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Mount and Blade: Warbots?
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Last night we had a sweet thread of Warbots sharing there stories from the game, I like it so much I bought the game myself, and I there ones out there who are playing this beast of a game tonight?
>Be me
>On NW jailbreak server
>Lots of players
>Mfw no admins
>Get guard position after a few rounds.
>Type in blue chat and start convincing all the guards to RDM all the prisoners.
>Some cuck out but I sway most of them.
>Start of next round, we block the exit of the prisoner spawn.
>Massacre begins.
>Literally the Boston massacre here as we mow down the prisoners with our muskets.
>Dozens dead.
>Charge in and bayonet the rest to death.
>So many keks are being had.
>Prisoners are fucking raging, lot of people leave.
>Continue this until the server is empty.
>mfw I didnt even get banned.
Will be posting more Warband/NW greentext stories.
>tfw warband won't work on my laptop

shit sucks
i like original mount and blade but it feels so hollow
I get that with almost any game, though. They're all so empty. I wish I could find a game that is completely fulfilling but they don't exist
anyone else getting terrible frames recently?

i wish i could remember stories in detail, all i remember is one time i was on a battle map with boats and one boat had a bunch of infantry and a musician at the front. someone on our team shot the musician and the people in the boat proceeded to freak out over chat and drown themselves in honor of their fallen comrade.
this was on NW by the way, just to clarify
How do I get past the beginning and get to actually having towns and castles and shit
>Warband sees itself as the Steam version and constantly removes its own CD key
Fucking turks and their 5 dollar-store game
the true feel is that the game doesn't have enough content to drive anyone but the most spergie to finish
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>campaign mode/native
>first time playing
>got a buttfuck of reputation from running into tournaments all the time
>join swadian empire because swords and cavalry motherfucker
>go on various campaigns for King Harlaus
>army consist of about 60 swadian knights, 40 rhodok sharpshooters
>good relationships with entire kingdom
>haralus declares war on the Khans
>our lord squads getting destroyed, haralus captured
>rush in there, take pretty much everything by myself on the way to save the king
>Pretty much single handily destroyed 80% of khan's armies and capture all but two of their lords
>khan empire has a single town and seige tower left
>king in town
>their town has literally a thousand soldiers and I was down to about 70
>save the king
>he awards my captured towers and ect to himself
>ok, sure
>let him rebuild his army
>we take their last town together in what was an two hour long battle
>freed a lot of our imprisoned lords
>figured I'd get the town for my own heroics
>he awards the town to some fucking lord with a party of 30 that didn't inteverne
>khan retreats to their tower, only the king and 1 lord remained with an army of 240
>get pissed at lack of town
>quit his campaign and say fuck him
>take the tower for myself
>become my own kingdom
>rebuild my own army but with more Rhodoks
>destroy the now weakened Swadian empire
>rehire the lords of both Khan and Swadia
>spread my own campaign and take over everyone

All that faggot had to do was give me the town.
Anotha one.
>Be me.
>Playing Full invasion 2 mod.
>World wars soldiers vs. Socialist invaders.
>Shit is real comfy. Me and 30 other players killing socialist poorfag trash bots.
>Boss wave comes.
>Mother fucking Lenin and his beta uprisers.
>We begin to lose a lot of us.
>Still tons of bots.
>Comes down to me and this other dude against like 20 Lenin commiw fucks.
>Start to feign faith. Say the battle is lost and want to give up.
>He pulls out a fucking pistol.
>mfw I'm trapped in a trench with a guy armed only with a pistol against 20 commie bots.
>Says to give him covering for.
>Might as hell go out in glory anyway so start firing at the boys with my rifle.
>The pistol dude is literally mowing down the bots.
>Run out if ammo and this pistol faggot is single handedly taking town the boss wave.
>mfw we actually make it through.
>The chat is going fucking nuts. Praising him, calling him a god.
After that game, the pistol became an extremely popular weapon.
>Be playing Jailbreak sever
>playing as partizani officer women
>start spaming f1 to the point where all the players start complaining and officers make it a priority to try to rdm me without getting swap
>meanwhile admin is telling me to stop screaming but does nothing to ban me
>eventually all of the prisoners get pissed and start rioting early (attacking guards before the revolt time).
>Everyone one is slaughtered except for me
>I am still spamming f1 shouts
>one guy straight up stabs me with a bayonet.
>he gets swapped for rdm
Admins on that sever are either full on facists or Bernie Sanders Cuck Level.
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>friends drifted apart after uni
>we barely speak to each other anymore
>boot up M&B
>make custom companions after my friends
>go around fucking shit up
>feels good

pic related
Patients and good planning or cheating
>tfw almost 1000 hours on this game
>that feel when check the web page for bannerlord every day to see if there's a new update
>tfeelw any hopes I had at a social life will be over after bannerlord is released
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>army consist of about 60 swadian knights, 40 rhodok sharpshooters
>race mixing
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sounds like a great time desu senapi
Thread replies: 16
Thread images: 5
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