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ITT we apologize for all the ways we failed...
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ITT we apologize for all the ways we failed the world and ourselves
I'm sorry I fell victim to the things I've always wanted to protect others from. Excuse me for becoming so mentally unstable that I was unable to hold myself together and too naive to stay away from others whom I ended up hurting.
Most of all, I'm sorry I gave up and won't be successful in any way to give something good to this world. I hope others may treat you, and each other, better than whatever I have grown custom to.
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>Im sorry for being:
not friendly
not helping unless asked

i shouldve had no parents
i shouldve not be loved by my closest ones
i should not get a gf i really want
i should not exist
i cant get a girl i want and like really bad. im fucking useless. i want her to be mine and at the same time i think i would ruin her life. IM SORRY PARENTS FOR BEING SUCH AN UNGRATEFUL FUCK. im sorry everyone whoever i insulted. im sorry for moments when i shat on people even when they had achieved more than me. im only wasting space on this world.
god damn it give a me a gun already it shall be over.
I'm sorry I don't understand how to be a human.
Sorry I'm so overbearing, obsessive and a deadweight. I have so much potential, but I'm too lazy to do anything with it.
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The only thing I'm really sorry about is not living up to my own expectations.
anything I can do for someone ITT?
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I'm sorry for everything NOT

I'm so fucking sorry for being a lazy fucking cunt with nice guy syndrome. I'm sorry for letting all these days,months and years go to sitting at the fucking computer doing absolutely nothing except being a fucking cunt.

I am sorry I wasn't born with better genes, I am sorry I couldn't get a girlfriend even if my life depended on it.

I am sorry..
>nice guy syndrome

hahaha kill yourself or start working to fix yourself you pathetic self hating friend-zoned moron, instead of moping to strangers on the internet

By that I mean that I an't help but being nice to girls, to other guys I'm a total fucking dickhead, somehow I'm not a social outcast yet though.
Like, I only have 12 close friends, but whatever.
Being nice always gave my pussy man. Maybe just drop the facade if youre actually a dick.
I have nothing to apologise for
I've been raised in a society that teaches you to restrain your natural urges to a point where I fully embraced the bullshit
Then I'm punished for accepting the teaching that has been forced down my throat for 18 years
If you can accept that we live in a world where multiple people can make huge money, just teaching men how to interact with women then there's no way you can't also see that something is very fucking wrong

Being nice or being a dick can get you pussy.

It's pretty irrelevant.

What's relevant is you have to be attractive in some way.

Handsome, Ripped, Rich, Funny, Smart, etc

R9k has none of the above.

They are pathetic leech lowlifes of course no one wants to fuck them
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12 "close" friends

sure.....if.. why the fug you here...
I'm sorry for failing those three exams in a row. The worst is that I actually put in an effort.
i'm sorry for having feminine/gentle/formal traits in my character that makes me look boring/submissive/fake at a first glance

i'm sorry i'm becoming more misanthrope/fake every day

i'm sorry that wanted to be a special snowflake at young age only to become a special kind of retard now

i'm sorry for not having the urge to pursue normie interests
I'm sorry for believing there was anything to believe in.
I'm sorry for trying to love.
I'm sorry for dreaming a dream that could not be.
I'm sorry for not realising sooner I should be alone and the world we've created is callous toward people like me.
I'm sorry for me.
What's wrong is how you so "clearly" see how the world works yet you can't make it work for you.
>I'm sorry for being a victim of circumstances
>nothing is my fault. It's either my genes or the people around me, it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's definitely nothing that I could have done anything about

Eat a dick. All of you.
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this is original comment
I'm sorry for hurting people who didn't deserve it.
I'm sorry for always picking the easy road.
Notmalfags need not reply in this thread or on this board. Reddit is that way.
I'm sorry for the time I wasted thinking the world could be a better place.
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fuck anon, your apologises make my feels kill me inside.
I'm sorry I try so hard to be a good person in a world filled with bad people.
I'm sorry I still believe in childish ideals like justice and kindness.
I'm sorry I could never grow up to be the strong person you hoped I'd become.
Unless your apologies have a target that can hear and understand them, they mean nothing
>I'm sorry for being to good for this world
see >>26367490
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train of feels has no brakes
i'm sorry for dragging the only person i've ever loved into my bullshit little depressive life and messing her up
this guy gets it
original comment also
I'm sorry I come to r9k and shitpost with 4chan memedaddies
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I'm sorry I can't love myself
I'm sorry I wallow in self-pity and spend my time in misery, self-loathing
I'm sorry I behave like everything is great in front of my parents even though it's not, they are proud of me and they dedicated their life to me, raising me and even though we're poor they bought me whatever they could that I wanted
I'm sorry I am such an ungrateful piece of shit who can't appreciate what he has
I'm sorry I feel sometimes superior and sometimes inferior to everyone
I'm sorry I hate humanity sometimes, but sometimes love it
I'm sorry I feel bitterness when I see beautiful people succeeding so easily when it comes to fucking
I'm sorry I can't help myself or other people on here who almost definitely aren't as bad as they think they are
I'm sorry
NO. I did not fail the world. The world has no expectations, holds no values to fail, asks nothing, expects nothing.
Do you mean society? How did I fail this great and glamorous society? Fuck you. This society is a machine and it will only run more and more efficiently, blocking more and more people out.

How did I fail myself? Fuck you.
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I didn't fail the world, the world failed me.

I can only hope to go out in a blaze of glory that is recognized by the gods so that I may be reincarnated in a time more fitting for one such as myself.
Is this real?

Fucking original
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No, never.
The world can go fuck itself, only joosten is worth saving and GaB I suppose.
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I only failed myself. Because unlike the world, I actually have fucking standards.
Sorry in advance but I'm gonna dump all your nudes to these robots eventually.
no better time than the present
I was going to write out something, but if you mash these two together, you get my life. God dammit. If I didn't have a few obligations to finish, I'd end this charade of a life so fast.
I don't have to apologize for anything.
I was a normal happy smart kid, a promise.
Then my destiny turned me like this.
The world is the one that owes me shit.
OP here, nice to see so many reactions.

Damn I wish I had some cash. I'd invest it in one or two idea's that I have, get rich, and buy all you guys a life:^)
What are your obligations Anon?
It's just sad to see that most of you don't actually have any life restrictions than those you put on yourself (and being a big pussy in general). I know that's the whole r9k culture in a nutshell, but when did this form of sarcasm take you over anon?
I guess I'm sorry for not having the motivation to pursue anything. Sorry my parents waste thousands on me to get mediocre grades. Sorry that in a fit of emotion I laid everything out which only caused my parents to worry more about me. Sorry for being a pussy. Sorry for erasing your Donkey Kong 64 save Austin.
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