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Fuck off with the religious shit
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What the fuck is with all the religious nuts here suddenly postingabout 'accept the kike on the stick and your life will feel better! xDDD'?

Reminder Cucktianity is a normalfag religion. You think any of the normalfags in the churches wouldn't whisper and giggle at seeing the lonely creepy Robot going to church on Sunday? What makes you think they'd want to share their shitty Heaven with you? Everything you like is banned in Heaven, yet it's supposed to be the 'greatest reward'.

Sex? No, banned
Food/drink? Banned
Adventuring? No, all you do is worship God, because apparently, a 'perfect' being is so self-centered he needs beings to worship him for all eternity

And I know for a fact that there are a bunch of Robots whose problems stem from the sandnigger religion: the gaybots who had the crazy fundies, the ones who couldn't go over to a friend's house because 'tut-tut, Robot, he's not [insert any denomination here]! or a myriad of other insane antics.
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>religion run exclusively by virgins worshipping a man who died a 30+yr old virgin, who was born to a virgin mother.
Fuck off with your kike on a stick.
All the right wing shit is the cool thing on 4chan right now, and religion comes with that. People are having a knee jerk reaction to the insane SJWs and right wingers basically own /pol/ which is leaking over to other boards. Plus there's plenty of young posters who were raised as Christians that are probably more than happy to flaunt their religion now that it's socially acceptable.

Either way, I don't mind them being here but they need to fuck off with their bullshit crusade against "degeneracy" since they're just as bad as the sandniggers they hate who try to enforce sharia law wherever they go.
I really want the Christians to fucking die. I've been browsing here since late 2004/2005, and I remember this place was always largely atheist,and agnostic at most. But since late 2014, there's been this explosion in 'guys, I'm a Christian'.

I want it to die - Christianity (and Islam too) are literally thousand year old memes that just need to fuck off and die.
I think you misunderstand what heaven is op.
The normalfags who whisper and giggle at the lonely creepy robot wont be going there any way.
Please take your missionary shit to somewhere else. Take it /christian/ on the other *chan. I'm not interested in your fairy tales from 2000 years ago.
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Try and make me leave normie
>the normalfags in the churches
going to church is a shitty meme and has little to do with christianity
you should become a gnostic christian apostate like me
kek about as christian as mudslimes
>le i've been here since 2005 meme
every atheist says this
there are mudslimes who are literally more christian than you, fuckboy
>gnostic presuming to talk about christianity
>when he's been btfo for 2,000 years
>being this buttdevastated his "faith" is a meme
The Internet in general was becoming increasingly atheist back then but then Reddit spawned some embarrassing militant atheists which led to atheism being lumped in with the Reddit boogeyman and eventually the fedora meme was born. These were the start and people around here will make fun of atheists because of that shit now.

With atheism no longer being accepted, Christians started to move in and push their shit. They're riding the current wave of SJW hate to make themselves seem appealing with the whole degeneracy crusade.
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Chad detected

if you think censorship is an acceptable way to deal with dissent then there's a popular website that might be more to your liking
identifying with a religion is normalfaggotry

actually being a zealot is not.

as a zealot you get to rail against the normies and have them take you seriously. you get to scare their children with concepts like eternal damnation. It's about as far away from normalfags as you can get.
Sounds like someone is going through their "edgy" phase.

Don't worry, you'll smarten up eventually.
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>w-we were censored
>Irenaeus didn't btfo us I swear
I rate this at least a 26335624 on the edge scale
Typical edgy atheist. Enjoy being raped by demons in hell while I enjoy paradise with my Lord. Amen.
a retard who operated under five or six layers of delusion regarding both pre- and post-christian gnostics
it's tragic that his dumb book was all we had to go on regarding christian gnosticism before nag hammadi but hey them's the breaks
Why do you hate God?
Your fedoras are showing, lads.

A fire dies without oxygen and a whore starves without attention. The trick is not to give a shit.
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>a retard
Nice try Mani
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lmao way to read wikipedia homie
do you take the greenpill meme seriously too?
Lord bless this angry soul and may all who read his post find the true light of the world and find their way, may they all find love and know they are loved by you and learn to let go of their hate and self loathing, all are worthy, all have purpose, do not despair. In Jesus name, amen.

You sound hurt. Wanna talk about it, OP?
pic related could've been literally taken off some normalfags instagram, put through a few filters, and then its perfect cringe thread material. fuck off normie.
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they have become desperate for money, they are using every means necessary to convert.

But can you really blame them?? i mean they have the added bonus of fucking little boys and getting away with it.

that's truly beautiful, also they are so eager to praise god in a church which does not pay taxes and produces incredibly large amounts of money but doesn't answer to the government about it.

Try going to one of these faggots and ask them, do you think the church should pay taxes on all the millions of dollars/euros they make each week??


Ah i see you truly are a retard.

They could solve so many problems in so many third world countries, but instead all they want is more followers to this fantasy narrative, they don't go there to help, yes they bring some water some food etc, but at then end what they want is to convert as many as possible. Truly disgusting people.

No wonder they get shot point blank
sometimes i get to shake a cute girl's hand at church
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Truly the words of a cuck.

What ever you do you can't suppress those thoughts of pounding her ass till she screams, for all your efforts and prayers you can't suppress you biological needs. You want to fuck them even right now as you are reading this you would love to much her rug and spank her, make her scream with joy, fill her throat with your tiny penis, and say all kinds of shit to her.

You want to squeeze her tits so hard it leaves hand marks, you want to bite her but cheeks until they start bleeding.

You are getting an erection while reading this.

For shame anon, what would god think of you??
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