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Who else here want to adopt a cute little...
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Who else here want to adopt a cute little girl for nonpedo reasons?

>Cheyanne is a beautiful child who enjoys playing with her dolls and toys. She is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has very limited verbal ability. However, she is able to use hand signals or point to communicate. Cheyanne loves items related to Dora and Hello Kitty. She enjoys playing outdoors, but is also content staying indoors and playing with her dolls. Cheyanne tends to isolate herself from peers; however, she eats with peers at mealtime and shares a bedroom with no problems. She doesn't like sharing with peers. Cheyanne is very affectionate and loves to give hugs. She is easily distracted and has poor focus. She requires patience from caregivers, as she has difficulty with change and transition. At times, Cheyanne will have tantrums, but will respond to redirection.

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>Meet Natalie, a twelve year old beautiful young lady with brown hair and blue eyes. Natalie is described by those closest to her as being inquisitive, funny, persistent, and artistic. She is also energetic and loving. She loves fashion, clothes and jewelry. Natalie is self-confident and her appearance is important to her. She often coordinates her outfits, jewelry, etc. Natalie also enjoys being active and likes gymnastics, reading, arts and crafts, and horseback riding. She is very determined, and is able to set goals and meet them. Natalie enjoys art and is able to express herself through artistic means. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys laughing and joking. Her favorite music group is One Direction and she enjoys singing in the car. She also enjoys watching Monster High and other cartoons. Overall, Natalie is a happy child.

>Natalie longs to become a permanent part of a forever family that will love her no matter what. A family who will provide stability, enduring support, accountability, and love is exactly what Natalie needs. Her dream is to establish relationships and friendships that she doesn't have to leave behind. Natalie has expressed that she wants a family that "won't give me away when I do one thing wrong". The forever family for Natalie must be willing to provide her with unconditional love, clear boundaries, and a high level of stability and structure. Natalie would do best in a two parent, or single female parent home with a strong mother figure. She would also do best as the youngest child in the home. She would benefit from being provided with a variety of structured activities. Natalie's behavior can become challenging at times. A family who has extensive foster parenting experience, especially therapeutic care, is ideal.

autism spectrum disorder hey? That means she can't kiss and tell. I'll take it!
>She also enjoys watching Monster High
Shit taste
Ever After High is clearly the better show within that universe
3/10 wouldn't pay to adopt
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I said no pedos
>Cheyanne will become an adult
>Natalie will become an adult
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They'll never know until its too late! Its bullet-proof
Well, this is certainly on the same branch as pedophilia m8.
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S9352 (2).jpg
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>Andrea and Marissa are a sibling group of two of Caucasian descent. Andrea is a sweet and loving almost eight year old Caucasian girl. She loves to play and often seeks positive attention from adults. Andrea has an Individualized Education Plan in school, that assists with her behavioral needs. Andrea is a very anxious little girl, and needs a lot of reinforcement and encouragement to be with new people. Andrea was previously malnourished, and has made consistent progress in her weight gain.

then what is your reason anon
youll be her daddy when growns to legal age?
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thinking little girls are cute != pedophilia, SRS


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Natural paternal instincts

>Sarah is a funny, friendly and curious girl with a wealth of energy! This inquisitive child loves to learn by asking questions about everything. Frozen is Sarah's favorite movie, which is easy to see when she sings and dances along with the characters. She loves animals and is drawn to kittens, cheetahs and leopards. Sarah's favorite colors and foods go hand in hand, as she loves pink, yellow and blue, and can never get enough strawberries, bananas and blueberry yogurt.

>She is currently in kindergarten and benefits from counseling, which will need to continue following placement.

>The caseworker prefers a two-parent family willing to participate in a transitional plan prior to placement; however, all family types will be considered. She would do best in a home with no other children or as the youngest child. Sarah has close relationships with her siblings and grandmother, and would like to maintain contact after placement. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

>For Nevada children, homestudied and non-homestudied Nevada families are encouraged to inquire; only homestudied families from out of state should do so.

>see little girls/boys in public
>want to pick them up and hug them and tell them I love them and hold their hand and walk around and tell them about stuff
>tfw 25 y/o kissless handholdless virgin
My mother had a kid every two years since she was 19 until she had 4, and would have kept having more if she was sane enough to realize my stepfather was infertile. Fuck normalfags wanting me to wait until 35.
Don't have children family. You were a child once and look what happened to you
you are a scumbag
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Just make sure you can afford to buy them
>good amount of clothes

or else dont have kids imho
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Most of that crap is what is turning girls into materialist whores
All a little girl needs is love attention and protection from a strong father figure

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Pedo means child and phile means love. Don't you love children, anon?
Jesus fucking christ somebody adopt her and give her all the love she needs.
Eh they're cheap
Maybe a two-year in STEM, only my most autistic daughter will go full STEM. I don't want them nor their husbands to be burdened by that Jew shit when they're having kids.
Nope. That little slut is getting a dumbphone.
>good amount of clothes
It's like a few hundred burgers, and that'd include shoes and shit.
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2 MB, 322x179
>for nonpedo reasons
totally bro
i actually do want a kid for non pedo reasons, but no one believes you if you say you want a girl.
why are women the only ones who get to have a living doll that they dress up? i wanna do that too.
a reminder that raising others' kids is the ultimate cucking and you should be ashamed of such tendencies.
betas will beta of course, no matter what I write. this is one of the reasons our world is so horrible.
>a living doll
thats your problem.
>world is horrible because people are taking care of abandoned kids
i wonder if you people are self-aware.
Enjoy your mentally ill husk of a human being.
Don't forget to lock your bedroom door so they can't sneak in and cut your throat.
>take my words and make them mean anything you want
no that's your problem. everyone gets dressed up like a little doll when they're kids, because i use the word doll doesn't mean i think any less of them morally.
No, I fucking hate children.
Pretty sure a psychologist would spot your brain damage the moment you walked into their office. They're denying you adoption because you're broken, not because you have a micropenis.
Pretty sure you're a fat weaboo faggot living in his mom's basement and there's no way you talk like this in real life or you'd get punched on the reg desu senpai
Psychology is junk science
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>say dat 2 my face IRL and see wut happens m8
>i'll rek u m8

i'm shaking bro.
he's a retarded stormfag, he's gonna "deus vault" with some teenage methhead he kidnaps from her trailerpark until her hips snap from popping out fat blonde piggies.
RIP Destiny
by taking care of abandoned kids one encourages irresponsible behaviour.
it may seem like an act of kindness but in reality you reward evil.

it is necessary to strengthen our hearts to achieve our ideals. by showing mercy to the meek we keep stabilized this rotting piece of rock.

the one who isn't self aware is you, but I do not blame you since your limited intellect does not allow any thoughts further and farther than your next period.


>this is the Internet, it's okay if I act like a poorly drawn cartoon character
I promise this attitude you've got doesn't stop when you get up from your chair and your tendies. People in the real world see shadows of it to varying degrees and that's why you're never going to make it. You're insecure and lashing out here because you're scared to death of 3d social interaction, and that's what's holding you back, stopping you form reaching your potential and achieving your goals.
>by taking care of abandoned kids one encourages irresponsible behaviour.
pretty sure people will keep abandoning kids no matter what.

>our limited intellect does not allow....
couldn't be more wrong than this. I am a holy warrior, a philosopher, a poet. not a dumb racist.
>Cheyanne will have tantrums, but will respond to redirection
You have no idea what an autism tanrum looks like. The child will get bigger and start hurting you and herself.

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I want to adopt an Afghan child and give her/him a life without extremism and poverty. I don't know why specifically Afghan.
racism is not dumb though. That would be like saying eating or avoiding fire is dumb.
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>armchair psychology
>tells me I'm lashing out, but keeps making posts doing just that
keep going, this is entertaining. Use more tendie and fedora memes.
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>Elizabeth is a sweet, lovable, little girl. She is the baby of the family and enjoys attention from her siblings. Elizabeth loves dressing up and likes pretty, girly things. She likes having her nails painted and bows in her hair. She is a real diva. Elizabeth enjoys participating in gymnastics, the Boys and Girls Club and being on the Praise and Worship team at her church. Elizabeth is friendly and talkative. She is very good at expressing her thoughts and feelings. Elizabeth stated that if a ball is split up into four separate parts it no longer can function like a ball. Elizabeth said that was how she felt about her siblings when they are split up. More than anything Elizabeth wants to be adopted with her siblings. Elizabeth gets along well with others and likes to please adults. Elizabeth's favorite subject in school is science.

not really, when they see the repercussions the state will enact harsher laws regarding child abandonment.
but as long sensitive cucks exist this will not happen. they keep stalling the inevitable of course.

also you should see an eye doctor buddy.
I didn't say fedora, you did. Haha do you actually own a fedora? Oh my God...

You sound triggered as fuck, lol
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>Monica is a sweet child who enjoys being around others. She really likes to pretend to be a mother to her Baby Alive. She has a crib and stroller for her baby and enjoys being the mother. She is very nurturing and is good with younger children and animals. Monica really likes to help take care of real babies too. She states that she loves to play outside and likes sports such as basketball, soccer, and cheer leading. Monica can also be a girly-girl and likes to have her hair fixed and paint her nails. Her favorite foods are pizza, noodles, and bananas. Monica enjoys school and likes science and reading best. She likes doing arts and crafts and her favorite is making bracelets. Monica can sometimes act without thinking and could use a good role model to teach her better ways to get along with her sister.

>Jessica and Monica are very bonded to each other. They have always been together and want a family who will keep them together. Jessica and Monica do have some sibling competitiveness which is normal for children so close in age. They are very protective of each other. Both girls enjoy playing with baby dolls and pretending to be the mom. Jessica and Monica do well with animals and other children. They state that they enjoy sports activities and want a family who will encourage them to participate in athletic activities. Jessica is a sweet and funny girl. She loves to help out around the house by cleaning, cooking, taking out the trash, and washing dishes. She also enjoys feeding and tending to the animals. Jessica sometimes acts before thinking and will often test the limits of her caregiver. Monica is a caring and energetic girl. She loves to color and do arts and crafts. She also loves to read and will read to anyone who will listen. Monica can be hasty at times and will benefit from learning new ways to get along with her sister.

racism as in judging people based solely on their birthplace is dumb. racism as in wanting your country to prosper is also dumb but less than the former case I described.
How is the state going to stop people from dumping a kid on the street corner?
And it's our empathy thats made us the more united and dominating species on the planet.

Saying cuck over and over isn't a valid justification. And you're not proving how alpha you are by trying to push a Survival-of-the-fittest ideology.
>I am a holy warrior, a philosopher, a poet
ur a faget
>How is the state going to stop people from dumping a kid on the street corner?
Well they could make it a felony, with the death penalty for both parents as punishment. Reinforce it with a national DNA database and you'd have 0 abandoned children within a generation.
>muh normalfag mistakes
They wouldn't exist if people weren't supported in them.
File: 1445572896832.png (146 KB, 554x439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>raise her
>give her all
>make she a qt, and educate her to the max of her potential
>so chad can take her and dump her
yeah. no thanks
No you are dumb because the latter thing is not racism, its nationalism so go fuck yourself. You should automatically judge everyone to be a piece of garbage just by virtue of the fact they are a bipedal organism, skin color notwithstanding. After all they probably believe they have a right to have children and there is really no more a vile attitude than that
sounds like you want to live in an authoritarian dystopia. Good luck with that anon.
>implying harsher penalties deter crime
Why not make everything a death penalty offense, surely nobody would ever commit a crime then, right anon?
>be me
>go on website
>find qt girl who likes anime and playing video games
>almost legal
>tfw wish I was her age and my parents would adopt her. Then we become friends and fuck.
I'd probably end up molesting one so no.
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The only sound post in this thread.
what about the ones about touching little girl's cunnies?
when the government clerks realize that no cucks exist to take care of the little abominations they will start seeking their parents because no government wishes to spend it's budget on raising kids.

I'm not alpha nor beta, I'm outside that cycle. This is what I am trying to hint. We should collectively stop helping this rotten world sustain itself, it causes us nothing but harm.

Keep your empathy for your fellow cucks, I do not support social darwinism, I need only my ideas. They guide my path.

liek urmom
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>hold people responsible for dumping children
>authoritarian dystopia
I doubt Singapore has strict laws on the subject, but tell me how dystopic they are, with their alcohol prohibition, their lack of driving freedoms, their legal punishing of socially deprecatious behavior. Oh how poor and terrible their people live!

Pic related, look at this poor uncivilized folks. They need some western values.
>they will start seeking their parents
no, they won't. Like in 3rd world countries where the states doesn't take care of the abandoned, children live in the slums and form communities there. And guess what, people are still abandoning kids when there is no safety-net institution to take care of them.
>Well they could make it a felony, with the death penalty for both parents as punishment
That's retarded.
You can't just kill people until you force human nature to change.
Fallibility is something everyone has to accept anon.
by preventing the birth of potential criminals we lessen criminal behaviour.
nobody would have unprotected sex and abandon their kid if the penalty for it was death.

we'd see more abortions which is positive. crime is tempting for those who think they can get away. a national dna database can prevent that.
this desu

i would love to raise a little girl and teach her about the world. always be there for her in bad times and give her a sense of stability
having the daughter is every mans dream but there will come the day when she brings home some chad and i could not live with the fact that he pounds her little cunt while i sleep next door
too bad they can't stay pure forever
they are an islamic state so any good point about them is cancelled.

wasn't referring to hoodlum countries. they will be sterilized through airborne means.
File: dis nigga.jpg (29 KB, 600x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dis nigga.jpg
29 KB, 600x360
well keep on it anon. I'm sure if you keep advocating letting children die, unenforceable and expensive laws, and killing people who can't support a kid, we will some day live in your version of paradise where people kill anyone who shows empathy or unconditional love.
Or everyone who has sex should just make a wish to not have kids. I think both our plans are equally realisti>>26342899
c solutions!
>they will be sterilized through airborne means.
we're talking about reality. Not you're fantasy world where you're a dictator.
discussing about how the world is matches the defeated.
discussing about how the world should be is for the victors.
the thing is we, as betas will raise a gilr and she prob will become a qt. to only,.some day a "bad boy" or a chad can use her and destroy her (or maybe she will become a roastie)
>being grounded in reality and discussing practical solutions for real problems is for the defeated
>fantasizing about killing people who don't think like you do is for victors

yeah, you're clearly retarded
take your defeatist arguments and shove them up yer arse.
no change would come if all people were "grounded in reality". kings would still rule the plebs instead the merchants who rule them today.

>muh realism, b-but m-maturity dictates that!

this is not your cuck meeting board. I'm sure you social circles will value your drivel )

also I never supported the culling of humans, just stop helping them survive.
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>Waiting Since: 10-11-2013
Why is it all girls OP? Why not raise a boy into a man?
>Her dream is to establish relationships and friendships
girls are easier to raise because they are natural followers
10/10 Would tickle
I want a child of my own too, just to see if I'm capable of making her obedient to beyond belief, I want a god damned russian soldier, to do my bidding, to never make me mad, exactly the opposite from my sister, I just wanna see that shit. On the other hand, raising a boy would be cool too, gaming partner baby!
File: 1443649591611.jpg (118 KB, 715x668) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dumping what I got
File: 1443660847117.png (116 KB, 659x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1443650057751.jpg (225 KB, 890x908) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1443634732619.jpg (132 KB, 667x723) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1443640696812.jpg (131 KB, 726x690) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do you think those kids would be pissed if you changed their names after adopting them?
File: 1443647122943.jpg (283 KB, 1148x1022) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1443649567199.jpg (143 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 640x1136

Who knows? Can't see why you would though.
File: 1443649837237.jpg (147 KB, 905x767) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1443650551530.jpg (174 KB, 843x793) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bl0x, that's all I got
Even if those weren't real which I refuse to believe they were, this was a great dump. Thanks, bot.
Boys are more loyal though and have less upkeep.
No boys are more independent
The reason that now women are more degenerate than men now is because the are being raised by the media instead of their family
Groups like the Amish have a higher retention rate of women than men
Thread replies: 97
Thread images: 33
Thread DB ID: 493784

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