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Greentext you're 24 hs

>wake up
>study his/geo 3 hs
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wait till you get a job
Dunno t.b.h.

>wake up
>drink copious amounts of water and piss
>open the windows, breath some fresh air
>shower (some days), brush my teeth
>eat breakfast (if available)
>check out if I have any responsibilities
>if I don't, shitpost, cook, listen to music, browse youtube, watch movies
>feel depressed
>ignore all feelings
>continue shitposting
>feel more depressed
>clean up the room
>watch a movie

t. semi-recovering neet.
I recently applied for jobs, I managed to give a job interview and passed 2 courses this semester.
Slowly improving.
>alarm at 7 am
>not wake up until 7.45
>skip first 4 hours of school
>go to school at 12 pm
>go home from school at 3.45 pm
>browse 4chan/internet
>now 7.53 pm
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>wake up
>lie in bed until 11
>eat breakfast
>go to work
>work for 2-4 hours
>go home
>lie in bed until 10
>eat dinner
>lie in bed until I go to sleep

>wake up at 6
>lie in bed until 7
>go to work
>work for 7-8 hours
>go home
>go to barber
>home again
>lie in bed
>eat dinner
>lie in bed until I go to sleep

Alternate Friday:
>wake up
>lie in bed until 11
>take shower
>go to work
>friend invites me to (insert event)
>motivate myself to be social
>go home
>force myself to go out
>have fun

>either lie in bed all day
>or do alt. Friday without the work part

>Woke up at 3am after surreal nightmares involving nuclear war and Zika epidemic
>Lay awake for hours with existential dread
>Watched porn in bed on my phone for a while
>Jerked off
>Got up 9am
>Sat downstairs staring at the ceiling for an hour
>Spent an hour showering and completely shaving my cock and balls
>Ate some peanuts for breakfast
>Spent an hour watching porn and jerking off
>Spent the rest of the day watching conspiracy theory videos on Youtube
>Jerked off again
>Ate a pizza
>Came on 4chan

I'm 32 fucking years old
>wake up
>get dressed
>go to work
>get some food on the way home
>eat while shitposting
>play vidya
>watch tv
>get in bed
>read something til I fall asleep
>wake up
>get up
>go down stairs
>lay on couch
>ignore gf
>depressed so sleep on couch for q bit
>dont eat
>sleep some more on the couch
>go to work (nightshift)
>come home
>sleep in spare room
>get up
>gf bitches me out accusing me of cheating
>dont bite
>she fucks off
>pack bag
>post on r9k.

Gonna go to wprk then my mums.
>wake up
>start pc
>wash face
>vacuum my room
>browse 4chan
Fuck my life
>wake up
>wake up wife(she's a heavy sleeper)
>make breakfast while wife is getting ready for the day
>eat breakfast with wife
>go to work
>get off work
>pick niece up from school(she stays at my house til about 6pm when her parents picks her up)
>sometimes get some treat for her, like ice cream, a donut or something. Usually avoid sugar if she's already energized
>go home
>niece usually watching tv or playing on my tablet
>I'm usually playing vidya
>brother or sister in law picks up niece
>start cooking dinner or wife will bring something
>eat dins
>talk with wife
>wife goes off to unwind from the day
>watch tv with wife
>go to bed
>50/50 tossup if we have sex
You vacuum every day?
:wake up
:eat yuropoor breakfast
:go to le school
:do nothing productive
:masturbate while sitting behind chicks in front row
:go home
:listen to music to make me happy
Yes, i like my room clean.
>wake up
>go back to sleep
>eat some breakfast
>make sure it's cheap
>wake up
>eat tendies parents brought the day before
>play truck simulator
>browse 4chan
>eat soup
>go poopy
>here i am
my last 24 hours, starting yesterday 9pm
>browse 4chan
>produce OC while watching and listening to vaporwave videos
>go to bed at 1am
>fall asleep around 1.30am?
>wake up 8 hours later
>decide to sleep a bit because sleep debt
>wake up at maybe 10.30am
>just lie in bed thinking about own life and random stuff
>get up 11.30am
>make some sandwiches for lunch
>go to computer
>mostly 4chan
>turn off computer around 3pm
>read 2-day-old newspaper
>back to computer
>look at photos and videos taken/recorded in January-March 2014, dat nostalgia
>back to 4chan
>more 4chan
>get bored, leave computer at 6pm
>sit on a chair, think about random stuff, fall asleep for 30mins
>more thinking until 7.20pm
>watch tv for an hour
>back to computer, mostly 4chan
You should record yourself vacuuming.
Take special note if you're facial expressions during.
See if it's something you enjoy, or something that is a crippling obsessive compulsion
>wake up around 2pm
>get out of bed around 4pm
>around 5-6 go back to bed
>wake up around 8-9
>shitpost and watch movies
>eat midnight snack
>more movies
>bed at 8am
>wake up 5:30am
>drink coffee and commute to place of wageslavery
>work/shitpost between projects
>get off at 4pm and commute 45min home in traffic
>eat a snack and take preworkout
>head to gym for 2 hours to lift muh feels away
>go home and get ready for nightrun
>after comfy nightrun, drink/eat massive amounts of protein
>shitpost and read lewd greens until fall asleep

Days off are usually the same, except replace work with shitposting
>go to school
>go back home
>wallow in self pity and hate
>shitpost on /r9k/ until i cry myself to sleep
>another day, another grade, schoolcuck
>You should record yourself vacuuming.
That would be weird as fuck. I do enjoy having my room clean.
>mom comes home with a guy that isnt my dad
>dont leave my room because dont want to see him
>browse r9k till 4am
>go to bed hungry
>wake up at 3pm today
>guy is still here
>stay in bed for hours while browsing r9k on my phone
>eat half a jar of peanutbutter because thats all i have in my room
>go back to bed
>fantasizing about leaving everything and living innawoods or as a hitchhiker for the rest of my life
>browse some more r9k
>8pm now, still havent left my room in 24 hours

Its going pretty bad over here.
It's actually interesting
I did it once while playing vidya. And was surprised at all the different facial expressions I made
>buy a shipload of games I don't like on steam
>refund them
>play planetside 2 for 12 hours.
>wake up late for work as a crane operator
>nobody cares
>hang out and do nothing for 4 hours
>change oil and fuel filter on work truck
>life 25 dollars an hour at a time.
>fucking bored with life.
File: 1441987437338.gif (646 KB, 512x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>wake up 3:00AM
>make scoop of unflavored oatmeal mixed with hemp/chia/flax seeds, stevia and a spoonful of coconut oil.
>1 scoop unflavored whey and 1.5 cups of milk
>3:45AM drive to work (Logistics at IKEA)
>4:30AM arrive at work
>relax in coworker lobby until shift starts at 5:00AM
>job consists of stocking boxes of furniture in my designated aisles
>finish early at 9:45AM
>help recycle the debris that accumulates on the floor during this process
>10:30AM drive home
>11:15AM arrive home and make myself a bowl of quinoa and garbanzo beans. throw in some leftover chicken and make 4 slices of bacon to add to my meal. Blend 1 scoop unflavored protein with 1.5 cup milk to drink.
>11:40AM shower, and then clean large mess that accumulated in my room over the course of the past month
>1:00PM Shitpost on /fit/, /tv/ and /r9k/

I plan on picking up my GF from her house in 30 minutes. we will lift together and then netflix n chill until I drop her off at her house later.
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>wake up
>eat a few slices of leftover pizza
>go to class
>read some roastie's text messages over her shoulder instead of paying attention, she's cheating on her boyfriend reeeeee
>eat the rest of that leftover pizza
>posting on /r9k/ ever since
>wake up
>drink cold coffee from the day before
>roll out of bed at 1, clothes and shoes also on from the day before
>hop into computer chair
>browse 4chan and listen to music like usual
>swap between imageboards and other websites for a few hours
>take a nap
>wake up at 7-8pm
>order two medium pizzas
>eat more than half of each while fucking around online
>stomach hurts so I lie down
>fall asleep
>wake up at 10:30 this morning
>planning out my day
>actually have some stuff to do today
Weird transition. I've spent the last week leaving the house only for food late at night, and now I have things to do.
>crane operator
Do you enjoy your job? I'm a gubment officeuck and hate my life, crane operator sounds like something that I would like to do becuase its outdoors and you get to control big equipment all day
>wake up
>work 8 hours
>r9k or watch some movies
>think about the meaning of my life
my last summer:
>wake up
>have breakfast
>take a shower
>spend all morning playing videogames
>spend all the afternoon home alone

im tired of having no friends
It is currently 8PM, greentext my last 24 hours, strating yesterday sunday at approx 8pm

>take meds (antidepressants and benzodiazepines)
>shitpost while considering suicide
>get a text from that girl who is supposed to help me and support me asking if i need to talk
>she calls me on my phone, talk to her and end up sperging out
>take benzos again
>go to sleep
>wake up this morning
>shower, breakfast, etc
>take benzos again
>go to uni
>do a panick attack in the middle of my first lecture
>get sent to the infirmary
>get back to class in the afternoon
>meet up with the same said girl between two lectures, talk awkwardly, sperg out again, hold tears back
>get back home after my last lecture
>have diner
>take meds again
>shitpost while considering suicide
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>hop into computer chair
Underage b&
(This is original)
>Wake up

>Go to work

>Make 36$ an hour while playing jinteki.net all day

>Leave work early

>Hit the gym, get some PRs

>Go home, eat post workout meal while playing comfy vidya/movie/anime/DnD with friends/books/etc.

Post college life is fucking amazing.
>I plan on picking up my GF from her house in 30 minutes. we will lift together and then netflix n chill until I drop her off at her house later.
FUCK you for getting to live my dream
>wake up
>go to check if they have some shitty work for me
>they don't, oh well
>read some news and 4chan, listen to angry music
>go to sleep
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2 MB, 320x180
>wake up
>eat a small snack
>go for a run
>come home
>contemplate homework
>play vidya instead
>eat something\
>more vidya
>put homework off until the end of the night
>try to rush it
>realize I won't be able to finish it
>go to bed panicking
>say fuck it and skip another day of class

This is my every other day. Kill me.
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>wake up at 6.45 am
>go to bathroom,dress,open windows,breakfast, brush teeth, 50 push ups
>take the car, go to work
>8 am start working, 12.30 - 13.30 lunch at work
>17.30 work finished, go home
>18.00 take a shower
>start pc, check email, browse 4chan, check whatsapp,browse youtube
>19.30 dinner
>20.15 - 00:00 browsing 4chan,youtube,whatsapp and some other shits sites, get depressed thinking about my empty life, get depressed because no gf, no love, get depressed about my shitty work, browsing facebook for 5 mins to get even more depressed watching other enjoying their lives, and their gf's
>0:00 got to bed
>go out with dumb friends walking in the city centre talking about boring shits
>see all the beautiful girls walking, usually with their bf. i wish i have a gf, get depressed, get deeply sad, fuck i hate my life, i hate all the people
>in the night go to a club, drink a lot, get drunk, dance and talk with a lot of girls trying to get laid, fail with everyone of them
>4.30 am , go home, sleep
>option 1 Do nothing but stay at the pc all day
>option 2 Go out with dumb friends in the city centre talking about boring shit
>see all the beautiful girls walking, usually with their bf. i wish i have a gf, get depressed, get deeply sad, fuck i hate my life, i hate all the people, i want to die
>go home
>cry sometimes in bed, staring at the ceiling in the darkness
>00.00 go to sleep

Not having 24 greentexts in your 24 hours

>sleep x 8
>shower, get dressed, groom, feed cats
>eat breakfast, commute to school
>class x 3
>lunch, walk around campus
>drive home, feed cats
>shit post x 2
>go for a walk
>clean dishes, clean apartment
>have dinner
>hate myself
>shit post x 2
>Feed cats, take care of their litter box, get ready for bed

That is a normal Monday for me. It varies according to the day of the week of course.
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last 24 hours
>ignore 20+ calls from ex-fiance
>drink 4 beers on lunch break
>get off work at 11pm
>drink a dozen or so beers while on the phone with the ex
>go to sleep around 3am
>wake up at 12pm, have the day off
>take a shit/piss/have a cigarette
>review texts from the ex
>jerk off for a while
>watch cops, read about fallout new vegas character builds
>drink a beer
>enter this thread
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>Wake up
>skip calculus lecture to finish my speech for my communications class
>half ass the powerpoint
>nervous because I didnt pratice
>11am rolls around and its time to give my speech
>Freeze and stutter all through it, forgot half of it

It was a cringe fest all around
>walk with friends
>tumblr img
decent b8
>wake up :)
>tfw no boyfriend :(
>text my friends for some sweet male attention :p
>he is unresponsive :(
>but I know where I will get some :)
>shitpost for two hours and its lunch time since the neighbors kept me awake all night :(
>grab some breakfast :) a can of soda that's all I'm allowing myself to have a day :( and some chocolate bar :)
>not really planing to eat lunch since I'm trying to loose weight bu t mom shows up and brings a roasted chicken :(
>ate the two drumsticks and refused to eat anything else :)
>mom left angry lol
>edged for a while thinking of being fucked by some anon under the covers :)
And here I am :( I really need to do something today :(
you aint no robot. get outta here faggot.
no robot, get the fuck out.
sounds like a dream t to the bh
well fuck you in particular. gtfo.
newfag, lurk more and learn greentexting, for now, get the fuck out!
it's the first pic i found, don't be angry
i have maybe 1 "autistic friend" the other are only people i know
>wake up at 3pm
>pretend to look for job lieing to myself
>go to gfs house for the dinner she will make me
>have sex with gf then get train home
>play dota / cs till 10pm
>go to gym till 12am
>come home play dota/cs till i fall asleep at 6am
How r9k am I?
>wake up
>study 5 hours
>eat, go to the gym//running
>study other 5-6 hours
>go to sleep
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>get drunk
>listen to same song for about 4 hours straight
>get ready for uni
>come back and sleep for 3 hours
>get drunk again
my keyboard is fucked up dickweed
>wake up
>take retainers out (no bully)
>wash hands
>play vidya or watch AGDQ/SGDQ speedrun of an old favorite game first
>watch some anime if a new episode came out
>read manga if a new chapter came out
>if Wednesday/Sunday panic that I didn't do online classwork
>do 1/10th of it
>take a "break" for several hours
>panic more and eventually finish it

>if Tuesday/Thursday make sure I know the strat we're going to use for bosses in WoW
>practice once in LFR/normal LFG
>wait 10 minutes for people to show up late to raid
>spend 4 hours wondering why I bother learning the fights when no one else does
>go to bed at 4am
I'm only 10/13M no bully. I know I should have killed archi by now, guild started late and they are all normie as fuck. Literally everyone but me and the gay priest are married and have 1 or more kids
>call yourself dickweed
decent day, robot.
i applaud you.
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Every day:

>wake up at 10am
>shower and shave
>go downstairs for coffee
>parents avoid eye contact, they've given up on me
>get coffee and ramen
>go back upstairs
>shitpost and bask in my anger on the internet
>go back downstairs
>dinner, no conversation
>go back upstairs
>watch anime
>go to sleep at 2am

I've been following this schedule for the last five years I've been a neet for. Tried and true.
good routine, wish i had a basement.
You have a bathroom there, right?
no, everyone pisses in bottles, haven't heard yet?
>wake up
>shower if I have school
>eat, coffee, 4chan/homework
>go to school If I have it (tuesdays and thursdays)
>lift if no school
>shower if no school
>eat, coffee, 4chan/homework
>get home
>eat, 4chan/homework
no robot, fuck yourself.
Let's run away together to the woods and live there naked and happy like gay elves anon :)
>wake up
>go to school
>get home
>play bf4
>go to bed
fuck you I'm not a normie I don't have any friends or hobbys my life is empty and meaningless consisting only of eating working and sleeping
>wake up
>play games
>wake up
>feel bad
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t-thank you

i know you're sarcastic, but it means alot
>wake up
>drive 1 hour to minimum wage job
>wageslave for 8 hours
>drive home
>lift weights
>masturbate myself to sleep thinking about big titted milf customer I served at work and saw down her top
>yesterday a bit past noon
>was having diarrhea from drinking too much coffee since I didn't sleep the night before
>went to band practice
>practiced our set for upcoming show
>started writing a new song
>ate at Denny's
>came home and browsed imageboards
>asleep by 10pm
>woke up at 11:30am
>browsed imageboards

Sundays are the one day I don't spend alone in my room
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I had a good non-robot day actually.

(This was Friday)

>Wake up at 2pm as usual.
>Get baked and walk to work to get my check.
>Run into qt pie co-worker I've been wanting to ask out.
>We chat, she goes to walk away.
>I just blurt out if she wants to hang out, ask for number.
>Get it.
>Accidentally fucking delete it.
>Ask for it again a minute later.
>Go home and play Arkham Knight.
>Text her, she texts we can hang another time.

Hey man i'm looking at the good here. Wanted to ask her out and did.

>Ex girlfriend texts me; wants to get birthday drinks
>mfw end up fucking 3 times and she sleeps over.

Sometimes i wish i wasn't a Cyborg. There's hope...
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>thread is about greentexting last 24-hours
>greentexts three days ago instead to brag

Eat shit kissless virgin.
>Wake up 4am
>Drive to school
>Arrive at 5am
>Study til 8
>Class 8-12
>Vidya with a "friend" 12-1
>Class 1-5
>Leave for home
>Sit in traffic til 6
>Eat dinner
>Get on treadmill bc im a fat fuck
>watch tv and write
>Bed at 9
Someone kill me pls.
>wake up at half 9 instead of 12 because sister wants to go to the pub
>drink half bottle of vodka a few hours before she gets here
>drink more in the pub and enjoy a nice fish and chips with some kronenberg
>get the bus home talking about random shit
>she stays for a few hours and then leaves
>spend the rest of the day smoking cannabis and listening to music
>now im here
>wake up
>bus to school
>>drink copious amounts of water and piss
>wake up
>get brother and sister up for school
>go to work
>MMA practice
>waste the rest of my day on the computer
File: 1412882852091.jpg (34 KB, 633x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 633x900
>wake up
>go to class
>try to listen and understand but its boring as fuck
>get home
>browse 4chan for a few hours
>play csgo for a few hours
>go to sleep
File: 1454877768948.jpg (81 KB, 924x571) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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07:00 - Wake up
08.00 - Arrive at work
drink coffee and sit on my ass most of the day
17.00 - Go home
17.30 - 19.00 - sit alone in the dark and sometimes cry about how much of a failure i am
19.00 - 20.30 - did some schoolwork for my ex-gf
20.30 - ??? scroll and shitpost
>wake up
>go to college
>find out my best friend (fat, pretty autistic, acne, long curly hair, 2/10) has been banging some girl (6/10) for the past 6 months. While I (6'2", 158lbs, clear skin, kind of a big nose though, I'd say 6.5/10) am still KV
>don't know how to feel
>come home
>browse /r9k/, /v/ and play some OSU!
>eat dinner
>more 4chan and OSU
>go to bed
>wake up
>get a coffee
>take a shit
>check the news
>go to class if got any
>come back do the same before going to class
>play eso
>got out of work
>ate leftover homemade jambalaya
>watched youtube videos
>played GTAV
>went to bed
>woke up around 6AM to electrical transformer outside blowing up
>no power for six hours
>took an afternoon nap because day off
>woke up
>ate shity mcdonalds for no good reason
>now posting itt
wew lad
>3AM make art and somehow smoke literally 2 grams of weed in one sitting
>Listen to Electric Funeral by Black Sabbath 12 times at least
>Start crying and keep drawing
>Wake up this morning to call in to customer support about phone not working
>Shower and stay in the water for a while it feels pretty good
>Leave shower body starts to hurt again
>Go outside in the backyard walk around to look at the plants
>Go back to drawing and shitposting
>alarm goes off
>tell myself I'm gonna get up in time to get a shower and possibly something to eat
>hit snooze until the very last minute
>been sleeping in all my clothes lately because it makes it easier to get out of bed
>put on shoes and coat and drive to work
>sit at my desk at work for hours doing pretty much nothing
>get off work
>grab some sort of fast food (usually the only meal of the day for me)
>go home and tell myself I'm not gonna go out tonight
>eventually get bored and go down to the local pub down the street
>sit alone at the bar drinking hoping a qt or anyone will come up and talk to me
>night goes on doing nothing but drinking and smoking cigs
>maybe an occasional conversation with a regular if i'm lucky
>3am rolls around and the bars close and I stumble home shitfaced
>lay in bed and contemplate suicide before passing out
>repeat next day
Shits pretty depressing senpai. I'm 26 btw
>4am wake up
>anime till 9am
>Try and eat whatever leftover food is in my room
>anime again
>8pm decide if it is worth going outside to eat
>either eat or continue with anime/4chan
>1-2am sleep
>rinse repeat
kill me sempai
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152 KB, 616x725
24 hours
> Mom and dad drag me to superbowl party with thier friends
>Its super loud and annoying
>My oneitis is my parents friends daughter
>Super nice brown hair brown eyes short skinny girl dental grad school
>Had crush on her since we use to go camping together in middle school
>She is acting wierd doesnt say hi to me like normal
>Look around filthy disgusting mud slime who doesnt belong
>WTF is that disgusting Arab at this all white party
>ANON! HEY! meet my boyfriend MUHAMMAD
>Nigger can barely speak english
>mumbles out some stupid shit about how my football team did this year
>yeah yeah fuck you farukh
>Bitterly watch game for a quarter
>Drink Heavily
>Luckily my little bro and i drove seperate
>Leave at half time
>Go home and sulk go to bed wake up and go to work
>Get pestered by rich entitled doctors all day
>Such is life as a white cis male
>got off work
>came home and played uncharted collection
>watched super bowl
>played more games
>woke up
>went to calc class
>came home
>watching walking dead
Nice Im 32 as well hollah
>Want to see IP Man 3
>No friends unfortunately
>Muster up courage to head to local theater chain, alone
>"One for 'IP Man 3', please."
>Already getting strange looks from cashiers and usher
>Head over to concession stand and start ordering the usual.
>"Hi, I'll have a medium popcorn, cookie dough bites and a large fountain drink"
>Notice in reflection of nachos machine, cashier from earlier talking to theater manager
>See theater manager giving me the evil eye
>Take my snacks and make my way towards the movie, hear manager exit booth and head towards me
>Decide I will try to lose him even though he obviously knows what movie I will be seeing
>I turn corner and beeline for the bathroom
>Quickly throw popcorn in the direction of the last stall
>Get in first stall and shut door behind me
>Stand on toilet holding medium popcorn, large soda and cookie dough bites
>Hear manager enter bathroom
>Hear only first few footsteps, he turns on hand dryer to drown out sound
>See his body through stall cracks, following my false popcorn bread crumb trail to last shitter
>Decide to make a run for it
>Quickly whip open door and start to run
>Bathroom door is locked from the outside
>I turn around to see theater manager approaching me
>"No singles policy."
>He kicks me my chest and I double over in pain.
>Get escorted outside
>Didn't get to see movie
>No refund policy
File: Red Meme.png (139 KB, 293x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Red Meme.png
139 KB, 293x396
>wake up

today I mixed it up. I made this meme. I did not draw the meme. I found the drawing. I am not taking credit for the drawing. I did make it red though, and I did the cool writing and named it red meme. That was my creative input. I hope you guys like it.
My sides, shit post while considering suicide thanks for the laugh senpai
File: CaKcXKfWIAEhdz7.png (178 KB, 361x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 361x590
I like it anon, good job.
File: 08.jpg (41 KB, 483x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 483x346
>take a lot of amphetamine (haven't slept since Friday)
>get some pizza
>get back and watch a movie with my roommates
>take some more amphetamine
>start reading all this shit about the Nazi naval program and the Enigma machine
>start becoming convinced I am a German navy commander
>talk in secret code because the Allies are reading my thoughts
>internet stops working
>somehow crash for around 3 hrs
>wake up
>internet is working again
>have a smoke
>take some more amphetamine
>start listening to the White Light/White Heat album on repeat
>make a sandwich
>browse 4chan
>see this thread
>post in it
It's actually pretty great senpai, but you work with a bunch of fucking morons and people's lives are literally in your hands. If I fuck up a lift in an oil refinery the whole fucking thing could explode. It's fun though, like playing vidya.
File: Red king meme.jpg (50 KB, 246x487) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Red king meme.jpg
50 KB, 246x487
Thanks. I made another one too. I did draw this one though. He is also a meme like red meme but he is a better one because he is a king. if he were in a top trumps deck his stats would look like this:

Name: Red King Meme
Colour: Red
Type: Meme
Job: King
Jewels: 4
Overall Redness: 6.5
Did you at least try to fuck your sister?
damn, do you guys ever eat healthy

scrolling down real fast, half of those green text has pizza or burger in it
My life until 2 years ago: The greentext.

How long have you been going like that anon? I whistle every time I breathe because of the hole in my septum and started boozing to get rid of the shakes. Still an improvement though.
Been doing "three days then sleep" for around a month now. You would think I'd be getting more done than usual, but actually the opposite is the case.
File: Screenshot_2 (7).png (26 KB, 126x86) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Screenshot_2 (7).png
26 KB, 126x86
Anon, I need more.
We cuddled and spooned when we got back, she felt my erection but we did nothing about it.
ok. I need some time but I will try.
Yeah it doesn't work like that lad. Have you reached the never really awake, never really asleep stage yet? Keep eating, and take a break some time, unless you really plan on dying you don't want the physical problems I have.
File: Screenshot_3 (5).png (52 KB, 155x149) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Screenshot_3 (5).png
52 KB, 155x149
Thank you, do you have an email? I would like to exchange bitcoins for your finest red memes.
>get up
>work slave job
>nap when I get home
>smoke weed
I don't know if I'm there right now. I have times where I'm sort of dreaming while I'm awake, having hallucinations and delusions and that sort of thing.
File: Red dog meme.jpg (68 KB, 855x585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Red dog meme.jpg
68 KB, 855x585
i am allergic to bitcoin but will accept platitudes

this is red dog meme
alright lad just don't go full retard like me and you'll be fine-ish, godspeed
>wake up
>go to uni
>go home
>go to gym
>go home and sleep

I do all of this with nearly zero human contact and I'm kind of sick of it
File: pepepepe.png (39 KB, 418x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 418x535
>wake up
>go to KFC
>go to make model kits. working on a 79 impala.
>go to petrol station
File: 234234123453123.png (6 KB, 418x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 418x535
Do you like my pepe?
File: 958.jpg (28 KB, 500x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 500x313
>wake up
>go to class
>go to library
>meet friend in cafeteria
>go home
>play video games

I should study.
>wake up
>lie in bed feeling cosy
>wish I could take the day off
>get up
>running late so skip shower and eat chocolate for breakfast
>drive to work negotiating badly designed roundabouts and drivers who don't indicate properly
>work from 9.30-5.30
>get home about 6
>eat ready meal
>browse 4chan or watch a movie
>go to bed around 1, always say I'll go earlier but never do
>repeat the next day

My life is meaningless.
>banana meme

these are all of my memes. I need more grape drink and sleep to recharge. I will be back. Look out for me. you will know me by my red memes. They are new and dank.
>wake up
>piss and then shower
>drive to work
>work hard for three hours
>one hour lunch break
>slack off for the remaining four hours
>drive home
>eat ribs for dinner
>lie on bed shitposting
>watch shit movie
>shitpost some more
>wake up
>go to college
>go gym on break
>back to college
>come home
>eat dinner
>go to my room and go on my laptop for the night
>wake up
>wake up
>turn on wifi
>grab phone
>shitpost in bed
>wake up
>turn on pc
>leave pc on
>wake up
>attempt to log into steam
>dont bother because i cba to find phone to get steamguard code
>complain about bernie sanders
>complain about normalfags using r9k
>run bath water
>forget to get into bath
>forget to turn off pc
>wake up
>turn off pc
>wake up at 7
>hit snooze every ten minutes until 8
>brush teeth
>put on work clothes and boots
>drive to farm
>work 9-5 doing maintenance on fences, machines, barns, waterers and irrigation, same thing every day, some days things are broken but days like today it's just checking on everything and doing whatever to make sure everything keeps working right
>come home
>smoke weed
>make bologna sandwich
>smoke weed
>cook tv dinner
>smoke weed
In about an hour, I'll go to bed.
Where is all the robots at? It seems everyone posting are wagecucks
Do people really not know that pepe's been around for over 10 years?
>wake up 4 am
>work out at 5 am
>lay on floor feeling like death is imminent for an hour
>clean room
>have room inspected at 7
>stand around for 45 minutes
>go to work
>do nothing
>go to 2 hours of lunch
>check the mail
>back to work, do nothing til 4 pm
>get released
>go home
>play runescape/world of Warcraft til 10 pm
>same thing tomorrow
> wake up at six
> go to work
> study japanese, write some code
> first coworkers come in at ten
> code, internet
> go home
> make dinner
> vidya
Sad as fuck.

Original desu
Join the club.
At least you don't have an alcohol problem.

>wake up 7am
>drive to desk job at 745, arrive at around 8
>wagecuck (although I enjoy it) until 4, breaks/lunch/jog sometime in between
>arrive home at 4:15ish
>vidya/eat/shitpost until around 10
>sleep & repeat

>wake up around 8-830
>vidya/shitpost pretty much all day
>sleep at around 10-11
File: 1443963947018.jpg (58 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 600x800
fuck outa here
>wake up
>shower for a change
>eat a tub of ice cream for breakfast
>get messaged by a tranny to come meet with her and her boyfriend up city
>drag the cunt whos currently staying in my spare room up the city
>tranny pays for food
>go to card games shop
>buy shitloads of munchkin stuff
>buy coke and mountain dew with stolen tesco vouchers
>play four hours of d&d at card game shop
>go to mcdonalds with ingressfig
>cunt friend trying to white knight another tranny
>eventually all meet back up with tranny A at the hotel her boyfriendo is staying at
>cant go in because it's after 9:30PM
>walk home with ingressfig and cuntfriend
>both these fucks staying in our extra room
Where did I go wrong, why is my house a motherfucking hostel
>wake up at 7 am
>smoke a bewl
>drive to school
>stahp for donuts otw
>get to school
>tell jokes
>do worksheets while teacher sips on coffee
>go to lunch
>don't eat
>skip last class
>go to DQ
>drive home
>Fap to classmates
The Cycle Repeats in the morning
Still play WoW and runescape? You must be going all out on protecting your virginity
>wake up
>think about the poor anons that took the time to write this even tho no one cares or will read any of it
>go to sleep
>At least you don't have an alcohol problem.

I'm working on that.
Pics of the tranny?
studies show 70% of anons have an alcohol prob
>wake up
>Grab a brush and put on a little makeup
File: 1452484411784.jpg (46 KB, 370x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 370x359
I dare someone to top this cuckery
>Wake up at 4 am, yes 4 am
>Shit, shower, brush, dress up
>Leave home at 5 am
>2 hour commute
>Start work at 7
>Work in a sterile lab so I'm covered head to toe with protective gear including a gasmask which makes it hard to breath, faceshield which makes it hard to see, and enough latex to make it hard to move
>Do this for 8 hours with only a 30 minute lunch break in between
>Get off at 3:30
>2 hour commute
>Come home at 5:30
>Eat, shit, fap
>Shitpost for about an hour before until it turns 8 where I turn in for the night because I have to get up at 4 again tomorrow
>Repeat 6 days a week

Speaking of which, it's 10 minutes to 8
I guess I'll see you guys this time tomorrow
>wake up at 14:00
>breakfeast folowed by lunch
>jerk off
>try to fall asleep for 3 hours
I thought lab work was a high end job?!
File: more.jpg (200 KB, 746x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200 KB, 746x718
>wake up
>sleep again
>wake up
>eat spaghetti
>work out
>eat omelette
>read while drinking whiskey
>browse japanese imageboard
This sums up about 80% of my days, currently leet as I start working again in May.
Shove the brush in that vagoo
>wake up
>eat cereal
>play Fallout (depends on the day, I have a schedule so I don't beat it immediately and get bored)
>browse chans, mostly /r9k/, /pol/, /b/, and /mlp/
>watch YouTube
>browse again
>possibly get back on Fallout
>repeat cycles of Youtube and browsing late into the night
File: 1427506082224.jpg (14 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 480x360
>4pm - wake up
>4:30pm - shower
>5 to 7pm - chores, grocery shopping
>7:30pm - eat
>8 to 9:30pm - shitpost
>10pm - work
>6am - back home
>6:15am - eat
>6:30am - shitpost
>9am - sleep

on days off, replace work with beer
You ever just get fucking shitty drunk and penis cant work, then I try to shake it back to life
Australian detected, nice scheduale other then no liquir and weed, you are doing it all wrong senpai
Only for the doctors, scientists, etc

In my case it's pharmaceuticals, but every lab needs technicians (aka bitchboys) to do grunt work for pennies while the guy with the degree gets all the credit for it
>wake up at 1am slightly hungover
>dad is making a shit ton of noise upstairs so I can't fall back asleep like I want to
>get up
>feed cat
>play with cat for a while
>make coffee and browse 4chan
>drink coffee and play Super Mario World on emulator
>force myself to work out
>shave, shit, shower, get dressed
>go to class and hope to just listen to lecture
>it's a group assignment episode instead
>start sweating and hold back anxiety attack
>barely interact with my group, at most mumble some half assed ideas even though I know exactly what to do
>finally leave class
>stop at the store on my way home and pick up a 4 pack of Dragon's Milk and a frozen deep dish pizza
>mommy has cooked shrimp scampi for dinner
>eat dinner while shitposting on 4chan
>get email that my lecture tomorrow at 9am is canceled
>crack open first dragon's milk
>post this

Probably going to cry myself to sleep later after I drink all of this beer and eat my frozen pizza. At least I don't have to wake up early tomorrow.
Oh I usually don't drink to that point and when I do I know not to do anything with my penis but taking a piss.
Shaking it back to life doesn't sound like it could work though, right?
I meant 1pm but whatever
>alarm wakes me up at 10am
>go back to sleep till 11:30 - 12:30
>wake up
>get dressed in yesterdays clothes
>get a cup of tea
>go back to my room
>sit on my PC playing games/music/youtube/shitpost all day until my mum makes food at around 6pm
>eat at my desk
>go back to browsing the internet till 2am

If you aren't getting paid at least $150 an hour doing this you have really made some bad choices in life.
>Wake up at 12
>Shower, brush teeth
>Hair cut
>Eat chicken takeaway
>Anime (mainly OVA's and movies I've been meaning to watch)
>Video games
>Sleep in less than an hour

Unsure if I should start watching a new show from my backlog tomorrow or not
File: coolfox.jpg (101 KB, 880x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 880x880
>Go to sleep at 3.30AM
>Promise myself I'll wake up at a respectable hour.
>Wake up 20 minutes before I need to be at college.
>Get to college (barely) and spend three hours, surrounded by insufferable cunts.
>To be fair, it's not their fault; I've just fallen out of favour with humanity in general.
>Reminded that there are only 8 weeks until our final exams as I leave the lecture hall.
>"Thanks, Sandra"
>Sudden anxiety and vomit a bit in the toilets.
>Call my boyfriend to see if he's out of college yet.
>He'll meet me at 5.30.
>Visit my LGS while I wait for bf to get out.
>It's 3.20PM
>Play some Magic: the Gathering with middle-aged NEETs and highschool children, they spend the whole day in this sun-deprived pit.
>Trade some cards. I managed to shark a 13 year old for a Windswept Heath in exchange for $4 of draft chaf today.
>Bf meets me outside of the store.
>I'm fucking freezing and he offers me his hoodie even though I'm practically wearing the same clothes as him.
>We take a 20 minute bus ride home.
>Stop at mine, watch some animu.
>Eat some insta-nooderu
>He leaves and my parents get home
>I have forgotten that I have coursework that I need to attend to.
>Too late now anyway...
>Go on 4Chan and shitpost the night away.
>Go to sleep at 3.30AM
>Promise myself I'll go to sleep earlier tomorrow.
That's pretty gay, tbqhf

Grats on the Windswept Heath tho, if it was the expedition one I both hate and admire you.
It was only the Khans one but being the degenerate speculator that I am, it'll be worth a bit more than $14 after the rotation, hell it's already hard enough to find sealed product of KTK, my LGS will only open a box for drafting now.
Finishing Uni, only have grad project this semester.
>wake up sleeping on the rocking chair
>put on robe and slippers
>walk to dorm kitchen
>make tea and eggs
>eat eggs then smoke a cigarette on the balcony
>browse r9k with tea
>go to sleep for 50 minutes
>sit on couch and work on project
>receive email from other project members
>send mine
>print everything and go for a cigarette
>check if I have a meeting in the next 24 hours
>so i can prepare to sleep enough to attend the meeting
>fall asleep reading on the rocking chair

This cycle happens sometimes twice a day, but usually I sleep when it's dark. Some nights I drink while working, some nights I smoke up. But lately there is a lot of pressure.
my post number is 2635922
NEET, please
I've fucked 6 girls and only 2 of them were hookers
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