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Lifehack for virgins
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Lifehack for virgins

Your testicles produce sperm cells daily. If you don't jerk off, or have sex, your body will have wet dreams to release the build up. Everything in a dream feels real because your brain's sensory receptors respond the same as if they were awake.

Ever wanted to fuck your oneitis, your sister, your favorite porn star?

Just don't jerk off. The longer you go without jerking off, the more lucid and vivid your wet dreams will be. Just try for a month. I did and it's unbelievable
The following drugs will give you insanely vivid dreams.


Take the first 2 before bed and you'll have to be on the third for weeks at a time, which will be extremely sexually frustrating because it will make you horny as fuck, also tired as fuck, also swole and ripped as fuck.

But yes this is god tier vivid dream stack.
i cant
i have phimosis and even in dreams i cant have sex because im so scared of the pain
I'm on nofap : 5day and it makes me want to keep on.

Thanks anon, care to detail a little bit, though ?
Uh sure. I've had lucid dreams about my sister a lot. They get progressively kinkier. It makes it hard not to jerk off the morning after but if you resist and don't go insane it'll be awesome
I didn't jack off for a day and had a really sexual dream. Amy Adams was in it but she had massive tits, like Hitomi Tanaka level huge. It was awesome.
Why don't you just get better at fapping?
Does phimosis really feel that bad ? Plenty of men have sex with phimosis, right ?
Something that works for getting me vivid as fuck dreams:

Deprive yourself of sleep and binge caffiene for as long as you can. Make sure to have some right before you sleep. Eventually your body will need the sleep no matter how much you've had.

Let yourself drift off. discovered this by accident and I've never tried it with any other method.
isn't that a japanese pop group?

Nigga don't jack off for a week and you'll be fucking Amy Adams in the ass
this is bollocks. I've never, ever jerked off. I don't even see the wet dream, I just wake up with cum all over me
im sure they do, but couple my phimosis with an over sensitive glans and its gg. blowing a weak breeze into my uncovered glans makes me cringe from the pain.

it doesnt even matter anyway
I on the other hand jerk off frequently. The no-jerk method is bullshit. Sometimes I get sex dreams after a great fap.
>mfw I can never fuck or touch girls in my dreams
It's hard (haha) to mate. I need to jack off to go to sleep quickly
Its true... i lasted 77 days and it was life changing
Going to sleep a few hours earlier or later makes me remember my dreams more. So does having the blinds open so sun comes inside in the morning.

I have found a very light amount of alcohol increases my chance of wet dreams.
OP tricked you senpai. You're only able to touch the women in your sex dreams after you've actually experienced it.
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>tfw you will fuck your waifu in your dreams.
I hate wet dreams. I sleep on my stomach so my entire crouch area and inner thighs gets covered in sticky fucking goo. And it's so awkward waking up three in the morning covered in literal semen and having to wipe yourself off in the bathroom.
When I have wet dreams, its literally just me staring at a naked chick and then blowing the load.
>Causing dreams
Quets killed my dreams actually
But also the nightmarish misinterpretation of reality
Shit this made me realize I don't get wet dreams anymore. I don't wake up with my dick covered in goo anymore. It's probably been 5 years. I'm 28.

How do I bring them back? I go long periods (months) without fapping sometimes. Sometimes I fap every day.
>telling us to take synthetic cannabanoids
>take fucking spice before bed you'll bang 10/10 lamias just like you've always wanted to
Fuck off seriously

This isn't true. One of my first wet dreams I remember was me spooning behind my sister, then I put my dick in her from behind and humped like crazy while caressing her until I blew my load so hard it woke me up.
You can't have sex in a dream until you've had it in real life. You'll always wake up right before touchdown.
>implying i can remember dreams

Not only normal, casual dreams, even wet dreams, i absolutely dont remember anything the moment i wake up.
Only rarely i wake up with some blurred frames of what i dreamed in my memory but they dont last very much...

>tfw litterally cant enjoy dreams

Just kill me senpai
I'd say if you're under 24 you have a good chance of getting them
I've had sex in my dreams even though I'm a Virgin.
Yeah, I always wake up after blowing the load.
And it usually feels like I'm cumming legit gallons.
i do this a lot and i dont remember my dreams when i do
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>Just don't jerk off. The longer you go without jerking off, the more lucid and vivid your wet dreams will be. Just try for a month. I did and it's unbelievable
Sadly this is true.
No fap forever has the odd wet dream every now and then.

I remember my latest.
I've never played fallout 4.
I usually dream about games i've never played.

It went like this

>be sleeping in vault
>except not a cryochamber
>it's a bed
>a weird bed that has me bound to it
>my head is locked
>I can look around the room
>All my weapons are around the room
>My sweet ass leather jacket
>my boots
>My gun and knives
>my cigarettes
>"ahhh, calm sleep"
>suddenly door slides open
>entire some raven haired hotty in a skintight cat suit
>slinks around gets really close to my face, too close
>her breath is on my face
>for some reason she can't tell i'm looking straight at her, or maybe she does and doesn't care
>She starts slinking around the room
>rummaging through my shit with no fucking respect, I want to scream out
>she lifts up my jacket in a way that I positively KNEW she crushed my cigarettes in my pocket
>Takes my ammuntition
>takes my flashlight
>takes all my shit systematically
>rummages through my pockets on my body
>her hands are mad close to "that place"
>I'm fucking pissed while she's sauntering out with my stuff
>for some reason even though i'm bound by my limbs I feel like i'm hunched into the fetal position
>feel like i'm about to pee
>she comes back and takes my boots
>loose it
>struggle and try not to pee, what the fuck
>my abs fucking implode
>I hunch so hard and climax ropes of bad ju ju
>wake up
>sweat and pull off Pjs


>tfw 24 and never ejaculated while sleeping

great yet another thing I've apparently screwed myself out of
I am a chronic masturbater and I get boners and fantasies all night long. My boners wake me up from the intensity and I go into a primal state. I have come close to having wet dreams. I am not a virgo.
You were probably molested when you were younger.
Oh my lord.
This is now officially a tell us your wet dream stories thread
I wasn't, but I've masturbated with a homemade fleshlight before so that might have had a role in my dreams
Bullshit. The first wetdream I had was fucking a dragoness in the ass, felt every bit of it

I had Phimosis before getting circumcised at 19. Had my foreskin split and start bleeding during sex. Painful and not at all fun.
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SOn, i've got more stories.
I'm going the distance.
December 30th was my day of repentance.
No fap forever began, and will not end for me.

You have my absolute respect.

>tfw nofap for life
>you can still get off on your dreams
>It's better than the real thing
Alright, fine.
>In lecture, English class.
>Teacher is a milf, solid 6/10
>Suddenly everyone starts leaving.
>For some reason can't move at all
>WTF is going on
>Desk I'm sitting in flies towards my milf English instructor.
>She literally becomes instantly naked.
>Starts touching my erect cock with her nails through my autist jeans
>Literally come so hard it rips through my jeans.
>Wake up with huge as wet spot on my bed.
Worth it.
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>It's better than the real thing
You have no idea.

This is from january 21st.

>22 days into no fap, 2nd wet dream in
>driving my older brother's stick shift truck
>no clue how to drive, but i'm crushing this shit
>some reasons i'm driving on the right side like it were euroshit
>i'm having trouble with the brakes and keep cutting people off cause no turn signal
>pull over to adjust my seat to make the brakes easier to reach
>my brother's a big guy
>lean up and some woman is talking on her phone with it glued to her shoulder and ear
>coffee and paper in her hands
>opens up passenger, (but now driver door)
>fuck am I being carjacked?
>she climbs into the truck and sits on my lap talking on the phone like i'm not there
>I didn't think I could be more confused
>she mentions my name to the person on the phone a few times while trying to get comfortable
>mind racing like what the fuck is going on, do I know this person?
>notice ass is soft as 12 on a scale of 1-10
>fuck man you don't know this person don't upgrade the D

>too late
>D starts twisting like the fucking monkey's paw in my pants like I were wearing nothin at all
>literally an angry snake thrashing between her buttocks and she isn't phased
>once it's twisted into final form I wonder why i'm pissing my pants

8/10 wet dream, i've had better but i've never felt ass in my life, so there's that.

It's also fitting because it's always a preferable form of climax too.
My subconsious knows carnal knowledge and insertion doesn't vibe right with me.

And it plays off my most purest boyscout desires.

I feel like i'm cheating sometimes.
Lmao quite the experience indeed.

And asides of wet dreams, do nofap have some effects on your actual life ?
I'd you're a porn addict, yeah.
Besides that no, its just placebo.
40mg Paroxetine daily gave me best vivid dreams , after I woke up I'd think I was still sleeping for like 2 hours.
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besides that? No.

But It's crazy like.
I've never felt formfitting khakis ass in my lap from a woman ever in my years of living.

But sure as fucking Sisyphus, I felt them fucking buns grinding into my hulking dick.

If I could mental link like a telepath I could replay that shit back for a person, play by play in a perfect POV.

Like I could literally feel my dick going from flaccid to chub to semi, between the softness of this chick's ass.

I could smell her hair as her ponytail rested on my lips and chin whipping around while she was on the phone man.

Still despite all of this, it will never motivate me to do anything outside sitting in my room doing sweet neet FA.

if anything it disturbs me. I'm not as resilient as I thought I was.
Maybe my brain pushed all my buttons right and I have nothing to worry about if it happened in real life, and I could keep my soldier in check if I were ever in the situation.

If I pride myself on anything it's my ability to maintain like a fucking rock, edge or no. My stoicism can't be matched, but does cracking in a dream count?

I just don't know.
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