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I'm 23 and have no idea what to do with...
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I'm 23 and have no idea what to do with my life, I don't have any goals or ambitions. Currently failing a course at university that I have no interest in, will probably drop out

How do people get their lifes together? Don't they feel immense fear in the prospect of living
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23 here aswell, didn't even get to go to university because i'm not that smart. Never was actually.

Currently my goal is to wageslave enough so i can afford a decent motorcycle and then crash and die with it, hopefully , statistically speaking is my death bed. Can't wait, 5 more years and hopefully i can get myself something decent.

I am the way i am because i can't find a meaning in life for myself, since life doesn't have one we have to give it, and so far i can't find one.

No interest in women not because i'm gay but i really don't want a relationship, don't need a woman sucking my life and shitting on my heart.I fap i forget.

I have no idea how others do it, maybe they have love for a girl or boy, or simply are religious and don't think about the fact that everything is meaningless...........

it's just such a ridiculous thing, it's endless cycles.
That means you have a vocation: God calls you, because he is the only voice you allow yourself to hear.

You don't want money, you don't want fame, you want to be immerse in the realm of ETERNITY.

not gonna say it's bait because it's obvious, but, even so do people actually buy into this crap??



complete school and then see what happens don't think about the future, its stupid
And look at how thats turned out for you. Try having a little faith in something greater than yourself and the materials of this world.

But to answer your question a lot of people go through life as you are now. Keep treading on you learn you fall you make mistakes and pick yourself up. You've barely experienced life. You're not going to have everything figured out at 23.

Why not? If there are other young twenties already making millions and "loving" life, why the fuck can't I? What have they figured out that I haven't!?
Do you sincerely not know the answer to what you just asked?
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>And look at how thats turned out for you

i'd rather live in truth then in blinded faith. I don't need to figure it out because there's nothing to figure out, there's death at every corner, disease, famine and suffering everywhere.
There's literally rapes happening right now, there's nothing to figure out, it's just a fucking useless existence, there is absolutely no meaning to it. If you can find meaning for yourself Great you win you found your purpose, but take a look around you and you understand that there is no need for you to even exist, let alone go on with life.

I don't want to live and fail and learn and move on, it's simply useless. If it wasn't for my parents being alive i would have ended by now, instead i sit hear bitching and complaining and arguing with strangers online, because i have to kill time somehow, i need to distract myself from my useless existence.
I honestly envy people that go trough life with their faith and believe children and wars happen for a reason, and that god is almighty and sees everything, you really need to have a special kind of stupidity in your head (please don't take it as an offense, one of my family members is a priest, so it's ok i've experienced stupidity first hand)

It's all for nothing.
Get a shit job
Get a boring 9 to 5 and spend your 2-3 hours free at the end of the day replaying old videogames that were made for teenagers and shitposting nonsense on imageboards, take drugs to chemically lobotomize yourself, and don't dream, then repeat until you get old and die then your corpse decays. Watch this video
then realize this is what will happen to your body in AT MOST another 60 years, probably sooner.
Absolutely nothing matters, you me and everyone reading this will all day relatively soon and nobody will remember any of us, even if they do it will only be for a relatively short time span in the history of the universe. You may inherit a fortune from an unknown distant relative tomorrow, or you may work hard all your life and fail at every turn, or you may step outside tomorrow and be hit by a bus and be paralyzed from the waist down, nobody controls anything in their life, it's all pure chance and coincidence, we can only sway the likelihood of certain outcomes by a tiny amount for all our effort. So just do whatever, even if you cured cancer it wouldn't matter, nothing matters.
Actually everything matters. And that video does explain what happens to the soul when you die.
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> everything matters

fucking hell mate it's so funny.

those maggots are alive because the death of the pig allowed them to flourish and eat and stay alive, it's cause and effect, and it's natural.

Every action you take every single one, your love for others your job your faith, they all mean nothing, you envelop yourself with it because if you were to be naked, you would understand the vile truth, that nothing matter, there is no point in anything you do unless you give it meaning for yourself.
The actions of the past pave way for the future. If that pig didn't die those maggots wouldn't thrive. If those maggots couldn't thrive then whatever eats maggots couldn't survive. And so on so forth.

Everything does matter. It still matters today. Islam controls nations based on the actions of one man thousands of years ago. Scientific discoveries centuries ago are the foundations and ground work that will allow us to ascend to the stars and advance technologically.

Everything matters, its all one huge ripple effect. Your actions in this life determines the outcome for your soul in the next life. Everything matters both physically, metaphysically and spiritually.
You need to fall deeper, it worked for me.
Everything matters to you, as a human, because "having something to matter" is a human concept, thus if you take this into account, and you distance from this desire you will realise, not any of this all of what we are doing, has any sense of value to anything because we are what we are, an out of control chemical reaction, with the ability to store memories to form "personalities" by adding emotion to said things.

All of this what you've just typed is you as a human defending what humans did in the past, while in the universe we are but a blip that's probably going to die out or thrive to a point until the universe ends, for it either to go back in time in the big crunch or end forever in the heat-death.

The fact that I die within 60-80 years from now gives me the feeling that all what I do doesn't matter at all because in the end, everything is meaningless, for those who can understand this, they have no obligations for anything or needs, they are fine as they are and they understand everything what happens around them, this knowledge makes it kinda hard to go all out on everything you know?

You may call it lazy but in the end, I have no needs and regrets, I despise human nature because in some way, there's always someone pissing in someones lawn and that person is gonna be pissed about it, everything, everywhere is vicarious, the thing that I stand against.

TL;DNR; - Everything around you that matters to you is because you are a human and you put values to those things, I distance myself from human values and realise everything is for no reason.
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>Everything does matter. It still matters today. Islam controls nations based on the actions of one man thousands of years ago. Scientific discoveries centuries ago are the foundations and ground work that will allow us to ascend to the stars and advance technologically.

if you really believe the thermonuclear war won't erase humanity from this tiny rock, then my friend you truly are delusional.

>Everything matters, its all one huge ripple effect.
i was about to type something about there not being free will and in consequence affecting the fact that actions have no meaning, but fuck it.
Believe in what you want to believe, as long as it makes you happy. suit yourself bud, the great leaps in technology were done either by accident, or by extreme raw talent and overwhelmingly intelligent minds such as einstein (altough a bunch of other theoretical physicists were on the same path and closing in) Tesla (to which we owe the modern era of electricity)

Galileo who had to fight the bigoted church, Kepler with his observation of planetary motions, the laws of chemistry by Boyle, Newton etc.

All of them had either the chance of having a very specific brain and thinking differently or they simply stumbled upon it, like in medicine, it was a mere accident that gave us Penicillin.

So i really think there is no meaning to the existence we have if you can't find any for yourself, when you say ripple effect you use a word that gives power but really what you should have said is, it's like throwing rocks in the ocean, yes you created a ripple and raised the ocean by an infinitesimally small amount, but it doesn't have any effect on it, the change has no matter for it is to small to be noticed.
And will you change your tune should humanity discovery immortality one day? Or discover different realms, dimensions and universes?

Despite what you think everything does matter. You just fail to see it. But since neither can convincingly prove to the other lets just leave it at that
i really hope we do, just not in this life time

i want my succubus demon sex pet.
To address your last paragraph yes the ocean is significantly huge. But enough stones thrown and the ripple will grow and grow. Soon enough to affect the entire ocean.
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yeah but it takes millions of years of stones to get somewhere. so in conclusion nothing matters life is a chore killmyself bybye good night hope i die and never wake up

i hate you all with a passion because i really have nothing better todo

Also have you explored the possibility that we aren't even from this planet??? that we might have been bacteria inside a comet that happened to come from a different galaxy entirely?? have you maybe considered we inseminated a planet by accident??

That all of this is just a big mistake??
The only goal I see is to be part of a matrioshka brain to create a universe that I can live in where everything and everyone is part of each other and harmony and peace are the most important things of that universe, everyone lives in a sandbox with the ability to create and destroy everything, unlimited space to explore, you could replicate our space into a virtual environment and explore it at speeds faster than you could travel in real life.

Too bad nothing like this will happen within the next 5 decades, so nope, no reason.
yes I have explored that possibility. Thankfully i'm not the kind of person that would allow 'what ifs' to cripple me.

So what if it takes thousands and millions of years to make a difference and matter. In the end it still matters. People only get hung up because they're egos are so big and self absorbed that if they don't matter immediately then "nothing matters". Some people that is.
I don't know man. I really want a girl right now and this fucking life style took her away. I think I never wanted anything so much in my life. The only way to get something similar is improving myself. So much time doing nothing for me, hating myself and the answer was a tight vagina. We are dogs.

yeah you are not "some people"

you are better, you take pride in thinking that your actions now will matter 1000 years from now.

>So what if it takes thousands and millions of years to make a difference and matter. In the end it still matters.

it doesn't fucking matter because it takes a literal sneaze from nature to cancel all of it, it's all for nothing can't you see how easy it is to see something get drowned by floods or eaten by earth slides??

Don't you see that there's a fucking timebomb in yellowstone RIGHT NOW ???

it takes absolutely nothing for all of it to be gone.

>well yeah faggot but that doesn't mean you should not live your life in faith etc etc etc, actions matter everything matters.

I'm just bored that's why i want to keep arguing, i can't even catch some sleep.
I don't take pride knowing my actions will matter 1000 years from now. I take solace that everything matters and there's reason and that everything is as it should be.

So what if its a literally sneeze. Like I said im not going to let a 'what if' cripple me. "what if the universe explodes tomorrow and all will be for naught"
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>everything matters and there's reason and that everything is as it should be

>everything is as it should be

oh you don goofed.

I simply can't understand how can you say something like that.
also it's not a "what if" it's an absolute certainty that that volcano will cancel humanity, it's a timebomb, either that or the weather will get worse and worse each year, until it all becomes a desert wasteland, and even here it's not a "what if" it's absolute certainty.

Why the fuck are you here then?? are you one of those religion guys that try to convert people or something?? are you people this desperate??
Did I start converting you did I? Was I successful? So which religion are you joining then? I don't care much for where you put your faith, I've come to accept that you can't force a horse to drink. Not everyone can be saved since not everyone wants to be saved.

I'll entertain these certainties of yours. Even in the face of all these disasters you claim will happen, humans will adapt, endure and survive and that's an absolute certainty as well.
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God dammit you fuckers are everywhere.

>Not everyone can be saved since not everyone wants to be saved.

Fagget i wanna go to hell and meet Lemmy and Dio fuck your fucking heave. you can keep it

Your belief of self righteousness is absolutely disgusting
They'll adapt, endure and survive but will they ever be happy or fulfilled? Even in 10,000 years of development when there is holo-television and interstellar travel and the ability to implant your brain inside a housecat, will the 1,000 billion humans roaming the stars manage to escape their basic human nature of feeling unsatisfied and wanting more and more? Will their lives still feel like a burdensome struggle, will there be a cure for pain, anxiety, regret, fear, and sadness? I guess there will be as soon as Jesus comes back and takes all His faithful to the kingdom of heaven right, just don't stop believin
>absoluteIy disgusting
Sinners thought Jesus was absolutely disgusting as well. Non believers tend to always think the faithful are disgusting. Hardly has any merit behind it.
File: 1444151146482.jpg (26 KB, 393x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Claiming you can "save" people,

dat faith power bruh
>but will they ever be happy or fulfilled?
I think only the enlightened can reach the state of true bliss. But the road to Nirvana is is long and arduous and many would prefer to dance with the devil.
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Come on man, joke is over, we had our fun shitposting,
File: 1443052096227.png (129 KB, 324x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking killing me man, i'm actually laughing

Real IRL
You should enjoy the laughter while it last, happiness is so fleeting.
I have literally nothing to do with this conversation.
I just wanted to post big pete.
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Will do buddy will do

enjoy next sunday at the local church or what ever.

Keep believing in your imaginary friend up there, killing children allowing rape and letting me live while others die.
yeah i noticed
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I'm sorry, did I ruin the conversation?
no just i thought you were the religious guy

you made me waste a meme
Jesusbro is right.

I mean it's all bullshit, but believing that everything has a point and is as it should be is one of the most comforting things in the world. I wish I was just a normie who believed in Jesus, or even just a non religious liberal normie who believed that "everything works out for the best".

It's just baseless optimism, and I want some of it.
In this case it will be "what ever". God doesn't kill children, punish or inflict suffering, nature, choice and karma does that.

Some would say that being alive is their greatest suffering.
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oooohhhh oh i see

yeah nice flipping of the cake, now KARMA is here.
Fucking really?? isn't your god, almighty??? and all powerful??
isn't he a super power ranger with his megazord?

I honestly think you're bait, but it's scary to think there's people that actually think like this out there, another reason to fucking end it as soon as possible
>isn't your god, almighty??? and all powerful??
Yes, but God isn't human so God wouldn't do what a human would do if they were almighty and all powerful.

My analogy would be God is like your father, your soul (the child). As a wise all knowing father God knows its better for the child to learn, grow, make mistakes and hopefully become a better person from it all. Rather than being a lazy parent and helicoptering over the child so the child never grows, never learns, never betters himself.

Same reason you don't feed wild animals. it actually causes more harm for them.
File: 1447158155211.jpg (321 KB, 782x788) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i'm truly baffled by how much a person can believe, truly saddening and enraging at the same time, you are the same type of piece of shit garbage that after a doctor saves a life you go "thank God, for guiding his hand" it's a sentence filled with so much stupidity goddamn worms have more wits than that.

Yeah let the kids die of aids in africa and let them starve, they'll learn from it don't worry, god knows his business.

Hey God there's a civil war going on in syria , can you please make some shit happen so no more innocents need to die??

aaahhhh well do they have my special book??? are they subscribed to my program??


Let her rip then
File: 1443394573416.jpg (33 KB, 410x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You want your god to take credit for all the good in the world, and you want people to believe he did it, but in ways we can't understand, that doesn't sound like snake oil pitching at all to me

Yep nothing wrong here guys, fucking end my life already
And yet the world is more peaceful and more prosperous than ever. Thank God he made human beings so capable and gave them free will. To be able to live and choose, whether to do good in this world or to live selfishly the choice really falls to them. As God intended.
>You want your god to take credit for all the good in the world
Since when? Where did I say that? Don't put words in my mouth.
Free will
Top fucking kek m80

Oh this is so good, i should frame it.
File: 1416628958648.jpg (126 KB, 950x861) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So god is not responsible for all the good in the world???
Humans are responsible for the good that they do. Just as they are responsible for the evil they do. Their actions are their own.
File: 1426977659056.jpg (37 KB, 395x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You don't have free will you have the illusion of choice.

Why illusion you may ask, good question, it's an illusion because all of your choice first take place in the subconscious, where you don't even realize it, so truly you don't even get to choose we fool ourselves into believing we made the choice out of our own volition but that would be a stupid assumption since your choice was already subconsciously influenced by an immense amount of variables.

In order for you to have free will you need to have control over your subconscious, which you obviously don't that's why it's called subconscious. But it does not end there, to have free will you would need to be able to control the subatomical particles that form matter, so you can have control over the atoms, so you can have control over the electrical impulses that fire by the hundreds of thousands a second in your brain.

So we can conclude that free will is non existent and for you to claim it is, would mean to shit all over years and years of research. I'm sure god has an answer for that.

Now you might argue well if there is no free will people will no longer take responsibility for their actions, and at a simple mind might seem so, but the nature of human kind(and all living things , that includes cancer and parasites aswell) is to thrive , so even though free will does not exist humans will always try to create a safe place where they can fuck their brains out and keep spreading their genes across generations. For that is the only purpose of mankind, reproduction.

That is why loneliness is such a pain, because our subconscious is constantly fighting for it's reproductive needs, it's millions of years of evolution, you need to fuck because that's how you ensure the continuation of the species.

But I'm sure you will come out and say

Nah ah faggot it's gods will.
Human's aren't animals, though sometimes you'd have a hard time telling the difference with the way some act. But my point remains a starving dog will not be able to control himself, but a human could if he chooses to. Or he can go on auto pilot like how most people live their lives, without a care or thought, and act on impulses.

Free will is real and there, ready to be accessed anytime, but that requires higher mental processes and not everyone is ready or willing to do so. Having discipline is required to make the most out of it. Discipline over your thoughts and actions. Humans are capable of rationale thought and decisions unlike an animal but most prefer not to practice it.
File: 1426450121084.jpg (133 KB, 387x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So remind me again why should i worship god (any god for that matter)

What is the point if he is not part of this world, if he doesn't show up from time to time and say hey nigguhs y'all better not start a thermonuclear war aight??(it is a ridiculously stupid example but i used it since the recent events in korea seem to suit it. You might wanna go down there and teach them some god 1o1)

To which you will say

You silly heathen, you can't doubt the existence of god, thats sin

To which i say, well no snake oil pitch here again boys, all safe, we can't doubt him because he said so, and us doubting him is sin which leads to hell which leads to rock n roll woooohoooo.

Don't you see this whole charade you believe in is nothing but logical fallacies one after the other???

Don't put words in my mouth faggott the word of god can't be tainted by your puny arguments. Logic is sin.
I don't really understand this post of yours.
im not telling you should worship anything nor would I.
>What is the point if he is not part of this world
God doesn't need you to do anything. Believe or not the choice is yours.

God just says you want to live a good life then live virtuously (with wisdom, temperance, justice, compassion and courage etc) and without sin (pride, lust, envy, sloth, greed, wrath, gluttony etc) .

What you do is up to you.
File: 1452881532845.jpg (434 KB, 1250x938) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's funny because people actually believe this. Oh what the hell the bait is so low i might aswell indulge a little more.

>free will is there
>higher mental processes

So you are telling me you can choose what thoughts are allowed in and what is discarded??

You realize you can't do that right?? Because you don't get to choose what thoughts are allowed and what aren't, right now if i say the word BANANA you will not be able to stop mental pictures of it, colors and associations with that word, which means there is no conscious control over your subconscious you have no control over your mental processes.

That is not to say you live on instinct, that means that you think you have control over it because think you are able to make choices and you think that by rationalizing them you have free will which you do not.

Now let me sleep.
Dude you are rly retarded. Just stop
>You realize you can't do that right??
Have you tried? Because I have. Been practising for quite a few years now since I was 18. And its worked for me. Believe it or not people can influence what their subconscious thinks about.

My auto pilots thoughts use to be I wish I was this, could be that, was someone else. I blocked all that out manually. Now they don't come at all. My second nature changed. God made humans flexible creatures capable of such adaptations after all.
There is absolutely nothing I want to do here, and there is absolutely no reason why I should have to want to do something here

I'm just NEETing it up while I wait for my mom to die, trying to avoid any tidal waves of life bullshit that come my way.

Would probably have a shitty death if I knew she'd be sad when I die, and I want my death to at least be right, so I gotta wait.

Feels restless and boring as fuck but yeah.
File: 1412519455516.jpg (35 KB, 546x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Those are just mental norms any human can acquire, you don't need god to tell you that, even monkeys have compassion. Cats can lactate dog pups and viceversa , there is simply no need for god, you can understand it by yourself that killing is wrong.

Because we have empathy, and empathy does not come from religion or god, it's something we have because we understood it's helpful and let's our community thrive.

I was mocking you by anticipating what you say.
I never said there was need for God, just as I said I would not tell you to worship X.
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I came in the thread with suicidal thoughts i leave with even more of them but laughing at ignorance. For it is truly bliss.

You cannot control the subconscious because you are not conscious of it. It's like saying you trained to fly by simply believing it, does not work like that
Not the same at all, one is manipulating your mind which with practice is achievable. Your example is manipulating the physical world with thoughts alone. But thoughts aren't physical and can be manipulated. But I don't expect someone who has never attempted to understand this.
File: 5674757.jpg (62 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 720x960
Had fun man, keep up the word of satan
For he gave is knowledge something god seems to be lacking
Whatever works for you.
File: 1450857078723.jpg (190 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 1920x1080
Sure man you can manipulate something that you never realize is there. That makes sense.

Manipulating the subconscious in 10 easy steps buy your guide now.

Available at www.itsnotascamipromiseitslegit.com
Like I said, you've made zero attempt so naturally you would never understand. What more is there to say?
File: PXW1rda[1].jpg (616 KB, 1844x1230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
616 KB, 1844x1230

i got u famoriginalcommentalam
File: imagesizer.jpg (30 KB, 660x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's the issue
You can feed the primitive part of your brain easier than ever. You can search for porn, cute and funny videos, music etc in seconds. You can play game whenever you want, you can feed all those urges without fail.
So naturally it's going to kill all your aspirations to do anything and you will just keep feeding that feel good drag.

In short: You need to unplug as much as you can and look at life beyond what electronic entertainment can feed you, find you're center and thus ambition to live.
File: w4635262724673.jpg (58 KB, 620x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 620x800
>i'd rather live in truth then in blinded faith.
But that's what you are doing right now.
You have convinced yourself the world is this black and white operation so you can close the door on ever being something more

You are the very thing you claim to hate
I don't know. I wrote up a whole thing but the summation of it really was just 'I don't know'.

My thoughts on the various ideas of life change rather frequently. Recently I guess I've been thinking about the concept of truth. Another anon in this thread touched on it and I largely agreed with them. We don't really know anything.

Life is confusing and too complicated for us, so most of the time our brains use shortcuts to store information and work everything out. We tell ourselves stories to make whatever information we get 'make sense', usually in a way that helps us continue telling our own personal story in a positive light. Confabulation!

An extreme but super interesting example that really highlights this for me is studies on people that have had their Corpus Callosum severed. The thing that connects the two hemispheres of the brain. Information can no longer be processed correctly. So you could show something horrible to just one eye and the information is processed but not properly 'registered' on a conscious level.
So if you show this person a picture of dead babies, they will not know they are seeing a picture of dead babies, they just know they start to feel uncomfortable. If you ask the person 'Why do you feel uncomfortable' They'll make up a story and believe it. 'Oh I am nervous about this event that is coming up' or 'I think I ate something bad' even though the boring reality is that they feel uncomfortable because they are looking at a picture of dead babies and they just don't know it.

Extreme example, but we all do it. We get information and twist it so we can keep telling ourselves a story in a way that makes us alright.

Even us. We don't do anything and have nothing in particular to live for besides habit and not wanting to make our families feel bad. So we tell ourselves the story that nothing matters because then it doesn't matter that we do nothing. But at the end of the day we're just the same as everyone else and we don't really know.
Holy shit are you my literal clone? Who are you? Even the age is the same
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Im conflicted. A part of me wants to work hard and put everything i have into working hard and living it. But another part of me wants to just "take it easy" work the minimum to stay alive and enjoy my hobbies. The latter makes me feel guilty but i think thats the western conditioning taking effect.

Pick related is what im getting at.
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