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Just Get Over It
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How many of you hate this normie platitude too? I'm sick of fucking hearing it. I'm 28. I've had to "just get over it" with several dozen women by now. And what do I get exactly?

This is the go to phrase for normies, especially women, when you get rejected by women. And this seems to be what the women want, you "respect" them by leaving them alone right? But where's her respect for you? She doesn't respect you and treat you like a fucking human being when, with feelings, like you're supposed to treat her? What do we get out of it?

You get loneliness, bitterness, anger, jealously of the twelve men she chooses instead of you. You get psychological problems, low self-esteem and social anxiety. You get labeled a loser because you said yes and she said no. This is what I call Pussy Protection -- everyone is protecting the pussy from any kind of negative judgement. Instead of calling them out for being shallow cunts, we're all supposed to pretend her judgement of men is sound, reasonable and on-point. If that's so true, how come she ends up with guys she breaks up with? Guys who cheat on her? Guys who abuse her? Her judgement obviously is fucking skewed in these cases, it's skewed for Chad but it's magically spot on for the rest of us right? That's the bullshit we're supposed to believe and JUST GET OVER.

I'm sick of getting over it. I don't want to give them what they want. You never get over it, you feel like shit about it every day of your life. She doesn't say "hey thanks for leaving me alone anon and not bothering my while I ride the Chad Cock Carasoul some more!" Nope. You don't get shit.

I say, we don't get over it robots. I say we make those bitches regret it and make it socially acceptable to shame for their retarded judgement in men.
From what I found, people who the attitude where they just "forget it" usually never solve their problems and it comes back to bite them in the ass anyway.
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I saw a screencapped of a headline about a guy who killed a girl because she rejected him. Honestly, I feel more for the man than the dead girl. Because as much as society would say "he should just get over it!" I say, "she should of just said yes!"

Unless women are in a relationship already, they have no fucking legitimate reason to reject anyone. We're the ones expected to put all the work and effort into seducing them, while they're expected to do nothing but sit there and be catered too. She's not doing any goddamn work so why should she get any goddamn reward or say in the matter? I wouldn't force them, but I think we can make it socially taboo to reject men.

Most guys don't have the balls to ask girls out anyways. She should give them a date, a fair hearing and chance to prove themselves. If she does that, then she has an option to reject them because they were given an opportunity to seduce her. If she won't give a single date and she's single, it should automatically viewed as HER BEING A SHALLOW AND RUDE CUNT, not the man failing.

The only thing I can change is myself and for now on if I hear a woman rejected a man I'm going to call her out on it and call her a shallow rude cunt. She doesn't have morals or ethics, the only thing she responds to is peer pressure, so let's put the pressure on them, that's all they feel.

It seems to be the normie way of doing things.

Plus how many times do we hear women say (especially really old women) "well he just kept trying and eventually I gave in" so the "get over it" shit is like a trap.

In reality you should keep fighting for them and keep trying. Their fucking women, they can't ever actually make up their minds. You have to make it for them and show them how dedicated you are.
What can we say ? Manning up is always a good advice to any situation. Plus it does wonder to your mental health. How wouldn't you ?
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Funny thing is I think this is a little overboard too.

Just a thought experiment, really. I realized the problem is that it's just a lose/lose situation. Who gains anything but her saying no? She misses out on what good be a great opportunity for her and so do you.

But I refuse to say it's 100% MY fault. Or OUR fault, as men. Even if we don't have what she wants, she's not exactly honest and forthcoming with that knowledge is she?

She doesn't tell you what you did wrong, what you don't have, WHY you're being told no? You don't get a multi-point presentation and a step-by-step guide to getting in her good graces do you? This where everyone loves to say we're not "entitled" to anything and/or we need to work on ourselves, the problem is us, etc, etc, etc, but that just begs the question and goes full circle back to her -- she's the one that said no, she's one with the ANSWERS. We can't be expected to improve ourselves when we don't know we're doing wrong.

For all we know, she could be rejecting us because she thinks we're a sleeper agent of the galactic rhinosaur dominion trying to lure her back to her home dimension. Fuck if I know if I'm space rhino! We're just left to guess and use the process of elimination based on her actions and what we see her actually going for -- Enter Chad Thundercock.
lmao if you have been rejected by this many women you are doing something wrong. You do not see them as the same as you because of all the shitty situations you have had. They are people (like you) and yes some of them are not very nice. You just need to find someone that you actually connect with as a person before you get into relationship shit.

> Manning up is always a good advice to any situation.

What does this ever actually mean? "Let someone treat you like shit" is really what it sounds like. Pussy Protection is what is sounds like. "Pussy is never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever wrong about anything ever so you just need to accept that okay? P-p-please don't ever judge Pussy negatively, p-p-please just take the pain okay? Just beat your dick in a corner while the other men get to cum inside her, p-p-please ignore billions of years of biological imperatives hard wired in your gene to reproduce."

Why can't I just beat my fists against my chest, throw some leaves in the air and howl at the moon while I rip her mates throat out and proceed to take what I want? That's what my instinct tells me but instead I just have to ignore my soul burning down and "just get it over lololololol XD!"

Like a good little cuckold. Like a loser. Like a schmuck.

If getting over it is the "right thing" were is the reward for doing so? It doesn't feel good. It doesn't even feel right even.
this board is normies
You still get all the shit you mentioned while not getting over it.
Am I replying to a copypasta?
honestly this is pretty autistic op. If you are putting in all this "effort" and not getting anything back then you are putting in effort with the wrong chicks. Not being able to reject dudes is sooooo autistic.
I dig this thread

I do feel as though they should at the least try to understand where we're coming from. You can't "get over it", that's the response of someone who gets what they want; if they were in our shoes and saw what it was like to truly get rejected, then I believe they would finally get some insight on our situation.
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How does one get over it? Where is the button in my brain, that apparently you and the rest of the humans have that you press and VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're magically "over it" now!

Where is this button? Where fuck is it located?


>you are doing something wrong.

If women wanted me to do it right, why don't they actually tell you what it is they actually fucking want? You know, use these things called "words" to do this thing called "communicating" that intelligent, sentient beings can do?

Also if women are doing it right, picking the right men, how come break-ups happen? How come they keep finding themselves raped and abused? Obviously her decision making is not very good. But hey, we're the only ones in the situation who's are doing anything wrong right? Not them? Not them. Ever.
Your interpretation of women is so fucked its hilarious. Do nofap for a few months make some platonic female friends then report back. Some women just don't like some men and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm guessing there's a lot of women you wouldn't want to be in a relationship with.
This thread is obviously the result of somebody who's hurt. But here's fundamentally the problem: Mates are seen as commodities. It doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong, don't delude yourself into thinking you can shape thousands of years of evolutionary programming. Work within the system you were born into. The simple, inescapable fact of the matter is that to attract a girl, you have to have traits that others find appealing. Sell yourself: "What can you do for me?". Don't say you're nice, or that "unlike other guys you care", being nice and loyal is baseline behavior for non-sociopathic people. It doesn't matter if you feel that's not the case. They perceive that to be the case. Ultimately, you want something from them, and you have to play on their terms. If you wanna go all MGTOW go ahead. But otherwise, you need to bring something to the table. Skills, personality traits, physique, etc. I know what you're thinking "But they should love me for me!" I agree. But that's not the way people operate. When you recoil from a hobo because he smells, you're not loving him for him. Everybody judges people and assigns them worth. You need to have something that will make your product (you) stand out from the 3.5 billion other products.
this dude knows whats up
it mean taking no shit from everyone and impose your limit and to know yours. Don't whine but take no shit from no one. People will never respect you if you do.

Like I said you only get cucked if you let people judge you by being a beta boy. Impose your limit, What it need to be said and stop giving a fuck about people.

Never put any pussy on the pedestal and let them show who the boss is. You're a man, Let them know who's in charge.
Welcome to the anger phase of the Redpill OP. You still have the bargaining and depression phase to go through and if you decide to "swallow the pill" you will reach the acceptance phase.

>I do feel as though they should at the least try to understand where we're coming from.

Thanks for getting it.

In my experience, when I came out and showed any kind of romantic interest in the girl at all I'd get cut out of her life completely. I don't even get to be her friend anymore and enjoy anything about her anymore. It makes me cautious to ask out another girl because I know I'll lose them forever if I do. Some people like to say it's for my own good, but that's the least "good" thing for me or anyone getting rejected! Like I said, you can't improve if you don't know what's wrong.

And I've never been in the reverse situation, where someone said they had romantic feelings for me. If I didn't feel that way, I'd let the girl know and say why. I consider that to be most polite thing to do.

But I suspect the real reason men are getting rejected is for completely shallow reasons and the girl doesn't want to admit to that for fear of looking bad herself, so that's why we get radio silence on the subject. Again, Pussy Protection.

The sentence is incomplete it's "just get over it.... because if you knew what she really thought i'd be grounds for treating her like dirt and she's trying to avoid that at all costs." That's why I say we make a new paradigm here and shit on them for rejecting men. If she doesn't give a reason it's SAFE TO ASSUME she's doing if for shallow reasons. It's, fair game. Because the game their playing is to lie and twist it back on us to make US look like we're wrong, to protect her own shallow actions.

>.But otherwise, you need to bring something to the table. Skills, personality traits, physique, etc.

I don't think you realize I already know everything you said. I'm far, far beyond that thinking already. Get on my level.











Instead of saying nothing, lying about having a boyfriend, or any other bullshit she makes up.

You're thinking is Pussy Protection. You're not questioning the female, it's HER fault the rejection happens because she's the one saying no. You already said yes, she's already brought her portion to this table according to you. But she won't be honest about what is you didn't bring exactly. So we're left to guess based on who's actually getting laid.


Nah I've been through every single phase already. I'm just shifting the paradigm to something new that most guys have never thought of before. Instead of accepting it's always our fault -- QUESTION HER FUCKING JUDGEMENT. And let other men question it too. Until she's honest and forthcoming about that judgement, where she can clear the air and say what the problem is, then we have every right to assume she's just being shallow and judging you on your looks and your looks alone.
chances are that this guy and the girls he's going after are on equal playing ground.

so no, i don't believe he should prove his worth to someone who's exactly in the same standing.what more does she have to offer to him? why shouldn't she be trying to show him she's worthy of dating? the real fundamental problem here is that to attract a woman, you have to go through way too many hoops and red tape for what they're worth; would you do all that stuff to impress yourself? no, you know what you're about, sure it's nice to set goals and better yourself, but lets get real, he's trying to put his dick in a wet warm hole, there shouldn't be THAT much work to put in.i'm not saying be lazy and expect women to fall into your lap; show that you're a pleasurable person to be around, show that you care enough about them and have something a little more than the average person to impress them with.

but sure as hell don't bust your ass trying to make 6 figures just so some girl will look your way. if you want to do that, do it for yourself, but we shouldn't have to slave away at work, at the gym, at the club or bar just to get some kind of recognition, because we sure as hell aren't expecting much from them.
Losing contact with someone who rejected you is healthy in my opinion. You go through your withdrawal stage, and then begin healing; eventually you won't remember why it is you found them attractive instead of dwelling on the pain and being a sad sack of shit. It's definitely not a good thing that happened, but it's not as bad as it seems.

We should also work out a way to reject someone the RIGHT way. Make it painless; sit them down and explain in detail what it is that's wrong, but in a way that's articulate, direct, and the least offensive way possible while still getting your point across.

Women are shallow, yes, and so are men, but women are a different type of shallow. Women as a whole expect the best of the best out of men, regardless of their own standing, while men are more than willing to operate on their own level. That's the issue, they're holding out for Prince Chad Thundercock III, while we're more than happy with the daughter of a peasant. That coupled with the fact that they basically are covering up their shallow intentions, and that those intentions are being ENCOURAGED by other men and women, underline the problem OP is talking about.
"Why doesn't she just say what it is???"
Because A) that's incredibly shallow of both you and her (Learn French and I'll date you! If you do it, you will seem spineless and a pushover. If you don't, obviously no date. She seems selfish for demanding something) B) that's an incredibly awkward/autistic thing to say "so...to date you have to do X,Y,Z"

Your response already shows part of why you aren't successful with women. Your very first line shows arrogance (you can say IT'S THE INTERNET NOT REAL LIFE but the way you type IS a reflection of who you are. This is why writing styles are a thing.)

You want to improve your chances of getting a relationship? Tailor your skills to the woman you want to be with. Don't take up dirt-biking to get with a nerdy girl. Focus on improving yourself, and women that are attracted to the skills you cultivate will be drawn to you. Focusing on trying to 'fix" the broken deal with one woman just shuts you off from all the others.

Your final thoughts are ego-maniacal in the extreme, bro. "all men everywhere should question why women reject them." WHY DID YOU REJECT HIM? The same reason I said no when somebody asked me if I wanted to buy their mixtape. It wasn't appealing to me. Nothing else matters. If you fail the test, you fail the test. Your logic at the end is no different from a woman crying "sexism!" when they don't receive a satisfactory answer as to why things didn't go their way, expect you replace it with "shallow!". People are the way they are. Improve yourself, including your attitude, and people will flock to you.
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When I get the "you need to improve yourself!" line from random women (say it's in response to something I said on social media) I point blank ask them now "What specific part of me needs improvement? What salary range does my income need to be? How much to I have to bench press exactly? What hobbies and pass times do I need to have to be interesting enough for you? Give me some metrics and numbers and if I reach those goals and numbers will you or other females that you think you're speaking for automatically, guaranteed want to date me?"

Response? [Blank.]

And there in lies the problem. It's not that I'm against the concept of improving myself, it's that I've improved myself in strides, feel on hard times even, improved myself again and not a single one of them has taken a single shred of notice. I'm sure other robots and men have done the same, I've seen them do it. Look at /fit/ and how many threads they have of guys saying they got /fit/ and still had these same problems?

It's because the women ARE NOT BEING HONEST. That's what I'm saying -- it's time to stop letting them do that. If they reject a guy, THE OWE HIM A FUCKING EXPLANATION. If not, she has no right to have standards or preferences at all if she won't honestly state what they are and reward them. "I want a nice guy" but she rejects men who are nice to her, it's not the men's fault for "pretending to be nice" it's her fault for lying to them in the first place and giving them false instructions.
People tell you to get over it because they don't want to deal with your shit. People, especially women will never ever have your interest in mind or heart when they give you advice. At best they try to get you to stop bothering them, at worst they exploit your weakness.
What you are advocating for here is no less than the complete and utter dissolution of societal decorum. There is a reason women do not come out and say "DO THIS TO GET IN MY PANTS!", the same reason that people typically don't yell "PUT SOME DEODORANT ON!". People like to maintain civility. This is an aspect of that. If you cannot accept this, you're pretty much fucked, because western countries (especially America) are the most forthright countries on earth. Eastern/Asian countries are even less forthright and more context-driven than ones you probably live in. At this point I would have to wonder if your view of women (and maybe people in general) isn't so cynical and low as to preclude healthy relationships in general.
Well you only have two other choices:
>Stress over problem
>Solve problem
And some problems cannot be fixed like the inevitable death of everything.
So the practical answer is to not to obsess but to instead turn to problems you can solve, where your energy and thoughts are more productive.
i can see that scaring women off because they're not used to people asking these kinds of questions, and that's where people like us come in. start asking those questions, make it a common thing where people give you critical feedback and you grow from that. i'm sure you know how to improve yourself, for yourself, but an extra set of eyes is definitely appreciated. if i were you, i'd leave out the last part about them considering you if you meet their requirements, but definitely get into the habit of asking for real responses that will be constructive.

and if they're all about superficial things, then you either A. give up on those types of women and try looking for someone else, or B. give up on women in general and focus on your life instead.
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>What you are advocating for here is no less than the complete and utter dissolution of societal decorum.

Yes. The end of Pussy Protection, where all our societal unspoken rules are geared towards protecting Pussy's whimsical, irrational behavior that left unchecked completely underminds society as a whole. It's become this way because the assholes who are getting laid make the rules to make sure the rest of us don't.

We're just supposed to "get over it".

>At this point I would have to wonder if your view of women (and maybe people in general) isn't so cynical and low as to preclude healthy relationships in general.

Maybe you're right?

But again, does that not beg the question of HOW I got to this point? If women didn't want me to feel this way, they could of shown me something other than cold, dehumaning rejection. Why should I assume the better of them when they assume the worst of me?

This happens with women. It's the same pattern, she treats you like shit until you snap and when you do it's "SSSEEEE he was crazy in the first place" when really, she wanted an excuse to reject a not-physically-perfect male and she manipulated his emotions to show her the ones she'd be socially accepted for rejecting.

The way you refer to literally 3.5 billion people by their genitals is seriously fucked up, dude. You complain about dehumanizing behavior and then literally reduce people to a part of their anatomy. You gnash your teeth when they reject you because of what you perceive to be a lack of "perfect physical looks", but I submit that they reject you because of your mental state. You admit you may be damaged, but then play it off by saying women "want you to feel that way" So what? You have control over how you feel. When my last gf cheated on me and I found out, I could have went down this same path "Women are bitches, women are entitled, women are blah blah blah" but that would unfairly paint BILLIONS of people. If you don't want people to brush you off as "just some loser with no abs", don't brush others off as "Pussy"

"It's become this way because the assholes who are getting laid make the rules to make sure the rest of us don't."

Do you seriously believe that people who have sex are conspiring to make it so they an endless supply of tang, while the plebs have none? This isn't a vast conspiracy. This isn't "CHAD AND STACY" conspiring to make certain things attractive, and certain things unattractive. People are not a monolithic, homogeneous group. You know what's attractive to some people? Being fat. There are people with fetishes for amputees for God's sake. People find certain things "conventionally attractive" such as a strong jawline, abs, etc, but that's not ALL PEOPLE.
The platitude is retarded, but here's the thing: relationships are a two-way street.

Just like you wouldn't want to be forced into a relationship with a mentally retarded guy, women don't want to be forced into a relationship with you.

Yes, I know it's shit that you have an urge you want to satiate, that you'll probably never be able to satiate, because you're strange in ways that are nigh impossible to fix.

It's maddening. So my only advice to you, is to go mad.

But in a controlled way. One possible solution is by changing your virtues/principles, or shifting perspective.

For example, right now you prioritize relationships pretty heavily. If you do this, you're going to keep bashing your head into a wall until you grow old and feeble and die. It's a waste of time you could be using for other things that could make you feel content.

You need to find a way to either
1) elevate something else above relationships, or
2) lower the worth of relationships

The second one is probably easier.

Convince yourself that your personality is just one that isn't conducive to modern relationships as you understand them. (Which is probably true.) Relationships can sometimes work, but it varies from case to case. And in you're case, you have a set of attributes (physical and/or mental) which just aren't desirable by other female humans.

Moreover, even if you were in a relationship, what would you do? What would the dynamic be? Most likely, you would need to mimic behaviors of romantically successful males. Would you wear this mask everyday, pretending to be someone you're not for the rest of your life? Is sacrificing the rest of yourself worth it to fulfill this one thing? Would it be you in a relationship with the woman, or the mask?
"How wouldn't you"

How wouldn't I get over it? Stopped seeing a girl a month ago, have thought about her every single day since, frequently, most of the day, I'm a machinist so I don't need to put much thought into my work, my mind wanders to her. I've never made a connection with someone like I did with her. I've dated plenty of girls. I don't know how to fucking get over it. I've never had this problem. It's fucking killing me and there's nothing I can do to push her out.
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>but I submit that they reject you because of your mental state

Because they're mind readers and they know this? If they could read my mental state they'd see how 28 years of rejection only hurt because I'm hopelessly romantic and want companionship. I'm overflowing with love and tenderness and a desire to genuinely make both our lives better, that goes nowhere, just sores and chills in my soul into bitterness and hate.

Also if they can read mental states, how come they end up in abusive relationships? Couldn't they magically know ahead of time that this guy was going to abuse them, like they magically know things ahead of time like me? I've never laid a hostile finger on women and I'm a creepy loser virgin, but the men who've beaten and even killed women are getting their affection and attention.

>Do you seriously believe that people who have sex are conspiring to make it so they an endless supply of tang, while the plebs have none?

No more than a squirrel conspires to gather nuts. You're right, it's not some vast conspiracy, I never said it was. It's default instinct. They're not thinking about it, they're just doing what comes natural. It's Halo Effect -- assuming bad looking people are bad and good looking people are good. It just happens to much on a grand scale that it amounts to society making their rules around it without even realizing they are.
I always wonder if guys like you have days where they submit themselves to OPs line of thinking. There's no way you're this positive about people all of the time, especially if you're on here and especially if you're observant enough about how people conduct themselves socially.

Why shouldn't he label women as body parts? They do the same, with impunity, it's only fair that once in a while we may do so as well.
Hey guys, it's stupid, but thanks for having a thread that isn't just REEEEEEEEEEE. One that's actually thought provoking

it's really nice
>make thread about platitudes being stupid
>spends most of thread arguing with someone who follows platitudes and will never change their opinion or beliefs

>It's fucking killing me and there's nothing I can do to push her out.

I'm OP and you see my exact dilemma. You can't just shut it off can you? I really think it's something....biological.
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Ha! Yeah it's more fun this way.



> OPs line of thinking.

See whether you agree with it or not, you see there is indeed a line. There is logic here to what I'm saying, even if it's patted with wrathful rhetoric, their is a line of logic. THATS what I want robots to take away from this thread.

Agree with me or not, I don't care, but understand the logic behind the words so you can think of something yourself. Make a new observation, see things differently.

>it's only fair that once in a while we may do so as well.

And I do it here. /r9k/ is like our mental gym/punching bag. It's okay for us to say these things because we're anonymous, it's not personally directed at anyone. It's not going to hurt anyone.


Gotta keep bumping it somehow.
i have always wondered, is that Adachi?
>Your response already shows part of why you aren't successful with women. Your very first line shows arrogance

not him, but women LOVE arrogance you fool. Especially when you can back it up
>This isn't a vast conspiracy. This isn't "CHAD AND STACY" conspiring to make certain things attractive, and certain things unattractive.

you are so fucking wrong holy shit

You know now that I'm thinking about it, there is an element of conspiring.

Look how styles change and people seem to find things more or less attractive. Like mullets, back in the day those were attractive to people and now their not. There is a social element, SOMEONEs making a decision here and other people are going a long with it.

I think women deem certain behaviors unattractive too be manipulative. Like video games, they might say they find it unattractive but really, they don't want the male to spend money on things for himself and spend money on things for her instead. She's changing what she finds attractive to keep the males marching in line with her wishes.

This is solid advice but I think my problem isn't my personality, I think that's fine, it's the way I look and my lack of social acumen because of it.

My personality is okay up until the parts where I'm expected to conform to society. I have my own interests for my own reasons, this whole thread demonstrates how much I think about my own thoughts and actions. That's what makes me different. So the parts where I spent time with her, making laugh, being intellectually and emotionally supportive of her (don't get me started on calling this beta, Chad has to do this too) are fine. But I'm not the one that knows the newest normie trend thing I'm supposed to be following.

I wish I could give less fucks about relationships, but I want a family of my own. Kids of my own. I can see the future and right now I see an old man dying alone because he failed to make his own family, he failed to make anyone who cares about him. It's easier for us to not care when we're young but it becomes harder the older you get...
lmao you are way too spiteful. Get on my leek cuk
>still talking to women in this day and age
there's no reason to anymore.

we have all the children and surplus labor we need for decades to come.
we need more brothels and prostitutes so we can completely and utterly undermine the collegiate path.
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>that's incredibly shallow of both you and her
How the fuck is it shallow for him to ask what's wrong and what she needs when her answer can help determine his faults and see if he can better himself for the next time?
OP is blinded by his anger but do you really just want him to play pin the tail on the donkey with women?
That's asinine anon.
>Mates are seen as commodities
>Improve yourself, including your attitude, and people will flock to you.

I was with you until this.
there's no improvement. The illusion that there is an improvement is in itself the reflection of the asymmetry of the dinamic.
You can only become more appealing to women, at the price of losing your former self. maybe losing your individuality. It's up to you if you want to be loyal to your current self or you want to be someone different. But the scent of the previous experiences will always haunt you like a ghost, so things will always be difficult
this is only true for the western shelekchasing world and luckily its proven to be an evolutionary dead end

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