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>taking the proper dosage of lexapro
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>taking the proper dosage of lexapro
>still get brain zaps

I know there's others taking lexapro here. Do you guys get this too? Maybe it's from all the coffee I drink.

/medication general/?
what the fuck is a brain zap?

i have never and will never fuck with those kike pills, but i see people talking about that constantly here
basically just short head rushes. I don't know why they're called brain zaps. It makes it sound weirder and more intense than it really is, but they're annoying regardless.

Psych meds are bad news in general. You can take them at the recommended dose and still have all sorts of fucked up problems. You probably shouldn't take them unless it's literally the only thing that keeps you alive.


>what the fuck is a brain zap?

It's a sensation people get on SSRIs (or when coming off of them) where they feel like they're getting suddenly shocked / jolted from their brain. It's incredibly annoying, every time you try to relax you can feel it coming on and you can never get used to them and ignore them because part of what they do is trigger all of your "something is horribly wrong" emotions even though you know it's a supposedly harmless side effect.
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holy fuck why are people still taking those

hate to sound like a meme but really, smoke some indica pot if you're feeling down or have a trip on psychedelics if you feel like analyzing your life from an objective point of view

from what i've read those jewpills just rob you of all emotion and feels and you cant jack off
>expecting african american gentlemen in the US to sell you indica

I have to wait until legalization if I want indica. only smoke once a month now because pot gives me schizotypal symptoms socially if I do it to much, but I already attributed it to the high thc vs cbd (not sure if I got those right) sativa strains you get on the street.

>from what i've read those jewpills just rob you of all emotion and feels and you cant jack off

If you're lucky that's all they'll do. Psych pills are fucking satanic, antipsychotics are even worse.

I got em real bad when I stopped taking effexor.
I prefer the term brain shivers though.
I'd rather feel like a sociopath than a timid loser honestly, anon.

Whenever I get high I still feel.
am i being memed?

maybe 1 out of 10 times i buy weed it's a sativa

most of the time it's that thick, dense, danky stuff that smells earthy and just you know, indica-y
I took some anti psychotics that weren't prescribed to me (yolo rite) for the entire day it felt like I was walking improperly, like I was putting the wrong amount of weight on one side of my foot.
Fuckin' weird stuff
mine isn't shit. i'm in florida, and those islanders have good stuff usually.

Antipsychotics actually induce similar conditions to what Parkinson's disease causes in the brain (in both cases the symptoms come from lack of dopamine). On moderate doses you can end up becoming permanently suffering from these Parkinson's-like symptoms even after you quit taking the drug. And to make matters worse, having problems with rigid muscles, shaking, and random involuntary facial twitches all end up making you look like you're crazy even if you're not, leading to more involuntary hospitalizations and forced psych drug treatments.
I only get those when I forget to take mine for too long. Pretty sure it's just withdrawal in my case
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Zoloft doesn't make me any happier or less anxious, I just don't have any fucking motivation anymore. When I normally would have started studying, I think "Hey, I'm pretty smart, the IQ Jews said so. Studying is for idiots." and then fail the test.
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They are weird electrical zaps in your brain you get from taking SSRI antidepressants.
Usually they feel like little "pops" in your brain, like pop-rocks candy crackling right behind your eyes. I could trigger them by looking side-to-side quickly.

I would get them a few times a day when I was on those drugs. I was on Zoloft, and then Prozac and then Lexapro over the course of 5 or 6 years. When I stopped taking the drugs I would get the zaps every couple minutes. Sometimes I would get a strong one, my vision and hearing would go all screwy for a second, and I would lose my balance and my train of thought. It was like my brain was short-circuiting and then trying to catch up.

I've been off those drugs for about a year. I still get a brain zap once in a while (I never had one before taking those drugs) and I'm not sure my emotions ever came back to normal. I don't really get sad anymore, but I don't get happy, either. I don't really care about anything. I'm a 27 year old virgin, I haven't had a single friend for years and years, and I don't give a fuck. I just don't care about anything anymore.

I went on the drugs because I had a mental breakdown. I was having non-stop panic attacks. I started starving myself. I am gay and wasn't able to cope with it. I got bullied so much in high school I started going fucking nuts. In hindsight I kind of regret going on these drugs but I don't know if I really had a choice. I was completely dysfunctional and my panic attacks around people were becoming so bad I couldn't leave my room. Once the drugs "fixed" my brain I became a zombie but I could go out and I was eating normally.
>It's a sensation people get on SSRIs (or when coming off of them) where they feel like they're getting suddenly shocked / jolted from their brain.
This has happened to me for much of my life, what the fuck

I was on depression medication as a kid but I've been off them for over 6 years.
Lexapro is fucking poison. Get off that shit. It's better to think about suicide all day than it is to numb it away completely.

Get better naturally, or just stay natural and suffer. Don't fucking take Lexapro, it's poison.

You'll regret it you fucking idiot!

Get off Lexapro!
>an SSRI that increases neurogenesis is poison

wew lad

I actually feel a lot better cognitively than I have since I was 18 or 19 since going on lexapro. I was becoming less creative and duller in general because of my deteriorating mental health.
Im alot like this. Ive had depression all my life, and was put on Paxil when i was 8. Well im 26 now and still on Paxil.

Ive tried to titrate off but when i did a like 6 years or so ago, i had a massive seizure, and it started with some of the worse brain zaps i have ever felt. It felt like my blood veins where popping behind my eyes.

I was held in the hospital for a few weeks titrating off, but i still had symptoms. Bright ass lights, Blank mind, vomiting, uncontrollable shaking.

Im pretty sure im fucked up forever because of this drug.

And whats funny is, i told my new psych about all of this, and she doesn't believe that it happened and wants me to go up in dose. Because i complain im still anxious.

I just want off, i just want to feel emotion again, and care about shit again. But im not sure i can ever get off.

Use anti-depressants as a last resort.
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That looked like twelve kinds of a penis from the catalog, holy shit.
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>works for me must work for everyone else.

Psych drugs is literally like throwing shit at a wall and hopes it will stick.

Ive tried almost ever anti-depressant on the market.
except the neurogenesis is generalizable to the greater population

side-effects and how well they actually treat your depression/anxiety symptoms varies more
>tfw I just started taking SSRIs
Am I fucked?
Taking Sertraline in the morning and Mirtazapine in the evening
vary more*

i keep making obvious grammar mistakes ITT. is quite triggering. need to proofread more.
> regurgitating neurogenesis meme like an obedient parrot

All I know is that it completely fried my brain.
I guess most US-Americans know it as Zoloft and not Setraline
god damn this is so fucked.

especially that your new psych wants to up your dose. fuck. it's scary how uneducated doctors can be about the drugs they prescribe.
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Source form medical trials?

And you do know that drug companies lie about positive effects and side effects CONSTANTLY.

You want proof of that, look at the company that made Paxil the drug im on.


Keep taking you meds good goym

there's a starting point for you goy
>Ive tried to titrate off but when i did a like 6 years or so ago, i had a massive seizure

Something I never reported to my psych/doctor is that one morning a day or say after I began "weaning" off, I could barely walk a few steps down my hallway. I collapsed alongside the wall and was totally uncoordinated.

Years later and I've never been the same. I think I might have had a stroke or something, but was too fucked up in the immediate time afterwards (A few months) to ever get anything done about it.

Been massively fucked ever since.
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Im bringing my hospital records from my ER hold. The ER doc even said Paxil was poison and most SSRIs/ antidepressants have awful discontinuation syndrome.

She keeps spouting "but there are no side effects!"
Daily reminder that your pharmacist is most likely lying to you about all generic drugs being the same as each other and the name brand of that drug.

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>not a med trail or mechanism of action white paper.

Seriously man, read into how fucked up the whole psychiatric medication world is. Don't do it just to prove me right or wrong do it for yourself.

I don't wan to see anyone stuck on a med.

Look at all the problems people are having with Aurobindo drugs (especially their amphetamine tablets)

For just one example, google "aurobindo pharma" "facebook").

Check out that comment on their wall where the guy says the company needs to be shut down because their medicine nearly killed him.

I'm thinking most likely it was their amphetamine. There's something seriously wrong with it...I took it and had a psychotic episode. Started hearing voices and lost all sensation in my body because the vasoconstriction was so insanely severe (far worse than with other brands of amphetamine)
What drug (or combo)? Man im sorry to hear that. I hear a lot of this shit about antidepressants.

My best friends wife was put on Lexapro for postpartum depression, She has been off for years and years. And she still says that she doesn't really care about much and feels like she is living in a dream.

Im not saying meds dont help some. id only take ADs if its the only think keeping me alive.
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That is is scary anon, hopefully you are not still taking them.

This is sadly an almost common practice of releasing unsafe drugs or covering up potentially life threatening/changing side effects.
You can find lots more on that. Look it up yourself. I'm too busy doing other stuff, but I've read about it in the past.

Everyone will attack companies for the outliers where someone gets fucked up. Stuff like that happens and doing trials can't predict it because they're the outliers.

I'm not denying there's corruption in our highly capitalistic society (like no fucking way, greed and corruption?), but the whole big spooky jew pharma meme is steeped in emotional appeal and not real science.
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>not real science.

>constantly read of people complaining that meds are fucking them up potentially forever.

Big Pharma is real to a certain extent. They are not trying to intentionally kill you or hurt you, they just want to minimize the negatives of said product, to make cash.

In the end this hurts people.

Also stuff happens outside trails CONSTANTLY.

There's a website dedicated to getting off SSRIs because the withdrawal is dangerous.

Many many many docs dont even admit discontinuation exists.

I don't understand how you can have such blind faith. Maybe a med helped you?

Neat, but that same med has fucked people over.
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Bumping this thread,

/r9k/ really feels like /b/ 2.0 tonight.
>muh forum posts
>all muh anecdotes b-b-but look at muh anecdotes
>le sheeple u r so brainwashed cuz ur meds
>scence is motivated by juice it's not like they'd want the notoriety for bringing down a whole industry!

There's lots of criticism towards the assumed effectiveness of antidepressants and psych drugs in general within the medical community. I'm not saying that stops them from handing it out like candy, but it's easy to look around at articles online to see this for yourself. Any doctor who would deny withdrawals from an SSRI is an idiot. I've yet to meet one that does. Any worth their salt would taper you off. Maybe McHue in Brazil has an idiot for a psychiatrist or Billy Bob Bumpkin in Bumfuck, Texas got his from someone with a questionable medical background, but using forum posts as your evidence against medication is so laughably unscientific.

So what about the massive fraud/data falsification Ranbaxy was caught for?


>"Ive never met a psych that denies withdrawals, you must live in brazil."

Ive had over 10 psychs say that withdrawal does not exist.

I see patents complaining about how there meds are making them feel, and docs telling them "nah that can't be, you're fine"

Keep believing in what you believe. Good luck titrating your med, and if you have with no ill effects cool.

But your experience is not everyone else's, and there's a big problem in the psychiatric medication world if we hand them out so easy.

Why do they get handed out like candy? Because docs get paid to do so. Have you not seen med reps at doc offices have you not heard the sales pitch and the "bonuses" involved?
This is happened with a shit tone of pharma companies. Just pick one and look it up there is at least one of these cases with each.

Again they are not TRYING to hurt people, just downplay any negative effects for sales reasons.
>quit zoloft cold turkey a week ago
>tfw no brain zaps

Was it a meme all along

More info


>On May 13, Ranbaxy pleaded guilty to seven federal criminal counts of selling adulterated drugs with intent to defraud, failing to report that its drugs didn't meet specifications, and making intentionally false statements to the government. Ranbaxy agreed to pay $500 million in fines, forfeitures, and penalties -- the most ever levied against a generic-drug company. (No current or former Ranbaxy executives were charged with crimes.)

>Thakur's confidential whistleblower complaint, which he filed in 2007 and which describes how the company fabricated and falsified data to win FDA approvals, was also unsealed. Under federal whistleblower law, Thakur will receive more than $48 million as part of the resolution of the case.


>As the Ranbaxy story makes vividly clear, generic drug makers intent on breaking the rules -- especially those operating abroad -- can easily do so. Drug applications work on the honor system: The FDA relies on data provided by the companies themselves.

>"We depend on that information to be truthful," Gary Buehler, who headed the FDA's office of generic drugs for 10 years, said in December 2009. (Buehler has since taken a position at the U.S. unit of the Israeli generic-drug company Teva.)

>The approval system "requires the ethical behavior of the applicant," he said. Otherwise, "the whole house of cards will fall down".
What was your dose? And how long had you been taking it?

>Again they are not TRYING to hurt people...

They were literally committing fraud against the most vulnerable part of the population--the ailing.

When you commit fraud, you know you're going to hurt people.
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>everyone is just like me guize it was a meme lmao.

Ive seen motherfuckers go cold turkey benzos at a high dose and be fine.

I've seen another man almost die from cold turkeying the same amount.

>what is body chemistry.
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I just stopped taking the meds one day. I didn't see any point in taking them because I wasn't feeling happy or sad or even alive.

I had the brain zaps for a few weeks, but after that I was "okay." My emotions never came back though, at least not fully. 99% of the time I am still completely numb, I don't really go up or down emotionally. I laugh every once in a while though which I did not do on the meds, and I think I can "feel" music like I used to. The entire time I was on the meds I didn't listen to music, it didn't do anything for me.

I really wish I could start over my life but that is obviously not happening. I try to give a shit about things, I try to get interested or excited about things like I used to, but I just can't. Probably the most disturbing part is I can't feel attracted to people anymore, it just doesn't happen.

I wish I could go back to when I was a teenager when I was being bullied every single fucking day and do things differently. I sat there while people abused me and laughed about it. That's when everything started going to shit. The whole thing is just fucked up and I try not to think about it because there's nothing I can do and of course I'm completely alone. I should be more upset about it than I am, this is my only life and it's pretty much completely fucked, but I just don't care anymore.
Man i read that case and, fuck dude, thats nuts. Still im pretty sure they are just trying to minimize negative press for sales reasons, yeah its gonna hurt or kill some people but that's not the objective.

Im not saying what they did was right but, its not like they are trying to kill you.
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Shit man. This one hit home, im still on the meds but i dont really feel anything.

No interest, No sadness, No motivation.

I dont really do anything honestly.

But when i stop taking them it come back ever so slightly.

Ill be more emotionally invested in movies/shows. Listen to more music.

I honestly just want off, i want to know what its like to not be on medication.

But in the 1.5 months i was in the hospital none of the discontinuation symptoms let up. and if im like that for the rest of my life, i may as well be dead.

So i take my pills, and float though life, not really having much of an option.

I tell my psych all this and she just goes "you are still depressed, we should go up to 40mg" And just keeps hounding me about going up, when ive stated i just want help getting off.
>you are still depressed, we should go up to 40mg

I fucking hate this. Even worse is when they try to put you on an additional antidepressant.
>its not like they are trying to kill you
they don't give a fuck if you live or die
it's about the money
Psych docs feel like they are a fucking joke, their entire job is just to throw SSRIs at everyone.
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I once had a Psych that listened, and i think he was a best psych ive ever had, it sucked that he only treated children.

It was when i was 15 or about there, He managed to titrate me down to 15mg of paxil before i stopped seeing him.

And the first thing my adult psych did was start me on the up trend again.

But yeah lots of docs just throw SSRIs around like nothing, and that is shitty thing to do with a very serious drug. But the reason they do that is because they get kickbacks for prescribing a cerntain number of people a certain med.
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Thread replies: 57
Thread images: 17
Thread DB ID: 492317

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