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Post your stats, anons.
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Post your stats, anons.

>21 years old, male
>like manga, anime, visual novels and videogames
>white, blonde and 6 ft tall
>15 kgs overweight but capable of losing it with motivation
>had one long term girlfriend at one point in my life, so not a virgin
>can drive but only poorly, have a license but only a learner one.
>poor university student but gets good grades
>18 years old, female
>likes cartoons, movies, comic books
>white, dirty blonde, 5'8
>150 pounds
>tfw no gf but a girl who would tease me a lot
>has a license, rarely uses it. No car
>rich university student and mediocre grades
>6 ft tall
only manlets can be into Japanese culture because Japanese people are manlets.
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>white, blonde and 6 ft tall
> not a virgin
>have a license
>good grades

gtfo you reddit tier failed normie. This isn't a place for you.

>19 year old male
>like anime and biking
>white, blonde and 5"7 and half
>128 pounds
>Kissless Virgin, so ugly that get no swipes on Tinder or on HotorNot, not even from fat girls
>Can drive and have a driver license
>not in college and joining the military
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tits or gtfo you fat whore
File: 1315303227321.png (142 KB, 511x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My thread was clearly addressed to "anons", not to "robots". This is an inclusive thread.
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A9yVrqT - Edited.jpg
10 KB, 239x226
Go back to tumblr you fat fuck.
>entire thread is dedicated to stats
>gender is one of them
>wants to use the "tits or gtfo" rule when applying to a situation where mentioning gender was necessary
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Hey, um, wanna be my gf?
>15 kgs overweight but capable of losing it with motivation
Lol sure thing you fatass
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>19 years old male
>Like anime/manga, comics, hard rock and music production
>White (Originally Jewish though), light brown hair.
>About 105 kg, 0 motivation to chance anything.
>Never had a gf
>Can drive
>Finishing up computer science
Shouldn't have asked for my tits, faggot.
how rich are you? How rich is your family?
>18 years old, male
> Into movies, manga, vidya, tech
> stereotypical chink with glasses, 5'11
> Slightly overweight, trying to get /fit/ right now
> had gf but didnt get anywhere, so still a kissless virgin
> i dont drive
> mediocre grades cause i dont really care anymore
> probably slightly autistic, or at least incredibly socially inept
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I'm not him, silly.
>asian robot
>6th straight year of school after HS, still 3 more years to go
>applying for honors program
>may do a dual PhD
>no time for any hobbies except eating
>think about dying every day
>crude doodles of my despair in my planner
>girl once told me "If I accidentally found your planner umm... I think I'd be really creeped out, kinda scared really"
You are on /r9k/ which is an exclusive board so gtfo

Middle-upper class.
Not really rich lol
Fat. Not very fat, not little fat. Haven't checked my weight in some months.

Pretty good with brainstorming, curious, I live in my own world. People at school always used to say I was a genius of some sort, I don't see myself as one, but I'm better than average at chess, know a few words in some languages, know a lot of /sci/ and /his/ related things that are graduate level, and so on.

Have anemia, strabismus, genuvagus, anterior pelvic tilt, klinefelter's syndrome, my right hand has limited movement, i have renitis, high stress, i think i have social anxiety or something. uh, what else? oh yeah.

my father abandoned me before i was born, i was raised by a mother who always treated me as a nuisance rather than a child. i've always been a passive smoker because of her, i can't barely breathe, and she always blames me for whatever happens to her. she has openly said she regrets not aborting me.

when i was 8 my mom married to a rich guy, that guy is sterile and projected in me the image of the kid he always wanted to have. he wanted me to become a lawyer or a judge, and put a lot of money into my schooling, but he never asked me if i wanted that to start with. it was a lot of mental pressure, i could barely talk to him without bowing to him.

my mom divorced him, and from my 11s to this moment i've lived with her, but my fake stepfather still sends us money. i get to go to a place where rich people with no problems study while i live in a very poor neighborhood. its annoying.

i really dont have anyone to talk to in real life, no friends, no family. even my grandma always saw me more as a source of expenses rather than a family member. 4chan is like my only friend and family, you people are the only ones i talk to, and i can open up and be honest, and laugh and so on, even if you call me a faggot when i'm OP. i'm thankful for that. i love you all.
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white knight faggot. fucking kill yourself
>22 years old white male
>Metal, beers and shit like that
>Around 70 kg I believe
>Pretty much confused about what I need to do with my life right now.
oh yes. i think its relevant to say i'm from a third world country. and that i learned to play a bit of piano by myself. i have quite a few achievements to be proud of.

since other anons also posted their interests, mine include collecting /k/ related things, like patches and uniforms; i like collecting real world , large size flags, preferably historical, ie IJN flag. i want to start a collection of weeb stuff, i want a lot of dolls and body pillows and banners to decorate my room, i want to live in a perfect fantasy of my own, and get a job too. i like videogames a lot, except for racing and sports ones. and some others, that i dont remember the genre, too.

i have foward neck, by the way.
How does a fit, white, tall young man who was a part of the military stay a virgin?
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your kind doesn't belong here in the first place. If you don't like the rules why don't you go back to the other land whales on tumblr and talk about feminism and other kinds of pure faggotry.
Social anxiety m8
Looking good doesn't mean you'll be downing in pussy.
>don't know weight but very skinny
>like video games, vidya versions of board games I can play against CPU, and becoming obsessed with things for a week and dropping it
>not a virgin, lost it to some slut when I was 16 and haven't had any intimacy in my life since
>can't drive
>dropped out of school at 16
>plateau mood
File: 1409173891393.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>21 m, license at 19
>want to like anime and manga but can never get into it
>used to be super into games but don't like them as much anymore
> 5'8 classic italian manlet
>gained 30 lbs in past few months since stopped walking, now 190 chublord
>weird girls in high school were into me but i always wussed out, never had gf
>have yet to make a single friend in three years of uni due to lack of trying
>very rarely try to talk anyone, end conversations as quickly as possible while still being outwardly friendly
>value treating people with kindness/respect despite being a judgmental shitbag in my thoughts
>shit grades, 4 separate successful dismissal appeals and counting
>smart but lazy lol :^)
>hate stem but studying maths because i hate myself
>25, male
>like reading, watching, going places, /tg/ interests
>white, 6'2"
>150-ish lbs., ottermode
>Pretty good driver, have a car and a place
>Working student
>18 year old male
>likes and dabbles in vidya, anime, reading, machines, fitness, writing, sciences and film/multimedia
>white, brunette, 6ft-5'11 depending on what time of day
>sorta straight teeth, permanent yellowish from previous serious childhood sickness
>82kg, could lose a little more fat but still quite healthy and muscled
>big/huge scrotum
>Broad shouldered, about 7.5/10 looks on average, strong build
>no gf, virgin, but kissed, handhold, hugged and apparently admired. Can make a lot of girls laugh easily.
>can drive but no license, interested and knowledgeable in cars
>steady job, teen wages but pretty good for a teen here. middle class
>mild aspergers, /high test/ behaviour
>B+ slacker student with A+ ability/reputation looking to go into medicine or science.

Shit's real good senpai.
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Likes Bullshit
White, Brown Hair, 240lb (fat), 6ft
5 Girls and a Guy, Only loved one girl and only been sexual satisfied with the guy. I don't know why they fucked me, I didn't talk to any of them before hand.
Drives all god damn day long, it's one of the few joys left.
Goes to some bullshit trade school with a bunch of incest birth morons.
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>25 years old, male
>watch anime. used to play visual novels and video games but not now
>white, brunette, 6'2"
>had 1, 4 year relationship with a girl. that was about 3 or 4 years ago. now i just see escorts if i have cash.
>learning to drive
>university dropout, wagecuck
File: 1454730490427.webm (44 KB, 720x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You are literally cancer on the human race. Fucking pull the trigger faggot.
File: 1452465682149.webm (1 MB, 853x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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gtfo normie fag fucks
File: I'm-darker-irl.jpg (96 KB, 550x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>19 Male
>TKD, boxing, drums, outdoors shit, drinking
>white/slav, 6'3
>not underweight but lanky
>tfw no relationsips to speak of
>no license
>struggling to get in the army
someone mad af or na?? lool
I was normal. I haven't had any social contact outside of r9k. I work night shifts with no one else around. I'm just waiting to die.

I was cucked by Chad.
I'm a soldier. I have work this morning. Learning survival skills. I hate it I may release soon.

Why should I risk my life for Chads and Stacies and normies?

I think with my military skills I would be a good recruit for ISIS.
File: 1383797067512.jpg (91 KB, 400x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>21 years old, heterosexual male
>likes manga, anime, visual novels, video games, reading, drawing
>Hispanic, brown hair, 5'10"
>overweight with lots of acne scars on face
>never had a gf though I've had my sister tell me there were several girls interested in me (what the fuck)
>have drivers license but suck ass at driving and have no car
>poor as fuck but goes to a top public university
>majoring in Computer Engineering
>social autist and can't converse well
>Social anxiety m8
Yet you managed to enter the military. How does that work?
>24 yo male
>likes LOL, Lineage II, reading
>used to read way more than now
>6'6" (197 cm) 84 kg
>working ste\ady job with great salary
>have Ms. from IT
>live with gf of 1 year
>have license, no car
File: 1440645281739.webm (869 KB, 534x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
869 KB, 534x398
so then kill yourself faggot.
>The point is to get away from them lmao
It's something I've always wanted to do, I have a 'warrior "spirit" ' sort of thing
I can't wait to see how good I can get, physically mostly
I can't wait to be screamed at for not shining my boots correctly
I can't wait to have brothers by my side who feel at least similar
I can't wait to be dragged through the mud day and night

I want to be a warrior, in a sense
File: 1440645609725.webm (2 MB, 854x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 854x480
no I just understand fags like you need to be purged

> gf of 1 year
Why would you browse /r9k/?
Why are normies so aggressive?
Pretty much the whole army is comprised of Chads, Stacies and normies in my country. If you don't fit in normally you won't fit in there. Sure some guys are nice there but it's always a pissing contest as to whose the best troop and such.

Yea all that seems glamorous now but eventually it wears your patience thin. When you get rifle butts slammed against your hand for jamming weapons we will see how much fun it is then.

And as regards to getting in shape, if you aren't in good shape now you can fail training or have a worse time.

I recommend you run at least 2.4 km daily, do 100 push ups throughout the day, and a 100 sit ups. At least. Also get a pull up bar or do some weight lifting.
because i was robot when at highschool
i sometimes give advices here
i feel for you
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>19 male
>in a band as drummer, drawing, and drinking cheap beer
>white, dark hair, 6'4
>little underweight
>lots of meaningless relationships, mostly lasting for bearly 1 month
>don't feel the need to get a license
>studying at some overrated school
Thanks for the advice
I am pretty fit I graduated as the athletic champion at my highschool, I lift and martial art but there is plenty of room for improvement
>Stay safe anon
Mad that I liked dick better than pussy?

You've been playing with a dick all your life but god forbid if you return the favor when someone sucks your dick.

It's just a dick.
you'll do fine there if thats the case. good luck comrade.
>24 year old male
>likes muh emotions media to dull the tfwnogf feels in the forms of short stories, tv shows, music, movies, and greentext
>eurasian 5'11
>145 lbs dyel from skele 115 lbs
>virgin with nogf and sometimes regret rejecting femorbiters
>have a car and enjoy driving
>unused stem degree; in the process of going back to school to get a technical job in health

autistic newfags coming from reddit ruining my fucking board
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64 KB, 507x540
>20 m
>Enjoy anything horror (books, movie, vidya), pro-wrestling, and rock/metal
>half white, half spic, dark-haired and 5'9
>180 lbs
>Kissless virgin
>Have license but no car, have to use my mother's car whenever I want to go out, which isn't very often
>19, male
>like video games and music
>white, brown hair, 6'1
>300 lbs
>kissless, hand holdless, gf less virgin
>license and car but i hate driving
>want to be an lpn but neet atm
File: CU51eZNW4AQbswX.jpg (164 KB, 600x953) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 600x953
The words of a faggot
>21 years, male, white
>6 feet tall
>brown hair, receding hairline, very hairy body
>likes video games, watching twitch streams, browsing 4chan, cats
>struggling to learn a second language
>only has about 3 regular friends on steam
>kissless virgin, never had a gf
>no license
>flunked college
>doesn't know what he wants to do
>doesn't believe in himself
>daydreams a lot
says the newfag

isn't that the demographic this board is meant for you fucking normie fag?
This thread is bullshit statistically.

The average height of an /r9k/ user is definitely under the US national average for the young adult male bracket of 18-35 years, which is 5'10, yet there are more people than not who claim to be 6'x. Why do you guys lie
it feels good to say this because nobody knows me so
>in between 18-25
> listen to music more than anything. mostly progressive rock. fetish and manga go after.
> brown skin 6'0. am sort of chubby but not noticeable.
>cant drive because i have bad attention problems
>im considered a doormat.
23, male
6ft, mixed race
Drive, work, live the life working class women dream of but I'm bored of it already.
>20, male
>not really sure what i like
>white,dark hair and eyes, 5'11
>Auschwitz mode but build muscle fast
>had a gf for like 2 months but lost her
>no license no car
>still doing random college courses to kill time, never officially gradded
>bonus: not actually depressed just very nihilistic about life
sorry we can't all be manlets like you

Have you considered that tall people are more likely to post their height since they aren't insecure about it?

I'm 6'3 and it really doesn't matter to me whether you believe me or not. Your doubt doesn't make me any shorter. I still tower over the average man, or the average person, rather.
>euro, redhead, 5'10"
>average body
>like animals, history, guns and other weapons
>never had friends. don't want any (asocial)
>don't drink, smoke, no drugs
>rarely leave house. hate being in public
>lifelong neet. hope to never work
>never driven car. have no licence. don't want to get one because it's a pain in the ass
>poor. rarely have money for food
>saw a 39 y.o. girl for a few weeks last year but had to end it because we weren't right for each other. didn't have sex with her because i didn't feel attracted enough and have generally low sex drive. no other experiences with girls. still a virgin
>have ocd, sad, probable asperger of some sort
>can't relate to 99% of population
>generally weird and very unlike normal people

there's just nothing out there for people like me. society is organised to the interests of people who are the opposite of me (normalscum), so i just don't bother with it.
>STR 4
>PER 7
>END 3
>CHR 6
>INT 7
>AGI 3
>LCK 6
>26 year old dude
>6'4, 220lbs
>have zero motivation to do anything
>no interests
>no hobbies
>sit all day on reddit and 4chan
>dont have a drivers license
>wake me up

>15 kgs overweight but capable of losing it with motivation

Yeah, right? The same goes for your virginity, right anon?
>18 year old male
>Likes videogames despite being shit at them (SC2 and CSGO in particular)
>no gf for almost a year now
>indifferent about everything except academic achievement and other-sex relationships
>player guitar and bass for 5 years now
>enjoys some anime
>above average grades but not good enough for getting into medicine (8-9/10)
>smoked weed with 14, tobacco with 16 and alcohol with 17; dropped alcohol this year and cutting off tobacco slowly, smoking weed about 3 js a week
>live in spanish islands to the west of africa which nobody really gives a fuck about
>speaks fluently english, spanish, romanian (native language) and to some extent, german and japanese
>unhappy with my life in general because every day is the fucking same
>24yo grill
>nilotic, baby-faced, dark-skinned, etc
>bad skin
>final year uni student
>no friends besides professor co-supervising my final year project
>go to concerts a couple times a month, always alone
>want to go into scientific computing but not sure if I'm smart enough for it and not sure if even diversity quotas can compensate for that
>often feel shitty that 99% of my kind think religion, tradition, father-headed families, hierarchy, etc are white-only values
>dislike normies that deify "personal choice" and "majority will" but keep it to myself
>would like to try certain drugs but can't buy friends/sitters off the deep web
File: 1328634180729.jpg (2 MB, 3543x2890) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3543x2890
>25 years old, male
>like manga, anime, videogames, math, mathematical logic, computer security and a lot more
>white, brown hair and 6 ft tall
>20 kgs overweight but somewhat strong and got some muscle
>had one long term girlfriend at one point in my life, so not a virgin
>finishing uni and working as a sw dev (compilers)
File: bird attack.gif (952 KB, 500x425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bird attack.gif
952 KB, 500x425
>le be me maymay
>20 y/o manchild
>like anime, vidya and not much else of worth
>white, shitty brown hair and eyes inb4 pick one, 6'1-6'2 haven't checked in a while and the last time I checked I was exactly 6'0
>14 stone, that's like 190 pounds in Amerifat scale right?
>had a gf for 9 months when I was 16, but she moved to another country before we could fug
>can drive but car's a piece of shit and I've never driven further than the next town, also barely drive
>got 2 A-levels but decided Uni would be a waste of time so didn't bother applying, went into a slump for a while until mummy gave me a job
Posting best idol, idolfags get in here

where are you from? pls be in europe
Wait no I do have more interests

I like history, science, languages and beer
File: 1452648957488.png (626 KB, 974x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
626 KB, 974x1080
>21 year old, mtf
>like video games, music, and movies
>not really sure my ethnicity, dad is full white but mom is mestizo, brown hair and 5'4
>had a long term gf once but it was online, have never had an rl relationship
>can drive but usually prefer to walk
>never been to college
>19 YO Male
>like anime, manga, strategy vidya, some autistic hobbies, nightwalks, subway
>white, brown hair, blue-green eyes, 5 foot 10
>164 lbs, pretty defined abs
>had my permit from HS drivers ed but never got license, prefer to save money walking and spending it on food
>got out of bootcamp two months ago waiting to be assigned to a ship
>studying radiography
>6'1, brown hair
>Play a few instruments
>Platinum in League of legends
>asian girlfriend who is out of my league
>can drive, own a black suzuki swift (dankcar)
>no job tfw
>20 years old, male
>Like video games, dancing, sex, alcohol/drugs occasionally
>light brown skin, long black hair, 5'9"
>128lbs, close to underweight for my height
>had one short term boyfriend and one long term fuckbuddy so far (and multiple online relationships)
>can't drive, prefer to walk/bike/rollerblade. To be honest driving frightens me.
>NEET but only for another month
>Socially awkward but give a really fucking good blowjobs
What the fuck is "mestizo"?
>18 year old retard
>addicted to video gaymes
>ruining my life
>fit but turning fat because broken legs
>never had a girlfriend
>getting cuckzoned
>miserable grades because I'm only good at singing and writing music and notes
>basically a depressed suicidal autistic teenager/manchild who's niceness has deterred on entire life
>would have killed myself already but haven't even tried since I worry for family and friends
>also persian so i get called kebab everywhere

life is pretty good!11
>into film, vidya, music and politics and tripfagging here
>white, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'7", 115 lbs
>had an on and off bf the past few years, but I've been single for awhile now besides the random fling once and awhile
>decent driver, but lost my license years ago because driving without insurance
>dropped out of film school after a year and a half

>21 years old, male
>like anime, videogames, and stats
>azn, azn and azn ft tall
>had two long term girlfriends
>can drive like a champion
>poor university student but gets good grades
>few friends if any, feel socially isolated
Get out of here you fucking tranny
>24, female
>like music, art, and drugs
>white/middle eastern, dark brown hair, 5'3"
>skinny and petite
>have had three bfs and been in relationships for most of my 20s after being single for almost all of my teens
>have a license and a car
>work in retail... hate it

Make me, homo kun.
>make $12.50h/r playing with boxes
>like an 8/10 B)
>Broken ass whack ass nigger car
>not going to school
>living with 2 roommates of par
Is it weird i find mtfs offputting but ftms super attractive?

You might be gay. Actual ftm's have beards and look like regular dudes.
>20 m white
>like vidya, not really into anime
>6'3 (all you manlets gtfo)
>around 80kgs
>have driver's license but no car
>tfw no gf, virgin but not kissless
>doing a gap year and literally have no idea what the fuck to do after that
>platinum in league of legends
you made it m8
i dont think anyone ever has enjoyed working retail.
File: image.jpg (41 KB, 500x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 500x478
>18 years old, female
>like manga, anime, japanese fashion, music
>Latina, dark brown hair and 5'1-5'2
>around 100-110 lbs
>virgin, in my second (kind of third) ldr, have kissed one guy
>don't have my license
>high schooler, bad grades
Where do you live?

just kidding kys roastie
there is something extra pathetic about hitting on girls on 4chan

a next lvl of loser
>23, 24 in March
>overweight but don't care because...
>horrible bacne, so my body is disgusting whatever I do so why bother
>too many video games
>one friend
>basically cut off from the world
>significantly worse at almost everything now than I was when I was 14
>that's already more than matters
New England

why does every fucking high school girl like japan so much
It's foreign but recognisable, full of cutesy shit, and basically worships teenage girls.
File: 1450133484916.jpg (18 KB, 420x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 420x470
>20 years old, male, 6'0" tall
>love weeb shit and /lit/
>Used to weigh 320lbs but lost weight, currently 210lbs and don't even really look fat any more
>Never had a girlfriend, live in a rural area now so chances are low for the near future
>I have a license and enough money to buy a car on a whim, but have no reason to own one because I live within a 30 minute walk of where I work
>Always been a horrible student but got decent grades, typically would only do the amount of work I needed to get a 50 and then slack off for the rest of the class, skipped several exams and final projects. Never went to college/uni
>Work an easy job, pay very little rent, pocket the rest

I enjoy my life
File: 1429307224720.jpg (28 KB, 422x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 422x422
>15kgs overweight but capable of losing it
I started watching anime when I was very young, and became addicted to it as a kind of escapism
Growing up watching it so much made me obsessed with the culture, or at least the version of it I saw

i guess that makes sense. its always either neckbeards or high school girls.
>22 M
>6'3" 194 lbs
>Autistic as fuck, Neurotic and avoidant perfectionist
>like literature, programming and stalking
>psychology major(still in college), think it is fucking stupid
>Hungry for fire and lust of adolesent love and intimacy, get depressed over missing that train most of the time
>Wealthy (recently became)
>No license
>Have bonding social capital, but struggle containing bridging social capital
>18, male
>likes acg and visual novels to the extent that i participated in the my uni's Animations Society
>asian, dark hair, 183cm
>3 gfs
>can't drive because there is no need to drive here in hong kong
>good university and major in finance with good grades, skipped a year of secondary school because of grades
Hey, I may be a neckbeard and mildly obsessed with Japan, but... but I have realistic expecations and have been there multiple times. So etc. Y'know. Damage control. Whatever. I depressed myself too much with my self-description somewhere in the thread before to do this.
>21, m
>Like /tg/, anime, general sc-i-fi and fantasy shit
White, dark-haired, blue-eyed, 6'3''
>Used to be /fit/ but I pretty uch lost it all over the past few years - planning to start hitting the gym again now my depression's under control
>Had one long-term gf for the past 5 years. Fucked a few others, about half a dozen girls in the past six-months or so.
>Can drive a car, motorbike and hangglider. No motorbike license yet but I crossed India on one so I reckon I'll be fine whenever I take my test. Drive a nice car
>Not rich but I budget welll so money's not an issue. Failed a couple of years because depression but back on track to graduate from medschool in 2017
did you enjoy japan

i kinda want to go despite not really giving a shit about jap culture. i just like their history
It was magnificent. The second time, I went with my parents, one of which had never been there before and the other had only been on business. As long as you stay in major cities there's English everywhere on signs, and some people will understand it to a degree (not many, though). There's so much to see and do, much of it NOT being weeby though being a weeb really helps, Akihabara is a paradise you can get lost in for hours if you're into it. I think my favourite city was Kyoto, it still feels significant while being less busy and generally flatter than Tokyo, and there are temples just everywhere. 100% recommend pretty much anyone visits Japan at some point in their life.

Coming from Australia, there were also a bunch of things that made me feel like I had finally stepped into a first world country, like 24 hour convenience stores everywhere, people actually working on roads and stuff (saw one outside my hotel window, went up at 5 AM, a swarm of workmen descended upon it, was done by 6 AM. Magical.)

And watching anime live at 2 AM was an incredible experience, even if back then I wasn't good enough at the language to follow it. For the most part, I am now.

Basically... gogogogogogogo (but make a good impression of foreigners, pls).
alright. ill try and go one day then. and i have no interest being rude in japan. just gonna eat all their food and check out some history shit.

maybe go to an arcade and sleep in a capsule hotel

i just want to visit a country that is truly DIFFERENT from sweden, having only been to other northern european countries.. fucking everywhere looks like gamla stan.
>18 years old, male
>white, brown hair, 5'9"
>132 lbs
>used to learn driving, but can't anymore because of meds
>uni student with rich parents; i've always been brilliant school-wise but am currently near dropping out
>18, female
>Anime, Manga, generic JRPGs, western RPGs, plays GBA games now to make up for lack of childhood ;-;
>Autismo aside, I like Cooking, Reading, learning to play piano
>Mexiscum, not too dark, black hair, brown eyes, 5'3
>losing weight so I can meet the requirements for the Air Force, last time I checked I was 165. Checked about two weeks ago
>Have Gf right now, been dating since November 8, 2014
>Had a relationship that almost lasted two years before her.
>Can't drive, no license/car
>In my last year of High School, struggling to make up credits from Freshman/Sophomore years because of my "2Cool4school" phase
>19 f
>white, blond
>5'4, 110lb
>Uni student
>Archaeology major
>Likes 3ds games, reading, pilates, anime, and playing guitar
>Have a bf I've been with for a year now.
>Relationship hindered by my bulimia
>Currently drinking a healthy glass of almond milk for breakfast
31 f
Work as psych nurse
Never had bf
Work out, lift and run
Enjoy crocheting and sewing


Why haven't you had a bf, femanon?
I've been thinking about getting into crocheting! How did you start out? Is it easy to get good at it? I just want to learn to make cute little plushes.
> 20
> 6.2
> 155 lbs
> like sludge black metal and some experimental stuff
> not really into movies
> dark nearlly black eyes
> dark blonde long hair
> have gf more than year now
> studying in one of most powerful unibin my country but duy to lack of motivation failed 70% of my courses
> no driver license
> coming from.lower middle class family
> studying in politics & international relationships
> have shy but somewhat sexual freak gf with bug boobs and green eyes
> have fast metabolism
> I like being alone idk why , I just do
> horny 80% times
File: dijiko.jpg (34 KB, 608x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 608x448
26 m
like anime and video games for autistic moefags
slav, dark hair, 6'7
average weight
handholdless kissless
don't have a car
dropped out of university twice, working in a German refugee shelter atm
File: 1442325163951.jpg (327 KB, 960x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
327 KB, 960x600
>likes camping, kayaking, hiking, fishing and videogames
>6'3, lean but not skeleton mode
>one gf, a few flings in a club but still a virgin
>can drive, but no car. want a motorbike
>reasonably well off for a student, grades are starting to slip because I can't be fucked any more
>awful stutter

who /failednormie/ here?
>20, female
>manga, anime, videogames, VNs, music (i play guitar and drums)
>white, brunette, brown shit eyes, 5'2
>underweight, 90 pounds.
>kissed and held hands with 5 guys but still a virgin
>Currently learning how to drive to get a license as soon as possible
>Uni student with good grades but I don't enjoy the carreer I chose at all. Just want to get my degree and get the fuck out.
File: 1368573931926.png (48 KB, 184x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 184x184
>23, male
>lsurfing the internet, reading the news/books, videogames, sleeping
>black hair 5'9
>145 lbs
>no gfs yet, virgin
>no license
>poor university student with mediocre grades
>19 y/o girl
>white european
>52kg, trying to lose those pesky 2kilos
>biggest interest is art. Im studying permanent makeup from my sister. After that i plan to go study tattooing.
>a sucker for paranormal stuff, love horror movies and horror games
>silent hill 2 is my favourite game 5eva.
>i was a loser growing up but ive reached normie status, still kinda lonely tho lol
>bf is in the army til december :'(
>used to be a weeaboo but stopped watching anime cus it doesnt interest me that much anymore
>junji itos mangas are still close to my heart tho
>been to mental hospital 2 times
Tbh i dont know why i come here, i dont relate to anything i see here(anymore)...mostly for laughs i suppose
>skinny 5'2 qt
not bad
>kissed 5 guys
>24, male
>video games, anime, reading
>white, black hair, 6 foot
>have always been visibly chubby, but never truly fat. However it has gotten way worse since graduating college since I do nothing, on the way to being fat
>KHHV. Have never even had a conversation with a girl outside of something strictly school-related
>no license. had a learner permit once but never actually learned past that
>graduated 3 years ago, never have had a job, haven't tried to get one
Where are you from m8?
>21 Years old male (KHV)
>Like Movies, Vidya, Food, Anime, Literature, Drugs
>5'9 Paki
>Good-looking enough and can be charismatic when I want to
>Though I don't usually want to because I hate people
>Have a car with a learner's driver license
>Aspiring to be a writer
>Currently doing my bachelors
>Staying in Abu Dhabi and have a rich family background
>Zero friends since unable to reciprocate love
>Aversion to bodily contact with another human
As usual, I manage to dislike everyone in the thread. I don't need to feel bad about it, though, because nobody is really responding to each others stats so they don't like each other either. As expected of self absorbed normies.
Any VN's you can recommend? My favorites amongst the ones I've read are: fate, Saya no uta, and grisaia.
File: 1454763558473.jpg (229 KB, 1280x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 1280x853
>18 year old female
>i like movies and music
>white, brown hair, 5'6
>97 pounds, pretty skinny
>virgin, have a ldr robot bf
>am learning to drive, keep putting off taking theory test because i feel too stupid to pass
>currently homeschooled, a year behind, dropped out of school several times due to anxiety and stuffs
>i like movies and music
>i also love my beta orbiter xD

The most basic bitch of the thread.
Careful not to cut yourself on all that edge, anon.
I'm glad somebody responded so I could call them a fucking idiot. Like I said, you shit eaters didn't respond to each other yet you respond to me? Careful not to choke on your saliva, you fucking dunce.
>rude to me for no reason
he's not a beta orbiter and we have met irl but we didn't have sex, also he is the only person i interact with outside family and the only boy who has ever been interested in me.

>implying i am more basic bitch than every person ITT who lists video games and anime in addition to music and movies
bet i'm into better music and movies than you anyway
I don't think this thread is for meeting other robots. It's more like a poll to get a general consensus of who everyone is, thus the lack of people responding to each other.

Why waste your time typing out a comment just to bring negativity into an otherwise nice thread? Literally no one else here in this thread is being mean.
So fucking basic. I actually feel bad for the beta you managed to hook.
What is this, fucking reddit? I shit up threads because that's all you people deserve. You're all fucking filth. If there was even one nice person in this thread, maybe I'd reconsider destroying it. You are all normie filth and I am here to call you the trash you are.
oh boo hoo i am so angry no girl wants me that i have to go in a thread and insult some random girl who i know nothing about :(:(:(:(:(:( :'(

i feel bad for you
Looks like I hit a nerve, you dumb bitch. Stop replying to me you fucking basic whore. Go take a picture of yourself, kill yourself, whatever.
You in 10 minutes:
>tfw no gf
>Why am I friendless/lonely?
how did you become wealthy?
>19 years old, Passable but unattractive MtF tranny
>like vidya, cooking, technology, manga, anime, VNs, qt girls.
>Half Italian, half Russian with pale olive skin, 5'1"
>slightly skinnyfat, but not worth losing anything.
>Been in one relationship with another transgirl, would not recommend, trannies are crazy, been with several real girls in lewd situations, but only fucked one with my girlcock.
>can't drive
>nearly NEET, cam for $$, make decent money for very little effort.

be my gf desu
I've never made either of those comments in my entire life. I enjoy what I do and I don't feel lonely ever. Only happy when I treat the normies the way they deserve to be treated.

You are fucking filth and you do not deserve to live.
>you're the one who hit a nerve
i can see that. go jerk off to some anime loli, butthurt retard
I'm reading them but I can't think of things to say, anon.
Right now I'm obsessed with 999 for nintendo ds, but you can emulate it on pc
It's not fully a VN because you have to work your way out of rooms by solving puzzles and shit, but you'll be reading dialogs most of the time. The story is superb.
I will jerk off to "anime loli", right after I finish calling you a fucking whore. I might even hop on my computer so I can do it even more efficiently.
>Don't feel lonely ever
>Still feels bitter enough to waste time insulting strangers over the internet because they're more social than you
File: 1451842452327.jpg (24 KB, 547x459) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 547x459
>20 white female
>long blonde, grey eyes, glasses, and pale
>125 pounds
>nursing student
>likes spooky shit and reading
File: qt3.14.jpg (133 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 1600x1200
>20 year old male
>Enjoys a little bit of anime
>Love reading books; mainly nonfiction and sociopolitical books
>Loves strategy video games, has 3DS/PSP and Wii/PS4
>White Latino, black-brown hair, 5'6" manlet
>Handsome face though, I think
>154 lbs, overweight but working on losing it
>Never had gf, never tried, kissless virgin
>Can drive with license but scared of doing it alone, does his best to avoid it.
>Wealthy uni student (Chem major) with shit grades and in a major with no passions towards
>Might get kicked out of uni
>Speaks English and knows some Portuguese, Spanish and German
>History buff
>Ok at chess
>Can grow a scruff beard
>I can be charismatic at times
>No friends.
How is being lonely and being bitter even related, you stupid fuck?

>they're more social than you
In my very first post. I pointed out that you guys AREN'T being social. Which is why I called you idiots. You only care about yourselves, which is why you posted your stats in the first place. You don't give a shit about each other or anything. You are fucking mindless normies.
>19 years old, male
>Like basketball, anime, manga
>Black, black hair, 6'2
>185 lbs
>No gf, still virgin
>have license, great driver
>poor student, decent grades
>19 fem
>5'7'' and 51 kg
>into /lit/, anime, vidya, history
>had bf, but still virgin
>great school and perfect grades
>can't drive at all
>lots of friends, like just one of them
>kyoani fan
>normie outside robot inside
>still replying
you must be such an interesting and unique person. you've definitely showed me with your posts how much of a "basic bitch" and "whore" i am. i don't think you are a part of the /r9k/ hivemind at all. you're special
>lots of friends
Get the fuck out
>you must be such an interesting and unique person

Are you really using the exact same insult I used against you originally (in calling you basic)? That is proof of how fucking basic you are. Don't talk to me about hive minds you fucking normie whore. You could not be any more of a hypocrite.
File: bathtime.jpg (16 KB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 500x282
How are you still a virgin? Would you consider yourself ugly?
Are you thinking about saving yourself for someone, or are you trying to get rid of it but unsuccessfully?
Can you guys stop? Thanks.
Saving it, school takes up lots of time. Don't feel to lose it until I meet someone special.
I'm not going to stop. I'm going to fucking insult these stupid normies until they all fuck off. Every single one. Just try and test my perseverance.
File: 1452108240650.jpg (428 KB, 2560x1707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
428 KB, 2560x1707
>all females ITT older than 14
Don't think I've read a mystery VN yet so this'll be interesting. I'll check it out, thanks anon!
You already know who it is.
the only difference between you and i is that i actually had sustainable proof in calling you basic, whereas you didn't. you just made baseless, biased assumptions because you saw i was a female. you have gone out of your way to insult me and call me a whore, because something about me made you particularly upset (or you're bored, i don't know), and the reason for your doing this, is because you browse /r9k/ all day where you'll read over and over about how all women are whores. and because you are a dirtbag of a person with no personality of your own, you decide that you will accept this mentality for yourself as some sort of reassurance. you are clearly a part of the hivemind when you throw around insults based on nothing. you are compensating for not having a personality of your own.
The difference between you and me is that you're a whore.

Not a very smart whore either which is why you're still responding and putting so much effort in. You're only triggering yourself, you stupid bitch.
File: 789798098.jpg (40 KB, 492x492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 492x492
lol bby where you do you are? is this tumblr to you or something?
>27, mexican
>1.70 m, 95 kg
>Kinda fit, but mostly fat
>Videogames, mainly rpg and strategy, but my favorites are pokemon and monster hunter
>anime, mainly mystery, shonen or romcom
>Grad student, Molecular Ecology (so STEMfag)
>Favorite music is "dadrock" and "dadmetal". Also classic music (seriously, I just like it, I'm not a snob)
>Middle class? Maybe middle-low
Silent doge.
50 but +15 when the US turns into Mexico.
Some could be underageb& but can't say it
Most people on 4chan who say they're 18 year old hs seniors are underage
>which is why you're still responding and putting so much effort in
no. i'm doing it because of how upset you're getting. i want you to feel dumb because you are. protip: saying "bitch" and "whore" in every sentence is a dead giveaway of how butthurt you are

lol bby learn to english?
>i'm doing it because of how upset you're getting

You think you can upset me by telling me I'm upset? I recycle the same insults because I don't need anything else. You are a dumb whore bitch. Okay? Good. Now end your fucking worthless life.
File: Unbenannt24.png (658 KB, 649x429) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
658 KB, 649x429

Any nymphets ITT? I'll take good care of you.
File: 1369955981476.jpg (67 KB, 276x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 276x341
its a serious question, do you think this is tumblr or something?
I-If I was, I wouldn't be able to say it...
File: 1452620700986.jpg (78 KB, 460x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 460x460
>19 years old
>likes cartoons and some TV shows, movies, smoking weed and other degenerate activities. Cooking, but I'm in school for it. I'm not a gamer, but I like some mainstream video games.
>white, shortish copper coloured hair, 5 ft tall
>130 lbs (I'm overweight, but I could lose it if I had the motivation, I just don't care enough right now)
>I haven't been in a meaningful relationship, but I guess the closest thing is that my closeted roommate fucks me in secret occasionally. This has been going on off again on again for over a year. (it's not like I'm in love with her or anything baka)
>dad was a taxi driver, so I learned to drive well despite not having a license
>broke ass bitch in culinary school
I can see how you'll never get a girl with that rotten attitude and personality of yours
I'm assuming you want one because that's what most of the guys in this board want
You need to learn to control your anger and stop hating every human being that is not yourself
Not the same person you've been arguing with btw
It's not letting me do the dot over the o.
you recycle the same insults because you're stupid and have no creativity, which is why you're just saying the same stuff over and over, thinking to yourself "h-hah, i'm gonna act like i don't care t-that will definitely make it seem like i'm winning, i-i'll show that b-bitch"
i don't usually call people pathetic, but damn, you really are

yes is this not tumblr dot com??????? :D
Post your doodles.
you sure act like a tumblrina then, huh roastie?
sure thing whore

this is me proving to you that you're an idiot
>21 year old male
>Like anime, manga, vidya, mathematics
>white, brunette, 5'11
>Correct weight, semi /fit/
>Have full license, can't afford car
>Go to good university through scholarships, got job lined up for this September
>Asexual but still want a GF
Never thought I'd run into another asexual on this board
Want to share a pizza with me?
>Asexual but still want a GF

Wow. The stupidest person of the thread and it's not even a female. If you're "asexual" then why the fuck do you need a GIRLfriend? Wouldn't a regular friend suffice?

Think about how fucking undesirable somebody has to be to identify as asexual.
>insulting back someone who insulted you for no reason is acting like a tumblrina
alright, i guess so!

aw, nothing to say, big guy? :^)
Not rating the traps or gays because they are on their own scale.
40 but +15 if mummy match makes for you and finds a girl for you to be beta bucks for.
45(+30) but +10 if in the US because not fat, -15 on /r9k/ because not 3BF.
45 but +15 if you go after trashy girls, +30 if you start dealing drugs.
45(+30) but +10 if in the US because not fat.

Oh, I've got stuff to say. Like, what exactly does your beta orbiter do for you? There's no doubt in my mind that you only care about yourself so what do you get from the loser? Does he buy you shit? Is that it? I'm right, aren't I.

It's odd to explain, my dream /comfy/ is to be in bed with a girl, with a fluffy husky at the end of the bed as it's snowing outside. Nice and warm and cosy.

But I don't want to ever have sex with a girl, i'm not even that undesirable, I used to get a bit of female attention in school, but as soon as I dropped that I was never going to have sex with them they left.
what's so weird about the sex part of the brain just not walking altogether when people are born with other abnormalities like being allergic to air/water?
File: 1439345248494.png (216 KB, 422x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216 KB, 422x423
>19 year old male
>Like Manga, Anime, Film, Visual Novels and videogames
>6'0 brown hair blue eyes
>have never had sex, kissed, held hands with, or hugged a woman. Have only hugged my mother and held hands with her when I was young. Only speak with women for business/school reasons.
>Have license, drive my grandmothers car since she died and left it to my parents in the will
>Going to community college, have no idea what I want to do with my life after
>Work at my fathers construction company usually one or two days a week. Make enough for rent/ insurance but not much else
>Parents thought I had autism for the first few years of my life. Constantly worried that I'm going to go postal on some psychotic rampage
am I a robot?
nah it was mostly because of this reply >>26318331
just sounded like something from a tumblrina who got lost in r9k, that's all.
I wish you had been born allergic to air, you clown. Please read the second half of the first line and you'll understand why I'm confused. Why does an asexual need a partner? If you don't care about sex then all you should want is a good friend. A good friend doesn't need to be the opposite sex. Actually, they're less likely to be your good friend if they aren't the same gender.
25, male
I guess I look Mediterranean because of Spanish+Italian heritage
1,72m "tall", 81kg (gained weight since my back injury a few months ago. Might drop weight fast once I recover)
Like videogames, practicing sports,watching movies and I've recently been fond of history.
Gf for 3 years and counting
Graduated last year as an Industrial "Engineer"
you are grasping at straws now. he is not a beta orbiter, we're in a loving relationship, i love him and he loves me. we have bought each other stuff, and not that it matters but i have bought him more than he has bought me, and that's how i like it because i actually don't enjoy having things bought for me.

i'm really not a tumblrina at all, i just don't enjoy being targeted and attacked for absolutely no reason
Romantic attraction, moron.
>45(+30) but +10 if in the US because not fat.
Why is 30 in parenthesis and what is the scale?
I'm not that anon, I'm just responding to the claim that you have to be undesirable to call yourself asexual
File: 1442260031217.gif (1 MB, 508x583) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 508x583
>22/M/handholdless virgin
>like to get high on drugs and masturbate+listen to music
>anime, vidya, manga, books, movies, tv shows (house cat hobbies)
>spend alot of time being obsessed with retarded shit and researching it online (ADHD, meth, human nutrition, Japanese, Evangelion, ecophilosophy...)
>majoring in japanese because i am retard, not ever going to japan because i can't do drugs and i have auditory processing problems so it would never work out
>was too stupid for accounting and computer science (seriously though)
>know japanese though (good with language)
>will support myself with wageslaving and stipends from my rich father
Ruri is 100(+30).
58 but it doesn't matter because Hong Kong girls only care about money.
58(+30) but +10 if in the US because not fat, eating disorders aren't good but give you +10, -15 on /r9k/ because bf, eating disorders are bad but it gives you +10 for men. Almond milk is stupid, just drink cow milk, no point modifier because no one cares if girls are stupid.
65(+30) but +10 if in the US because not fat, +15 on /r9k/ because no BF, -15 because age.
80 for girls, 60 as a person.
73 for girls, 45 as a person.
73 for girls, 50 as a person.
>22 year old white male
>6'0'' 150lbs
>bipolar II (usually depressed as fuck), social anxiety
>no hobbies or interests at this point because of anhedonia. I don't even play videogames.
>college dropout, currently NEET
>have a few friends but we're not close and see each other once in a blue moon
>had one gf for a couple months in high school, she ended up cucking me, cutting contact with me, and then eventually killing herself before I got to talk to her again
>he is not a beta orbiter, we're in a loving relationship
I think you've already fucking disproven that by saying that you're in a LDR (long distance relationship).
>we have bought each other stuff
I can't help but smile knowing that I was right on the money.
>but i have bought him more than he has bought me
Ah, so you're playing the long con, eh? That's good. Very cunning, whore.
>i actually don't enjoy having things bought for me
Who are you trying to fool? I'm not the fucking sad sack whose time and money you are wasting.

You can't fool me, you whore. I see right through you. You'll use him until you find someone better (more wealthy, that is). You're disgusting.
>21 years old
>ate a whole candle on tuesday
>intricate knowledge of the personal lives of youtube beauty gurus
>excellent grades
>live with my mom
>existential dread
File: 1435367945557.jpg (29 KB, 286x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 286x380
>haven't touched a woman


We should have an official chart for robots where contact with females at certain ages is put into tiers.

Remaining kissless until 25 is of less value than remaining hugless until 25, etc.

I suck with image editing programs so maybe a bot could carry out this project? Mite b cool
alright that other guy is fucking crazy but if this is truly the case, then why are you here? you're at least 0.5 normie. fuck off
File: hpimage.jpg (43 KB, 495x559) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 495x559
>24 yo hhkv, studying art
>6ft2, white, told I'm good looking but the secret is I'm not
>around 80 kg in weight
>was only in one LDR
>can drive, own a car and motorbike
>Just spend my time reading, shitposting, drawing/painting in my little room
>Used to pop pills
>Was an alcohol till recently
>Emotionally detached, pragmatic, stoic
>Just trying to keep myself alive after all the struggles

Being alone isn't easy.
What would you rate the miracle of the universe?
>24 years old, male
>likes cars, death metal, sports
>white, blonde, 5'9"
>used to be super skelly, now average build and low bodyfat % cause lifting
>had one LTR that ended with me being cucked as I was her betabux
>Drive 120 mph+ all the time
>graduated from great school with terrible GPA, got ok data analyst job but only cause boss is my dad's friend
>Parents got extremely rich recently, buy me stuff all the time
>0 friends, suicidal thoughts every day
holy shit you're so pathetic and butthurt it's hilarious

>LDRs can't be loving relationships
you're dumb.
>I can't help but smile knowing that I was right on the money.
how were you right? you said he buys me stuff, we buy each other stuff because it's what couples do?
>Ah, so you're playing the long con, eh? That's good. Very cunning, whore.
empty assumption based on nothing.
>I'm not the fucking sad sack whose time and money you are wasting.
ahahahaha okay, familgia

i hope you one day gain some sense of self-awareness because you're an absolutely vile person. you have nothing going for you in your life so you have to go online and find someone to attack so you can get some sort of feeling. truth is, you're stupid, you are a terrible person, you have no personality and you're probably fat. i have no sympathy for you, you are the worst robot i've encountered on this board and it's just sad. if i were you i would consider leaving this board because you clearly can't handle it.

i met him on here, my bf is literally the only thing that makes me somewhat of a normie
>empty assumption based on nothing
I like this line because it describes every single one of your guesses. Yes, guesses.
>you're stupid, you are a terrible person, you have no personality and you're probably fat
Let's just take a look at this one, though.
>no personality
What personality do you think you have? You clearly think you have one because you keep attacking mine. Anybody who glances at your posts will just see that you're a roastie whore. What personality? Non-existent.

>you are the worst robot i've encountered on this board
Yes, because I'm an actual robot. The kind of robot who doesn't need others. The kind of robot who isn't going to let normies walk all over him.

>if i were you i would consider leaving this board because you clearly can't handle it.
What exactly can't I handle? Insults? I've spent a very large amount of time arguing with people on the internet. That involves both insulting and being insulted. I assure you that I can handle it.

In short: You're a hypocrite and a whore.
Have you not heard of romantic attraction, believe it or not, couples don't just have sex, going for romantic meals, kissing, cuddling, going out on dates, something you don't do with a good friend of the same gender.

I'm not different from you except, I see an attractive women, I think "I'd like to take her on a date, kiss, cuddle, watch a movie, then not have sex with her", whereas your last one is probably "then have sex with her"
I adjusted the girl bonus from +50 to +30. https://desustorage.org/r9k/thread/25776717

58(+30) but +10 if in the US because not fat, -5 on /r9k/ because hand holding.
45 but it doesn't matter because you can just rape and/or buy sex.
45(+30) but +10 if in the US because not fat.
58(+30) but +10 if in the US because not fat, +15 on /r9k/ because virgin.
40 for girls but 80 as a guy to hang out with.
50 but +15 if you target the cuck demographic, +15 for affirmative action bucks.
I would also like to add that if you really "loved" your boyfriend (you don't), you would be fucking conversing with him right now and not hanging around here to be insulted by me. The truth is you don't love anyone except yourself. The fact that you want to lie about it is what makes you a normie whore. You're the kind of whore who strings men along because of what they might be able to offer you.
How do you don't just have a low libido or something else from low testosterone?
It's possible, I used to be very sporty (Which probably got me the female attention when I did), just always been like this. Whether I played sports, worked out, was even /fit/ for around 2 years when in a sports academy.

I got a lot of female friends out of it as I wasn't a "creepy guy just getting into their pants", but I never got a girlfriend for the same reason. Odd time we live in familia.
I'm caught up. I'll see you all later. If I missed yours and you're not a trap or a gay, let me know.
45 but +15 when the US turns into Mexico, +10 currently for affirmative action bucks.
50 but +15 for dad bucks.
40 but +30 because dad bucks.
80 for girls, 40 as a person.
50 but +30 because dad bucks.
>I like this line because it describes every single one of your guesses.
nope. i am making assumptions based on what you're saying. you're making assumptions based on nothing. (ie that i am just using my bf. you have nothing to support this.)
>What personality do you think you have?
unlike you, i don't eat up everything i read on imageboards and accept everything as fact. i don't hold the exact beliefs of the people i surround myself with. i think for myself and base my beliefs on what i experience, rather than on what others experience. i decide a woman is a whore when she has shown herself as such. i decide a man is an asshole when he has shown himself as such, like you have.

>Yes, because I'm an actual robot.
you say that with pride. it's not something to be proud of. you sound like you've come from reddit and adapted to the board culture because it's so cool and different.

>What exactly can't I handle?
this environment is like poison for you, because you become it, instead of keeping a mind of your own.

>another assumption based on nothing
there is a 9 hour time difference between us you moron, and i would love to converse with him, but i can't because he is at work.
god, you're an idiot, i sincerely hope you're just baiting/trolling me right now
What would you do if you got a gf and she wanted to have sex regularly? Can you even get it up if that happened?
Inheritance from a loving grandmother and uhm.. trade..
I imagine it would be like an american sketch show where the girl just lies down like a dead animal, but with genders reversed. It could work but I wouldn't be into it. In a fit of irony it's above average.
File: 1412536200501.jpg (77 KB, 633x738) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 633x738
>like manga, anime, vidya, drawing, and MMA
>white, dirty blonde with blue eyes
>never had a girlfriend, only a KV though as a girl I knew had a crush on me and we went on a movie date once where we held hands but I never followed through with anything
>have had my driver's license for years, since HS but never drive and don't have a car
>HS dropout who had good grades who's only now working on his GED, so I can finally go to Uni
>i am making assumptions based on what you're saying. you're making assumptions based on nothing
Your opinions are facts then, are they? My assumptions and your assumptions are just as baseless. Don't pretend like you have some moral high ground or that your GUESSES are any more accurate than mine.

>this environment is like poison for you, because you become it, instead of keeping a mind of your own.
I think you're right. It actually pains me to admit it because I don't admit being wrong ever but this place probably has changed me for the worse. I thought I was immune to board culture. I mean, I don't even like the people here and yet I managed to become one of them.

>i sincerely hope you're just baiting/trolling me right now
I don't even know what I planned when I made this post: >>26317981

It's 4am and I actually need to be somewhere in the morning but I'm here.

If only it was possible to leave this place. I will gladly leave this argument and this thread, though.
File: rthy.png (440 KB, 600x861) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
440 KB, 600x861
>18 years old, male
>like anime and vidya (been thinking about getting a kindle to try and read manga tho)
>white, 6'5
>-250lbs overweight and working out is not worth it
>Had one girlfriend in middle school for a week so virgin with one superlame peck on the lips kiss
>I like driving and am pretty good but I am starting to hate driving because every week my car breaks a little more
> final semester in highschool and can hopefully pass with shit grades
>19 F
>Trying hard to get /fit/. I'm currently 5'4 120lb
>Uni student
>Working at a donut shop
>I want to teach high school history
>Likes 3ds games, horror films, cooking, bubble baths, anime, and playing guitar
>bf but no friends
okay, this was fun. you should go to sleep
> 24/M/US
> likes being alone, occasionally learning the humanities. Was recently thinking about picking up pottery until I learned it costs $1000 just for poor-student-tier materials
> white, brown hair, 6'0"
> 160lbs, skinnyfat
> Been kissed, but never had a relationship or pusspuss
> Have a CR-V, shitty driver
> software engineer
File: image.jpg (48 KB, 426x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 426x364
>18 year old male
>like boxing, martial arts, movies, video games
>half asian half white, 5'9" 147lbs
>terrible eyesight
>most people think I'm hilarious, tfw pretty awkward when around qt girls alone
>tfw no gf
>really close group of 10 friends since grade school
>no license
>joining the Navy, want to be a firefighter
>don't drink or smoke, probably why I lack certain social skills
Aw, now kiss and make-up. I could use some NTR
ps thanks for not calling me a whore in this post i appreciate it ;)
How are you social enough to have a bf but no friends?
It's my second year of uni. When I was a freshman, I started hanging out with the wrong crowd. They were nice people, but they just affected me negatively and constant drinking/smoking made my anxiety horrible, so I distanced myself. I haven't really made any new friends since then, unless you count my roommates who I don't hang out with outside of the apartment. They have their own friends.

Because of my anxiety, I always assume that people actually hate me and are only talking to me to be nice. My boyfriend pushed past the wall that I'd put up and I realized that he actually somehow loves me as much as I love him.
>I think you're right. It actually pains me to admit it because I don't admit being wrong ever but this place probably has changed me for the worse. I thought I was immune to board culture. I mean, I don't even like the people here and yet I managed to become one of them.

This is happening to me too and I want it to stop.
>21 years old, male
>like manga, anime, lifting
>white, black hair blue eyes, 5'9
>almost fit
>I had a girlfriend two years ago which is the reason why I am not a Virgin, right now I have a new one who Is way cuter
>I have to work and study because I'm poor
>I'm doing ok at uni
ill be your friend. you can tell me about how great your bf is while I fap

Aushwitz mode senpai
You sound like you're happy anon, I'm glad for you. If you're not then rest assured, friends are easier to make than bfs (although I can't say that I've had much luck with that).
>21 years old
>Virgin, never had a girlfriend
>5'9" manlet
>125lbs skeleton
>4 years older than everyone else in my educational facility
>Live with parents and leach off them for meals
>Start all my school work at 10pm the night before it's due
>Want to escape this loop but the prospect of doing work terrifies me
Forgot to mention
>3/10 face
>No friends
>7"x5" pencil dick
>No job and no money except a $10k trust fund I have to save for college
Not sure why you're pleased. 45 of your points were handed to you. In any case, find guys rated similar and date them.

50(+30) but +10 if in the US because not fat.
50 but +15 if you don't mind being beta bucks.
File: arrian.jpg (143 KB, 966x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 966x750
not her, but you really expected this to work? do any of you who always do this really expect at some minimal point that it might work?
Exactly, that's why he needs to get a trip.
Thanks for your kind words, anon :) I wish you the best!
I mean, i'm honestly curious, has any love story actually even started on r9k?
When the archive comes back, look up my old threads. Getting girls here isn't that hard if you use a trip.
>"18" years old, trap
>likes music, vidya, visual novels, used to like anime/manga but ilunno kind of boring now ~
>white, dirty blonde, 5 ft 11, 140 lbs
>has a boyfriend, not a virgin
>jobless highschool drop out but cute and my boyfriend has money so :c
File: imokaywiththis.jpg (96 KB, 384x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 384x221
>24 years old, male
>like manga, anime, and videogames
>Do gymnastics and bodyweight fitness routines, used to lift but I'm more focused on improving my coordination now
>blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 10"
>67 kg
>Good facial structure except for a nose so large it would make a happy merchant jealous.
>Not virgin, living with long-term GF
>can drive but admittedly a shitty driver
>graduated university, working as a stock portfolio manager, making decent dosh.

5 years ago I was a KV NEET with no hope for the future and no prospects to speak of. We're all gonna make it robots.
File: maxresdefault1.jpg (43 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 1280x720
let's see, post pic
File: ZVua6.gif (2 MB, 256x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 256x188
Any interesting stories you might wanna share?
File: sad pepe.jpg (18 KB, 306x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad pepe.jpg
18 KB, 306x306
These and many more are normans.
>19 years old, mtf degenerate
>Develop games, play games, watch weeb cartoons
>white, blonde and 5'11 ft tall
>~10kg overweight, working on losing it
>One long term BF, 4 years now.
>passed driving theory, haven't done practical yet
>poor uni student, average/good grades
>19 years old, male
>like books, anime, videogames
>white, red hair
>not overweight
>failed drivers test 5 times already
>never talked more then a sentence to any girl, obv. virgin
>probably failing uni

Fuck off normie
Why is "18" in quotation marks? Are you actually 40 and roleplaying with your boyfriend?
underage is = ban ~
>18 years old, male
>likes psychedelic drugs, music vidya games
>white master race, 5'11
>average weight
>have gf and multiple previous gfs
>got arrested for drug driving so no license anymore but gf drives me so its cool
>going to a shit uni in sept with my shitty grades
>i sell drugs to high school kids
File: Oct-Art-6.jpg (2 MB, 1000x1148) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1000x1148
>interested in art, politics, history and philosophy
>extremely intelligent and good writer
>just got four offers from top universities
>plan to have a career in journalism/writing
>plan to have a family with several daughters
>future looks good for me
File: pepe53.jpg (86 KB, 500x484) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 500x484
>22 years old, male
>khv neet
>like manga, watching sports, reading, and anything else that distracts me from my miserable life
>haven't enjoyed video games in a long time
>white, dirty blonde, 5'11"
>190lbs, could lose it on short notice if I had motivation to
>on numerous psych meds for mental health issues
>never had a gf
>do have a drivers license, but never leave the house
>took online community college classes for a while, but stopped when I would've needed to start going to campus because shut-in
Oh, I see. Nothing personnel, kid.
hello fellow underage does going on 4chan at a young age effect you
Yes.It will ruin your life eventually.
>20yo female
>full time student studying hard sciences
>k-pop k-indie guilty pleasure music
>chill/lounge/deep house music, jazz, classical, folk, indie, generally calm music
>steamfag building my own pink PC
>5'5'', 130lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, mixed
>can drive, don't have a license tho
>have a bf who wants to whore me out to other men, especially if they are virgins
Someone ought to take to some back woods and shoot you in the back of the head

Nothing personal homie
File: 1342732908862.jpg (183 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 640x480
Why? That's not very Christian my friend
>19 years old, male
>like manga, anime, classic rock and videogames
>white, brown dark hair and 180 cm tall
>average body but can be built in no time but have 0 motivation
>had one internet """gf""" once but still virgin
>can drive but no license
>community college doing well , also front-end web dev
>23 m
>interested in geopolitics, Dota 2, Liverpool FC
>6ft2, skinny fat, dark features
>never had gf, lots of visits to prostitutes and asian massage parlours
>been NEET for 6 years

What's your ethnicity?

post steam
>posts a savage pagan
How can I get in contact with this man?
just realised your half nigger nevermind lol
File: 1452443223187.png (264 KB, 925x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264 KB, 925x300
>>plan to have a family with several daughters
uh oh
Why is this meme so popular?
I don't get the fun in posting blank images like OP
>18 year old female
>5'2, 105 llbs
>likes weeb shit, science fiction, and gardening
>not much interest in boys since they're probably all jerks, I dream of having a fellow qt "straight" girl to experiment with
>don't know How to drive
>saving money for a ticket to London
>failed artist still trying
>looks white but is mexican
>hs graduate
>no work history
>no car, no license
>no friends
>never had any friends
>socially retarded can't hold a conversation
>unsure if HKV due to reclusive nature or just unattractive to all. Too scared to find out

this guy's got the ticket, the other half is white

Where do you live? Just a general area, more specific than say "USA" though

would you like to experiment with me bb
>Where do you live?
L o n d o n?
dont go to london unless you want to be raped by Ahmed. Englnd is a dead nation
Sorry, I'm a USA. :^(
File: Ausie.png (7 KB, 364x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 364x313
>16 year old, male
>like black dicks, crocodiles
>good lookin
>gf was cucked by football tyrone
>can drive
>average grades
>would I like to experiment
File: 1451941635620.jpg (144 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 600x800
did your dad leave you?
File: 1454365542408.png (929 KB, 956x812) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
929 KB, 956x812
>be me
>23yr old male
>Like anime, manga and firearms
>white, black hair 6" 1"
>a little overweight not too bad though
>had 2 long term GFs and currently married. Never bothered counting but have had plenty of sex
>own a car and a home on mortgage
>middle class, 35k a year with benifets on salary
>manager so I sit in the office and shitpost on 4chin and watch anime while doing paperwork.
>make employees do all the real work
Why do I still come here?
>18 year old male
>college drop out
>quit my job a while ago, still NEET
>planning on moving to a remote cabin for the summer
>drug addled self hating loser
>don't really want to improve, don't care enough anymore
>don't have my drivers license yet, really need to get it
>in some kind of online relationship, feeling myself gradually care less and less about it, just want the girl to realize I'm a piece of shit and move on
>contemplating suicide, but probably too much of a pussy
>halfheartedly writing a novel which I very much doubt I'll ever finish
>wake up every day feeling empty, doing nothing, and watching the calendar pass me by
File: 1446589926946.jpg (45 KB, 604x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 604x453
>that manga
You don't have to be shy, I'd be gentle if that's what you're into

Yes, in fact he was never there in the first place!
I can fly.

How are your lips?
File: 1454446073764.png (334 KB, 512x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334 KB, 512x556
>20, male
>white, ginger, just under 6ft I think
>don't know how much I weigh not fat just gut
>likes vidya, movies, some anime and pony
>never had gf
>can't drive
Wait a second, I thought you were a girl. Boys are dummies
>Where do you live?
>22, male, white/slav
>Dropped out of collage at 19
>Got a job in IT as a GNU/Linux sysadmin, been working since dropping out of collage
>Have only one childhood friend who is also my flatmate
>No car, currently trying to get driving license
>178cm, 55kg (5'10", 121pounds)
>I listen to folk music, jpop and random deep house on youtube
>Like obscure northern european films, my job is also my hobby, sometimes I play casual board games.
>No gf, never kissed a girl, virgin
>Have no friends except for my flatmate who doesn't like to hang out or do anything.
>I'm on good terms with co-workers, but they are all 35+ yo old with families
>Sometimes I hang out with my female coworker outside of work, but I think she just pities me.

What to do next, mates?
where are your slavic roots
Slovakia, mate.
Everyone here is white, why don't you all just go south east Asia for girls
>white, blonde with blue eyes
>6'2 with broad shoulders
>nordic genes
>interested in pretty much everything, mostly movies and music
>a few kg overweight but with decent muscle mass because muh bulk
>have had 2 serious relationships lasting more than a year and a few shorter ones inbetween
>have a $14/hr job ($28/hr on saturdays and sundays)
>i'm cozy to chill with
File: lipsdesu.jpg (27 KB, 148x93) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 148x93
Flying is good. What do you think?
>decent shape but can't be bothered to go to the gym anymore
>never had a relationship: too autistic to ever ask a girl out
>basically no social life, literally spent all weekend on 4chan
>very intelligent, getting high grades in a science major without much effort
>would like to be a doctor
>sleep too much and worry that i'll always be alone
I am a girl! :^( Pls

That's close, would you do a road trip?
>That's close, would you do a road trip?
How far away? [email protected]
Pretty good if I'm using my microscope.
I sent you an email anon, pls respond.jpg
>6'8" or 2.03 meters.
>Dutch American
>Brown hair
>Very light brown eyes
>Had 2 girlfriends, but that was over a year ago
>178 pounds
>plans to join military and be an architect when I get out
>I'm currently learning Italian and Spanish languages, though I am not too good in either of them
>Virgin, intend to be until I find a proper wife.
>might also be autistic
Do you have skype? original comment top OC
reportado maricon
>21 years old and male
>somewhere between 5'5 and 5'6, likely shorter end
>like anime, manga, math, and programming
>like music, mostly into american primitivism, shoegaze, and noise rock
>like bird-watching
>hispanic, black hair, brown eyes, etc
>hairline is starting to recede
>125 lbs, with some gyno, but exercising more
>can't drive and never had a job
>hopefully transferring to a UC next year for Chem Engineering
>KHV. Never had a gf, or a girl interested in me
>both of my parents dislike me and tell me I'm a failure, literally every day
>family laughingstock when I have three cousins that became MDs. they tell me I'm retarded for wanting to do engineering
>clinical depression for five years
>24 year old male
>Uni student; But pretty fucked 0 motivation last year of my bachelor degree
>~80kg. Good shape
>Can drive
>Got gf
>~150k euro invested in assets
>Own a nice apartment i rent out but I live in a big apartment owned by a family member so rent is cheap
>Play too much league of legends

If only i had motivation at uni
Do you trade pics?
File: 1371519518965.gif (216 KB, 749x578) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216 KB, 749x578
>18 year old male
>like weebshit, film, nature, cooking, crafts, philosophy, history, and learning in general
>white, brown-haired and 6ft tall
>on the skinny side but in a healthy weight range (have a nice flat stomach)
>never had a relationship, kissless, handholdless virgin
>want to save myself for one person as much as I can, not interested in casual sex
>can drive well, have a car
>going to decent university for a little over a semester now but I'm already a Junior because I worked hard in highschool
>Major is CompSci with a minor in econ, thinking of maybe becoming an actuary but not sure
>just want a well paying job so I can work little and enjoy a calm life pursuing hobbies and interests with someone else
>have a sense of direction in life and long term goals
>like girly cute things (more than the average guy at least) and cross dress occasionally
File: yepthatsme.jpg (98 KB, 465x428) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 465x428
>23 years old, male
>white, 6'3" 170 pounds, brown hair
>full time job working with the mentally disabled
>have a 2001 Accord and a room in a house with 3 others
>spend free time: reading fringe conspiracies, stuff on the occult, propaganda,etc;getting high and listening to music, writing, recording, mixing my own music
>socialize with family/friends once or twice a week
>have had a few fwb and gfs in the past few years
>they're all married or in long-term relationships with other people now
>except for a terrifying short blonde girl
>trying not to see her too often, but depression, loneliness, sexual frustration and boredom always bring me back
>trying to finish my album, but making shit progress obsessively re-recording and fucking with the mixes
>everything made more complicated by being a drug degenerate
drugs, music, and conspiracies huh man?

Yeah, it puts me in a pretty surreal headspace. I think a lot about the whole globalist/Zionist stuff /pol/ talks about, see a lot of similarities between those ideas and Gnosticism, and figure that this kind of paranoid thinking could make for pretty good music.
What kind of job do you have? I am unemployed right now and a night shift job where I could work alone sounds awesome
>21 Year Old Male

>5'4-5'5 not sure


>Good looking enough to have tons of women hit on me, but always had really high standards so only had 1 gf

>Never learned how to drive because parents are screwups

>was a chad in highschool and did pretty well until I had a mental breakdown and became a hermit.

>working on making a deviantart page that I can make money with

>working on an indie game
>24 yo, m, white, brown hair, blue eyes
>~77kg, 187cm
>last year of CompSci bachelor,2 years over time, khv and no friends
>diagnosed autist, depression and probably add
>hobbies: playing the piano, osu!, animu, RC planes, addicted to porn
>license but no car
>no goals or plans, a room with a computer, fast internet and enough privacy to watch porn is all I want
>working on an indie game
It had better not have any two of the words "2d", "retro" or "platformer" in its adjectives.

nigga its a fully fledged 3d rpg about plastic soldiers and shit. Heres one of my test characters i made for the alpha build
Not very pretty, but keep on keepin on.

t-thanks I will
>19 year old white boy
>brown hair, green eyes, 5'10", 160 lbs
>reading, drawing, wrestling (the competitive kind)
>OCD and an Undiagnosed Psychotic Disorder, spent 4 weeks in a psych ward when I was 17
>starting college in a week, will get 2 full semesters in before I turn 20 so I'm right on time I guess
>really wish I didn't grow up in one of the most crowded cities in the world
>have fucked 5 bitches who were all taller and heavier than me, no connection with any of them
>addicted to cigarettes and weed
File: 1454693910509.jpg (63 KB, 858x623) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 858x623
oh yeah and I have a small "NM" tattooed on the back of my right hand, between my thumb and pointer finger
that I got in Juvie
File: please.jpg (170 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170 KB, 750x750
Every time I tell myself that posting in these threads is pointless, but nearly every time I do it anyways.
Good for you, keep that up and you will have no trouble in life, but be careful to not let everything get to shit. Don't get bitter and depressed like me over things that don't matter. And keep your interests, those really help in tough times. Also, you might want to pick up some kind of physical activity, stamina rapidly decreases as you get older if you don't do anything.

I'm pretty much just writing this to my 18 yo self since I've been there, but here.
>19 years old
>light brown hair, green eyes, 5'10" , 160 lbs
> Partying, studying, getting trashed with friends
>on scholarship at mediocre school
>lost virginity at 15 , np with girls, got gf atm
>driver's license, no car at school, dad bankrolls me , uber everywhere
>no drugs , lsd fucked me up in high school, just drank
> studying biochem
>no complains about life , go on /r9k/ to boost self confidence
>thanks m8s
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>21 / Male
>6'4" 160 lbs
>had no gfs because I'm a fag
>own a car that's older than me and have license
>still live with the 'rents
>community college student getting okay grades but thinking about dropping out because my courses seem pointless
>spend free time shitposting, watching lectures and documentaries, reading, drawing, going for drives, or photographing
>want to play vidya but I don't have a good PC and my consoles are outdated
>poor and jobless
>17 yo male
>white, pretty tall
>bad grades because concentration and laziness
>first real gf left days before fucking
>feel really empty, want to die
>loving family
>also britbong
friendly reminder that boosting your confidence by reveling in others' misery is a sign of insecurity.
>20 year old male
>white, long blonde hair blue eyes sieg heil etc., 5 ft 11
>generic /r9k/ interests + play guitar and piano, in a few uni bands and play a lot of tabletop RPGs (LARP is haram)
>double STEM uni student
>everyone complains about how much work it is but I think it's pretty standard
>getting really high grades because physics phd is kinda my life goal and you need a high first class masters + experience to get anywhere
>not ugly, slightly underweight but kv as fuck
>so confident around people that actually talk to me that no one would guess im kv
>also have no one to live with next year, lonely life for me

My life consists of nebulous anxieties about what I'll do next year and the occasional obsessing over a girl that I've never really spoken to but I occasionally see on buses.

Livin' the dream chaps
>le dildo man :DDDDD
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>19 year old tranny failure
>Like vidya and not much else
>white,chubby, brown hair
>Only online relationships
>Virgin as heckles
>Terrified of driving
>Neet because to scared to answer phone when people call
>1 suicide attempt so far
>19 years old, male
>like lifting weights, bush walking, anime, VNs, Swimming, shitposting
>white, light brown hair, 6'3
>220lbs, bodybuilder (visible abs, not quite 6 pack)
>never had a long term gf, am a virgin
>can drive, have car and license
>university drop out (fuck that place), have a job, live at home
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