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Come on in, take a seat, have a drink. Share some feels, tell some stories. Go ahead and pick a song for the jukebox. You're among friends here, Anon.
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Do you have soft drinks?
I'll take a Mikes hard lemonade and a bud light lime
Of course my friend. What do you want?
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Fanta mixed with 7up
Just kiddin. Do you ahve anything without sugar? My teeth are rotting, so it would help.
Can i have a genuine beer please
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Here's your lemonade
And your bud
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Forgot beer
ill have a dr pepper

i feel so lost and directionless i life.
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One glass of water
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Here my friend
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Well shit.
You have no sense of humor.
Anyways just the usual here. Wanting to die, nothing matters, no desire to do shit, no goals in life.
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What happened? Why do you feel lost?
i got nothin going on

im 26, no job no money still living at home, you know.
thanks mate
can you help me Anon? i have a date on valetines day with a qt 3.14 i met on internet, and i feel i should get her some present
or at least plan a good evening
and i have no clue

I'm about to turn 26 and the realization of death is really something that just with each passing day in this adult world, as I fade away into obscurity, is knocking on my door.

I went to the supermarket today. Yeah, saw a sign that read "if you look under 27 you will be carded". I wasn't purchasing any alcohol. I'm sure I would get carded. I look pretty young for a guy my age. But it just hit me kinda hard thinking, "wow, I'm almost at this age where people can look old enough to not be carded".

dear lord shoot me in the gut.
Life is pointless, but death is even more pointless. I'd go for hedonism, but I only want to want.
Is it your first date with her?
yes, we never met before
Btw I'm 25 and never had a gf. but there's this girl I met on tinder and she's been texting me sometimes. we met for coffee already, and she wants to hangout this Monday, so I'm kind of excited, but afraid of getting friendzoned or something.

She's 25 as well. We both go to the same university. Every morning she texts me "hi!" and stuff. And once in a while I'll find something on the frontpage of reddit and send it to her that I think she will find funny or a picture of me being goofy and she appears to like it.

I dunno. She's probably got better options than I. I'm not the most attractive guy, not obese or anything I'm skinny, average height. But I've got a job, my own place. I feel confident enough to take a girl out and socialize.

I'd like it to finally happen for me though.
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Give me a 100ml shot of vodka, OP.
>meet a grill from tinder
>she's amazingly cool and fun to talk to
>literally spent 4 hours talking with her in a pub
>we both had exams the following week
>she said she'd be studying hard but she'll be free from saturday onwards
>told her that I really liked out last meeting and if she'd like to meet again, she should just message me when she'll be free and done with the exams
>no message so far
>meanwhile my hand got fucked up
>woke up in the morning and my hand hurting like fuck
>over the day it got swole as fuck
>been to the doctor and got prescribed some meds
>the meds don't fucking work and I can't use my hand, worse yet, it's a dominant hand
>have another exam soon and will have to write a lot
Just fuck my shit up m8

damn bro, tinder is evil as fuck.
Buy her some small cute thing like chocolates, not like too expensive.
Maybe you should go eat some where and then watch a film together.
just a water today drank yesterday..
>be me
>with old friend
> he has a gf ( they have a completely fucked relationship)
>he fucked my friends ex and the gf is by other buddys crush
>he asks me " hey anon can i fuck your ex crush (long ass story)
>i was like what?
>he asks the last time i talked to her
>say a while
>he just nods says ok
>his gf has been texting me for a while
>she's 7/10 but no job and kid
>and slutty af
>"hatch plan"
>she asks to drink one weekend
>i say ok
>we drink, then it escalates
>he doesn't know yet
So, i'm more or less waiting for him to tell me he had sex with the girl i liked to tell him i did shit with his ex so he tries to fight me so i can knock him out... how do you feel about this?
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Sounds bad
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>failing to find work in my field in my city
>have job offers in london
>don't wanna move to london
Yeah. I don't know why I thought I could actually make it. I have no other places to meet women at.

Damn I'm sad now. Before we met I actually had second thoughts because I thought she's either ugly or fat or whatever, but I was like "fuck it, talking to her was fun enough". Then when I met her she turned out to be legit 9/10 and didn't run away actually. Seemed to have been interested too. But it all seems to have gone to shit.
All of this is fucked up.
Why are you doing this to yourself?
Why are you perpetuating and adding to your misery?

Happens. You have to think about something else man. I've been through times where the girl literally hated me after the date and it didn't affect me because I was only trying to do what I believed was right and natural.

You were just doing what you thought you should. She came out and things played a little differently. Expectations vs Reality etc.

Gotta just think about the next girl
To be honest, she wasn't my first tinder date. There were 3 other girls before her. But only one of them was a decent date where we had fun talking though only for maybe an hour and a half. Neither responded to my later texts.

The girl in question actually did respond to my text post-date. And I suppose that sitting there and conversating with me for 4 hours also didn't seem like she hated the meeting. Girls are weird, man.
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Don't listen to him, wait for the perfect time to strike and when he gets mad knock him the fuck out and call him out on his hypocrisy, let it all go you'll feel like you're able to breathe again then never talk to him again.
You have been cheated for the last time.

see anon i don't have any feelings for her and i don't consider the guy a friend anymore after the stuff hes done and not only to me.
that was the plan anon i couldn't do stuff like that to my friends it's just having some respect for people i don't know if the girl will fuck him or not though, if she doesn't and he finds out oh my god it would make it that much better.
thanks for advice mate, i really appreciate it
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>that was the plan anon i couldn't do stuff like that to my friends it's just having some respect for people i don't know if the girl will fuck him or not though, if she doesn't and he finds out oh my god it would make it that much better.
Embrace it the shittiness of your actions once in a while, it feels really good
Normie checking in, giving out advice to those who want it
anon what happened to your hand do you know what caused it at all? but don't sweat about her not messaging you it sounds like she enjoyed your company so i can imagine that she's just busy and try to fix your hand up before she sends you a reply.
thanks anon i'm not the person to fuck people over usually so it feels kind of weird you know?
>You're among friends here, Anon.
>literally no one has every responded to me in these threads
>except for this post because it's meta
The problem is I have no fucking idea what caused my hand to get so swollen. The doctor said that it may have been some reumatic inflammation but the meds she prescribed aren't working. Hurts like fuck.

>but don't sweat about her not messaging you it sounds like she enjoyed your company so i can imagine that she's just busy
I kinda hope so. But still I wanted to see her asap because I've got an exam soon and then I'm leaving for at least two weeks so won't be able to see her at all during that time. And I'm afraid she might just forget me or stop caring.
genuine respond
Where's your post? I'll talk to you.
what is troubling you anon?
I'm sorry anon but that's just the reality of tinder. I've been on countless tinder dates where the girl seems interested, you even talk about planning another date, but they end up falling of the face of the earth. don't worry about it though, you will find success on there, its a grind but you'll get there if you keep at it, I promise.
if she truly did enjoy herself then she wont forget about you anon, how is she going to contact you?
and did you hit it off of anything that you can remember or break the skin at anytime? because that's the only two things i can really think of it happening unless its some freak accident.
It feels liberating to me because i sometimes think like an edgy teenager but doing shitty things all the time is just being an asshole, find balance, you can't be good all the time
it happens to everyone anon the only thing you can do is have as much fun and make your self as happy as possible until that day comes your taken from us.

she likes you anon, it could be as a friend and it could be more than a friend only time will tell. But don't beat your self down like that, she talks to YOU because of who YOU are, just don't focus on having anything past a friendship and have fun!! Watch for signals from her because if she likes you she WILL show it, don't over think everything though it will drive you crazy.
>and did you hit it off of anything that you can remember or break the skin at anytime? because that's the only two things i can really think of it happening unless its some freak accident.
None of those. I just woke up to a bit of a pain in the area around my index finger. Then it evolved into the shit that I've got now. I have absolutely no idea what caused it. Can't trace it to anything.

>you will find success on there
I'm not even sure what counts as a success. I'd like to fuck some, but I'm not the kind of guy that fucks on the first date and I can't really just go ahead and be all physical. On the other hand I really just want some nice girl to be my gf and be someone to talk to and hang out with. The girl I was talking about seems to have been absolutely gf material since she was so easy to talk to, qt but also ambitious. Exactly my type.

is this image real? thats funny as fuck

Thanks man, I appreciate it. I am an certified expert as fucking things up by overthinking.
hahaha no no you can't! but you can't be mean all the time, usually when you are it's a subconscious thing us human beans do to comfort ourselves when were having trouble ourselves.. be happy anon!! :p (btw i'm kind of super pumped to fight him)
ahh you and me both anon you and me both... Well i'm going to make your life harder and ask whats she like :p (i'm not trying to internet steal your girl just making conversation)
>I'm not even sure what counts as a success
I'd say just go in without any expectations, just go with the flow and do what feels right. If you go on a date with a girl you like pursue it. Sorry to say it but I don't think you'll hear from this girl again. Girls that are interested will be prompt in their responses. Its not that you did anything wrong, she just for whatever reason didn't see a spark. Don't let this discourage you, keep grinding.
Alright anon, will do as you say.
She had the cutest smile though...
huh.. i'm not sure then anon lol best of luck then i hope it doesn't stay that way for too long.

5'4, mullato, 130 lbs, shoulder length hair. That's my police identification. Lol.

But she's going to school for accounting. She's always busy and seems really goal oriented. It's always a bummer because I'm the opposite. Stay up late and get nothing done... lol. She works at a hotel, but never told me what she does there exactly. I think I'm gonna ask her on our next date. She mentioned she liked me because I seem interesting and open about things.
I'm not saying its over, she may still respond but I wouldn't hold my breath.

>She had the cutest smile though..
I know how much it sucks anon. One girl I went on a date with, every single thing about her was cute. From the way she talked, smelt, walked, mannerisms etc. It was like I fell in love instantly. The date went pretty well, she even spoke about how we should go to x place for 2nd date. A few hours after the date I sent her a text telling her it was nice meeting her and look forward to seeing her again soon. I never got a response back and it did suck with her more so than others that did the same thing. It didn't discourage me though. I kept at it and now have a gf who is like a better version of the girl I mentioned. I'm happy she never replied because otherwise I wouldn't have met my current gf.
Well I can only hope that it works similarly in my case then.
Life has a weird way of working out friend
awe that's cute! she seems good for you anon you know they say opposites attract, if you guys end up a thing she'd be the one that tries to keep you on track,i don't know a lot about you two but you seem good for each other. I have to go but have fun anon and don't rush anything!!

to anyone else i was replying sorry to leave but i'm going to get a coffee with someone.. now remember anons love your selves and love each other, you want your stories heard hear others.. bye guys.
>told her that I really liked out last meeting and if she'd like to meet again

That's where you fucked up anon. Should have resisted talking to her for a few days after, and only contacted her after the exams. You sparked too high on the keen meter.
But I did that. I didn't talk to her at all for a few days after the date, since I had exams of my own. I finished them, so I messaged her asking if she's free. She said she's been studying hard and has a few exams coming up. So I told her that I liked our last meeting and if she's interested in meeting again, then she should let me know once she's free.
I'll have some Jager mate.

>be me
>finally progressing into normie territory
>job hunting after graduation, seeing a new girl finally, preparing to be the "man of the house" to look after my family who all have mental illnesses
>guess this makes me a 'cyborg'
>Realise the more I progress into normiehood, the more my friends will notice me climbing higher and higher
>Eventually some of them will want to drag me down with the whole 'crabs in the bucket' mentality
>It's already happening, had to compete with a dude in my friendship group to hook up with a girl at some party
>My new self is tired of losing, so I decided to fight for once.
>I won and hooked up with the girl
>Could sense his distaste and he tried to spite me by talking to her at the party afterwards

I'm prepared to leave some friends behind but I'm worried my closest ones will want to bring me down with them once they start to see my success.
>I finished them, so I messaged her asking if she's free

>So I told her that I liked our last meeting and if she's interested in meeting again, then she should let me know once she's free.

Then these are also where you messed up, you don't ask her and make her decide. You literally just say "I'm heading to <insert location> tomorrow night at <insert time>. Don't be late. If that doesn't work and she's still hamstering excuses then just stop talking to her all together.
It seemed quite legit to me though. She really did look like a busy person and we talked about it quite a bit when we first met. Besides, all I did was just tell her to let me know when she's done with all the exams and free to meet. That's all. What's wrong with that?
Women's attraction operates on tinkles. Text messages asking when she is free doesn't give her tingles and butterflies. Being assertive and saying be here at such and such time does, because it implies surprise and mystery that you've prepared for her without even asking.
Anon, but ordering her to meet me would be pointless if she clearly told me she can't meet me during that particular week. I know she'd say no. Like I said I'm 90% sure her exams and stuff are legit. She really seemed like an ambitious girl and I liked it about her.
Do it after the exam period
Pour me something to calm me down cause I keep getting pissed, I think I getting cucked by a numan or what ever you call those orbiting bald pricks with thick glasses....
But I didn't know when was it gonna end for her. Hence I asked her to just let me know when she's finished with her exams.
Oh right my bad. Well either wait a month or two for exam period to cool off, or just move on.
I might be in love with some 2k miles away. It scares me but it feels so goddamn right I'm ready to fucking fight for it

Female, for reference
I'm 23 and have no idea what I want to do in life, I'm failing last year of college I'm not interested in, the idea of working repulses me
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I have some memories I want to forget. What's the strongest drink you have?
Why don't you message her? Maybe she's just being shy/awkward and the longer she waits the harder it is for her to message you.
Just msg her, tell her about the hand. Just something simple like "Hi, how are you, just need to get this off my chest (...). So how did your exams go?"
I mean if you want to be with this girl writing a message is the least you can do. You don't have to be all clingy and ask her for another meeting and stuff. But just messaging her is completely ok imo
Are you sure, Anon? This shit will knock you out
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Can you fix me up something sweet? I actually have good feels for once
I just started getting into art and I just spent an hour drawing in what felt like 3 minutes
I'm a normie robot, I love you all. I hope you all know you can all find love and companionship, just please never give up.
>96% vodka
At least it's going to get you hammered real fucking quick.
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Don't tell me what to do, fucking faggot ass normie
Please give me something strong enough for me to forget what I heard today.

I tried to talk to my mother today. She called me a disappointment, a failure, a loser, and told me I'd be better off dead. I was going to ask her for advice because lately I've been feeling like giving up.

I haven't killed myself yet because I have obligations to people and I don't want to leave without completing them. After I'm done with what I have to do, I probably will. Can someone tell me what I should do? Is there a reason to keep fighting, when even the person who brought you into the world wants you gone?

why are you so hostile anon?
If you want advice I'd be more than willing to give you some.

What she said was extremely uncalled for. She is most likely just frustrated with you and doesn't mean what she is saying. Just ignore it anon.

Could you tell me how your life is? What is wrong in your life?
Well, go for it. Either you're cut out for long distance relationships or you aren't.

Anyway bartend, give a shame beer, I'm confused. Guys, a voluntary loner isn't a robot?
I grew up a failure, and my entire life has been nothing but a solid stream of mistakes and errors. My family hangs these over my head because they think that "showing me where I fucked up will make me make the right decisions" when all it does is prove how miserable everyone associated with me is. I hear things about "How come you're not your brother, he's successful, why did you have to grow up this way". I failed out of uni, I nearly failed out of high school, I was caught trying to hang myself and I was sent away for a year of my life to "get better". Recently I was out with people I knew (friends of my brother's) trying to make friends and be normal, in order to gain my mother's approval. One of them stole shit from a store and when confronted everyone in the group said it was my doing and I slipped them the merch, despite the fact that they clearly took it. I got arrested for a crime I didn't commit, and although I'm on a pretrial diversion (when probation is up it's off my record), my family looks at me like I committed murder. I can't afford to pay the fines, so they have to do it. And the community service hours are awful because waking up at 2 am to work 14 hours every day with convicted felons under work conditions I physically cannot do isn't something I'm entirely happy with. My life is a long string of disappointment and right now I'm actually having those childhood feelings of "everyone would be better off without me". Sorry for blogposting.
You've got it wrong anon. You're surrounded by toxic people in your life. The faster you accept that, the better, because that's when you'll be able to move away from them. Also once you start doing that you'll notice they'll respect you more. Let them live with regrets while you have a fresh new start else where.
No matter how many mistakes or bad choices you've made, you can always improve your future. I'm sorry your family says belittling things like that to you, don't take any of it to heart please. You should stand up for yourself, you should stress to your family it wasn't you and to explain what happened.

If you feel comfortable doing this. Tell your family you are sorry for making bad decisions and you would like their help and support to turn your life around. They will help you.

What is a passion you would like to pursue anon?
I'll have a pint of English bitter please, mate.

No feels in particular today, just gonna lurk here for a while.
That feel when having to go to class with a girl you wanted to ask out, but apparently has a BF. As if the class itself and the other students couldn't be any more boring, now there's this shit.
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