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It's a dim Monday night at the Frog...
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It's a dim Monday night at the Frog and Feel. The bartender, a bit wearied from the day, turns on the lights. We all have our troubles, he supposes, but some say our troubles only allow us to truly appreciate our brighter times. Maybe they're right.

Come in, sit down (or don't,) order a drink and talk about your feels.

Just a beer barkeep. I really want to just continue getting drunk every day for the rest of the month, but I need a clear mind to see where i go from here.
I hurt someone, really bad, without meaning it. Now I have literally nothing.
One alcohol please. I'm moving interstate in 4 days and I have the social skills of a tortoise. I am going to burn alive in baka college.
>I really want to just continue getting drunk every day for the rest of the month
I've been there. It's how I react to bad roommates and generally bad humans. And my general social ineptitude means I have lots of both experiences.

Hurting someone is something I neverk now how to deal with. Have you apologized, like really prostrated yourself for the person? Personally, if I know someone's offense was unintended, I'll generally forget about it, honestly apologies make me respect a person more because it means they care enough to regret and try to make amends for the action.

Pic related, I recently got into Dogfish brews, I can't recommend it highly enough.
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>no social skills
>baka college
I got socially crucified in college. My first year I made a grand total of one friend, thankfully he's a truly amazing human being though. I quit and life may be hard in many ways as a blue-collar, but I'm way happier. Do you, man, college can be great but don't make it an "if I don't do everything they do in the movies I'm a failure of a human being" thing.

Also >>26356441
forgot my pic, plz 4give friends.
>live by myself because I didn't have the social skills to find a roommate or stay with the ones I had been assigned
>spend all my time alone. go to class alone, eat alone, study alone, browse the internet alone, drink alone
>seem unable to relate to people. just don't find them interesting or want to make plans with them. no one engages me either.
>6'2, and at least okay looking, but have been on a date. i'm 21
>i fall deeply for girls, but can never make a relationship work. i always conclude that they are not interested before initiating. or else i just don't know to initiate a relationship
>too smart for my own good. can get by in science classes with minimal effort, so i don't need to go to class or find study partners
>last week in orgo lab, while i was waiting for my solvent to dissolve, a qt grill started talking to me. tall, thin, blonde, blue eyes, pretty faces, and super warm and sweet.
>for the first time in forever i felt as though someone had acknowledged me a person.
>but she was just that kind of a girl, super extroverted and friendly. she was just as kind to the next random guy she came across.
>tfw you'll never be so comfortable with people. you'll never be able to talk to strangers effortlessly, forming meaningful relationships. you'll never be so vivacious and excited for the future, knowing that you'll live a charmed life, full of laughter and love.

Give me a scotch and a beer please.
Yo dawg, just get me a budweiser in honor of my boy Peyton.
I got a new job and everyone's already got a nickname for me, and I've no idea what it means, and I was told someone is spreading a rumor that I'm gay

I pretend it doesn't bother me but it does and I don't want to go to HR because I don't want them to know it bothers me
I only receive signs that suicide is the most logical end to what accounts of my personal existence. No matter what I do to improve my state or position, I am only ever reinforced that there is no other option. I first began having suicidal thoughts at the age of nine years old, and went through a hellish childhood and upbringing that I would not wish for anybody.

Through various circumstances as I grew older, I was able to clear the chemical imbalances that cause suicidal thought to be intrusive at all times to a mere fraction of the occurrence, usually when specific stimuli are present. I recently completed my Bachelor's and I am waiting to hear back about acceptance into a Master's program. I had help from a professor of mine in obtaining a local job/internship--something to do in the mean time--but that seems to have fallen through. I have very little savings and too many mental deficiencies to ever successfully function in a normal, typical minimum wage type job. I have not a clue what I am supposed to do in regards to obtaining a job--even something small and part-time would work as I only need a basic income--and while I could survive until the Fall, I will be forced to end myself if I do not get into post-secondary school. I have always been incredibly poor and have always had very little, next-to-nothing. I'm tired of living an entire life this way, stuck in this hole that I can never seem to crawl out of. While I actually enjoy my life at the moment--financial woes aside--you cannot logically maintain existence with no currency, unfortunately.

I feel very fucked up that I have no chemical desire to die yet rationalization declares it to be the best method available to me.
what did you study? do you have any friends, loved ones? is there anything in life you gain enjoyment from?
I'm actually feeling pretty great, I came out to my best friend 2 days ago and I feel like I become gayer by the second ha-ha.
People here have been really supportive too since my friend is not gay so he can't answer my questions
Specially that married gay dude who kept posting pictures of men being cuddly and stuff which each other. Straight people don't realize this but every time you Google anything gay you get bombarded with bro dudes with big muscles and first planes of dicks and that doesn't help at Ll
A program mostly useless at the undergraduate level. I have many acquaintances, few friends; a handful of people I share personal details with irl, and more online, but I am easily forgettable and replaceable. There are things that provide enjoyment but financial stability is required for any long-lasting existence.
A summer blonde my good man. And if you would like, please listen to my story.

>13 weeks ago,, I went back to the gym
>9 weeks ago, I dumped my gf because she was making my life miserable/no sex in 6 months
>6 weeks ago, sign up for tinder
>5 weeks ago, company decides to pay for me to get a bonus degree, start classes at a CC
>4 weeks ago, first tinder date. Make out with the one of the hottest girls I've ever talked to. Doesn't text me back
>2 weeks ago, weight continues to drop off me
>3 days ago, Have sex for the time in months
>2 days ago, opportunity to smash occurs. I am about to hook up with the most beautiful girl who ever given me the time of day. Dick refuses to work
>1 day ago - Conversation with the girl is awkward, like completely different then what's it's used to be. I channel my shame to lift heavier weight
>Today, girl texts me once. I respond. I hear nothing. Lost more weight. Went from 215lb to 198 lb

Am I gonna make bartender-san
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Uni girls are weird. If you're good-looking, which you sound like you are (or at least tall, if the memes are true) you can probably get with a few with minimal effort at some point in your college career. Relationships are tricky and usually shit, though. Watch yourself my man, but don't be #MGTOW-level paranoid.

>implying I knew what teams were playing before you said that
God bless Ameriga :DDd

>rumor that you're gay
Honestly I'm at the "don't give a shit" point where I'd be honestly amused at that, maybe try to play it up a bit by commenting on someone's ass and laughing. At least you're not the type of SJW who screams at HR every time someone offends them. Look at it this way, they're just proving how they're pretty much a bunch of overgrown highschoolers. Don't read too much into it.

Not gonna go full "le temporary solution" on you here, but as someone who spent over a year planning to kill himself and thinking about little else all day, if you can find even the tiniest reason to power through life you may be able to make it once more worth living.

It sounds like your professional life is a lot better than many peoples', just remember that if a hundred places turn you down there's still ten million more to apply to. I'd beg you not to be too proud to accept some really shit-tier jobs, if nothing else just having a job looks better than being unemployed on your resume. Walmart, if you're /fit/ construction labor can be bretty good both resume-wise and pay-wise, an auto shop or a bank, seriously just walk down a street and apply everywhere.

Past that, if you feel necessary, I'd advise you to research interview tips and resume tips. If you have any friends or family, make sure they know how desperate you are. They can help with a reference or a connection many times.
>I am about to hook up with the most beautiful girl who ever given me the time of day. Dick refuses to work

You were to nervous to fuck and this happened, it's all on you anon

Yeah, I know. I didn't expect to have the opportunity to go all the way. The way the date was going, I thought we would just make out and that would be it.
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>I came out to my best friend 2 days ago and I feel like I become gayer by the second ha-ha.
Not that it matters one bit to me, but just because words are kind of fuzzy on today's internet, are you homosexual or bisexual? Coming out can be difficult, personally I wish I was a woman but I've never told anyone who wasn't an anonymous internet person. I feel you on the "google" part, tranny google results are either ridiculously tacky or Tumblr-tier hugbox "your penis is literally a vagina" stuff.

You sound like you've done yourself some good, anon, I hope life treats you well.

Here's your drink, friend.
>get /fit
>dump bad relationship
>money, sex, power, fame, nuclear weapons
It all sounds great, anon. She probably stopped texting you because Tinder chicks are ridiculously flaky -- and let's be fair, on the rare occasion I match with and talk to a babe on Tinder I'm just as flaky whenever she offers to meet.

I think you're gonna make it. You sound physically attractive, borderline socially competent, and possibly tiger blood/Adonis DNA. I wish I had the motivation to get /fit/, shit I work construction (and before that on a truck loading dock) and I'm still only a little bit thicker than I was when people thought I was medically unhealthy (was totally healthy, just really really ridiculously skinny).

Here's to a potential future Chad. May we all find success in our own ways.
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A White Russian, bartender, keep the change.

My father and I are not really compatible, our relationship could be describred as professional but it seemed as he always pushed me away for some reason.

It hurts, but I just wish he could have just say to me, heartfully, non sarcasticly for just once when I was younger:

"Son, I am proud of you"

Now, if he said those words to me they will probably just won't mean anything. And that's what hurts me more.
Well I'm guess I'm supposed to be bi but I met this gorgeous girl last year and felt no attraction to her at all, its kind of what started the whole thought process even tho I spent ten years repressing them. I like trans girls a lot too tho ;)
I don't want to sound all tumblerish but I guess I feel more emotional attraction than phisical that's what it was so great about seeing guys caress and touch each other because that's exactly what I want not to be in a fireman gang bang movie.
I don't want to make this post too long, I thought I wanted to be a girl too at one point but it was misconceptions mixed with confusion and depression of homosexual thoughts
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Th-Thank you for believing me in Bartender-san.

I am doing my best to be a better man, and I'm sad I fucked up something that I think could have been nice. But, I'm not going to let it bring me down and I am going to keep doing better.

I'm going to make it. And for just once.... I am going to get what I want.
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>tfw I remember how wonderful and thankful I felt when my father first really, truly, deeply told me he was proud of me in a heartfelt way
Anon you're a good man. Do you have any other father-figure type people in your life? It really doesn't change who you are, whether or not someone's proud of you. If no one was proud of whoever cured cancer or invented memes, they still did those things. If no one was proud of all those officers in the Cold War whose fingers could have started a nuclear holocaust in half a second but refrained, they still protected humanity.

This board wanks about the waifu shit, but it might do you some good (if you don't already have a good male role-model or close friend) to find a father-fu thing? Fuck if I know, I'm just making shit up as I go, but I know my low-level waifu faggotry helped me cope with losing a relationship.

Have you ever talked to your father about this? Most especially over a beer or something (unless one of you has a reason to avoid alcohol, like a past alcoholism history or something)? It might also change when you're independent vs. living under the same roof, if you haven't moved out yet. But I agree, paternal love is a big deal and I wish all men loved their children as sadly only a seeming minority do.
>tfw I was tempted to post pic of Putin and say "heres ur white russian teh lolol xddd anon #cheezburger" or some shit
Some whiskey pal. Disability has been catching up to me. Had to quit my job today, really sucks. Just wanted to be normal, just want to forget about it now.
how much time do you spend on the computer? i spend about 5 hours per day, shame i know
Hey bartender, can I get some Jim Beam?
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>I don't want to sound all tumblerish but I guess I feel more emotional attraction than phisical
Not really Tumblrish, people have been like that for a long-ass time and most (most middle- and upper-class at least) would identify with that. It's only in recent years the SJWs tried to make it some distinct sexual identity and fucked themselves in the proverbial ass, so to speak. I feel the same way.

Again, not to sound tumblresque, but as much as I realize it's your identity and very important to you, it really doesn't matter what you're "attracted" to. Forcing yourself into "homo/hetero/bi/helicopter-sexual," label or otherwise, is giving in to normie pressure. There are a lot of "gorgeous" girls I'm not even one bit attracted to, but that doesn't mean I get one long dong when I see certain qts.
>thought I wanted to be a girl
Trans shit is a mess of misconceptions and angst these days. Exposing pre-pucescent teenagers to some pretty hardcore pro-trans #diecisscum agendas, for one, makes for some pretty messed-up minds if you ask me. I don't give one fuck who 'wants' to be a girl, I just wish people gave more thought into it before taking irreversible steps like shooting estrogen into their veins. I know I'm personally glad that I never did, despite strong temptations to do so and a ridiculously strong urge to be female at times. Some do, that's fine with me too. But it's good to see you can keep your misconceptions straight before they ruin your life. Wish I could say the same of all mine.

Just finished one, doesn't particularly taste like anything, but at 9.2% it's pretty cheap for a decent-tasting heavyweight burgerbeer. Anything that weight that's cheaper tends to taste like rubbing alcohol and lawn clippings.
Dropped all my weed on the bus floor. Too embarrassed to pick it up. Got scared & got off at the next stop. Le sigh. 2 ice waters barkeep
Can I get something sweeter, bartend? I like my drinks to taste nice, sue me.

I just wish I were sexually active. Well that's not really the only feel I'm feeling. But I just really wish I had a nice, sexy thick girl with some nice titties and a nice ass, plus pretty feet who were cool with me domming her, spanking her, etc. Also if she were cool with me fucking with her feet as well.
Whiskey coming up
What's the disability if I may so politely ask?
Don't get so worked up about it ha-ha
I personally blame anime
Not really, I do. I was sad, alone and miserable and watching cute girls being cure and happy and i thought why can I be like that ? And felt like shit that I couldn't.
Truth is women aren't happy like anime girls are either at all. Life is not a cartoon and of you are a sad piece of shit of a man you will be a sad piece of shit of a womanso don't take that seriously at all, in pretty retarded sometimes
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>I fucked up something that I think could have been nice.
What happens, happens. It doesn't sound like you missed any truly once-in-a-lifetime stuff. Drink more and you'll believe
>I am going to get what I want
even more.

Tell more? I'm partially blind with a few other token disabilities, nothing that keeps me from pretending to live like a physically-healthy burger though. Double whiskey for you, sounds like a lot of people lost their jobs today. I got put on "on-call" status, which kind of feelsbadman but fortunately I'm in an industry where I can get a job within 24 hours if I'm truly desperate (which I'm not yet.)

We come here to forget about life for a while, if you don't want to talk about it then don't. I may be a bit /degenerate/ here but I really do feel like it's important to drink when things like that happen. With friends preferably, but even if /semi-normie/ that's not always easy or possible. Please just get happy-drunk, not depressed-drunk, my friend.

>tfw if I have no work or outside activity I might be on the computer for close to 12h a day
Fortunately I sometimes work sunup to sundown (or later) and enjoy the outdoors, so I don't do this too often. Feels bad when I do, even just going for a quick walk in the sun makes my day feel semi-worthwhile.

Sure, but I know a man who'd shame you publicly for not having some good ol' JD. No homo though, I personally prefer Jim Beam too (don't tell him though.)
I'ts funny that you mention the father-fu, thing, since I have no particular paternal role models to look up to, I guess my top choice of fatherfu would be the Most Interesting Man in the World of the XX commercials.

But you are right bartender, It doesn't change me or what I do in life.

And regarding if I ever talked to him about it, I tried a couple of times, but he just shut me down each time.

Paternal love is underrated, specially in men. If I ever have children, boys, I will make sure to be there for them, to teach them how to be men, and to tell them that I love them and I'm proud of them.

Thank you, bartender, for listening, I really needed to get that off my chest for a moment. You are a great man, I wish you the best and godspeed.

>btw thanx for not doing the putin cheezeburgor thing
Disability is epilepsy. I had it under control for a while, medication. I got promoted at work and my hours got a little longer. Wasn't all that bad. But the work hours started getting in the way of schooling. I'd be getting home at 2 AM and then sleeping for 4 hours so I could go to class the next morning. I was losing concentration both at school and work. Boss called me in today to talk about how there were some issues with the money this weekend. I wasn't fired, but it was one of those situations where it's like "you've messed up, normally you'd be fired straight out but since I like you I'll let you quit with dignity." Absolutely great man. I have nothing but respect for him. I understand I started getting worse at my job, but I wouldn't be so upset if it wasn't for this damn epilepsy. It's gotten in my way on so many other things, but I really wanted to succeed with this. I know others have it way worse, but I feel with this regression I've been cheated. I was already cheated but it's just coming back more to spite me. Maybe it gets better. We'll find out
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>Dropped all my weed on the bus floor. Too embarrassed to pick it up.
Don't smoke myself, but that's sad regards, sadfrog. Icewater it is, wish I knew a weed-infused drink to offer you but like I said /nosmoke/ here. I guess I know too many people trying to quit, though it sounds kind of hypocritical with an open beer in front of me I'm sure. We've all got our vices, weed's hardly one of the bad ones.

Here's a strawberry icecream smoothie that's 9%ABV, it might satisfy you. I'll make a mint one next if you like this one.
>wish I were sexually active
If you're not romantically dating or whatever, I'd say it's pretty overrated. But I can't say I don't know that feel. It's not getting you too down, is it? If it is, the next smoothie's gonna be at least a 12% until you forget what sadness feels like.

>Don't get so worked up about it ha-ha
I know, sorry m8, I get off on rants sometimes. You sound like a smarter man than I.
>life isn't anime
Can't argue there, although my favorite animes are always the big sad tragic horrible ones, so I can't say I'm particularly upset that Satan hasn't come to end all human life or whatever. Gotta look on the bright side of life, eh, Brian?
Glass of Jaeger. Yes. I said I glass, please.

Where do you go in life when you have nowhere else to turn? I have told my tale of how I quit the military due to crippling depression and suicidal thoughts. Now, I work a job with my friends in computer repairs.

However, I'm slowly feeling like I am drifting away from my friends at a rapid pace. 1 of them I hardly talk to and the other has such a power/boss/control hard on that is seeps outside of work into our personal lives.

The job is meh, but my friend is beginning to make it into a shithole. His boss is even worse and the definition of a manchild. Sunday I had finished a project that would've cost them $300 by spending $40 of my own. I thought I would at least get a thanks, but instead I get bitched at and told I'm an idiot.

I feel that ultimately I'm not in the wrong, but, IDK. Am I?

I feel 2 years ago I would've dropped this shit in a heartbeat, but something happened that made my depression 10x as bad as it is now. Now I'm afraid to quit. I'm afraid of losing 2 of my closest friends. Yet, I feel it is inevitable.

All I want to do is stand up or just hitchhike across the country. But I know Nebraska is a shit place for standup, and I know for a fact I would somehow fuck up the travelling.
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I'll have a shot, please.
You know what I wonder sometimes? It's always floating around in the back of my mind; how pathetic humans are and how badly we are designed. Think about it, we can only function for half a day until we need to "sleep" to recharge our batteries, which makes no evolutionary sense. We're so emotionally vulnerable, we get attached to people, places, things, and concepts for silly reasons. Our whole society is full of complete bullshit, it's all fake. Money only has value because we give it value. I crave compassion and feel lonely, which pissed me off so much because I feel like a vulnerable little bitch. I don't want to purse women, I understand that its my biological purpose in life to reproduce, but there are such greater things I can accomplish if I wasn't constantly distracted by sluts because of my sexual urges. I work my ass off to do well in university to learn so I can help humanity advance eventually, but then I come home at the end of the day and feel so lonely, so empty, I crave having someone to cuddle, all because I'm a pathetic human. I imagine how incredible life would be like if I surpassed humanity and disconnected from society, advancing our species so we can solve the world's problems, colonize space, etc. Fuck emotions, fuck mother nature, fuck society.
Thanks for the drink.
I'll take a makers and coke.
Probably shouldn't be out spending money I just graduated and need a job so I can get my own place and resume what I was doing before graduation. Which was smoking weed, playing through a backlog of games and balancing working out and gorging myself on chicken wings and fries.
What kind of trans are you? Have you considered cross dressing? A lot of guys are into thst
One pint of your finest purple drank.

I'm a little sad because it's winter time and I'm on probation til March 31st, which means I can't smoke to endure this god forsaken godless season. I had no one to sit with at lunch today so I just sat with a bunch of blacks/mexicans and they accepted me. Graduating hs this year, Senior year was a total abortion. I see my friends and other people going to parties/smoking/drinking/having sex on the weekends, and here I am ripping gbs and playing combat arms to trap music. I'm not autistc so hopefully uni is better socially. I always use humour to compensate for my gay feelings, so I'm friends with most chads. Their always saying stuff like: "omfg lmao you geek me bruh". I still don't really hear about any parties that go on though. Ahh well.

>inb4 failed normie
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Well I'm glad to be here for you, I hope you find happiness. Some truly amazing people I know don't have a biological father in their picture. We can only do the best with what we have.

Don't know the first thing, apart from knowing it's pretty bad.
>one of those situations
Been there, to some degree, my professional history is a bit weird. And at least quitting with dignity lets you put this on your resume as "quit," I don't think I have to tell you it's a pretty good deal.

Work is weird, but at least with a past history you're better off finding a new job than someone with zero on their "past employment" section. There's an increasing trend of "just got fired/laid-off/whatever" in the bar tonight, maybe there's some supernatural thing about the second Monday of February?

Well fuck me silly, now this is going to make me superstitious.
Are you me?
File: 1454198135125.gif (737 KB, 500x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
737 KB, 500x250
guess i will need one shot... even though it will hurt my stomach...
>it kinda feels like life is rejecting me
>so does and death.
>cant kill my self (no reason to)
>have nothing to live for.
>I am about to go to jail because my ex's parents didnt liked the fact i was 19 and she was 15
>still dont feel bad because i am an actual robot.
>sometimes i cant feel even pain
> i dont know how it is to love to hate or anything..
>still i dont have any reason to do something..
>i did great on my exams.. but didnt like my college and left... (either way it was very bad because my country sucks hard)

>never met my father
>my mother is way to immature to be a parent.. uploading pictures on her fb all the time all she cares about is if she is pretty...

>learned to cook for my own
>had to work since i was 14
>used to be ultra beta pro gamer at the age of 13 and going on tournaments (while everyone was 18+) but this ended by the time i had to grow up and get a job..
>my grandfather (not blood relatives) but the closest person to me died last year
>couldnt cry or even feel sad
>at funeral everyone was crying except me
>i was just wondering why? why do they cry.. its natural to die when the time comes..
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>Yes. I said I glass, please.
Is there another acceptable form of container to put alcohol in? If so, it's not in this bar.

I know a guy in computer repairs, he makes decent money. He's in a band too, I follow him on Instagram, don't really talk to him much honestly because of my social retardation. Could be worse, I know some pretty sad tales of /militaryforlife/ guys (grew up on an AFB, I hear a lot of #dadstories.)

Drifting away from friends is the worst feel, I've come back to a few I drifted away from but it doesn't make it any better.
Don't get shanked, anon. Standup is a tough game, I hear, on that matter.
Take care of yourself, but remember you've gotta have a job or some means to support yourself. Sometimes that means selling out and taking shit from assholes. Life is hard.

>a shot
Have some Jack, old buddy.
We are pathetic, years of bad evolution, insert whatever /pol/ shit you want and there's something like a 50% chance it's true anyway.

Don't worry too much about advancing our species or whatever, what happens happens. I just concern myself with my own life and my families' lives, I make a point to not worry about too much past that.

Here's your drink, amigo.
>need a job
>smoking weed, gaming
Depends what your major was I guess, but I know a lot of people in that place. Fuck, I know someone with an Econ degree who spent months looking for a job and finally settled for a part-time cashier shift at a convenience store. I'm gonna say it a thousand times, but don't be afraid to ask everyone you know for hookups and recs for any vacancies they know about, and apply like a motherfucker to anywhere in existence. A job that isn't "in your field" is still better than no job, right?

Cross dressing is a bunch of faggotry if you ask me, amigo. I just want to be female, damned if I know why. Ironically, I'm sure I'd be a massive tomboy as a girl and all but refuse to wear most women's clothes.
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>purple drank
A man of refined tastes, I see.
Probation probably sucks. Highschool sucks. Adult life sucks. Humor and gay feelings suck. Chads suck.
At least the genuine "lol geeks so uncool" dies down a little in adult life, in my experience. Honestly not a huge fan of parties myself, just small social gatherings where most everyone knows each other.
>failed normie
I know the feel. I can pinpoint where I turned from /failednormire/ to full robot, ironically enough it was years before I started browsing or posting on any boards regularly.

No murders in the F&F, please. Cheer up, anon, we're all among friends here.

Have some rum, I get tired of giving everyone a JD but it's my default shot to pour.
>never met my father, mother too immature
Some of the greatest people I've known grew up without biological parents, or hating their biological parents for valid reasons. Don't let your parents' misdeeds define yours, brother.
I feel more than a little mad at your ex's parents. Shit sucks, man.
>country sucks hard
Not burger? Where, if you don't mind? I've traveled as a tourist but have very little non-burger knowledge.
I have never cried at a funeral, but I cry on my own. I had to watch my dad cry at my grandfather's funeral, I can't think of very many worse moments than looking at my father and seeing tears in his eyes for the man who raised him. But death is natural, I wish I could accept that more these days. I feel old, so often, shit I'm not even that old. Maybe I'm just a pessimist.
However fucking much you got man. I don't want to feel anything or remember tonight. Everything in my life is going down the shitter and I'm basically completely alone.
yooo I had this beer a couple of times, the golden ale tho

its great
Frickin' script or whatever erased my name. Life is hard.
What about peer assisted suicides?
File: 1452825993826.jpg (29 KB, 627x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 627x627
I feel so fucking empty lately.
Just get me the cheapest beer you've got.
I want to fucking die.
Gin and tonic. I hear a lot of people going through an epiphany where they learn to love themselves. I wonder if that's something I ever will get to experience, and if so... is it truly random?
Only had Castaway and Big Wave, to be honest. Big Wave is kind of fag-y (no homo), only drank it because my friend is weird and jacks off to it. Castaway's heavier, I appreciate heavier beers.

So two shots of bourbon, a double IPA and another shot of Jack to dump into your IPA. Your tab's gonna be high, but the Jack's on me.
What's the shitter, man, if you wanna talk about it? If not, keep a bottle in your mouth and you don't have to make words come out of it.
I am from greece. to bad JD is my favorite drink.
I am 22 by now and i realise that i am becoming the man i never wanted to be... sometimes i even smoke some weed and thinking that tomorow will be something different...
unfortunately i am from Armenia but i dont speak my native language and i cant return to my country. i also have no relatives there and even though i have so many invitations to leave i cant because of my state...
i could say her parents ruined my life but thats nothing new... the problem is what should i do next? i dont want to end up as an alchoholic or a junky... i am working my ass every day.. paying my rents and everything... i even had to become alpha... i learned from people i can understand them also.. but still cant understand what am i meant to do?
i can only make them happy but i realised that this isnt making me happy because everyone goes away in the end and i am on my own again...
I even stopped going to my psychologist 6 years ago... (still regreting it)
but still this is my question
what should a man in my age be doing by now..?
Hola Bartendero. Helpa Mi. La Bordera Patrola isa aftero Mi. Pleasa Hida Mi.
File: Happy-Sad-Frog-07.jpg (19 KB, 396x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 396x385
still wont complain for the rum
File: gt.jpg (1 MB, 2215x1896) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2215x1896
We already have a tough time getting janitors, this is the kind of shit that only makes it worse.

>cheapest beer
That'll only make you feel more empty. But here's some Miller.
I hope you don't die. What's bothering you? Life or family or women or friends, or what?

I think, from personal experience, it's a gradual process. I haven't finished that journey yet.
>tfw I just moved and there's a window behind my computer desk
>tfw I hate having to see the reflection of my face behind the monitor
File: 1443042900904.jpg (26 KB, 604x397) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 604x397
give me something that'll make me forget about life for a moment
I turned 21 today and this is as close to going to a bar as I'll get
Happy bday anon. You're among friends
It's a weird process for sure. On one hand, I have a very large ego. On the other, I hate what, where and who I am. Mix that with general apathy for one hell of a combination.

Ever try the ancient ales by Dogfish? I loved all of them, especially the Sah'tea.
21 here too. Welcome to the adult world apparently. I don't even feel or look grown up. I could pass as a middle schooler desu.
File: 1452856020390.jpg (12 KB, 500x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 500x441
>What's bothering you?
Well, I've been on disability for a few years. I finally got a job 2 months ago and have been working my ass off. It felt good at first but I'm so tired. My car broke down and I can't afford the repairs. No girl will ever want to be with some mentally ill poorfag, I accept that but it gets lonely at times. I'm a former drug addict and it's getting harder to stay clean. My checks for the next month are all going to go towards a car so I can continue to work for what? So my family doesn't think I'm as much of a failure? I don't care about the future, it's dim and I've given up years ago. I just want the ride to end. I have to be at work in 5 hours. I don't want to do this anymore. Why does it have to be so hard?

Sorry for rambling, barkeep, I'll leave a nice tip.
Jack and coke(zero), I'm gonna need a double.

I just feel like my life has no purpose. I'm 20, living at home, I've been applying but I can't get a job, chicks irl don't even look at me, I'm a KV. I thought losing weight would help, I lost 85 bs and I'm still losing weight, but I am still alone. I have this void in my chest. I have doubts that happiness even exists. I haven't been consistently content in years. I have depression and think about killing myself everyday. Why can't I just be fuckin happy? I just wanna feel like I matter to someone. All I want is basic shit but it's so hard for me.
File: teq.jpg (368 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
368 KB, 1024x768
>from Armenia
>don't speak language
>can't return
>no relatives
That's some feels. You've got some hard stuff ahead of you, I'm sure. Keep your head up, I've seen some men do some incredible things in situations like yours, no clue how but you can make it. I'm sure.

Lo siento, no hablo espanol. Here's some tequila though, amigo.
Not the bartender, but I just wanted to let you know that another person is not the best thing to fill that void with. I speak from my own experiences here.

Keep it up though. Things will get better.
File: FQeILLd.jpg (119 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 800x600
All of the people around me are hating me right now. I choose not to conform and get crap for it. I feel like I'm the whipping boy of this whole thing.
>mfw im the only one who people are against
>mfw people are hypocrites

Gimme a suprise, bartender. Any suprise is better than the inevitable fire and anguish that my life has become.
thats not true /b/ro..
well i dont have a car but someone stole my bike recently so i had to walk to the work... i am also poorfag but i never had hard time to find a girl... all i had to do is to get out of my house and let them meet me
after i met plenty some of them liked me...i am ashamed of it but i have never made a move... but still i had my success with girls... i also have a dim future like everyone else here... maybe a little bit better or worst.. all i am waiting for is a chance to grab.... even though i am lost i believe something will happen...

I fell for that retarded 'college is still a good investment' bullshit. Four years later and I've only held one job during that time. Boy, do I know how to fuck up....
I know getting a gf won't just make shit better. I just want to be special to someone. Honestly I am close to just ending my life. There's no purpose for me in this world. I wanna be nothing.
forgot to mention that no girl ever made me happy... maybe she did but it was for a second... if you want to be happy dont expect someone else to make you... if you dont care for yourself no one will ever do.

Dearest Anonymous,

I hate your guts you slimy piece of green shit. I hope you overdose and die.

Let me have a John Daly. I'm a highschool dropout. I really want to join the Navy but I'm scared, its the reason I haven't gotten my GED yet. I've completed half of the tests so I know I can do it, I guess I'm just afraid to take the next big step in my life. Any advice on how to just do it ? To stop being such a little beta faggot and take the leap ?
File: blue-moon.png (78 KB, 202x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 202x396
>Getting nostalgia over 2007 4chan
>Watching all the videos and going through the now stale memes
>William lashua, row row fight the powah, mootxico, boxxy, all that good stuff
>We'll never get a chance to turn back time and be happy once again.
I know this sounds stupid and cliche, but there is no purpose in life. You make of it what you will, and that's the beauty of it.

>stop being a misogynist
>stop being cynical
>stop buying into le reddit redpill wizard meme
>stop being a selfish psychopath
>get a gf

How did you hurt them? Have another beer, anon. This one's on me.
File: do3.jpg (761 KB, 1500x848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
761 KB, 1500x848
I'll give you some Kentucky clear, but the piano man is over there. Get him a pint and he might help you forget. Easiest way to forget your troubles is to tell someone else about them, in my experience.

My 21st I had late class. Went to a bar, threw up my first shot, and got kicked out before even finishing one beer because the bartender was a drunk bitch. It's overrated.

>ego, self hatred
I think many have that feel. I certainly do, at least.
Never had Ancient Ale, but it's on my list now. Is it heavy? I'm really particular to brews with at least 7%. It's hard to justify even buying anything much under 6 these days.

>work for what
For me, it's a pride thing. Few things make me more proud of myself or more happy than knowing I can and do support myself.
You've got a rough lot it sounds like, but I respect what you're doing. You're going to make it man, you can do it.

Generous double it is.
I'm on the other side of the weight spectrum, trying to gain, but I've never felt like women judged fat men nearly as much as men judge fat women (no #feminist bro.) Being suicidal, in my opinion and experience, has a lot more to do with it than any body stuff. I mean truly suicidal, not Hot Topic "lol life sux lolol" suicidal.

And you matter here. I think everyone matters. You're helping me deal with life tonight, just in the past five minutes you've helped me.
I wanted to get stuff done today but instead I've been on /r9k/ all day long. I read a lot of posts and none of it was good, I made a lot of posts and none of them gave me pleasure. I ache, I'm getting contentious, I can't focus, I just want some hard stuff to wipe the slate clean and maybe tomorrow I'll put on a better show. Give me whiskey with a beer chaser. Bottom shelf, rotgut, well whiskey.
>tfw you will never go back to a time when memes where just stupid, fun, inside jokes that weren't drenched in 70 levels of irony

Maybe loving yourself isn't what you need. Maybe showing others compassion is what you need. Stop being so selfish. You would probably learn to love yourself if you didn't act in a way that you really should be ashamed of.
File: kermit-solo.jpg (65 KB, 598x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 598x422
I'll take an old fashioned.

I'm in a transitional period now but I'm keeping my head up. Just got closure on an past relationship and at first I was very upset that things were truly over. The more time that passed the more I realized that people change and that's okay. I enjoy who I became over the years but I'm not sure I like who she changed into to.

I ran into an old friend the other day and I think something nice will blossom between us. For once I feel like I'm pretty damn lucky and I'm glad that things are looking up.

Take care man, your doing gods work here.
The ancient ales are a collection (http://www.dogfish.com/ancientales). I can't comment on the heaviness because I can't recall, but I will tell you that the flavors are alone worth trying them for.


When these things are posted on this website, you things are getting bad.
Huh. I think you might be right, or at the very least be on to something. Thanks.
File: df5.jpg (31 KB, 640x457) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 640x457
>All of the people around me are hating me right now.
Being a landlord/subletter is kind of like this at times. I hate to say it, but sometimes conforming is the easiest and even nicest thing to do. I have no idea what you're talking about, so maybe I sound like an idiot, and if so I apologize. But don't refuse to conform merely for the sake of nonconformity. Sometimes "conforming" is adapting to more popular things, which in turn are more popular because of all their superior aspects.
Here's an Illusive Traveler, I recently tasted one and despite being called a homosexual by my friend for doing so I greatly enjoyed it.

Me too. I went into construction, but that's not for everyone. College is dying, at least in Burgerland, as a valuable investment anyway -- I made more money last week than a working engineer that I know.

I would absolutely place "GED" at the top of my prorities if I were you. I know I shill "le college is overrated" a lot, but a GED is almost on the level of an ID as being essential to even get a McJob. I'd recommend a GED above all else, but I also know the military can do a lot for you if you put some effort in. Even on the civvy side, once you get out, military experience is a huge plus on any resume.
>how to take next step
If you're really so lost, maybe you should go to a recruiter's office. If nothing else, even if you don't sign, it might give you a bit of incentive or something. Never met an ex-military or current serviceman (with the exception of one asshat Marine, don't go there) that I didn't like or wouldn't give a good professional letter of rec for.

Tha'ts some feels. I miss the internet of 2007. But now I feel like maybe I just didn't take enough red pills and didn't really realize it was almost as shitty back then. Nostalgia is a strange beast.
File: dfa.png (269 KB, 525x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269 KB, 525x375
>I wanted to get stuff done today but instead I've been on /r9k/ all day long
Story of my life. Wish I had a solution, I came here to fill the void that ragequitting [website censored] left, but it's become just as destructive.

Relationships suck, here's your old-fashioned. I'm afraid to ever get into another relationship myself, too pessimistic about it ending I guess. I'm a flippin' psychological basketcase.

Point well taken. Thanks for the rec, friend. Finding new beers is one of the few things that truly excites me anymore.

You appear lost. Perhaps an ale would help you find your way?
>texting my friend over normiebook because I need to complain about my feels and I prefer doing it with her than on 4chan
>she suddenly stopped replying around 30 minutes ago
>constantly checking to see if she's online and if she read my messages
>accidentally click the call button twice over the past 20 minutes
>next time she looks at our conversation she'll know what I did
I probably shouldn't be as scared as I am right now but fuck man

If anyone remembers me from a few threads ago I'm the guy who was hopelessly in love with his best friend. I somewhat managed to suppress those feelings which is pretty good but I still can't go a night without talking to her or else I feel like absolute shit and it gets worse each night and if she leaves me I'd probably last a couple of months before my life becomes unbearable and I kill myself so I get really scared every time something happens that might make her avoid me. I never chose to get on this fucking ride

give me some vodka barkeep.
Hmu with dat cyanide.
If you're out, I'll take some bleach and ammonia.
This life isn't for me.
I never asked for this stress of existing.
Never asked to be lonely, autistic, and unable to communicate or function.
I just want to die.
Fucking escorts has gotten lame, and my porn addiction/fetishes are only getting more and more extreme/depraved.
I'm a lost cause.
My cat doesn't even love me anymore.
is barkeep still here?
>hopelessly in love with his best friend
I feel like that describes a lot of men, robot or otherwise. Don't worry about it. You want a beer? Apparently I'm not the only Dogfish shill about these parts tonight.
Love comes and goes, I think you know as well as I do that. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't.

How about some nice RedBull and vodka, it's pretty much the same thing. At least you have money, right? There's gotta be more to your life than hookers and suicidal thoughts.
File: 1447453915100.jpg (36 KB, 482x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 482x427
Give me some whiskey on the rocks bartender. I need to drink 'till I knock out.

Not sure what I'll do. Not sure what I can do. I've been living in a motel for the past week waiting on a decision on whether or not my family and I will be tenants for an apartment we applied to rent. My dad and his wife are the ones leasing the place but the property management are iffy with them because my dad apparently owes unpaid rent to a previous landlord.
Our money is dwindling by the day and we might be out on the streets in 2 days or less. Unless by some miracle we get the apartment, I'm quite unsure what to do. I've recently got hired for part-time graveyard shift at a fast food joint but I start tomorrow and won't get paid 'till next week.
I'm gonna try calling a few homeless assistance places and see what help we can get but I'm quite unsure if they'll help us considering we have 4 adults (Dad and his wife, me a full-time college student, and my sis a high school student) and one kid with the the kid being 17.
On top of that my transfer to a 4-year university was recently put on hold by the department I applied to. Planning to call tomorrow but I hope its not anything serious. It's a really good uni that I thought I had no chance to get in so I think I'll be heartbroken if shit just gets worse.
File: ra.jpg (181 KB, 799x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181 KB, 799x800
si senor

>tfw drinking myself, replying is a bit hazy, sorry if I'm too slow
Red Bull and vodka is gei.
I'll take a long island iced tea.

Eh, not really my money.
Just student loans that I spend on escorts instead of food, books, alcohol etc.
I figured I'd rather just pay for a girl to fuck me, instead of constantly getting rejected and having my feelings hurt.
But now I just hate women more, and regret spending all that money.

I'm ugly, black, tall, and extremely autistic and depressed.
Been kicked out of the will because conservative family thinks I'm gay for never having had a gf.
Basically been kicked out of the family.

Man was never meant to be this lonely.
I don't want this anymore.
I just want to return to blissful nonexistence.
>whiskey on the rocks
Here it is. Knock yourself out.
At least you're being a good family man, staying? There's a chance, if you show the landlord proof of your employment, he'll be willing to let it slide.

Goddamn my man. That's some hard times. If it's a really ridiculous opportunity at uni, I honestly recommend you go if your family can take care of themselves -- just remember where you came from when you get the degree and start making money.

And please, for the love of god, don't major in Philosophy or whatever New Age stuff is actually being taught these days.
kinda feel like having something strong tonight. then again i always do, so maybe a bit of variation wouldn't hurt
implying that's not what you want
It does get you pretty shitfaced, shit and all.
>spending student loans on escorts
I just never felt a particular desire to fuck escorts. Not that I got any from other girls in college, but it would just feel like paying to masturbate.
>paying to masturbate
Very true
Have to use condoms and the girls aren't really into it
No kissing, etc
I only go when masturbation isn't enough.
Recently, I've decided to only go to Asian massage parlors.
Cost like 1/4th the price for s handy, feels just as good, plus I get a massage and get to feel up qt azns

Fucking anything m8.

Still got a brain cyst and fucked blood vessels, still need brain surgery.
Still need to find a wig.
Fucking sick of constant migraines. It's been 3 months since I felt okay.
Beer is my thing, so I don't know the stronger stuff too well. You want some rum and coke? Or just rum? Maybe some rubbing alcohol?
Why so strong?
File: 1386438342708.jpg (116 KB, 1170x923) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 1170x923
Thanks bartender.
Yeah I suppose if I show them proof of employment, we can manage something. But I'm still in the middle of filling out forms for the position and the position has yet to start so I'm unsure if the landlord will be willing to risk that.
As for the uni issue, its a pretty high ranked public uni. I'm majoring in computer engineering so I can hope for some form of employment afterwards.
I just don't think I can leave my family. My dad is a first generation immigrant who thought it would be fine drifting through life, never bothering to learn English or any sort of skills. He'll be lost without me; his life before he met my mother was terrible. And I can't leave my younger siblings either. My little sis got multiple scholarships and an offer for a full-ride scholarship at some uni in the South of the US. She tells me she wouldn't have tried so hard if it wasn't for me constantly on her (and my younger sibling's) ass.
File: bh.jpg (93 KB, 660x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 660x310
Holy shit.
Don't feel too self concsious about the wig. Wear a hat for a while if you want. It's really not a big deal.

I hope you feel better. That's a rought job.
File: ro.jpg (152 KB, 797x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 797x800
>proof of employment
No personal experience, but if you can get your boss to write something about how you're essentially promised the job and they know how on-the-hook you are, it might help.

I don't know man. It sounds like you're being absolutely based throught all of this, whatever the hell that word means anymore. If nothing else, inspiring your siblings is a hell of a thing to say you've done.
Hey Bartender, I'm Australian and haven't had many American beers

Gimme one of those pale ales you make here that you're always talking about. Nothing overly fruity or floral tasting please.

Life's been looking up for me recently. I just need to find a new job. My current one pays well, but it's over an hour from home and I hate the work itself.
File: 1439256047486.jpg (14 KB, 310x464) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 310x464
Thanks. I never once thought of myself as anything other than a failure (spent 3 years at a community college and am pretty much terrible at socializing) but the thought means much to me.
I'm balding, but it's due to a scalp infection. The doctors say it will go away, but I had to shave my head. I have to take anti-biotics as well as put cream on my scalp. Sucks dick. I used to have super thick hair, women wouldn't even comment on it say how much they wanted their hair to be like mine.
i aready drank enough ayo bartender can a nigga get some water
>Australian and haven't had many American beers
>Gimme one of those pale ales
Sierra Nevada Pale is kind of a nationwide staple, it seems. Congrats on a good life. I'm drunk off my ass and I'm going to pass out, but that job sounds like a mixed blessing. Don't feel too bad about it, remember a job isn't supposed to be fun, just a means to pay the bills and allow you to have fun elsewhere.
yup here's water friendo

at least you're a man, i guess one of the few times I can unironically say that.
Fuuck I can't wait to kill myself.
Drinking myself to numbness is tiring, sleeping isn't enough, i'm still tired.
But the fuckingn eternal sleep that sounds pretty awesome
It's like a pulling the plug on a frustrating and painful videogame
File: 1318576713472.jpg (134 KB, 792x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 792x1400
>browsed a thread on /r9k/ just now asking when the last time someone said "I love you" to you
>realized nobody in my life has ever told me this outside of immediate family and meant it in any sense of the word
>the only two females you've ever been close to have both been online friends
>one lived in Pennsylvania and was basically a Stacy and you were her online orbiter, retrospectively
>the other was a 4chan girl you knew over Runescape who lives in New Zealand
>never had a chance with either of them
>haven't consistently left the house for coming on 5 years this year

I wish I drank or did pot, but I respect my mom too much to do either as long as she's alive since both of my sisters are in NA or AA or both.

I just want someone I can talk to every day who will make me forget all of this. The last friend I had I pushed away with constant derogatory sarcasm because it's my barrier against commitment in any form with another person.

All joy I have being a NEET is slowly burning away. I almost can't wait to lose enough weight to maintain a steady job so I can be free of this curse.
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