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post your obscure feels, the feels that you feel nobody will feel
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>tfw you will never be pinned under giant Elsa's foot while she calls you a little mouse
I think I've given myself an eating disorder to keep out bad memories and supress the hardships of life in general. I'm currently 210 and 6'2" but I feel it's only going to get worse.
> tfw you were almost an 18 year old dad
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>will never be be a medieval trader
>will never travel to distant and foreign cities selling and buying goods
>will instead have some shitty office job or work in retail
Nobody will understand the feeling of me wanting to take my emotionally-fucked-up long-distance ex-but-sort-of-girlfriend-again around the world to start a brand new life of drugs and crime.
>tfw high on opiates but they make my tummy hurt
>don't wanna barf because I want to digest all the drugs and get as high as I can
>TFW in the top 79% of men
>Might as well be in the bottom 20% because I haven't crossed the threshold
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problem officer?

meanwhile on the board yearning for tendies and impressing mummy for big boy points...
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>tfw you can never trust people after what she has done to you
>ywn have a mommy gf v
>ywn be an alpha male character like the ones from Sin City
>ywn live in Fall Out 4

I know this feel, but it was a guy. Got emotionally abused and manipulated, so now I have trouble investing emotion in and trusting people. Haven't had a satisfying orgasm since I crashed and crawled into myself. Send help.
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>lol anon, who's your favorite pornstar
>come on, we all told ours :^)
>ywn be an alpha male like the ones in Sin City

i felt this feel only two days ago

Well? Who is your favorite pornstar? What answer did you give if any, but if you did not why couldn't you, or why did you refuse to?
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The Flash.jpg
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>You will never be the Flash
>You will never use your SpeedForce powers to protect innocents and stop criminals all around the world so fast that no one even knows what happened
>You will never be able to travel through dimensions, universes and time itself

It's probably autistic, but this feel actually upsets me a lot more than I can express.
sort of the same story here. Been stuck in a downward spiral since it happened 4 years ago. Was forced to move and had to start over with pretty much nothing.
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I will never go to africa, but a shit load of weapons, put them on a boat and sail to italy, then proceed to gather radical neo-nazis from Greece and Italy to begin purging blacks, jews, Muslims and gypsies. Moving further and further north, gaining numbers as you advance, to finally uncuck Sweden as your final battle.
I haven't watch 'regular' porn for years. The only mainstream pornstars I can actually name are either irrelevant ones who quit years ago or ones currently doing MILF stuff.

Let's just say the people I hang out with would not approve of my fetishes..
File: WhiteArmyOfficers.png (774 KB, 826x379) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you will never be a commander in the White Army
>tfw you will never be on the losing side side of the Russian Civil War
>tfw you will never be the last commander to flee from the Red Army across the seas
>tfw you will never be remembered as a relic of a bygone era while still alive
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>you will never be a pretty actress/singer during the shitstorm of the thirties/forties and seduced by pic related
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I will never take a straight razor to my wrists while playing Clair De Lune, and die in the beauty of the forest.
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>tfw getting increasingly closer with female roommates
>tfw they're getting close enough to see right through my bullshit personality
>tfw pretending I'm even remotely sane gets harder every day
It was a dream, which sadly I haven't had since. I enjoyed it
I know this feel all too well

There's always D&D

Oh well I can't name a favorite pornstar of mines either. The only porn I've watched was niche stuff mostly consisting of amateur videos/ asian stuff. Any pornstars I've come across more than once aren't "pornstars" per se, but do solo softcore stuff, and I don't even like them that much cause if the content is professional enough for them to have a name it's likely shit for me.

I thought normies were the same as you and I, to a degree, especially in regards to the newer generations. I thought paying for porn was absurdity for anyone who grew up on the internet, so amateur stuff until falling into total depravity was the way to go. But desu if asked I would just tell them I just hover around my fetishes looking for amateur stuff of it and therefore don't come across pornstars, as if I even watch 3D nowadays anyway...
just tel the cunts to fuck off, to bqh since ive been treating cunts like garbage they have been paying more attention to me its something in their genetic makeup that makes them prone to abuse
normie pls go, these feels are too obscure for you.
>you will never be slowly, intimately killed by someone you respect and fear
You can always join the merchant navy.

And I feel you. I travel from Tulga to Shariz with my Khergit horsemen to sell goods and I know I'll never do it IRL.
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>you will never be a mage traveling through the middle earth helping people in villages, being loved and respected by many who only know you by name
the only way to treat a cunt proper is to treat them like garbage or shit off of the ground. If a lot of the people on this board did that you would be surprised the amount of gummy holes that would be following you around, Fedora faggots
Your level of autism is astonishing, and your piss poor reading comprehension even more!
for example the whores that work in my particular workplace i treat them like nothing more than the maggots they are, and you know what at the end of the day they do nothing because they are nothing end of story lol
>samefagging yourself to derail a thread for epic lulz XD

Please put on a trip so I can filter you.
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>tfw you'll never go on adventures with your loyal band of companions that become closer than brothers to you, that you can rely on through thick and thin
File: bad things.jpg (76 KB, 550x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bad things.jpg
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every night before I go to bed I think about that, being a clothed mage with rags but immense power and helping all and destroying the darkness from the land and moving on to another land and nobody knows who I am
>Tfw my boyfriend cheated on me with an underage girl
>Tfw I didn't leave him
>Tfw I can only fap to the idea of him fucking highschoolers now
>you'll never be a qt teen girl as your bf whips out like an 8" dick and you fuck him forever and never got how other people could possibly have any issues with life
the truth most likely is that you yourself are probably a cunt and cannot but possibly stop replying to my posts because you know on some unconscious level I myself am correct, and unlike in reality where you cannot hide the fact that you are a cunt, you cannot hide the fact you are a cunt even on the internet. The fact is that even something that you use to escape reality you cannot hide the fact that you are insignificant lol
Were you the size of a mouse as well?
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>you will never be slowly, intimately killed by someone you respect and fear
I guess it isn't so obscure after all.
>tfw cant do crunches without ending up skooting half way across the room with rugburns on my back
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So, so you were.
Have we started the fire?
A lot of people know that feel. And it's ok to throw up after a while. Typically once your initial rush is over you can safely throw up and not really lose anything. Also if you want to ensure delivery shoot up.
I dream of doing something terribly stupid that leads to me puncturing or slicing an eyeball
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>tfw I will never become anything like the fictional character I idolize
>tfw I will never be an intelligent, rational, and highly motivated detective
>tfw I will never solve crimes and catch criminals simply because you're obsessed with finding the right answer

>tfw I will never get to join the military because I got prescribed an SSRI by my college therapist
>tfw I will never pick a nice career path in the military, finish my tour, and find a nice job as a civilian in a new community, making new friends and carving out a place for myself amongst others
>tfw I will forever be a failure doomed to get a terrible job in fast food or retail

>tfw stuck in a small town until I die
>tfw I will never walk around a city at night, will never enter shops to just see what they are, will never have coffee at an obscure cafe, will never be another face among the crowd

>tfw I will never have a real relationship with my older brother
>I will never live with him and do brotherly thing with him
>We'll never talk about women
>He'll never help me out of the pit i'm in

>tfw no girl who would take pity on me and let me live with her

>tfw pitifully shy unless I know someone or am around someone I know, then I'm actually pretty normal/dominant

>tfw desperately wish to make friends, go out, have fun
>tfw failed extrovert

>tfw playing Grand Theft Auto is the closest I can get to pretending to have a life

>tfw still don't want to kill myself, and never will

Some are more common than others, but I reached deep.
>She says she loves me
>She says she "likes" him
>"Don't worry, I don't love him, I barely even know him, it's just a crush"

I don't think my gf understands how relationships work
Drop her like a baby penguin
Don't forsake your standards for a woman
>You will never be like the Phantom Stranger or Rorschach
>You will never be a Noir detective
>you will never wander rain soaked city streets at the dead of nights stopping crime and helping the honest and innocent.
I just want to know how it feels to have a small dick.
I never had problems with my self esteem, girls loved talking about it and told all their friends, guys like to tell me that they measured theirs and found out it's "average.

I mean come on, it can't be that special! It's only 20cm.

Besides, everyone that tells you the chicks-don't-dig-cut-dicks meme is a fucking liar and never had a girl on his johnny
>tfw no small gf with long hair to sit around all day with in our animal onesies and watch anime/play vidya together
>tfw no gf that needs a night light like me

May not be obscure, but I don't know where else to vent.
sir i'm gonna have to politely ask you go back to your subreddit of origin
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I forgot to post this picture, I wish it was me.
tfw not a caveman with a cavewoman gf and we have to cuddle so we won't die from the cold
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>ywn be an 18th century settler
>ywn explore the new world and conquer the land bestowed before you
>ywn join your brothers in arms and create a new utopia
>ywn hold human rights and values above all else and act as a shining beacon of the future
>ywn die fearlessly in a hail of glorious gunpowder, knowing that your blood will fertilize the American soil
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>You will never be a farmer in the 1900s
>You will never have a pure woman that goes to church with you
>You will never life an easy life of humbleness
>You will never get a group of 5 friends that are loyal to each other and meet in the pub
>You will never grow old thinking you made it for yourself
.You will never have 7 kids
File: 8nLFCVP.png (51 KB, 657x527) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw stupid idiot

Ohhh, is the manchild butthurt by his hypocrisy?
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You want to be strong and accomplish your goals, but you are too weak to become strong. Your weakness is what is making you weak, and you are too weak to change. You cannot embrace your weakness, you have to live with it whether you like it or not. You cannot accomplish your goals because you do not have enough willpower. You do not have enough willpower to find more willpower. You are pathetic, and you cannot become better alone, but you are too pathetic to ask for help.
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>tfw you will never live in Britain in the late 80s - early 90s
>you will never see the Smiths perform live
>you will never witness the birth of jungle music
>you will never see the Stone Roses at Glasgow Green
>you will never attend an illegal warehouse rave (that's not a weird hippie freetek party)
>you will never dance at the Hacienda
>you will never experience the greatest country in the world before it became part of the Caliphate
>tfw shaving the thick dead skin off of the soles of your feet with the same rusty pocket knife you used since you were 10.

better than sex.
>will never have another person show genuine bubble affection completely unrestrained in all their innocence and purity
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>you will never be the quiet girl in high school
>you will never be locked in the football team's change room by stacies
>you will never be violated by the team
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>"Hay look its anon, he came out of his cave!"
>"He must have came out to feed, I haven't seen him eat all day!"
>tfw I just wanted to hear my family talking while I sat around with them eating dinner

Fucking shoot me in the head already fampai
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Fuck I hit them opiates hard last night, feeling you sempai. Luckily I was already far too fucked to care about the mess.
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>tfw you will never be a roaming swordsman with a agile thief brother
>you will never get into complicated plots in the Imperial Capital
>you will never stand by you brother while he initiates a deal to steal a rare item from inside the Kings bedchambers
>you will never escape into the night on horses with your brother after a successful heist while its raining

Why even live
>tfw give drugs to friend and he goes into coma and is put on life support in hospital and cops get involved but he gets better and no consequences come from it after all.
Mercenary is still a very real and relevent profession m8.
>Being this cuck

(original post)

haven't had H in like 6 days. just got done withdrawing but fuck if i dont want one
File: 1414380831796.jpg (371 KB, 1280x752) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I actually know this feel
File: 1444532661680.jpg (351 KB, 1988x3056) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
351 KB, 1988x3056
>you will never be a hipster nazi girl thats also a terrorist
>you will never live in a Volkswagen campervan with 6 other colourful super nazi best friends that are also terrorists
>you and your nazi terrorist friends will never go on a never ending roadtrip/terrorist rampage in that campervan
>you will never get to blow up a bridge while laughing with your friends
>tfw you only have successful normie friends who are passing you in every conceivable life aspect while you shitpost most of the day away on a taiwanese furfags anonymous self-help forum

Hurts, mayne. Hurts
The feel of liking a classmate for 6 months already, wasted days and nights with her, to in a blink of an eye, everything turned awkwardly wrong, so now you look at each other briefly to continue with your lifes
I relapsed today to moonlight sonata
File: feel.png (56 KB, 239x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you will never spend 400+ days lost at sea on a small boat with a total stranger who only speaks a foreign language that you speak none of, preferably Japanese or Spanish
>over the course of the journey you learn to communicate with him and the two of you become inseparable buddies
>halfway through the journey he perishes of illness and you begin your slow descent into insanity due to crippling loneliness/depression and malnutrition
>the remainder of your journey consists of increasingly vivid hallucinations, pleasures, and fantasies in which you live in an ideal world together with your dead friend
>you are rescued after washing ashore on a small island in the pacific, and have a tearful reunion with the family you left behind
>you write a memoir of your survival story which is later adapted into an academy award-winning film
>you earn a world record for longest time spent adrift
>tfw never ever
every time I board a plane, I secretly hope it crashes into the ocean so I can string together a raft from plane debris and float around with my castaway friend, drinking turtle blood and wrangling seabirds.
I didn't realize I had these feelings, but now I do. Thanks, anon.
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>You will never be a lone Jedi wandering through the Galaxy, helping those in need and administering wisdom to all who ask.

>You're memorable and worthwhile life won't come to an end as you meditate on a hill overlooking the sunset, where you surrender to the force
Happy people make me feel like shit. Literally no negative emotion towards them, but they bring me down.
I didn't know I felt this feel, but now it's making my heart hurt.
>tfw you will never have a gf that will pin you down to a bed and never let you up
>you will never make a bitter girl happy
File: 1453471506742.jpg (88 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 400x388
>We will truly never know what happens after death. Even if a religion is right it brings many more questions that come with it. We will never truly know the answer of life.

Yet knowing this I still feel like I will know one day.
after death there is nothing

we are organic completers
File: 1409023741123.png (59 KB, 506x608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 506x608
>I will never actually be a talented writer and all the stupid shit I spend all day imagining will only be interesting to me

> I will never muster the wherewithall to actually get fit

>Laughing at myself and self deprecation are the only ways I can deal with my self hatred but the people around me are starting to realize how mentally Ill I am
>tfw you love someone so much if they left you, you would kill yourself or run away to live in the woods
Chew on this one, energy cannot ever be destroyed, and our conciousness is only 14 watts of electricty moving through our neurons as an interpreting system. But since energy can never be destroyed the 14 watts will continue to exist beyond the point where it can be interpreted by our brains in the physical world. Even through science we don't understand conciouness completely.
>tfw you loved someone that much and they left you, and you're contemplating to whether run away or just get drugged up
>you will never be Gucci Mane
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