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Why didn't you stay with your childhood...
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Why didn't you stay with your childhood friend?

She loved you, and you abandoned her. She could've been your wife by now.
I moved. I really wish I tried to stay in contact but my life was a mess at the time.
I've been thinking of her a lot lately.
Shit, wasn't expecting to feel tonight..
BEcause she became an absolute whore?
we started talking less and seeing each other less once we went to different schools, I don't think she would like knowing that I grew up to be a complete faggot
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I moved too far away. I was dumb, she was smart. I was poor, she was rich. I was lazy, she was outgoing. It wouldn't have worked out anyways.

I don't want to remember all the embarrassing things I did during that time either.
I don't have any childhood friend.
i am

i've known her since 1st grade and we've been together almost 5 years now.
Never had a friend that was a girl until I was 22. However, I ended up dating the girl I lost my virginity to. She asked me out before I ever talked to her.
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I was doomed from the start

Don't remind me of those feels
kek, what childhood friend? I had girls calling me ugly and saying I was never going to have a girlfriend at the age of 8.
Because she turned on me like the rest of them did because of some fucking rumor.
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I hate this meme more than any other, I stayed with my childhood friend and I started dating her in highschool.

I dated her for 3 years. She cheated on me for the last 3 months of our relationship, and her family which loved me and my our mutual friends (which comprised of all of my friends) felt the need to split themselves up between us, and they ended up either siding with her, or just not talking to either of us.

Now I know longer have anyone to love, a best friend or a girlfriend.

I wish I never spent time with her as anythimg more than a friend.
she hung out with weird anime kids

I don't think she ever saw me in that way, Anon.
We drifted apart too early.
Also I acted like an idiot. So that's impossible now.
What childhood friend? Most of my childhood friends were boys. And the few girls aren't the type I'd date.
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I'm gay

>she actually tried contacting me after all these years to get together
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one of them has a severe drug addiction and is constantly in and out of rehab. i've tried to talk to her about it but she doesn't even listen to the people who are still close to her and she certainly doesn't listen to me. i only even tried to talk to her about it because anons urged me to after i whined about it in a 'write a letter to someone' thread one time

i don't know what the other was doing, but the reason i stopped getting to see her was that our mothers had a falling-out, so who knows. she might not even remember me

as for the guy friends i had as a child, the ones i've met as a young adult - it was just strange, we didn't know each other anymore. i don't think that would be any different for the girls
I was, until recently, with her.

She left me for a girl

Life is meaningless.
I moved, she's probably been through a dozen guys by now.
because my mom made us move at least 5 times

fuck her, seriously. I could have been way more happy with my original friends, highschool, and life I would have had
She moved to another country, her best friend told me that she was in love with me. Sometimes I cry beacuse I'm fucking single while ALL my friends have girlfriends and all that stuff. Holy crap, son, you did it, feels go all the way.
I moved 5 times before high school
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I never had a childhood friend.

I wish that I did. I wouldn't have abandoned her.
i was crushing on her hard but she didnt crush on me.

then i was crushing on someone else and she wanted me badly.

fucking women.
If you had a childhood friend then other girls would've been attracted to you as a result and snatched you away anyway, leaving her to rot.
She moved away from me. She's a red-headed stunner now though, and she seems like she's slightly interested in some of the same things as me on Facebook. I'm also more physically attractive than the last guy she dated (not saying much), going by her timeline. I haven't talked to her since we were like 10~ though, and then I got fat, and now I'm losing it, but i'm still a hikkiNEET. I wish though. Thank god for normiebook though.
There hasn't been a single point in any time in my life where I've actually had a friend.
She was never really my friend. We used to go to the same day care, but that was all she ever mentioned. We tried to be friends and hangout, but I was socially awkward and she had no problems ditching me one night and never making contact to let me know where she was. Anyway, wrote her a letter and REEE'd at the end, and I never bothered to even stalk her. I wanted to check up recently, but then I realized what a mistake that'd be.
Never had one.
I moved schools frequently when I was younger, and in middle school I was a massive sperg who couldn't talk to females because I couldn't handle my puberty induced new feelings towards them.
I did have one good friend I had back when I lived in The Bay Area when I was waaay younger, like in 1st grade. used to go over to his house all the time and play Halo with him. It was pretty rad.
I'll be your friend-
I can relate. Girl orbited me for years, I was probly the only guy that didn't treated her like shit in high school. She was cute, but akward as fuck and into weebs stuff. I eventualy let her date me, and I enjoyed it while it lasted. We were a couple until first semester of college, where she left me for one of our friend. I have very few now.

I was told after that she was seeing him even when we were still dating. Funny thing is that I was still a virgin. We were saving it for the right moment...

Should have stayed friends.
I had a that kind of friend in kindergarten. Come first grade and she thought I had cooties and fucking abondaned me. Tried contacting her on facebook recently and I didn't even get a message back. fucking bitch. She turned out pretty hot too
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I was with her.
>met when I was 5, my family had just moved to a new town
>she lived down the street and was a year older than me
>used to hang out all the time, having snowball fights, biking around town, playing video games, everything
>developed feelings for her in high school
>asked her out in my second year, neither of us had ever dated
>it was mostly just us doing what we'd always done; hung out in my parents' basement, or in the park, or at the arcade, just with more hand holding
>got more serious later in high school, kissing, talking about our future together, things like that
>she stayed for a fifth year of high school to be with me longer
>she was always pretty smart and wanted to be a doctor
>I was considered smart but I always slacked off instead of doing work, had no idea what I wanted to do
>not long after I turned 18, still in high school, she proposed to me
>we filled out the paperwork, snuck off, and got married that weekend
>finished high school, she got into a great university a few hours away
>I got into the local one, having decided to study computer-related stuff
>we would alternate me driving up to see her and her driving down to see me on weekends
>moved up to be with her after I finished my degree
>she got pregnant, had a daughter
>at this point we told our parents we'd been married for a couple years
>one day she doesn't come home from class
>get a call a few hours later, from a local hospital, asking me to come in and identify a body
I did stay with her, as long as I could. She was my best friend and the first girl I ever loved.
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Why isn't there much decent female NTR stuff?
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Sometimes I feel like a loser among losers.

I've never had a female friend.
I hope your daughter will look like her and grow up to be a smart doctor. She'll maybe fill a little of the void in you heart anon
This might sound really gay but this comment actually has me tearing up.

I'm sorry that had to happen to you, anon.
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I'm jealous of the young love you got to experience, but goddamn.
She's just like her mother so far. Stubborn, smart, tomboyish, and sweet as can be. Breaks my heart that she'll grow up not remembering her mom.
It was the best time of my life, being with her in high school. Even just sitting under a tree in the park talking, or on the breakwall by the lake, everything always seemed so vibrant. It's like I've been living in shades of grey since she's gone.
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What childhood friend? I've never had one aside from my one bro.
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Things will get better anon.
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Fuck, anon.
Things are working their way to it. Been close on four years now. A girl at work asked me out for next Sunday. That should be nice, at the least. Doubt it'll go anywhere but it'll be nice to be around someone outside of work. I don't do well alone.
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>grew up in an elderly people neighborhood
>no neighbors my age ever
>only talked to guys up until like senior year in high school

>having female friends
I didn't have a female childhood friend. The one friend I had was a huge sperg. He lives on the other side of the US now and I don't really care one way or another.
That's the most retarded fucking fantasy.

I watched mine slowly turn into a meat toilet for Chad. Forrest Gump was too real.
>Jenny starts fucking shit-awful men, just the worst men, rewarding all their bad behavior and domestic violence with sex while ignoring Forrest or a decent man of average intelligence
>Eats up the hippie "get naked and fuck everybody" crap
>Thinks people will want to hear her music if she gets naked for them
>Abandons Forrest multiple times
>Appears out of the blue one day and says Forrest's a bretty gud guy and he should come up and take care of her bastard son because she's getting BTFO by STDs
How many roads must a man walk down indeed, it was too fucking real watching that Stacy make life hell for Forrest and spread her legs for the men who beat her
If you knew the pain you suffer now, would you still have dated her back then?

You have the memories of her at what was probably the best time of her life, and nothing will ever tarnish it. She will remain pure in your heart. She will never cheat on you, fight on you, leave you.

With all the grey on your canvas, it's the random spot of color that you will notice and appreciate the most. And it won't be worth nothing.
>i will never have such a happy relationship
>even if i was lucky enough, the best i could have would be a relationship based first on mutual physical attraction, not shared experiences and enjoying each others company
I had a childhood sweetheart. She lived across the street from my grandma. We were inseparable from young children to our teenage years, at which point we grew apart for reasons I'm really not sure. It makes me very sad to this day many years later

Her life turned out extremely fucked up and I often wonder what could have been different..
I moved
Oh well
At 29, I have to say that every year I feel like everything becomes more and more dulled for me.

Happiness, sadness, any emotion is less and less intense. It's just slowly getting closer to a baseline. Watching shows is more and more boring. I keep trying to get back into playing video games but I just can't get sucked into their world like I used to. Everything does seem to get more and more gray and I can't figure out a way to reverse it.

I want to fucking feel alive again. My memories of being younger feel like a different lifetime. I keep hoping that I can find something to wake me up from this fucking daze that I feel like I keeping slipping deeper and deeper into.
>If you knew the pain you suffer now, would you still have dated her back then?
Yeah, I would. It hurts more than anything else has ever hurt, but she brought more joy to my life than I can say.
>You have the memories of her at what was probably the best time of her life, and nothing will ever tarnish it. She will remain pure in your heart. She will never cheat on you, fight on you, leave you.
That's true. I look back and I only really remember the good. Sitting in the arcade while it was pouring rain outside, playing air hockey and eating pizza. Or sprawled out in my parents' basement playing Street Fighter and talking shit. Walking through the park in the winter holding hands. Biking down the trail in town as kids, not really planning to go anywhere or do anything.
>With all the grey on your canvas, it's the random spot of color that you will notice and appreciate the most. And it won't be worth nothing.
That's true too. When everything's so dull and dreary-seeming all the time, it makes those brief moments when I think I smell her perfume or hear her calling to me from a crowd that much stronger. It's like being surrounded by a fog, and, just for a minute, it vanishes and I get this sharp pain in my chest when I remember she's gone, then the fog just comes back. But the few moments where I forget I'm alone are perfect.
Jenny lived a shitty fucking life, being molested and abused and growing up in a time when the fabric of America was being torn to shreds. She was in no way ready for the life she got sucked into.
She moved away

Last thing I remember from her is getting a kiss on the cheek
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Gomu Gomu no johj.png
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I haven't seen her since i was like 6-7 years old. apparently both of our moms saw something in us because we would always hold hands waiting for the bus together and we would hangout at each others place for hours and I remember she would often be the first invite me over after school. She moved a year or so later. I bumped into her mom a couple of years ago I'm still surprised she remembers me after all these years. Apparently shes a model for some clothing company. She gave me her daughters number and said to text her or call her and catch up together. I popped a msg and I never got a reply and i said fuck it shes probably getting fucked by chad anyways she probably doesn't even remember me anyways
Damn anon. This is easily the saddest thread in ages
>That's true. I look back and I only really remember the good. Sitting in the arcade while it was pouring rain outside, playing air hockey and eating pizza. Or sprawled out in my parents' basement playing Street Fighter and talking shit. Walking through the park in the winter holding hands. Biking down the trail in town as kids, not really planning to go anywhere or do anything.
Holy shit is this for real?...
Man I am so, so sorry for life to fuck you two up like that.

God damned, how do you still function? Not trying to be a dick. Please take care of your daughter, I don't even know if I'd ever be able to love anyone else.
Also Jenny was the one helping to shred America's fabric, familio estevez
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>tfw you receive your first love letter
>tfw she moves away a few years later
>tfw you meet her again in high school
>tfw she doesn't even want to be friends
>tfw she ends up doing the things in life you wanted to
>tfw she is doing better without you
>tfw all your previous relationships ended this way

>all your previous relationships

Fuck you
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I don't understand why people post this image so much. Both Akko and Toki are lesbians and Kyoutaro stopped being relevant after the first chapter of the manga, now all he does is buy Tacos so Yuuki can power up and be gay with Ryuumonbuchi's butler. Also neither of those girls know the guy in canon. How this image escaped the Saki threads is beyond me
>mfw people post pics of anime they don't watch
I'm moved be your story anon. I hope you'll be able to dispel the fog and find the artist to put more color in your days.

May she rest in peace.
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please respond
originoli commentoli
I'm tearing up anon. I don't know if I'd be emotionally strong enough to endure what you have.
I met her in 7th grade if that counts. Was my absolute best friend till 9th when I confessed to her. I was obviously rejected. My home life was terrible. My dad who I lived with was a drunk abusive fuck and my mom lived like 2 hours away. I stayed with my dad all that time cause I knew if I left I wouldn't see her anymore. After she rejected me I decided to move in with my mom. Ended up going to one of Massachusetts worst city's public schools. Couldn't make any friends so I ended up dropping out and was neet for two years. Completely lost contact with her at that point. She also ended up getting into heroin around the time I left. She's clean now and just had a kid like a month ago. Idk why I typed all that, I went completely off topic. But now I'm alone and I can't help but think what could have happened if I had just stayed. Maybe she wouldn't have started doing dope. Maybe I would have started doing dope. Maybe we would be together right now instead of me typing all this out for you faggots. Idk thanks for the feels op. Fuck you
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-10 GBP
"He was not able to handle other people stories and went full SJW style of wanting to silence them."
Fuck you too faggot.
You wouldn't change anything if you had stayed. Something was wrong from the begining if she rejected you. Don't have regrets over this.
It's not really about being strong. You just go numb.
Thanks. I hope she's at peace. I'm not religious but I hope there's something there so I can see her again.
I had two.

The first one was a new neighbour at the time, it was clear early on she liked me, I liked her too, but she had a much bigger crush on me, she was very playful with me. Eventually she wanted me to be her boyfriend so I agreed but by that evening she had foolishly pretended to have another boyfriend and feigned breaking up with me. It was no big loss to me, I was a kid and I didn't really understand this stuff.

I can't remember exactly if it was the next day, but soon after that, another girl who lived in the same street approached me with her sister and proposed that I be with said sister. This girl was more tomboyish and tsundere. I spent more time with her and eventually she grew to dislike me and wanted nothing more to do with me, I don't know what became of her. The first girl later told me that she wished she hadn't pretended and when she found out I was with the second girl she cried. She became more bitchy and slutty in school, and even though I wasn't popular in school she sometimes showed interest. She now has a kid of her own.
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>she thought I had cooties

Cooties are an illness that mainly affects females though.
P sure she killed herself and im too pussy to call her phone and find out for sure
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