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Cringe Stories
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control+f, cringe not matched. Anyways:
>be me in 3rd grade or some time around then
>learn about camouflage one day
>wearing a green shirt
>thought that I would disappear if I curled into a ball on the grass and pulled my shirt over my body
>do that for about 40 minutes at recess
>the entire fucking time
>several times
>in front of the busy jungle gym
>nobody says anything about it until the proctor asks me what I am doing one day
>moment of realization
>a bunch of kids begin chasing me around, nagging me about it
>have to hide in bathroom stalls until they get tired and stop
If some others pitch in, I'll post a couple more.
I guess I'll post another
>sixth grade
>minding my own business in class
>teacher gets everyone's attention and tells us that we're having student government elections
>I could give a rat's ass
>teacher then tells us that everyone will be called up and must give a 3 minute speech that day
>I'm in shock, begin visibly sweating a twitching
>hoping I'll be called up last so I can plagarize from everyone else
>nope, called up second
>end up not speaking for 90% of those 3 minutes
>parrot the person before me about how I'll put out a suggestion box for the other 10%
>quickly go sit back down
>one girl claps for me out of pity, everyone else is silent
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>be horny
>start talking to a somewhat attractive girl in high school over a messaging up
>say something along the lines of "i had a dream where i had sex with you"
>messaging app*
I would love to post my cringe stories, but first let's dispel this fiction once and for all that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing; he's undergoing a systematic effort to change this country and make America more like the rest of the world. When I'm elected president we'll re-embrace what makes America the greatest country in the world and leave our children what they deserve; the greatest nation in the history of the world.
ebin meme, my friend. have an upboat.
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here's the last one I feel like typing for now
>sixth grade
>teacher gives a whole speech about how kissing is bad, m'kay
>anyone who is caught kissing will be dealt with
>also encourages anyone who has any information to come forward privately
>later that day, I hear kids talking about how they were kissing some Staceys
>the next day, when everyone lets out for recess, I tell the teacher what I heard
>I come out to recess later than everyone else
>they're suspicious, begin asking me questions
>tell them I was doing something on the computer, an obvious lie
>luckly I was a bit stocky for my age then, so no one wanted to pick a fight with me
>kids who I told on ended up ratting out a bunch of other people, so something like 1/3rd of the grade ended up getting implicated in some way
>fast forward, and I'm still a khv all these years later
totally worth it, huh
>be me
>be in college
>be at festival with anime club member
>there is a booth where if you let them measure your cups size, you get a free bra of that size
>anime club member insists that we should get checked
>"It'll be fun!" he said
>go get checked
>"Yep! Looks like you're definitely a 34A."
>anime club member laughs
>"O-okay. Y-your turn, anon."
>"Hahahahaha nah. I was just joking when I said that!"
>"Cheer up! It's a festival!"
>leave shortly after
>avoid him at every club meeting for the rest of the year
>in college
>working 2 full time jobs
>3 weeks before christmas
>I help her move into her new apartment
>end of the day
>her parents are leaving
>she invites me to her living room
>asks me to sit down
>"I'm breaking up with you."
>"Because you'll never be religious."
>Get up.
>Walk home.
>go to bed
>wake up
>go to bed
>wake up
>go to bed
>get a call
>"Anon you're fired"
>go to bed
>get a call
>"Anon you're fired"
>go to bed
>wake up
>"You missed your midterms. Do you want to make them up? What's going on? You were en route to get a B+!"
>hang up
>go to bed
>develop bed sores
>smell awful
>roommate offers to cook me dinner
>first time eating in days
>roommate starts leaving water by my bed
>proceed to starve
>go from 6' 160lbs to 5'10" 115 pounds
>it's been over a year
>call a counselor
>go to sleep
>wake up
>go to counselor
>she admits me as inpatient to psych ward
>three weeks later, sent back home
>slowly get my life together
>still have stretch marks on my inner thigh due to rapid loss of lean tissues

Women are for fucking, but I only date men now.


>2 weeks after breakup
>be 7pm
>be sleeping
>roommate wakes me up
>"how're you holding up?"
>"so I guess you heard. you really deserved better."
>she was already dating her coworker from her new job
>remember she told me when we broke up that she'd be going to a party later that night
>remember that she was going with chad
>and now she's dating him
>no, she's still dating him
>she has probably been dating him for months.
fuck you

i have stretch marks all over my body from rapid weight gain. my anti-psychotic contributed to make a a fat fuck

fuck you
There's a difference, anon. That person laid waiting for death. You ate yourself into a coma.

Also, weight gain due to medication is a lie. Weight gain is due to poor mental health and a lack of willpower.

wait are you a guy or a girl?

one is cringy but the other is very cringy
Girl. I felt like a complete dumas and I feel like the person who did the measurement was laughing too. I don't remember looking the person who handed me the bra in the eye when she handed it to me, but I remember that she had huge boobs and I can't help but feel like she must've been laughing too.
it's not your fault that he's better than you
i fucking hate the education system

small boobs are very kawaii.
>the proctor

What are you fucking amish?

How are you even posting, brother? Did you whittle your computer out of a slab of oak?
I unironically enjoyed the part where those kissing normies got their comeuppance.

Either society's ethics about sex are fucked, or mine are. One of the two.
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>3rd grade
>Cringe story

Please kill yourself
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Alexandre Dumas.jpg
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>felt like a complete dumas and...
>>be foreveralone always bullied etc..
>>in 9th grade
>>there was a school shooting in my country
>>they are showing a movie in class about how school shooting is bad
>>get idea
>>it would troll those assholes pretty hard when i showed up late when the movie is being shown and walk in holding my backpack like i was concealing a weapon in there
>>did it
>>only got strange looks from classmates
>>later feel like a moron, wtf was i thinking.
>name is will
>always react when people use the word 'will'

Fooking hell lads I hate it
>go from 6' 160lbs to 5'10" 115 pounds
literally how? How did you lose your height like that?
It's litearlly impossible to pernanently lose your height, he's just doing the manlet meme

Your roommate sounds like a good person.

Sorry about what happened to you.
My name's Will and I don't. You're just retarded, mate.
How did she reply?

If you're attractive that isn't cringey.
>name is jay
>get mad when people say "hey jay"
>sometimes they even say "haha hey that rhymes"
>you knew it rhymes you little fuck
>fuck you
Why is fate so unkind to us
Or bad posture from muscle loss.
>tfw jay rhymes with gay
I can understand that you feel embarassed, but you shouldn't be that self conscious about it. Your reaction made it cringe, not the situation.

breast firmness >>>>>> breast size If you have saggy small tits kill yourself
Middle school was fun
>>a complete dumas
>that pic
My thoughts exactly when I read that.
>grade 2
>we're not allowed to go inside the school until recess is over
>suddenly need to pee
>can't go to the bathroom
>get a good idea
>lay down on my stomach in the grass and pee
>thought that it would somehow go through my pants and I'd be dry
>get up
>pants soaked in piss
>have to tell teachers I pissed myself
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