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Have any of you drunkenly confessed your...
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Have any of you drunkenly confessed your love to your oneitis?

How did she react?
and that my friends, is how op became the ultimate beta cuck. Goodnight sweetie pie.
I was completely sober. I response to "do you want me to say I love you?" She said "don't say that"
>she was 20 years older, married, with kids
>due to who we were, she is literally the hottest woman I have ever met, bar none
>confess while sober, be rejected
>months pass, I get over it
>chat with her drunk one night, she's drinking too
>sends me slutty pictures
>talks about sexual stuff
>talks about how she kissed her teacher and posed naked for him while her bf in another country was supporting her despite him living in a poor as fuck country and basically starving

I just want to be gay at this point. Women are trash, women on alcohol are less than trash.
yea i did...she was driving my drunk ass home...i said somethinkg like i used to have a crush on you...she said something like oh thats funny...it didn't bother any of us i think because when we saw each other afterwards it was just like before...we hardly hangout after high school...tfw socially peaked in hs... 27yo virgin
>not drunkenly
She had a pretty good poker face, but I assume she was disgusted but had to be polite about it, still glad that she knows, its less depressing to think that at least she knows
In high school I got super drunk and decided to ask my crush out to prom at this house party we were at

she already had a date so I had been rejected in front of just about every friend I had

that moment fucked with me so hard that I haven't asked a girl out since because fuck making myself that vulnerable again

Don't do it OP
I did. He were drunkenly stumbling around the beach one night when I laid my feelings out for him and then tried to kiss him. He reacted pretty cool about it. Let me down easy, but said he really wanted to still be friends and to keep hanging out but that he just didn't swing that way. We still hang out, skate, play music and stuff, I just know he's straight. NO HOMO.
Girls want my name beside the X like Malcom.
Everybody got a drink, I did it without one.
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i got my dick sucked, and then fucked. people always say "whisky dick makes you not able to get it up" but I can get it up no problem. cumming is the real challenge. i can pound it or over an hour and have to force myself to cum.
Only a true drunk knows what the fuck whiskey dick actually is. Welcome my brother. It's a long fall down.
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Cool Fuck.jpg
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Yes. I have a 0 for 4 record a finishing with penis in vagina action. Kill me.
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I've never been drunk
>she wanted to have sex with me
>tell her I love her
>doesn't want to have sex anymore, because she doesn't want to commit and I'm clearly not up for just casual sex

I should've just shut up.

I did about two years ago, at a house party. she gave me a run around answer, avoided me the rest if the night, fucked my best friend
>having an oneitis
fucking normies
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>being in a position to have a oneitis
ok I will give you this
>getting drunk
>being in a position to contact your oneitis when you want
same desu senpai

I can fap for hours
I told my friend I really liked her and that she's the best and what not when I was on molly, we ended up doing stuff and I never spoke to her again when I realized what I had done.
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No but normie here, I drunkenly confessed to someone that I strongly suspect to be a robot.

Turns out it was mutual.
Were you still in grade school?
You two fucking?
>in high school
>oneitis was a rich, popular girl who lived a couple streets over
>she invited me to a pool party at her house for some reason
>stay after to help her clean up
>decide I'm gonna tell her how I feel
>do it
It worked out.
Yes. She is one of my best friends. She reacted like

"I appreciate our friendship a lot, but the idea of us being anything more is driving me away from you. For the sake of our friendship, I need to tell you that I want you to stop liking me from now on."

She sent this after suddenly ignoring me for several days
>get drunk
>she says to talk to her when i was sober
>sober up
>tell her
>get rejected

im by no means a sperg or a virgin but the most cringe thing I have ever done was get completely shit faced, drive up to the 711 on the corner and confessed my love to the qt cashier while she was outside. I didn't really know her well nor did I really have feelings for her. I truly do not know what came over me.
I did. Just two weeks ago. I asked her out and she's pretty much told me she's leaving to Sweden pretty soon(in about two weeks) and after that I kinda lost momentum. I haven't talked to her since, I didn't even apologize, because then I would have to tell her I was just drunk and didn't mean it and while I was shitfaced I did mean everything I've said.
Yeah and it was really awkward
>at a bar with friend group
>everyone shitfaced, just me and her left
>talking about her haircut
>"I don't know, I think you look pretty damn sexy"
>"Anon, are you hitting on me?"
>"What happens if I am?"
>"Well I think you've just had a bit too much to drink, why don't I drive you home"
>drops me off at home, awkwardly hugs me
>didn't talk to her again for about a month

Oh also when I told her, she said "What a surprise". I guess some things were just not meant to happen.
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Not yet. It happened this weekend and we were both horribly, and I mean horribly drunk, and I practically spent yesterday in a hangover coma. Hilariously, he didn't even remember any of it afterwards, so once he went online today, I had to both explain what had happened and confess again, this time sober.
Went to fuck sister's best friend while we were drunk, turns out she was on her period and i wasn't desperate enough to fuck with blood for lubricant.

Ended up grinding the shit out of eachother and she sucked my dick. A week later I asked if she wanted to fuck and it turned out she had a boyfriend and was horribly ashamed of what she did.

I let it go, she was chill and I'm not bitter enough to tell her dude
what are you doing here

I enjoy the occasional 4chan meta discussion that's brought up on /r9k/ which isn't pure shitbait like /qa/
No. But I drunkenly confessed it to her bf.

She told me she would rather be my sister.
I have a 0 for 2 with only 1 girl and I'm 26. Never even got close to coming either.
Oh boy, I can relate to this.
I was feeling pretty bad a certain day so I drank everything available with some pals. After being very, very drunk, I grabbed my phone and texted the girl. She rejected me, as is the trend. According to her, she would jave accepted me if I told her a month before. I didn't buy it.
And then what. Blox
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