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How does it feel like to be a normie?
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How does it feel like to be a normie?
feels like a blur/dream. you don't appreciate anything, you don't have a moments introspection, you're too busy constantly upkeeping your fashion/friends/life/relationships..etc, any moment of silence is filled with texting and every weekend is drinking/partying. to be honest you dont really know what you're doing, you just follow what everyone else does and try to get laid/seem impressive.

its not fulfilling. i would almost say i like robot life more, it feels more honest, though its far more miserable. a blend of the two would be preferable.
instead of constant ruminating and your thoughts always being inwards, you think about external things.
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Idk man. I can talk to literally anybody walking around on campus. I don't have fear when I wanna ask a question in a class of 200+.
Seriously don't even know what it's like to NOT be a normie because it's like being heterosexual. You're just are born it. Don't fret it tho, even normies are alone. We all want friends but at the same time we don't want to be around people. We love to have fun, so partying/clubbing is very frequent.
Also sex is so fucking overrated.
philosophical zombie

it arguably doesn't feel like anything and has no reasoning, because there is no internal state rendered


I joined a fraternity and I'm realizing more and more all these people care about is how many girls they've fucked and how much they can drink, and sports.

It's been best exemplified by this try hard I pledged with. He can barely bench 135 and thinks he's massive, only fucks fatties and thinks he's a ladies man, thinks he's cute despite his patchy beard and sandpaper skin, and can't go 5 minutes without saying "GAAIIINZ" or "LIIIIIT" of "FRAT" and sticking his tongue out. On top of that, he never passes up an opportunity to put someone down.
But does he think about the world? Have moments of introspection? Does he actually care about his brothers? No. He was even putting down our fraternity before he rushed, saying we were losers.
He lives an empty and shallow existence in the shitty house he rents rooms out of and broken BMW his dad bought him to make him think he's rich.
How do you go up to a random and start talking to them? I never understood this.
It's a warm and fuzzy feeling of total contentment.
You know you are on the right path and evertthing will be fine.

It's like you're on a highway. Some cars may be going slower, and some may be faster, but you will all reach your destination. It's unexciting, but comfy.

Being a robot, on the other hand, is being lost downtown and your GPS tells you to turn left even though that route is closed. And you're almost out of gas.
It's fun in my opinion because of the socialization. Like at work I'm a normie, talk and laugh with my coworkers while the robot ones just shun themselves away like autists.
"sup thotiana lets fak"
Well, I look back...

I think it is a privilegie to have been loved by so many beautiful people.

It's suffering.

Life is suffering.

You may think I've escaped it, but I haven't.
honestly it sucks. being a normie is awful unless you're beautiful. don't believe the lies.
source: am average looking normie
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Robot life + pussy

Best life
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use you two legs and walk up to them. Same LITERALLY anything you want. Opening lines are worthless. Then start talking about your day and impress them with your excellent speaking voice.
robot tier pussy is always going to be gross/have misshapen tits/figure and bad faces :(

the only exceptions KNOW they are qt and exceptions and would rub our face in being robots instead of chands and tell us how we're all my soggy knees and have no good traits

but then tell us we need to love ourselves and think positive.....
Just walk up to them and talk. Don't used canned language, because it seems contrived and if you hear it second hand sounds cringe as fuck. I've had to pull a few guys to the side and help them with their approach a few times.

Only approach them if you actually feel real fucking good. Like, one of those days where you feel like nothing can stop you. Even if they're far and few between, just execute nonstop. Never take anything personally when people try to shoot you down, they're just trying to be funny or witty. Just smile and walk away from them.
le sigh
i can't do small talk and am inherently annoyed/bored/cringed automatically by it :( *sigh*

So I get even more super nervous while trying to appear non nervous OR simply lose myself in a situation and come off as an ass when I simply am already lost in a moment and can't even know what's going on... ugh. even for just FRIENDSHIPS :(

Exactly this man,
just go up to them ,suck up your anxiety and just chat

'yeah hey whats up
'just wanted to say, cute shoes
'awh thanks youre sweet
'yeah, where you headed?
'ah me too!, lets walk together?
'alright, im anon'

'so hows shit going?
'yea i feel that, just overwhelemed with work
same shit senpai

literally 'be yourself' as in
don't have scripted lines

just say whatever flows into your head but just being normal


good luck bro
It doesn't work.
Instantly being friendzoned at first sight - or worse eww level we don't fit in the same clique/you're the older male but aren't RICH or GOOD LOOKING CHAD TIER - means I lose interest quickly , as in instantly. I have no interest in any MORE friends, I can't keep the ones I have/be happy for them becauise the more than friend shit is missing in my life.

So is all the "dialogue" as it were, like the whole small talk/whats up etc stuff..... I just.... space out instead. Like ADD on roids desu....

What flows into my head is never normie.... it pretty much is a social/sexual/economic comparison and contrast of morals, and types and visual/aesthetics, and politics etc etc. :"x

being MYSELF is god AWFUL advice in my case, though the REALLY banal casual in common shit, since everyone has it in common, does it even really COUNT?
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That seems weird.

If I'm going to bee mice elf, then I will probably end up ranting about history or theology. It just seems so foreign, the idea of 'small talk', and just talking to someone you don't know. I can talk to someone if the situation necessitates it, but I can't just up and talk to someone.
Then don't bitch about not having any friends. You're lonely. You know it. You hate it.

Don't blame it on external shit like 'oh its because i'm not rich or because i'm not Brad Pitt.

It's all you. There are ugly bastards out there with bitches all over them.
Look, you're making excuses for yourself. As soon as you realize this, you'll be able to jump out of the "spacing out" shit and actually be able to hold a conversation. I'm not trying to be a dick, nor am I telling you to just burself. I'm telling you to wake the fuck up and get ahold of yourself or you'll feel like this the rest of your life.
You have your friends or the boards to talk to about your hobbies and interests. It's important to be able to make small talk with normies because its basic human interaction

You can talk history or philosophy, over lunch or something. Meeting people is different.
Lmao exactly what i said here,


Spot on bro.
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That's the thing though, I don't have friends to talk to about it. All I really have is >>>/his/. I mean, I literally can't understand how small talk works, it is not that I don't like it or realize how big of a deal it is to normalfags.

You at a university? If you are it should be easy to find guys to get drunk with and talk history and politics.

If not, that's a toughy-desu senpai. Try a library or a small cafe or something.
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I am at a Uni. Don't like drinking, it makes my thoughts fuzzy.

Still, how would I do it? Just approach someone with "So, what do you think of Diocletian's reforms to the Roman Army?"
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It feels bizarre.
The feeling of being a normie is obviously nice, but not without its drawbacks. When you're going normie, its like enjoying anything really, a time when you can just turn off a couple of days for the month and enjoy something while you can, and it feels great for a while, like any TV shows/anime, days of relaxing at home, vidya, etc.

The problem is most normies are stuck in this lifestyle 24/7, they never seem to switch on and go back to the "common sense" lifestyle, like they'll do rash things like get their genitals pierced 5 times or a tattoo with "put dick here" just for a laugh and to be "in the moment", when that moment has been going on for years and will continue to be driving "that moment" for several more years to come.
Anyone who isn't stuck in this every living moment like them may as well just be faking it to them, being a 'part timer' who only does it to fit in, when in reality you just have other things to worry about than "what happened in the club last night because I was so wasted". Just like with people who obsess with anime or vidya, calling others who enjoy it in small doses "casuals". Ironic or not, normies will still joke about or give the same shit and harassment for not knowing their world inside out, and that isn't normally worth being a normie.
You're asking the wrong place. There are no true normies here.

Some may claim to be normies, but repeat visits to /r9k/ prove otherwise.
I can DO it - but when I DO IT
it's obvious that I have ULTERIOR MOTIVES


because while I have hobbies and interests - in comparison to say, qt female affections - they all pale by comparison.

and since nerddom/geekdom/spazdom are inexorably populated by the anti-stacy/complete regurgitation inducing level women OR feminist liberals.....

>there are ugly bastard.....

with UGLY bitches all over them
or money
or these fucking 7.5-8.5 inch perfect 10 dicks in the very narrow pleasure zone no "average:" male can ever meet (and when a lady say she goes back to fit a 6.5 incher snugly - she's lying I'm sure... she has to be.... )

that's just it I like history per se, and music and whatnots, but don't have all that... stuff and stuff "memorized" - so I literally have to rote memory/cram as if it were an exam for college.... because whatever it is I'm supposed to generally gab/bullshit about - well even though I'm quite educated - I can't actually COME OFF as educated, there's like some sort of code.

I'm not making it the fuck up. It isn't just an excuse. You can't understand unless you have been there.

And no I am not drugging my brain with fake happy chemicals/fake empathy chemicals SOLELY in hopes it MIGHT get around this - and why? Because I DON'T trust random fucking strangers.... and I certainly won't wrinkle myself faster, make my cock dysfunction, raise prolactin, reduce test etc for the sake of some ass kissing.

The spacing out deal is NOT made up. My brain HAS NO GODDAMN FILTER AS IS. I CAN NOT PROCESS MULTIPLE THINGS AT ONCE, SO THE MOMENT I HAVE TO ACTIVELY LOOK FOR CUES - I'D NEED TO BE A LITERAL INHUMAN ROBOT FOCUSED ON ONLY SO CALLED CUES..... which of course I can't do while still talkingt/having feelings/thinking about anything else....

i literally can't and speed - doesn't.... cancel that out. :(

Believe me, I've tried.
Me too, UCSD at all btw?
Because i met a guy who was a history major exactly in your position

Just chat with random people in your classes
either that or just try and meet random people in your classes

best years of your life remember?
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Nah, I'm East of the Mississippi.

>just chat with random people in your classes
>either that or just try and meet random people in your classes
I am saying that I don't understand how these processes work.

>best years of your life
They feel awful.
le sigh besides anime/vidya is only applicable to either neoprogressive liberal feminist shark jumpers who burn out shortly after legal like gamecatt/powerword realname caitlin molnar aka zunechan OR they're fuggo as fuck/typical chubs who want virginish beta men to wait till marriage and raise their stepkids etc.... no just sex/casual/exploration

and will always demonize us, because we too, need to partake in the bliss that is a cute slender figure, an alright face, the body of a young woman yet to be blemished by childbirthing and alcoholism and smoking and chubbiness and whatnots.

people are different they don't want to hear about your interests anyway - they want to hear about THEIR interests..... which I already know, but it also is totally difficult to do because I'm not always working on an equal footing to even reasonably relate, you know?

Yeah but that girl photo he posted ahh *sighs a bit*

she pretty!

fucking hell I wish undergrad were the best years of life for me - except i don't because 3everyone else was gettin to feel up hotties but the betas/nerds

and god nerds were uggo in the early 00s. UGH.... :( like... UGH man... even youth couldn't save the prettiest of them.

and grad school, instead of my second chance/wind at life, was my death knell :(
and I couldn't talk to anyone outside of the nerd mtg playing stench crowd - and they hated me for being shallow/pessimistic/not all happy for no fucking reason.
holy fuck man, get your head out of your ass.

stop believing you're entitled to a 10/10 goddess.

ulterior motives?
Just meet people WITHOUT motives.

make friends- be happy.
Ugly bitches? better than no bitches, practice at least

as for hobbies being lame ? they're not man.

you can live your life bitching about how you don't get female attention or friends or shit
or you can get out there, put yourself out there, and accept your fucking reality man

i'm not even a fucking chad,
i make 90k a year as a CS graduate, don't have a gf but have 3 plates i screw around with
but at least i know my fucking place
i'm a 7-8/10 MAX, but at least i don't act like i'm entitled to fucking a 9/10 roastie

you saying your shit is cool as if you 'space out' as its cool its just some fucking gay shit just like those tumblr girls that brag about 'having' schizophrenia or bipolar disorder
>I'm not making it the fuck up. It isn't just an excuse. You can't understand unless you have been there.
Bro, I was there. I didn't leave my house for roughly 7 years. I was miserable and didn't understand human interaction either. So much so, I dropped out of high school. I couldn't even talk with my parents and I was a mute as a child. There are no fucking excuses, man.

So, don't come at me with "U DONT UNDERSTAND." I do. The biggest difference is that I know that I'm in control of my life and I grabbed it by the neck and fucked it instead of letting it fuck me.

You're going to look back in a few years and want to severely kill yourself 10x more than you do right now. I promise you. And you're going to realize that it's all because you were a complete pussy over the dumbest shit in the world: small talk.
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>Don't blame it on external shit
>It's all you

Yeah looks don't matter.

Social Statust doesn't matter.

Finacial class, and money also don't matter.

External shit doesn't matter.

You can't blame those things.

It's just "You". All those aforementioned things don't make you "YOU" are. Nobody judges you strictly on those things, right guys?

Even though external factors are the only basis for judging you outside of the brief social interactions you have had with people.

You should just have a good personality like me.
Pic related
I'm an oldfag who may be stuck going to college - a third time :( either for a phd in something so I can at least professor in something.....

or as an undergrad.....

agreed you sit there knowing it's the end... that those are the perkiest natural titties will ever be, that those football players, frat boys, will be well adjusted, get to fuck and suck and then marry their sweethearts......

and it IS awful.

my head isn't in my ass
there's that "entitlement:" shitcrap
okay so if I try relaly hard but fail in the gym - can I at least do a fellow skinnyfat female?
since I intentionally avoided getting a woman knocked up/settling for the town fucking bicycle pity fuck - can I at least be with someone who isn't already a fucking *;parent*?

practice doesn't work for me, i'll get soft. for me attraciton is ALL VISUAL AND EMOTIONAL and they are married to each other - and oxytocin/dopamine/interest and motivation are directly linked to how much I already like someone - personality and trust keep you there, but if she lacks ALL the necessary traits....
and women HATE BEING USED... since I am obvious.... then so are my motives....

i tried settling knowing it wouldn't work, it feels awful, you get to be the slime and the trash and the piece of shit AND I FUCKING HATE IT.

as for being lame - yeah they are 1% of nerds are say Panser tier, 99% are shit tier.

but many many more say, cheerleader/dancer/gymnast/track women are qt tier.... and I want to be better, good enough......

I just don't have the actual help I need to do that
they keep going "no entitlements" "lower standards" :better personality" NONE OF THAT IS GOING TO WORK THAT SELF HELP COUNSELING OFFICE SHITCRAP ISN'T CONGRUENT.

and anything I would otherwise have going for me never counts, so of course I'm never positive about it - if it only counts as long as I'm the only one that cares about it - it doesn't count.


there we go again with STEM MAJOR
File: nothingwrong.jpg (42 KB, 500x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>agreed you sit there knowing it's the end... that those are the perkiest natural titties will ever be, that those football players, frat boys, will be well adjusted, get to fuck and suck and then marry their sweethearts......
Please, no, this hurts.
jhow do you even know what number is what fucking number since it's all fucking abstract anyway?

next you say you're a fucking 7/8
how do you validate that? how do you know you aren't lying

also grats you make more than 2 stem majors who are long term grads i know of, mind you oine is a state employee but come the fuck o, they're both engineers

friends can't have nice firm NATURAL boobeis
and if they could... i have no idea how to be their friend

i';m ti8red of just the friend

i don't want to fuck just a bottle of speed and dick pills.

my emotions and my dick are joined in unison. my eyeballs and my oxytocin work in tandem with each other.

there;s just a release to it all, i can't explain it, describe it, a catharsis a heavenly sublime closure, that is a need, not an "entitlement":

now there are hundreds of women that make me sigh in any given photograph, nude or non nude DAILY. tens on chaturbate at least in a given mnth

but one is too much? ONE man they get up to 20-30 opartners before 23 and their marriage

I need *one*

what must I do other than being STEM/IT smart

because there's not enough adderall to make me an algebra einstein - I'm a mediocre/failure student in that kinda shit depending on the professor and teaching method/rigor irrespective of tutoring, and effort put in..... and believe me I know this from experience

I'm not saying shit to be edgy or cool you fuck,lord
i really do get lost. i can't keep up with both cues (which I don't even know are cues) read people, any of it and there's no drug that fucking makes that go away


let me earn the damn 6.5-7 that makes me sigh, or better yet that damn 8
I should have killed myself when I hit 24 and everyone else had slept around tons and the best I was able to know because otherwise "entitlement" was some fat white trashy slag village bicycle type :(

i'm not a pussy over it i literally just..... can't
like i come off wrong
way wrong.... i mean why can't people just talk about ANYTHIGN

Why are we ALL expected to be stem majors or suffer btw?

see the 10/10 posted....
exactly *sigh* we know hej exists
we spend our lives cognizant he gets to fuck hundreds of women who are attractive to him sober, to feel manly commanding etc instead of gross....

we don't get that ONCE with someone even kind of settle for cute tier :(

it's true though.
unless you can like fake titties as much
or the milf/cougar aesthetic/strippers - you have a little more hope then
or whores...

otherwise life is exactly like an SEC athletic conference game on ESPN.
File: angryshinji.png (178 KB, 548x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 548x325
I know it's true, but I don't want to be reminded of it.
Holy fucking shit someone shoot this faggot. Underage bastard posting like it's fucking facebook. What the hell happened to this board.
I feel you anon

I wish majors other than fucking STEM AND IT were actually even kind of viable


I have the curse of nerd tier genetics that can't be worked out around (legit health conditions not related to laziness/diet/exercise/etc) BUT not the inherent maths/stems smarts that is the trope.
first step is accepting that you actually can be friends with a chick, don't get oneitis
promise yourself you won't, and it'll go alright

not sure if you're this guy >>26353395

but women LOVE being used man, where have you been?
holy fuck man
women LOVE cock
women love sex
women love being thrown on their fucking ass and being the little whores they are
and i'd know, i've been there man

i threw a party about 2 weeks ago and my friends girlfriend brought over a girl who had a boyfriend
she blew me and we fucked, and guess what?
all girls are like that man
they're fucking whores

man up
being assertive

if anything thats it
you guys really want to get girls easy?

first thing you gotta learn-
the magical secret to getting girls?

is that there is NO secret to getting girls

theres on magical drug or magical thing you can say that'll make a girl fall for you

all you can do is try

break out of that shell

fuck her

stop trying to rationalize it by saying that its all chemicals and shit

improve yourself and the bitches will come


fuck stem majors, even though i am one
they're all future fucking betas who will be sucked dry like vampires by used up cum sluts for their money

do what you love man

if you're talking to bitches about feminism?
don't talk aboupt feminism
bring something else up

the superbowl, their hair, the weather, anything

fuck game man

it's a valid thing to practice but all that PUA shit is stupid as fuck

just don't be a fucking creep
I'm all for self improvement but saying its "all you" is just a lie
I hate Normie's like you.
Fucking wasters of potential, it pisses me off that most of you act depressed because its cool, subconsciously you are just attention seekers with super inflated egos.
I'm tired of just friendships
that's what fat chicks who are too gross to even fuck are for desu.
or single moms while I sigh over how I would have liked to have been the guy they let cum in her instead.

women don't love being used.....
even if I knew where to find the ones that did I couldn't get over feeling skeezy. Maybe *I too* need a connection that's more than shit tier/one night stand level....

and trust me I never said they didn't love cock/sex etc

but I have no idea how to do all this shit when I can't get consent from someone pretty enough to keep my dick hard without a fucking adderall and a dick pill.... I've been in the situation where one could, and the one after her didn't or only did in desperation horniness and you know you really yearn for someone you actually trust or like-like more, or at least like visually more and it fucks with shit BIGTIME.

is romance frowned on?

when I try "assertive" I instead go "aggressive"
i can't middle ground
it's an abstract
since it's not a concrete and i can't rote memorize it with ease/routine - I can't ever process it.... since society has set me as the lower/lowest standard - i can't love myself/feel confident because I know what would make me feel that way (read some cosmetic medicine would help) and well....

there's a reason I value aesthetics.... they're not just fun, they're confidence inducing.

i've tried and failed to the point i'm now the older male but with NO experience and can't GET the experience because - .... frankly I have no options for such.... I don't even *want* experience, you know I'd be just fine with someone i like-liked and just... being with them.

instead i'm expected to control things I can't - like my heart racing out of my chest, blushing, stuttering, my brain going blank... all the things that happen when a crisis situation occurs/a lot is on the line, since even base true chemistyr/sexual attraction ALONE is rarer for me...
anyone wanna practice small talk? get in here


lets chat?
but yeah when i try small talk and theyt might small talk back (I often get blown off/silence/ weird reactions I can't read at all/don't know iof they're really weird reactions or if I'm just not reading properly because that people reading shit isn't built into my brain :( )

and yeah I hate it all.

and being a creep is based on aesthetics and age/perkiness level.

how do I not be a creep as an older male with little sexual experience and no way to ever break out of the poors? How do I do that and still not get stuck with trashy whores/prostitutes in glory holes/nevada or.... the equivalent cheap stripper crackwhore stereotype from a small town aye?

the only thing I truly love anymore.... kinda is... romance/sex desu.... oops.... it's the one thing we aren't supposed to truly love/like/think about like that

everything else is just to keep occupied, and you know it, it grates on you, that you're trying to distract yourself from betaness, or poverty, or lonely, or shit tier aesthetics and the inability to conquer it all...when you know science and technology can't make you a ten, but could make you a 6 perhaps... you could be with a 7 or so with the right "catch-up"

you could have that big shot - but it's all out of your league because the money required to get such, is always given to the chads who need it the least, like that dude fuckin that kardashian sister - scott discnick or whatever the fuck his name is!


lol sure..... maybe you can help me think of vague post superbowl related inspiration for tweets I'm supposed to write *SHOOT ME*... ugh.
well lets chat man, get in the room

i'm pretty bored, we can chat about hwatever
File: 9tYWV0I.jpg (345 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>working towards goals
>having dreams
>experiencing failure and setback
>experiencing achievement through hardwork
>having friends to pick us up when we fall, give us advice and motivation
>having meaningful relationships with beautiful women
>being fulfilled and satisfied at the end of most days
>knowing I tried my very best.
>being able to look back a see how very far I've come from the man I used to be
>Looking ahead and knowing you've got this shit

You couldn't be more wrong.
er where is this room again? I missed it?
Fucking Chads always need to put someone down
Fucking basement dwellers always falsely perceiving put downs.
>every poster who disagrees with me is a basement dweller
None of us are falsely perceiving shit.
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