of my class through all of high school
>I'm a WFM in chess

>loser who has no friends
>bipolar depression (diagnosed)
>dumb neet
My attention spam is absolute shit on the adhd part
let me elaborate:
>lets pay attention
>because I need to study
>to be sucessful
>and buy coke
until the class is over
and my tourette is
>I talk alone
>I scream alone
>I swear alone when I think about embarassing things from my past
>I walk in circles when I'm distracted/hearing music
>I can't stand still
>no suicidal/homicidal thoughts
>fit and healthy

>no education
>homeless most of the time
>can excel in most things if I try
>very musically talented
>good looking

>kind of an asshole
>not very patient
how can you maintain a career with terrible hygiene and autism?
>somewhat fit, approaching ottermode, if at a snails pace
>kind, generous
>decently smart/adept at holding a conversation

>intense self-hatred, low confidence
>trust issues
>cant hold onto friends
So you're only good at things that are useless, basically. That doesn't make you very "smart".
How do you live the homeless life?
>happy with simple things
>good cook


>lazy as fuck
>socially retarded
>question reality too much
graveyard shift and layering clothes
Hannibal pls
Why do you have the self-hatred?
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>technically not a loser who's behind in life (yet)
>recognizes degeneracy for what it is and is biding time until societal collapse/leap

>still engages in degeneracy (drugs, internet)
>I only fuck bitches that are taller than me (5'10) and so far all of them have been heavier than me as well (160)
>lying awake in bed right now at 11:20 AM
i sleep with friends or strangers alot, but there are nights where i sleep under a bridge which sucks

currently living near a factory where i work during the day in exchange for food and shelter.
i will probably leave next week.
childhood/past relationships. thats only a good guess though, never seen a therapist about it
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>lazy as fuck
why did you become homeless?
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Me too. Having a 180 IQ is frustrating when you don't put it to good use. Wish I had more motivation.
because i hate the GET A JOB, GET YOUR OWN PLACE, GET A FAMILY life.
i enjoy a life on the road. i don't mind working, i just can't stay in the same place for longer than like a month.

i guess i'm a nomad.

>very sensitive soul
>low self-esteem due to aesthetics

why i bother doing this, no one will read this stuff or any other entry
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>kind(sometimes it's borderline bad), caring
>have artistic hobbies

>wasting all of my potential aka I'm lazy aka crazily unmotivated
>because of insane daddy issues I have gender problems(the worst thing is that I actually may be passable, I'm just insanely scared of the reaction of other people)
>bipolar with unstable self-image

ayy lmao
>Not completely braindead
>No serious physical disabilities
>Not schizophrenic

among others, obviously
>morbidly obese
>salami fingers
>monk beard

>good tastes in food
>good at computers
Personality wise:
>not selfish but not completely selfless

>compulsive liar
>never satisfied
>not humble

>good butt
>good muscular tone
>good whr

>ugly feet
>ugly eyes
>ugly nose
Smart but lazy is a meme. You're fucking stupid until you prove otherwise. Stop kidding yourself you arrogant fuck.
>Good looking
>net worth ~$175k
>High ethics

>below average IQ at best
>have a hard time keeping friends
>cool temper
>good at cooking
>good at browsing

>horrible parent
>hairy butt and micropenis
>not a math wiz

>inferiority complex
>Actually very funny and witty
>Good talker and very passionate about my topics
>Good hair

>Small winky
>Smoke a pack a day
B-b-but I am. I've proved myself in school, teachers were good to me, students told me I'm intelligent daily. I just don't do much, not interested I suppose. Are you jelly?
dude like weed lmao
Not that guy, but you can have a better cognitive intelligence (process information faster) and still not be able to do anything with your life that would contribute to the society, aka make you 'useful', because of factors like unfriendly environment, what makes you think that is impossible?
>Skillful writer
>Intellectual pursuits

>Thinning hair
>good vision
>drive a semi truck sometimes
>create tshirts as a hobby

>breath is not OK
>lost my phone

>enjoy european history, specifically 20th century europe due to WWII and the Holocaust
>i have a job

>spend my entire day glued to a screen
>baby face
>cheeks are healthy and red
>straight nose
>earlobes adequate

>get colds
>don't dance
>have a degree
>will inherit several million one day

>degree is worthless (history)
>will be total poorfag until I get my inheritance
>In great shape
>STEM degree

>Social skills of a child
>Constantly questioning my every action
>have fat gf
...i was just going to post an identical post. Like almost word for word. Creepy.
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>have fat gf

Everyone point at him. Point at him and laugh.
>last negative isn't a real negative
You provably don't have a sweating problem.
>massive forehead

>beta orbiter
>skinny fat
>good smelling feet
>don't spill coffee/wine too often
>sideways parking skills

>make small amount of cash
>no pussy
>fake personality
I have 3 positives but a lot of negatives



I'm also a sonic fan
>good at instructing other people
>have had a stable job for over three years
>have multiple hobbies that I enjoy participating in

>dispirited personality
>shut down in overwhelming situations
what was your relationship with your parents?
>By all indications, including standardized tests, fairly intelligent
>Good at forming a small number of long-lasting friendships with individuals I admire
>Excellent problem solver, so long as the problem doesn't have anything to do with my personal issues

>Small penis
>Speech impediment

>Probably going to commit sudoku over the three bad issues
You do realize those things can be fixed or shaped, right? Don't seem too intelligent m8


I forgot to put "poor" in as well, which is why I'm not attempting to correct the balding.

The speech impediment is not correctable; I spent years in speech therapy as a child, and the last doctor I spoke to said I'll just have to live with it. The penis issue is also not correctable, because I forgot to mention that it's covered in surgical scarring already and will always look fucked up. It's possible that the new traction-style devices might work, but I can't afford that currently.
>Young adult with no kids
>Decent sized dick when erecr
>I'm not a pompous ass

>diagnosed with aspergers
>bad at having conservations with people
>A smidgen of myself wants to help others
>6'2, standard default male face and body, have no problem on looks alone, non virgin.
>The future is looking good for me

>Superiority complex in the sense that i will never be able to relate to, in my words "Lesser being activities" like social media/netflix boring shit tv/the beach(How can anyone enjoy the beach, sand for days in all direction, hot, gross, not fun. a place for lesser beings.)
>0 Motivation, content with rotting away in here
>Severe phimosis, stretch everyday, end up going slightly too hard and have to start over from square one once it has healed.
>Have not been in a social situation in over a year
>Suicidal thoughts all too often.
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This is probably going to be long


>Laziest person alive probably
>Balding hard as fuck
>Mentally ill
>Rekt by society
>Awkward as fuck
>Disgusting weeb

That was more than 3, wasn't it?
>i'm somewhat intelligent
>nothing makes me mad

>i rarely smile
Correcting baldness is not necessarily a matter of hair transplant. You can rock that look with certain tweaks and fashion tips you may not be aware about.

A quality woman won't really care about the scaring on the penis. Do you think she will reject you or stop loving you as soon as she sees your dick? If that's the case, she's a superficial bitch.

As for the speech impediment, unless you can't communicate at all you shouldn't feel boxed in.
How did you spend your time for the past year? You're really completely alone?
Why are you the laziest person alive? Describe some examples.
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>stubborn & dumb as a rock
>kind to animals


You're right, of course. That said, the entire "she won't leave you if she's not shallow" argument feels a bit like "just be yourself" to me. Sure, ideally she wouldn't. It doesn't change the fact that many women do care about this, and it's difficult to determine who they are beforehand. It also doesn't change the potential for losing social status (KEK, as if) or being made fun of (for example, at work) when some lady tells everyone. Further, it's pretty hard to develop confidence as a dicklet with a fucked up looking penis.

So while I must say thanks for reminding me to retain some perspective, shit is still fuck't yo.
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How's it like being a nig?

>Even if I'm fully awake and ready to get up I'll stay in bed for hours just because I'm too lazy to get up
>Would rather lay on the floor doing nothing instead of doing anything productive
>If I try something new I give up after 3 attempts because I'm too lazy
Are you a dog? Perro?
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a dog would easily outchad me
> i like to make people laugh

> weird
> badly anxiety ridden
> shy

1. Its not that bad, i guess.
All of my friends are white, if that means anthing.

2. I never speak in ebonics unironically.

Black people at my school said i talk white. (whatever the fuck that means)

I believe that i could be doing better in school, if i actually cared.

3. I stopped caring what people think about me ,but at the same time i still have social anxiety.
t. wint
>It doesn't change the fact that many women do care about this
"Many women" meaning who? Why are you so certain about it?

>the potential for losing social status (KEK, as if) or being made fun of (for example, at work) when some lady tells everyone
This is a symptom of social anxiety. A well adjusted psyche wouldn't be concerned with being made fun of to a crippling degree. You need to address this.

> it's pretty hard to develop confidence as a dicklet with a fucked up looking penis.
You have to learn to develop confidence beyond your dick. I guess porn + browsing this site isn't really helping you.
You seem OK. You can consider yourself not a nigger. Trust me.
Aren't you doing anything about your anxiety?
>"Many women" meaning who? Why are you so certain about it?

In high school, I was a "nerd" but since I lived in a small village the Chads just brought me with them when they were going places (due to only having 5 males our age). I was exposed to extensive contact with women acting as they do around Chad, and it was pretty clear that (at least the slutty party girls) are all focused on that. When drunk, I never heard a single girl say "it doesn't matter." Ever.

>A well adjusted psyche wouldn't be concerned with being made fun of to a crippling degree. You need to address this.

It's different when there's a legitimate reason to expect that, m8. It's happened before and presumably could happen again. It's not just the "being made fun of part" - I don't care about that. But my work requires maintaining a certain level of respect and prestige from coworkers; and while my autistic-tier social skills haven't prevented that, women could turn that around.

>You have to learn to develop confidence beyond your dick

Just b urself. lel
Look here anon
>I'm strong willed
>talented at drawing and music

>I'm lazy
>addictive personality
>I have a good work ethic
>I am responsible
>I can manage money well

>I'm fat
>I don't have any really deep interests
>absolutely shit at making friends
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smug lain.jpg
11 KB, 227x222
nothing, I'm terrible
nothing, I'm perfect
So you're realizing that it's just your experience that led you to concluding that "women" care about dick appearance. In reality it's just the women you were exposed to in your limited social circles. People tend to make biased judgements based on their personal experience. In reality your generalization is probably invalid.

>It's happened before and presumably could happen again.
Again, presuming things based on limited past experiences.

>But my work requires maintaining a certain level of respect and prestige from coworkers
Do you assume you could only fuck work colleagues? That's your social anxiety speaking again. Didn't even consider other avenues, you're automatically seeking the comfortable setting.
Made me lol, thought I'd let you know
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>strong willed
>addictive personality
Your degree isn't worthless my man, just look for some fields that offer a career you find appealing.... If you're gonna inherit several million anyway there isn't any real risk in taking a risk to pursue a cool trade in like archeology or anthropology or something. If you write well enough you could even follow expeditions to places and publish articles about it.
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>intellectually curious
>sperg out very little
>I'm decently attractive

>I seem to only make acquaintances, not friends
>drive and commitment could be better
>sometimes, people don't understand when I'm being facetious or joking
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>decent looks, will be even better if i drop some weight
>fun person to be around, but kind of crazy
>enjoy manual labor and yardwork, whenever i crash at someones house for an extended period of time i make sure i earn my keep

>complete alcoholic, have detoxed a few times and it sucks
>have to force myself to study or apply myself in college
>sometimes my inner edgelord bleeds into my conversation with people who are too normie to understand and i think it repels some people
File: 1455022845647.jpg (77 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So many people list being lazy and not being able to make friends. WE HAVE TO FIX THIS
no, don't you know that the wiz people say that having friends and improving your life makes you a normie.

sorry about the alcoholism, anon. Hopefully, you can get it fixed
>drive and commitment
What do you like to do best? Honestly.
It's just education fatigue for the drive part. I just want my degree, so I can do something productive.

Commitment is because I don't give a shit about my current gf and go days without talking to and barely try to see her.
>friendly towards animals
>made huge gains in some ways
>no motivation for bad things

>reckless driving on AutoBahn
>work field, too many bugs
>deformed gf
Why do you have education fatigue? Why don't you give a shit about gf and still want to maintain it?
I have a broad and stronge physique
I am pragmatic
I read

I have an insatiable appetite
I am a loner
I complain about politics too much.
>Good at maths at computers
>Agreeable person
>Not as fat as I was a couple years ago

>Just doing things because I'm good at them, not because I enjoy them
>Completely unable to start/contribute to a conversation with any more than one unknown person
>Unable to disagree with anyone leading to non-relationships
>self aware
>not manlet

>sleep until 3 pm
>social anxiety
File: 1455023168655.jpg (29 KB, 512x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking strongefat asshole. Why you eat so much? Why you complain? Why you alone?
>Why do you have education fatigue?
I've learned basically the same things over and over the past two years. It's boring.

>Why don't you give a shit about gf and still want to maintain it?
We have the same friends, and I don't want to risk losing them by dumping her. But because I've been feeling pretty down recently, I'm not sure if these feelings are genuine or a product of my current mood that will change once I start feeling better

Hi, I'm an unknown person. What's up?
Thanks dude. I'll get over it when I quit drinking. I've cut back to weekends only but thats two days of drinking dawn till dusk which takes a toll. I really just wanna stop to drop down 20-25 pounds in time for summer.

That and, ya know, so I don't die.
You can't trick me that easily
Loyal to people I care about
Very Handsome
Level Headed

Asshole/Aggressive if felt being attacked
>I've learned basically the same things over and over the past two years. It's boring.
I don't believe this. Have you paid enough attention to the material? Be honest.

>We have the same friends, and I don't want to risk losing them by dumping her
That seems like you're justifying the relationship. You're not listening to your feelings, and not trusting them. Tell me why are you feeling like that.
why do you hate yourself? just because you're black?
File: 1454997275060.jpg (61 KB, 500x671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>big muscles
>big courage
>big moneys

>small brain
>small fraitn
>fsmal efj3w
Pls respond. Trust me, I'm your savior.
>I don't believe this. Have you paid enough attention to the material? Be honest.
Yes, my program just has a bunch of overlap. There's not much difference between "Development and Food Issues in the Developing World" and "Health and Human Development Issues in the Developing World"
or "Resource Economics" and "Energy/Water Economics"

>Tell me why are you feeling like that.
Because I'd rather keep someone who I'm not overly into than potential go single for a long time and lose my friends in the process.
>infp so empathic

>infp so beta
>Enjoy literature
>Grow produce and enjoy being self-sustainable

>Mentally ill
>Have pet Madagascar hissing cockroaches
File: 1454373955486.jpg (40 KB, 382x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw can't think of 3 good things about myself
>strong work ethic
>smarter than your average bear

>circumcised, possibly sterile due to some whore giving me some kind of scan without a lead vest over my dick as a child
>reddit9k poster
What's the capital of Egypt? You have 3 seconds to answer.

EDIT: haha I knew it. You're dumb as a rock.
Not ugly

Why is it boring then, if it's largely the same thing you've learned before? Just flip over it quickly and treat is as a routine... oh.

Why do you think you'll lose your friends? Do you think that compromising your romantic fulfillment is worth it? I think that's pretty important and so called "friends" messing with you isn't a justification to give that up.
what do you mean by asocial? How can you be empathetic and beta yet asocial?

I remember being 14 too.

Hey, sorry for the late reply, I never expected one since I thought of this as another everybody-posts-but-nobody-reads thread, so I wasn't really watching my post for replies, but actually I was only semi-serious with that post. I don't conventiomally hate myself so in practice I just don't hate myself, but I don't actually really care about what race I am, or anything. I just thought that some people are averse to black guys, even though others fetishize them or are fine with them, so it's both a plus and a minus, which was why I listed it as such. The male one was using the same logic, but I wish I was a girl, too, but that's complicated just as my hating myself so since I don't want to take female hormones and undergo gender reassignment surgery in practice I don't want to be a girl if that's what becoming a girl entails, so this is irrelevant, too.

But about the being alive thing that was mostly tongue-in-cheek because the other two I mentioned were being black and male, which could easily be debated as being both good and bad, which was why just saying my being alive is both good and bad too would've hopefully put an end or any controversy before it starts, but personally I don't really value life itself that much even though I don't think dying is good or people shouldn't be saved and/ or healthy etc., so it wasmalso just me saying my opinion while trying not to piss anyone off. Also, sorry, I typed this on mobile so I spent 10+ minutes just typing this, so this reply is even later than it could've been....
Bullshit. You know there's at least 3 positive things about yourself. You're just mentally numb or blinded by self-hate.
You need to apply yourself, Ezio.
>Why do you think you'll lose your friends?
I don't think it will happen, but I'd rather not chance it.
>Do you think that compromising your romantic fulfillment is worth it?
Right now, yes. I went 3 years without friends; they mean a lot to me. My gf is switching schools after this semester, so I plan on ending it then.
I'm not the person you're replying to, but I believe anon wanted to say 'anti-social' but fell for the inverse meme.
What kind of "friends" would even consider leaving you for that? Can't you make a case for yourself? Or is it just an imagined worry? Think about it. Why do you think that's a real problem.
>funny/ good sense of humor. can make people laugh

>I'm lazy and I procrastinate on everything
>Can't give anyone attention, really quiet
>too lazy to think a third reason
>oh i overthink everything

for an overthinker you sure can't fuckin count to three m8
No, it's 100% imaginary
1. I'm ambitious
2. I'm tall
3. I'm not obese

1. I'm ugly
2. I'm horribly shy
3. I'm boring

Yup. Not worthy of any (you)'s.
didn't want to stop at 3 and I couldn't limit myself so fuck your rules m8
>down to earth

>autistic/socially retarded
>zero real-world skills
>easily placated

im fortunate that the people around me love me for who i am though. a lot of other sperglords get ostracized pretty quickly.
You're not as smart as you think you are by making that ironical statement. Most worries that people have actually never come to fruition. That's why I'm asking you to give details.
same here fambrolad. have my (you)
File: kakashi_thumbs_up.jpg (66 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 640x480
>i overthink everything
>but my self-proclaimed "overthinking" has no practical uses since my arbitrary emotional-based whims takes priority over the conclusions I draw from "overthinking'

g o o d j o b
Talent for music
Intrested in things
Often lazy
Lonely and therefore desperate
Pretty face
Big dick

Only 5'10"
Only fuck sluts
Horrible depression
Now you see my flaws
>deformed gf
how is she deformed? Is she retarded?
File: image.gif (698 KB, 500x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
698 KB, 500x233
>cute (according to girls)
>pretty funny when comfortable
>shower erryday

>fucked self confidence system
>bad anxiety that comes off assholeish
>no career / laughable dream job

>wicked sense of humor

>sometimes my intestines fall out and I need to push them back into my ass
>I have no testicles
>my shoulder snaps sometimes so I need to slam it into the wall to relock it
>>fucked self confidence system

topkek if you mean what I think you mean, and you're trying to follow a plan to make yourself confident/ appear confident and it's failing. also, sorry.

>>no career / laughable dream job
>laughable dream job

I think everyone has one of these m8, even if it's not technically a job and only entails lounging around writhing around in hedonism without financial worry. what's your dream job m9?
game dev. problem is my grades in school were garbage, had to graduate in continuation. only choice is indie, and it'll prolly be years before i make any money off that. just don't know what to do, that's the only job i could ever want

Oh I'm sorry senpai. Your dream seems pretty realistic, though. I hope your dream come true and everything goes the way you wish, though. godspeed, senpai. cheers.
>good critical thinking
>passionate about interests
>very honest

>interests are uncommon
>habitually abrasive to others
>>habitually abrasive to others

how about you stop being a selfish fucking useless fucking disgusting asshole who can't keep his irrational desire to lash out his shitniggers at other then?

what is a "shitnigger" supposed to indicate?


anger. keep your anger to yourself if you can't morally justify directing it towards others.
> smart
> iron willpower
> loyal

> ev
> sad
> lost

>have hobbies besides shitposting
>not neet
>look alright

>overthink/overreact to some things
>live at home still
i'm sure there's a lot more but can't think of any right now desu senpaitachi
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>I can recommend some good anime
>I'm good at vidya
>I shower every day

>I'm a khv neet
>I'm ugly
>I'm a lolicon
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i know stuff about computers
i know stuff about entertainment
i lend you money because im a cuck

im a fat fuck
im lazy as fuck
i am retarded as fuck
>pic related JUST
>good voice

>angry to the point of exploding often
>easily annoyed
>NEETcuck who missed out on social development
oh I can morally justify it. I'm abrasive at things people are actually doing wrong. It's just that the way in which I am critical is impractical.

Everythingless. KHHHWTFV.
1. Intelligence and curiosity
2. Ability to write professionally
3. Appearance (height and penis size)

1. Social anxiety
2. Lack of much serious sexual experience
3. Appearance (undefined face and lack of muscle)
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>undefined lack of muscle

>over pessimistic
>over contemplative
>lack common sense
Haven't scrolled down yet but I'm predicting a shitton of delusional robots who think they are smart but lazy
You're not.
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