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ITT: Shit you got in trouble for at school
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ITT: Shit you got in trouble for at school

>be me, 17
>like to shitpost
>in science class find out about this site that lets you host private chat rooms
>not blocked at school
>create chat room
>invite 3 cucks to the chat room
>hardcore shitpost for like 30 mins
>2 days later
>head of IT enters classroom, asks to see my friends and I
>turns out school had found out and watched all that we said
.have to go over it with a teacher and explain all the homophobic, racist shit that i said
>parents are told
>get suspended
we know this happend today
Ayyy getting b&
This is solid proof that there are underage users here from other websites
You must be a faggot if they catch you.

>be us 16 4 years ago
>go in a basement classroom
>literally pour ammonia and bleach in the trash can
>shut the door
>people go in and start choking
>headmaster goes mad shitless
>asks who did it
>nobody said
>whole class suspended
>School snowtrip
>Friend and I share sled
>Run over female crush downhill
>Girl in crutches, never apologise
>Grow up, bitter memory
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>7th Grade
>Draw a comic where chemicals explode into a character's face like in Looney Tunes or something
>Get suspended

Gee, post Columbine Schools cannot take a joke.
>year 4
>kid in my year who's dad recently lost an arm in a car accident
>for stories sake I'm calling him "Dan"
>everyone is super-sensitive about it
>one day older kid teaches me a trick to make it look like I've lost my arm at the elbow
>sitting in classroom showing my friends
>say "heh, I look like Dan's Dad"
>turn around and Dan is listening in, eyes fill up and he begins to sob like a cuck
>teacher asks what's going on, Dan tells her that we "made fun of my Dad"
>I protest, saying it was a joke
>forces me to write a written apology to his parents, end up writing: "Sorry, Anon"
>minimal effort letter gets sent off to Dan's parents
>my parents find out and get angry
>pick me up after school and drive me to Dan's house
>walk into Dan's kitchen, my shitty letter is on the table and Dan is crying his eyes out
>face his Dad and say "sorry"
>mum comes out of the other room with tears in her eyes
>think to myself that the family is obviously fucking crazy and just walk out back to my Mum
>drive home and play Unreal Tournament for 4 hours before going to bed
>good day desu
Holy fuck. I know. I was suspended for talking about airsoft in high school. Thank God I graduated in 2008. Before everything got super SJW
>year four, way back in the day
>teacher's a really nasty piece of work
>one day she comes in with some photos
>she's smiling, which is rare
>sits class down
>she tells us she's getting married
>big woop you cow
>hands out a few photos
>she's ugly and fuck, and he's wearing dark glasses
>turn to kid next to me
Is he blind?
>teacher hears
>sent to principal's office
>apparently teacher cried in staff room
>worth it
lmao nice one anon
Not necessarily in trouble but

>Junior year of high school
>computer class
>couple minutes of free time, people are either talking or looking at whatever
>I'm going through an old photography blog
>one of the many pictures was a picture of a dad bathing his young daughter
>next class
>security comes and takes me to the office
>principal, mom, and a police officer are there
>some nig nig behind me reported to the principal that I was looking through child pornography
>actually took me a half hour to defend myself from their questions
Fuck that tiny ass school Im glad i moved
Really? I'd draw castles and shit with people getting shot and blood going everywheres.
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>middle school
>remember some taco bell text to speech thing
>typing all this autistic shit about skeeting all over the tacos
>librarian is monitoring my screen the whole time and takes control of the PC and kicks me out
>tells my teacher
>teacher doesn't care cause she has cancer and was gonna croak soon anyways

Dodged a bullet.
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>5 years old
>scared of mexican kid that bullies me
>have to shit but he's near the bathroom
>shit pants and tell teacher, its like 9 am and my mom picks me up and takes me home and rest of the day off
>4th grade
>another kid and I weren't allowed to go to recess for like, a week because we never did our book report
>have assembly which conveniently ends as soon as recess
>other kid and I hide in the bathroom so no one makes us go back to the class
>we end up grabbing wads of tissue paper, sticking them in the toilet to soak, and throwing the wet wads at each other
>spend almost an hour throwing giant wads of paper towels at each other
>have competition on who can throw the highest
>whole bathroom is covered in globs of paper
>realize recess has been over for a long time
>go back to class
>teacher asks us where we've been and has someone go check the bathroom
>no suspension or anything. just had to clean it up with the janitor
I never got in trouble for it but still

>11th grade
>our school hosts a band and orchestra festival where local schools come to our auditorium to perform and get ratings from judges
>my job was to take schools around campus and show them where their storage room, warm up room, and the performance building was
>school I was hosting had their storage room right across from my chemistry teacher's room
>while my school was setting up, I walked over to the other room
>door was unlocked and nobody was there so I drew all over the board
>turn on the teacher's computer and go on normiebook
>download a picture someone posted of the teacher photoshoped onto mario, link, and as a pirate
>set it as his desktop
Fast forward to the Monday after that weekend
>have chemistry class as normal
>while everyone's packing up, the principal comes in
>asks teacher about what happened
>hear him explain that someone went on his computer and probably went through his stuff too
>principal says they'll run an investigation
never got caught
>year twelve, final 'social' is on
>theme is 'characters', lazy fucks
>me and m8 filled a 7 up bottle with goon (1.25L)
>and drank the rest of the fucking goony
>pretty wasted when we get there
>hid the bottle in toilets
>run into some other guys in toilets
>scab a ciggie, spark up then and there
>didn't realise teachers were allowed in student toilets idk
>teachers walk in and kick us out
>3 day suspension, took 2 weeks off instead, playin vidya

I'll think of some other shit later I was pretty loose
i laughed, gj anon
Thread replies: 19
Thread images: 4
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