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itt: Write Ayy letter to some1 who may never...
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To Tityboi
From TT
Ayy lmao will you be my Valentine
Dear femanons,


overlord of robots
To burgerqueen jewman
You're whipped
Love Ll
Dear Anastasia,

I wish I could have been the one to make you happy. So long as you are happy somewhere, I will forgive the world.
Dear ___,
You're so cute. You're adorable and handsome at the same time. I have dreams I'll marry you one day but they're pointless.
Sincerely, no one important to you.

Donald MC,

Why, oh you are... W/?\M ayy chh eye ddpp ed.

my fantasy is that a girl would think this about me

i hope you are the holographic 3d projector girlfriend of my dreams. If true, will marry.
Dear all robots,

there is a girl out there for you. the circumstances you are in can improve if you put in the effort to improve them. success is possible for your all

a normie robot
I think I'm falling in love with you
We don't even speak
How is this happening
To everyone I know

I really hate to do this but I need to leave it all. As soon as I have a plan and money im leaving and you won't know where I'm going. I don't belong in society and I don't belong with any other people.

The plan is to move where I can be in complete solitude. There is no point in me interacting with people at all because me being on this earth is an odd mistake.

not to you,

thanks for ignoring all the stalking. you're stunning, and i know the score.

i'll just cut and paste another woman in once i'm not total fucking scum, or i'll die alone, this is for the best. i'm a delusional fuckwit with a hero complex, and you hate me for the best reason there is: ineffectiveness.

see you in my nightmares
Call me. Tomorrow during work hours.

sorry, mario. your omega is in another basement.

i'm sorry femanon i guess youre just way too smart for me huh. i am very dumb and VERY VERY depressed. so i think i'm just gonna kill myself huh? well, that's fine, i hope i up[load my consciousness to the cloud so i can be there with you now bc fck this gay limited body. 5d GF where it's at hart u <3

You love me right? I think about you all the time and you seem so perfect to my mind, but when I talk to you, sometimes it's different. Not in a good way. When we do that stuff together, it doesn't feel good. I do it for you. I wish you were younger and went to my school, but I think I like the distance because I don't want to lose my virginity. I'm also keeping a big secret from you. I'll tell you when I'm sure I can manipulate you into staying with me, even if you might get in trouble. I love you!

Other J,

Please stop contacting me. I try to be polite but I hate it. You were a happy memory but I'm so glad I'm free from you, you weren't what I wanted at all even if it seemed that way at first.

Other J,

Don't go back to her, she's a manipulative bitch and I'm starting to hate her. She's so fake, why can't you see? You used to flirt with me in front of her, where did that go?


I wish I loved you. I think I have a crush on you, but it might be like when I thought I liked Z, and really I just liked him liking me, and wanted him to ask me out to prove it to myself. You're so nice, maybe when you mature we'll be better for each other. I wish you weren't so uptight and "good," you know my type.


I know I'm just a student to you but I want to pretend you see me as more.


Even M says our relationship is toxic. You're a horrible person but maybe we deserve each other.


Why do you think I hate you sometimes? I feel the same way about you.

I wish I could just go for it. I honestly do. Waiting is nice and all, but I wish I could just say that I love you and that I want to have you. You will probably never know that, since I'm never going to say it out loud, in fact just the fact that I love you means that I will avoid you as much as possible. You won't find happiness with me or dealing with me in any way. You'll be happy with someone else. I'm too much of a mess for anything in a long term.

Sorry for the problems that I've already caused for you. I wish that we never met, so that none of this would have happened. Too much trouble, too much trouble...
>Please stop contacting me. I try to be polite but I hate it. You were a happy memory but I'm so glad I'm free from you, you weren't what I wanted at all even if it seemed that way at first.

Can you just drop a name so I can not worry about it?
>I knew you wereplaces i've never been
/>whoze watchin'#michaeljacks0n #
I'm the trouble in this case. Not like the one depicted in the video, but still, a waste of time. Should have just let me stay like I was, now it's just all sorts of fuck.

Can someone explain why people bother with some things at times, even though there's no apparent result or worth coming out of it?

Kill yourself you fucking tranny fuckface!!!

Dear future me,

I can't believe I fucked up something so major so simply - I hope you've killed yourself already.

t. past you
Hey S,
I kinda like you. You seem nice.
I will never (ever) approach you though because I hate myself and life is bad. Shame.
With love, F
What is your name?

Original fjdkfkf
that's not fair

just do the first four letters or something like that
It's probably not you, he doesn't type like you

how come you removed me from skype a few months back? I thought we were buddys..

Just please give it away so I can sleep at night; it's really bothering me.
No. He might go on here even if he isn't you, I'm not risking it
Why would you say something like that and not want the guy to know?
To L,

I feel like killing myself. Please help.

Regards --

Dear R,

Please please please be okay tomorrow. I can't make this day go by fast enough. My sweater still smells like your perfume.You've been on my mind nonstop since we met. Please be okay tomorrow.

Love, B
Man I found your tumblr after all these years, must of been close to 7 years since we've talked.
Knew you had some struggles but I never imagined you would be posting picture of yourself shooting up heroin, smoking meth, along with clearly sexualized pictures of almost completely nude boys....just chillin with a picture of your god damn chest tatoo and half of your face in the photo.

Doesn't help you used the same god damn name you used to use as a kid so if anyone gave a fuck like me it'd be easy as hell to figure out who you are and where you live.

Man, I hope you start doing better. You fucked me over, when we first met you told me to an hero, and honestly your'e a retard for thinking communism is a plausible thing. Nothing new there.

Can't believe the different paths we took in life man, wish we could just hang out like back in the day.
Dear Mozart,

Great tunes, dude! Keep it up!
Thanks M. Now get back to work
Because I don't want any drama and I don't want him to think he still has any kind of effect on me
But you wrote him a letter?

say your initials then, fugg
I recently talked to him again and still think about him sometimes, he used to be very important to me
I'm not posting my initials but I'm 18 if that helps
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yeah, that's enough for me, thank you
Glad that's settled and you're not worried, anon
>my fantasy girl
gtfo from your basement fanny
Dear C,
I can't seem to fall out of love with you when I really need too in order to move on. I think you are the perfect man who fits me perfectly, but shit we can't ever be together. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for just how much I love you, but I think its the loneliness talking. I'm a mess because of it.
make me you bich
File: 1450385715913.jpg (2 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1920x1080
Dear N,

I wish I could get to know you better. I've gotten to a little over the time we've known each other, but I wanted more than that.

I can't really explain why. All I know is I feel good around you, beyond the physical attraction you're the first person I've met that isn't forcibly outgoing or socially manipulative or anything that I see in everyone else. If anything, you're the one person I could pull a silent date with. I wouldn't mind just reading next to you in the library or coffee shop, slowly passing our time. No unnecessary bull shit I get with everyone else. Talk when we feel like it. Eat and drink when necessary. Do our work together there.

I'm trying to find an excuse for my behavior, a reason why I'm like this, but I'm tired of trying to do that. I am who I am. I hate conflicts, but will fight if needed. I wish I could save others from the pain they feel. I'm too naive sometimes and too harsh at other times. I'm a train of thought person who talks to much sometimes.

In the end I know I'm the kind of person to be alone in this. I can be very narcissistic at times. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking pity mixed with slivers of kindness are forms of affection on purpose. Its like a drug almost, but I know better in the end. We both do. So I want to say thank you for listening to all that crap that no one had the patience to listen to. You're the first. No one has done what you have done with such patience, or grace. It seems you never once openly looked down on me, yet my family and everyone else around me has done so without hesitation.

Hope you make happiness for yourself, or maybe find it. Good luck N.


G, please be my valentine
Dear you


Sincerely me
Dear everyone,

I hate you.
Dear Claudia

Fuck you, you wont talk to me? well then i have another bitches to talk with, today im going to natalia's house to watch a movie and i hope to fuck her, you know i like you and you make me believe you like me too, but every day that pass i more believe this "we have" would not work with us, and that is because you bitch are so cold with me, and fuck i try to make you laft and to have good conversation, but fuck you im not any beta fag so im fucking other girls now
that girl isnt worth it. look how she fucked up eggmans life: you dodged a bullet man. she pretends to like lots of guys so be glad you didnt fall for it

suck my dick cuz (no homo tho)
from pat
Dear G,
I wish we didn't live on different continents, I like you.
Dear N,
I wish you were smarter and closer.

Dear S,
I don't want to tell you what's on my mind and what are my reasons because you will take it the wrong way. What I did is for the best.

Dear other N,
Hope you manage to get over it. Seems like you're gone.

Dear C,
What the fuck is up with you? Have some fucking human decency.


Look dude I hate our relationship sometimes, but other times I can't go a second without you. I just heard that you were using me because I spoil you too much so tomorrow I'm gonna confront you and if it's true just remember. I'm talking to your stalker and I still have all your nudes I never deleted them like you told me too. So maybe if you are just a gold digger I'll give her some pics, she'll give me some pics and vidoes and we'll have a splendid time.

Dear anyone,
Please help
Dear anon,
The dubs have spoken and you are the chosen one. See you in 2036.
-John Titor
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I know that feel

That's just what happens when you go so long without being loved, you start to love those who don't even know you're there...
I still love you
Dear ,
You fucked all my shit up and I'm going to stop talking to you, hopefully I can stop being autistic and talk to a different girl. Maybe I'll even get to hold hands for the first time, I wonder how it feels. Anyway good luck with Chad
dear william,

your sister has nice titties


Why would you shoot a man before throwing him off a plane
BPD is a helluva drug. She doesn't pretend. She really means it when she says it usually. Girls from r9k are complicated
Dear K,
I've fallen hard as fuck for you.
Dear D,
I want to see your dick.
Love, me
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To whom it may concern,

I'm sorry I never improved myself. You all thought I had potential, but I knew it to be false the whole time. My failures are my own, they are no fault of yours. Maybe one of these days I'll pick myself up and make something of my miserable life. Wouldn't hold my breath for it though.
With each passing day I fall deeper and deeper into the pit of no return. I haven't succeeded in life, I've been a neet for nearly six years now, and I can barely force myself to go outside when I need to. I bet the folks from back in high school would laugh their asses off knowing they were right about me. That's the main reason why I don't have social media, so I can be invisible.
My family still judges me. That might mean they haven't given up on me yet, but the angry rants are starting to get annoying. Yelling at me won't make a difference.
Hopefully I can work up the courage to kill myself soon. I've already failed twice, I pray that a third time will be the charm.

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