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Did anyone here go to prom? What was it like?...
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Did anyone here go to prom? What was it like? I didn't go and I somewhat regret it
It was ok. Kinda boring in general but the dancefloor was lit AF.
I went to my senior prom, I even had a date, which was my gf at the time.

I still had a fucking awful time, giant social events are the bane of my existence.

I just sat at a table while my gf danced with her friends, because I don't/can't/won
t dance. Unless it's one of those slow songs that the couples dance together to, I can do that.

But that was like 10 years ago and life has brought me to the point where I've given up on women and relationships entirely.
Prom was lame. My friends took a limo there which was cool, but there's no drinking allowed so it kinda sucked. The afterparty was one of the best times of my life though. Everyone in my class was there and we were all happy and drunk together.
no i was in a ward.
>somehow got a date
>she decides that we need to show up later after I'm already there
>she spent the majority of the time in the bathroom fixing her hair
>stained her dress at the chocolate fountain and blamed it on me when I had nothing to do with it
>spent 20 minutes crying over it
>she decided to leave an hour early for no reason
>didn't even get a kiss, she just said bye and left
2/10 would not go again
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At the time I was chasing a nerdy chick who was basically my first real female friend. She already had a date so I asked this chubby girl. It was boring, couldn't get any closer to nerdy chick, ignored my date which I started to regret when nerd girl turned me down.

Writing this made depressed, fuck.
Please go in further detail
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>a lot of pressure to get a date for prom
>as out a fob girl who i hadn't spoken to that much
>dance with her a couple times
>she wasn't that into it, neither was I
>she was video chatting to some asian dude at one point
>quiet drive home

Asking her was probably the worst decision I made in high school
By your parents? Or peers? My pressure was mostly from my peers with a little from my parents and sister
It was all from my peers. I thought they would try to get dates too, but I ended up as the only person with one
Didn't go, didn't regret it, there was nothing for me there.
Yeah i did, i can upload some pics if you want

was chill

had my normie gf at the time

it was on this beautiful yacht and we just cruised around the marina
food was chill

didn't dance but it was a nice time

chick broke up with me a few months later tho

whatever, don't regret going to prom senpai bam
fucking normie
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Didn't go... didn't have a date... (never had a date, and I'm 26 now.)

I didn't fit in with the people who went to prom. I got bullied a lot, and a lot of the people who went to prom were the people behind it all. My whole high school experience was very stereotypical and cliche in hindsight.

I remember my parents lightly pressuring me to go, but I don't think they had any idea how rotten my social experience during high school was. I didn't talk about it.

I got drunk with a few of my friends instead (who were also dateless.) I actually remember having a good time hanging out with them, playing video games and drinking. Simply getting drunk was still fun back then.

I don't really have any regrets about it, because I really did try to make the best of the situation. If I had gone, I would've been standing around awkwardly, alone, and probably feeling terrible.
> HS
> Manage to have a small group of friends
> I'm known as the quiet guy but who is still somewhat popular and well liked for some reason
> Prom comes up
> Don't have a date, decide to go with a couple of friends
> Run into oneitis, get to dance with her one time
> Despite being well liked and popular at school, some of the uber popular stacies didn't like me
> They see me dancing with oneitis
> Afterwords head over to afterparty with group of friends
> One Stacy who didn't like me makes it a point to follow oneitis around to make sure she gets drunk/high as fuck and keeping her away from me
> Whenever I tried to talk to oneitis, she would always be shooed away by that Stacy
> Chad, that Stacy, and oneitis end up having a threesome when oneitis is so blackout drunk that she cant move
> End up leaving almost in tears
> cryingfeel.jpg

Prom was probably the worst experience of my life senpai. The chads were nice, but fuck man Stacy is evil.
Went to junior prom. Was mandatory (private school) and got paired up with a girl by the principal. Completely platonic.

Shitty pop music, shitty food. Awkwardly stood around on the dance floor with a few guys I knew for like twenty minutes, eventually went back to a table and just chatted with the guys.

Overall a completely underwhelming experience. Wasn't expecting anything good, but I was still a bit surprised at how cheesy and forced it was. Even the normalfags actively taking part didn't seem to be really enjoying it.

Didn't go to senior prom. Had LAN party with other outcasts and had an awesome time.
Yeah, it was fun. Went with a cute nerdy girl and her friends, kissed her before the end of the night, then went to a friend's house and got hammered on vodka and shitty whisky. 10/10 would do it again.
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>get to prom
>photographer takes pictures of us
>start drinking
>get buzzed
>wait for my parents to leave
>get absolutely shitfaced and dance and smoke cigars
>party dies down
>we hit up a club all suited up
>we get even more shitfaced
>go home and fuck gf and cum inside, i still remember it vividly, fucking slut

pic related, me
Woah, same thing happened to me, spooky.
>but I ended up as the only person with one

Wow so you're the chad in your social circle?
>Was mandatory (private school) and got paired up with a girl by the principal.

At least you've been on a date anon. Consider yoruself lucky
>be high school
>no friends are going to prom, can't do it as just a hangout with them
>no gf, so that's not a reason to go either
>no one to go with, imagine i'd probably stand and do nothing and wish i was dead if i went by myself
>decide not to go
>"so anon you coming to prom?"
>"aww why not?"
>"no one to go with"
>"aww shame"
>feel as if i dodged a bullet and avoided having a shitty lonely night
>spent like every summer night looking through prom pictures wishing i went but also knowing i kind of couldnt since my life is a piece of shit and im all alone
>realize college might also have a prom
>don't even know if i'm gonna go, probably won't since i still won't have friends or a gf to go with, and will end up killing myself
fuk my life
>that pic
Hi, Chaddit!
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>Be me, Junior, 17 years old
>Late into open season (period in which guys do the "promposal" bullshit)
>Freaking out because all my friends already had dates and I was the only one who had 0 plan
>Meet some girl at a football game, really hit it off that day
>I'm the announcer for my school. Thousands of kids hear my voice four times every day, and it always makes me hella nervous even though i dont show it.
>One day, call her down to the office, I'm there waiting with flowers and poster
>Says yes, I'm really excited
>We agree that we want to hang out before prom actually happens
>She is never free, always finds an excuse
>Tells me all these bullshit things I need to do
>Tells me I also need to drive her friends around and shit.
>Feeling tied down and just that general shit-feeling
>Ho I am a free man
>Dump that bitch and go to prom alone with my group
>Another guy does the same thing, tell everyone we're a couple
>mfw I watch everybody stressing out throughout entire prom season while I'm going comfortable and happily with no date because at least I tried
>10/10 experience
>be white
>land Asian gril
>somehow get video cucked by an Asian guy

As a white guy how does this happen? You don't even have to try with Asian girls. Any white neckbeard here would be considered a chad over any Asian guy to an Asian girl.
On one hand, I regret asking someone I wasn't completely sure would say yes
>turns out she had lesbo friends that told her prom was partiarchy or something, they can go fuck themselves by the way I'm still mad
on the other hand, after reading some of your stories, I'm glad I wasn't dragged down by someone who didn't want to be there
went with a group of friends anyway and had a good time
even dragged my permavirgin friend there, he had fun too I think
Mormon op??
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> Chad, that Stacy, and oneitis end up having a threesome when oneitis is so blackout drunk that she cant move

Ouch, fuck knows what I'd do in that situation.


>Simply getting drunk was still fun back then.

Man, I know this feel. Back in my late teens simply going to a party and managing to make out with some qt girl was enough to make me happy.
If I managed to actually land a one night stand I'd be up in the clouds for at least a month.

I got laid this new years eve, but the later half of January has been one of the most depressing times ever for me.

Life changes.
Sup dawg who u b
Rancho dance?
I know, this guy must be a sad fucking beta fag.
>School says if you are gay you need permission to bring a date
>Not gay but want to show how ridiculous the rule is
>Ask friend if he wants to help me annoy the principal
>He says okay
>Go to prom and principal asks who my date is
>Point to friend standing next to me
>She isn't happy but I'm a popular guy so we get let in
>Mfw elected prom king
>Girl who I had a thing with that year and expected to go to prom with me cries
Went with my sister
Had a meal, watched others dance for a bit, came home.

What did you want to know OP?
college prom
lol, tard
my friends and me all went without dates. after about 2 hours we left to go play melee at one friend's house

good times

w-why are his genitals blurred out?
we weren't allowed to leave our prom before 12. it's like they already knew it would be shit
In my social circle, sure. I'm still a KV who has never had a gf
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>lit AF.
its like when superheroes wear masks
its so you don't recognize the bulge
I went to prom and the only good thing about mine was the annual prom party that takes place in a big field in the middle of nowhere.
One of my best freinds asked me to go with him as a freind the year before so I said yes. Got to the prom, he didn't want to slow dance, just sit at the tables and people watch while eating the free cake pops. He didn't want to go to the prom party either but I'd already spent so much money on alcohol so I went with my female freind.
>tfw I didn't get to slow dance at my prom
>tfw a really nice and cool older guy I really liked wanted to go with me.
>tfw I could have been getting prom night impregnated in a tent.
Idiot me just had to keep my promises.
what's wrong with it you stupid fucking cunt loser ill fucking snap ur neck
>going to normie dances
I was pretty much a ghost in high school. I didn't speak to anyone, no one spoke to me. I hardly remembered anyone's name, and no one remembered mine. I didn't go to prom because it would just feel like being at a party you weren't invited to.
>being white
>somehow being beta

I don't get it. How does this happen?
no college has prom
any college that does have prom is for happy little snowflakes that didn't get enough social interaction in highschool so they get locked into a gym for the night while the normal people go to a party every other weekend.
>watch prom video in yearbook
>pretty much just everyone awkwardly trying to act black to shitty rap music
I'm glad I didn't go
>be naive senior high school boy (me)
>get hyped for prom
>ask parents for $90 for prom ticket
>go and buy ticket
>"Okay Anon, and do you have friends you'd like to sit with?"
>say yes, because in my mind I have friends
>"Who are they?"
> Uhh, can I decide later?
>Post as FB status "Hey can I join anyone's prom table?"
>3 days later get 1 reply from girl in math class
>"If you don't have anyone to sit with, you can join our table."
>gladly accept
>prom day comes
>table is full of SJWs
>"The reason the LGBT movement has gained so much traction is because white people are also LGBT"
>food is bland
>dancing time comes
>everyone is dancing with their friends in a circle
>I'm just dancing outside of the circles
>try to keep optimistic
>slow song comes up
>too beta to ask anyone
>more exclusive dancing in circles
>prom night ends
>realize I wasted $90
>realize I have no friends
>realize my entire high school life was so lonely
Prom was a big waste of time, but it was also soul crushing considering I thought my life was great until then.
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