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Manbots, what is your relationship with your...
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Manbots, what is your relationship with your mother like?

Do you have "mommy issues"?

How meaningful do you think a mother's role is in the development of her son's social/romantic skills as an adult?
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My mom had 10 abortions before me. I was conceived at a concert with a stranger. She used a ton of meth and didnt want me. Dropped me off at my grandmas house. My grandma adopted me. My grandma was mentally ill and emotionally neglected me. Her husband raped me. I lived in books and later, the internet.

Im a recovering NEET of 8 years, I have severe anxiety problems, I never feel good enough, dissociate with even the slightest cues of danger, and I'm on /r9k/.
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My mom is a manipulative piece of not so good of a person, she is constantly yelling at my dad, they always fight, since i can remember, my dad is a beta faggot and never laid hands on her.

She is not a bad person but she doesn't understand or have compassion for him, working like a maniac. I didn't get any values from her because she was working while i grew up, my grandmother thought me to be a good person to forgive and to help.

So not at all a mother is not that important, Women that are having babies RIGHT NOW are terrible mothers, from 16 to 26 they are just ridiculously useless waste of space, vapid and self absorbed, i don't blame them though human's are not made to have one single partner for the rest of our lives, men seek the need to have as many partners as possible not because we are "pigs" but that's what our instinct tells us, our subconscious is constantly pushing us to spread our genes as much as possible.

Granted beta males are as docile and loving and caring as a dog so it's hard for them to betray a woman , it's almost impossible, but women need to kinds of men, they need a provider that takes care of all the material needs, and they need a bull to fuck their brains out and satisfy her in bed.

It is therefore a very rare occasion to find a successful loyal men for they are empowered to have more kids with different women simply because they can afford it.

In conclusion no i don't have mommy issues, i see the type of person my mom is , and i can only call my father a saint for not stomping her jaw everytime she yells at him. She has no control over her emotions. i really can't understand how they are still together, they should have been divorced by now.
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Suicide when??

dude i don't know if all that it's true but if it is. you deserve peace.
she's ashamed of me. keeps telling me thing like "youre missing out on life" and "so is the family ending with you" i also thing she knows im gona kill myself she gets really worried when i dont call for a week or more
My mom told me this last time she gave me a ride
>When you where still a kid I didn't even think you'd ever be able to even consider living on your own or caring for yourself. I am already proud
Gave me some good feels
Then some bad ones because I am lying piece of shit who lies to his own mother
My mum and I are close.

But I feel like shes kind of given up on me.

She no longer bothers me about anything. My other siblings are all married/successful careers etc so I guess shes happy she at least got all the other siblings right. I'm the oddity in the family. It would probably be a lot easier to explain if I was just literally medically retarded.
i hate her by now
she is a hypocrite piece of shit with a victim complex, wasnt always like this but she is one now and i dont love her one bit

I'm still holding out for a happy life. Maybe its stupid of me.
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I really don't want to say anything because there's nothing more of value to say.

Hope you can find your happiness
I haven't talked to my mom in over a year, and I don't really plan to again. my parents got divorced and my mom moved several states away when I was in college. She didn't even tell me where she moved to and I didn't feel like I had a family Any more, when I needed it most. I was miserable and depressed in school and dropped out.

Now all she does is criticize me when I see her and there is nothing worth talking to her about, so I don't. Plus she lives in an apartment and I'd have to sleep on the couch if I wanted to visit her so fuck it.
My mom's great. Really open and accepting of all of us. It always felt like you could talk to her as an equal, argue and hash things out with her and at the end of it come to an understanding, and at the same time she always let us know how much she loved us and showed us her maternal instincts. I love annoying and joking around with my mom if we're out doing errands. You can talk to her about anything, and she was never overbearing or strict, just really understanding. I was the 3rd oldest but I lived at home the longest since my younger sister moved out before me. I moved across the country 4 months ago so I miss her and home when I'm feeling homesick, and she still goes to pieces and tells me how much she misses me when we talk. I was her only boy and her favorite so she's partial to me, and I really love and appreciate her after seeing how strict and uncompromising some people's parents can be. If you ever did something she did like, she'd let you know but she'd be there for you. She's the best mom. I think a mother can definitely influence that, I mean she's the one that raises you so your social skills will be influenced by her at some point. She was always encouraging when it came to girls, always wanted me to get out and carry on the family name since I'm the only boy, and now that I have a girlfriend she does her best to look out for me and make sure I'm treated right.
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