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Hello robots,

This will be the first of a sort of series I hope to start with the goal of sharing some useful insight on dealing with women and life in general as a robot.

I'm well aware that this thread will come with endless accusations of being an impostor NEET, a normie, and of course a massive faggot but as someone who grew from the depths of this place spending endless hours on here self-loathing and questioning the universe to becoming a fulfilled adult, I wanted to provide a lifeline for the few who are looking for it that I wish I had a few years ago.

I can tell you there are answers and you have more control over the quality of your life than you may think. You don't have to believe me

I escaped this place, I want to help you do the same.

Ask me anything.
You were never really a Robot. What you're doing now is upsetting me desu family.
>"ask me anything"
I'm also fucking triggered when people say that on here.
just tell us shit, I don't have any questions off the top of my head about anything and everything when you can't even answer 99.99% of "any" questions.

I was. Contemplated suicide many times in high school. Not something really worth proving to you.

Well if you had something to ask that process would be easier but you're right. I should take a more active approach in this. Thanks for the feedback.

If you want to me throw something out there I'll start by telling you this:

Women are not malevolent, they are nature's reward system for being a complete man and their behavior is often a reflection of the quality of men in their lives.
Is god dead?
What's the first step anon?
The first step depends on where you begin but for most guys I would say it's looking in the mirror and asking "who am I?".

A man needs to live by a set of established core values that are unique to his character and give him purpose in his decisions.

Women can sense this and respond to it positively.
I'm not sure how to respond to this but you know you're alive and that should be all that matters.
I'll share my two cents, a thread that was made a while ago:

>I don't want you to carry around emotional baggage. It's okay to have a troubled past, but I want you to let me know that you're a grown man who can overcome any problem and come out as a more mature and wise man.

>I want you to show me how to be the better person. If I act childish at times, know that this is in my nature and that you should NOT ever, under any circumstance come down to my level. Show me what a true civilized man acts like.

>If I disrespect you with my tone of voice and facial expressions punish me for it by not speaking to me. If you let me get away with this sort of behavior, my respect for you will be lost.

>If another man (co-worker, classmate) disrespects me do not come to my defense right away. Ask me how do I behave around that man and point out the flaws in me that made him think that I was not worthy of respect.

>This is the most important of all things: if there's any trouble, take the lead. Tell me how can we fix this. This lets me know that you're good enough to guide me under any circumstances, that I can trust your guidance because you do not let yourself become blinded by feelings. You're an assertive man and I need that in my life.

That's how women think in a nutshell

This is pretty accurate I would say. Women want you to be a great man and nothing more.

Many acts of apparent disinterest or disrespect are in fact tests of character and mental toughness.

Thanks for this post
No, that's what women think they want.
Unfortunately for them, all these wanted traits get overrun when their biology tells them because they're much more easily controlled by their own emotions.

Never trust a girl on what she says she doesn't wants. Figute it out by yourself checking for reactions from her to your doings or others.

Women will never say to you that this is what they're looking for but you said it yourself. Their actions and reactions to how you behave will paint the same picture.

The word of a woman is not binding as it is for a man. It's simply a reflection of her current emotional state that should be expected to perpetually change.
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