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Who here hates /optimism/ ?
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Who here hates /optimism/ ?
These people run society into the ground with their bullshit.
They're willing to tell you "positive things" even if it leads to your death.

What's preventing them from being realists, and why are they so vapid?
Not saying positiveness is bad, but these peoples first assumption is the best outcome.
I don't think there's anything wrong with optimism, are you sure you aren't talking about idealism?
Maybe I guess that sounds more about right. I just tend to think the worst outcome and prepare myself for it, then when something better happens then I can feel a bit of happiness from it.

Instead of expecting best outcome, and 99.99% of time it ends up far worse than expected, that's what leads people to suicide. Disappointment.
We set up every human being for disappointment in life instead of preparing them for it.
I'm going to irrationally assume the best in others and you can't stop me.
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That's good. I agree with everything you've said. It's really just a form of dishonesty that does no one any good, because in reality most people can't have what they want. Even the most basic goals, like say, getting fit, is something most basic people can't even achieve. It's just some stupid bullshit societal construct where everyone wishes you the best even though they know you'll fail. People tend to lie to each other a lot, just because it's socially acceptable.

Is there a situation in particular you are thinking of, or are you just generally speaking?
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C.C. is best girl and seeing this reminds me that I will never get to watch Code Geass for the first time EVER AGAIN

So are you trying to be the next autistic avatarfag or something?
I have been doing my best in life, dealt with bullying and many other things and whenever I confided in other people about my career aspirations and other goals they make it sound like things will work out for no reason, just give it time.

For the few times that things do end up good, it makes it feel like they think I had no part in the outcome and it's just "magic" and not because of the immense amount of struggle I had to do to get there.

I resent these people with an immense passion, they're fake and I wish death upon them.
I can not view someone as a legitimate friend unless they can openly tell me I'm making a bad decision when I am.
I know how many people treat your kind, they never invite you to hang out with them and talk shit behind your back.
OP here, that story is actually similar to what happened to me.
> I was in the hospital for being suicidal.
> Came out the hospital and all my classmates heard about it and my birthday was around the corner.
> They all offered to hang out with me on my birthday, I kept insisting no because it always goes bad.
> They claimed about going to book plans for me to go out and eat.
> I show up on my birthday and was told that no one booked plans.
> I end up texting them and all my bestest of friends (about 6 of em) all were at a beach.
> They said they forgot about my birthday.

Worst part is they legitimately forgot, this wasn't a scheme or anything, they actually forgot about me.
People wonder why others shoot up schools? This is why.
>this is why
because they they're so pathetic and can't control the feels? this is just straight up autistic
I didn't shoot up a school, I at least know why people do it.
The only thing sounding autistic is your comprehension level of other people.
If they don't have same level of IQ, disorders & background as you then you can't understand them.

You have all the time in the world to go outside and meet different people.
If you attended school you'd know the different levels of tolerance other students had.
If anything you should be surprised if not a few students go on a shooting rampage.
> straight up autistic.
Which sounds like you, dropping the same expectations on literally everyone.
As someone whose mother passed away when he was 11 and whose father is an abusive sociopath, I'd probably kill myself if it weren't for my optimism.

Hope is pretty fucking powerful in keeping you going in life and the more of it you have, the more you tend to enjoy it. Plus my optimism has gotten me laid more times than the average anon, so it's not completely worthless haha.
That's really messed up. Doesn't sound like any of those people were your friends at all. I know the feeling though, of being forgotten by people, etc.

Very few people really care about their friends, in my opinion. All they care about is whatever status/attention their friend might give them, and how other people see them around you. It's very superficial but that is the world.

That's how I approach things. It's just poor thinking to think that the probability of the ideal outcome is 90% - 100%.

I'm optimistic that very few people think that way, but I'm prepared to be proven wrong.
Did you remember and do something special for all six of them for their birthdays?
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>This is why.
It really bugs me how when stuff like this happens, the media just jumps on blaming gun control or "vidya gaems are murder trainers" and don't investigate the reasons and circumstances of why such an individual would reach such extreme conclusions; which 9/10 is because that poor bastard had it very rough.
If shit was really investigated, it would then lead to better methods of preventing such tragedies.

But nope, they just put on the retard hat and produce wonderful things like pic related.
You must understand that an average normie is shockingly vacuous when compared to a robot.

This doesnt mean that they are rightout stupid, in fact, I have met normies who scored incredible scores on IQ tests and backed these scores up with great math results etc.

The problem is that while these people might be intelligent, they are not thoughtful. A normie doesnt need to use his intelligence to get through everyday life; to a Robot or a Hiki of any description, human society is a jungle and you either live or you die, so you adapt and come to understand the deep principles behind the functioning of society. The normie already inherently has everything to make him succeed, so he doesnt need to learn or think to survive.

This is why they say that pain builds character. Whenever robots are ostracised by the society, we understand why this happens, that society has it s norm, and if you dont fit, too bad. If a normie fails at something, he will personally blame all the people involved but himself.

This goes to show the overwhelming unrealistic expectations that come from being gifted to simply handle everything smoothly. Optimism is just that.
Just world fallacy is what keeps them optimistic. They think they earned their lives, while it was due to luck.
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I helped a few get a job, bought stuff for one and snuck a bunch of free food/desserts(cake) from my jobs. I was basically a cuck.

> If more had been done to get Cho Seung-hui some psychological help, 33 people might still be alive.

This is what I'm trying to explain to people, they have these glasses on that think medication & therapy takes away external problems that are causing internal conflict.

I've been trying to tell people for the longest, that most people aren't actually empathetic, but they're all sociopaths.
I genuinely feel it's actually impossible for them to empathize. So they become fake as a result.
They still feel obligated to be "nice" to people so they feed everyone the same BS.
"Oh hi, how are you? Good? That's nice." They don't and can't care about you.
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