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Any high school drop out bros? I'm posting...
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black pepe.jpg
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Any high school drop out bros? I'm posting my story because I feel like.

>9th grade
>flunk a math course because ADD and no meds because mum thinks ADD is a scam by the devil
>get placed into dumbass math with a bunch of niggers and wannabe gangsters
>teach desides to announce that I was the only one to pass my SOL(basically a test for school funding)
>immediate target because niggers
>see cute girl wearing an anime backpack has a friend so she doesnt get picked on
>think I might have a shot with her
>sitting in math in the front of class because nerdy white kid
>get made fun of try really hard to ignore it
>niggers decide to throw a calculator at my head
>try to ignore it, embarrassed as hell and turn deep red because pale as whip cream
>nigger decides to mock me and says "yo he 'bout to explode look at his face"
>big feet and small body so i look like a hobbit(wasn't that short though 5'10)
>nigger says "yo he 'bout to take off those converse and throw 'em like a boomerang"
>haven't said a word yet because again shy, white, nerdy kid
>everyone is basically talking about me and laughing
>nigger says "that my bitch homie"
>feel like all of my pride was taken from me in front of cute anime girl
>couldnt see her but she was probably laughing at how much of a bitch i am
>nigger throws a ball of paper at my head next
>hits me in the back of the head
>trying really hard to laugh it off
>basically looked like an insane school shooter trying to laugh it off
>pick up the ball of paper and try to play basketball with it because nerdy white kid
>miss the shot
>teacher does nothing but give me the "i feel really bad for you" face

this is why I never stepped foot in that class again and hid in the bathroom until i was kicked out because low grade. If I would've fought back I probably would've got jumped by the class full of niggers because white kid but I was taking boxing at the time and was pretty good.

man fuck those niggers
I dropped out in 10th grade like 9 years ago. Just got my GED last year. Going to college in a few weeks. Wewlad.
good luck homie
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Highschool dropout reporting in. Actually I failed in 12 the grade in maths, even in the improvement exams, so now I am repeating all of 12 th subjects.
I failed when I was 18, now I am 22, u have been a NEET for all these years but this year my parents want me to get a highschool diploma.
I live in an Asian shithole so exams are ultra hard, not like your American exams. Exams are in less than one month and I haven't started studying the syllabus which people barely finish in 1 year

I'm so fucked, instead of studying in watching anime nonstop
yeah we have those easy ass multible choice exams over here, still managed to fail the math course because "muh add" but im pretty sure im just a dumbass with no redeeming qualities

hope you do good man
Get a GED anons and learn a technical skill.
Where are you from anon?
VA, why?
do u know me?
If I could have dropped out of high school and gotten a GED, I would have.

but muh parents and shit, you know.
Did you ever live in Chicago?
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56 KB, 485x409
>graduated highschool normally
>seeing tons of people in my age group get GEDs, jobs and cars
>doing better than me in general

I could've those years clearing up my backlog. I feel scammed.
No I've only ever lived in PA before.
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High school failure coming through
>ADHD and depression, full force in teens
>13 is when I got on 4chan, not a good time
>separate from all that culture
>kids keep fucking with me in HS
>eventually two say I was making a school shooting threat
>kicked out despite them searching me
>behind on school already, meltdown
>come back a week later
>teachers give me more room
>fail one class
>fail the summer school
>get my GED 1.5 years later
>do nothing for years
>parents are unemployed for a while
>stepfather spergs out and threatens to kick me out
>mother "explains" it was because he was a lazy shit and decided to take his anger out on me
>try overnight maintenance at 24/7 Wal-Mart
>joints fall apart, quit after a month, only recently find both parents had histories of super fucked joints
>go to CC
>take 3 years and a summer to get AS, even with AP Math/Sci credits because I meltdown during Speaking classes and writing mandates
>get speech replaced with interpersonal relations, pass fifth English 101
>too late to get shit moving for fall
>got shit going for spring
>at uni since last spring
There's always some bullshit going on, particularly with my finances, but I'm moving forward. By the end of next spring, I will have a BS in Electrical Engineering. I don't know how they could be so mistaken in believing that I could be a functional person.
>it will have taken me like 6 years, 21-27, but I will have a BS in EE
>pic related
OP, I had similar situation, except I did something about it.

>be me
>17 years old, junior year
>pretty much normie
>be athletic (wrestler, runner)
>be shy as hell
>be conservative Christian
>in retard math class because I'm good at everything but math
>live in Georgia, 30% black population
>have black kids start messing with me in front of girl I like, qt3.14 southern belle, black kids start hitting on her
>she looks uncomfortable
>I tell them to leave her and I alone
>black guy sits up from his desk and says in ebonics "whatchu gonna do about it, cracka?"
>I tell him "back off, nigger"
>"this cracka racis, I dindu nuffin"
>"I oughtta kick yo ass cracka"
>I look at him in the eyes, over 300 years of pure white, angry, slave owning, hatred for him and his fucking species
>"what the fuck are you gonna do, nigger?"
>he swings and hits me in the stomach, I fall to the ground
>I grab his leg and pull him to the ground
>he starts hollering as I climb up onto his chest
>literally with all of my hatred for his race, I start punching him in the face, screaming "NIGGER" at the top of my lungs
>school security comes in, pulls my off of him, and takes me to the office
>see my principal waiting for me in his office
>tells me what I did was wrong, I say yeah I know it won't happen again
>he says he's gonna let me off easy with one day of in school suspension
>doesn't call home
>nigger gets suspended for two weeks
>mfw based southern good old boy principal

I stood up for myself, for once, and it felt so good. That was one year ago.
Should also add, in HS was when I started on meds. It's taken almost a decade to find something decent, but I'm on "helpful" meds now. Stims didn't work, I'm on an MAOI and guanfacine (non-stim ADHD) and I'm keeping on track well enough to pass my classes.
File: 1447306044653.jpg (27 KB, 186x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 186x189
>hate school
>College would be a struggle to drag myself to class every day
>No interest in anything
>drop out
>probably going to be homeless
>Don't really care

Life is meh
>tfw you didnt try in high school at all
>tfw you still graduated with a 3.2 gpa

how are people this fucking shitty at life?
Grabbed my GED and went straight to college. Fucked up two semester so I've taking a couple years to get my shit in order.
>drop outs
>druggies and alcoholics
>double niggers
>every one of them has had jobs, family supporting them, multiple gfs
why even try?
My gpa was always lower than that. I just didn't care to listen to the teacher, participate, and spend the time at home doing the work. But now I'm finishing college so it's alright. Glad to hear stories of White kids standing up for themselves.
I'm the same way after I adopted the teenage "nihilistic" attitude I just stopped doing any of the work and homework all together.
How could you let this happen? You just sat there and let yourself get humiliated by some asshole in front of a girl? You really are pathetic. Guess what?You LET THEM WIN, you stupid worthless fuck. So what if you got your ass kicked? You just had to hurt one of them really bad in order to make them leave you alone in the future. It's because of spineless pieces of shit like you that Chad and Tyrone always win.
It was mostly because I was a 14 year old kid at the time and most of them were 18. I thought it would've been smarter to simply try my hardest to ignore it to avoid getting jumped and being humiliated further. It seemed like they were trying to get me to fight back so they could have an excuse to beat the hell out of me. In hindsight I really wish I would've beat the hell out of one of them but the way the chairs were angled it was hard to tell who actually threw the stuff at me but I should've beat the hell out of the kid that mocked me.
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1 MB, 288x314
dude teachers really are fucking useless

>history class, teacher is like 23 yrs old tiny asian woman
>this dumb fucking cunt in my class won't shut up about her stupid life and how much black dick she sucks (wigger) so I tell her to STFU
>couple of wigger boys leap to her defense, I tell them to STFU
>teacher stands there like a deer in headlights
>after school those 3 wiggers follow me while I was walking with my gf, throwing rocks at my head, one of the rocks hits my gf and cuts her head
>the wiggers run away, I take gf to hospital
>cops charge the 1 guy, he's banned from school, the other guy and girl are still allowed
>they continue to harass me in the hallways, spit on me, etc
>I'm the same size as the guy and I know how to fight
>I go to the principal's office and tell him to get this guy to leave me alone, or I'm going to deal with him myself, with my fists
>I give the principal 2 weeks. He does nothing. These 2 wiggers continue to harass me and my gf
>they follow us after school again, just the two of them. My gf has had enough. My gf does kickboxing. She knocks out the dumb wigger bitch instantly. I fucking lose my shit on the wigger guy, pound his face until most of his front teeth are gone
>his parents call the cops. I tell the cops what happened, no charges are laid against me. His parents then sue me for the dental work on his teeth, the lawsuit is dropped because I'm far more articulate and rape them in court
>so what does my school do? They give me a fucking suspension during exam time, I miss one of my exams and get a zero on it, bringing my GPA down from 3.5 to 3.1
>mfw I still got into the best uni in my province. Fucking teachers and principals are useless cucks
Dropped out to become a stay at home dad, yeah. Makes me feel bad sometimes that I don't have any college education.
Easy, don't go to high school and you won't graduate.

I was a little shit in HS. Actively refused to do homework, thought I was a fucking child prodigy or something that was too good for the bullshit. Graduated with 2.4 gpa, got 3.9 gpa in college, in the workforce no one gives a shot what your gpa was, only the name of your degree and what school you got it from, and after that no one gives a shot about that anymire, only where you've worked and what you've done.
your gf works and pays the bills while you stay at home? Is she ok with this?
Fuck that shit, being a stay at home dad is awesome.
Damn right. Can't let those fuckers just walk on you. As betas we need to stand our ground . This means not taking shit from normies and niggers. If no one respects you , MAKE THEM. Whether it be by being more successful in life or a good old punch in the face.
Half Those nigs are probably in jail anyways, so you got that going for you
File: 1453759630170.jpg (59 KB, 896x921) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 896x921

This had inspired me to beat the living hell out of one of my bullies I don't give a fuck I'm going to pound his fucking face in, I don't give a shit what happens. I'm tired of being walked on and being someone's bitch, I'm to fuck his face up until it's just pond of blood. I've taken boxing and I'm going to destory his fucking cranium.
Why do normies get so triggered when someone brings up a GED?
>"no employer will hire you with a GED!"
This is total bullshit.
Wife actually, but yes she works. She's ok with it, she's the one that wanted it in the first place. She's a profession woman so being the home parent wouldn't have worked but she did want someone to be a parent full time so I fit pretty well only having to drop high school.

It has it's ups and downs, just saying that sometimes I regret not being schooled more since I feel stupid compared to my wife and usually have to defer to her on decision making, and also somewhat of a failure compared to peers.

it's 2016, m8, there's no excuse for you to be under-educated. There's this thing called the internet, that you're fucking using right now. You can get your GED, hell, you can even get a uni degree online, and yes you do have time to do that even as a stay at home dad. I know bc I've seen tons of stay at home moms do it.
dropped out of 2nd year highschool for adhd and anxiety reasons
will never amount to anything
would have taken my own life years ago if it werent for an internet friend who's keeping me afloat
File: 1934850.jpg (43 KB, 748x543) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Should have become a real human bean and gone to that nigger dindu class with an automatic assault rifle and shot those coons back to their ancestor's mudhuts.

You failed, you had one chance to becoming an American hero and martyr, and praised as an icon in the inevitable race war, along with Dylan Roof and all the other glorious shooters, when the white world nuke chimps back into the stone age (implying they're not already at the stone age)

Fucking niggers
>10th grade
>math teacher mr. crowder is really strict
>always got top grades in classes but never had motivation to do work
>his class worked by basically doing homework every day
>everyone hated him
>never did homework
>backed up like 30 assignments overdue
>hate school anyways
>dropped out of school because i was going to fail math cause of his teaching habits
>parents put me in homeschooling
>now 20 and still haven't finished highschool cause I don't do any work in homeschool
>still live with parents and still take homeschooling, do fuck all in the courses and go on the computer all day

This is the life

Sorry anon. I used to deal with the same kind of shit in the 8th grade. One day at lunch, couldn't take it any more, snapped and yelled "YOU'RE JUST A STUPID NIGGER!" in the worst one's face. He just stared at me and I walked away. He never talked to me again. My black friends never mentioned it. Homeroom teacher said not to worry about it. Never got suspended. Felt pretty bad about it later. That could have easily backfired on me, but sometimes standing up to a bully works.
I didnt drop out but i didnt continue my schooling after 16
>tfw the only kid in my grade who didnt go to college

Im not even joking, in the yearbook it has all the statistics theres like a box that says did you know all but 1 out of 536 students will attend college this fall, then it lists them all

Its a really rich school thas why, but you have to admit thats pretty embarrassing.
i'm stay at home son, kek.
Just dropped recently. I had gone up a class. I hadn't seen my grade yet but when i found out i never went back, i dont know for some reason i gave up. Why did those bastards make me go up a class if my mark was so shit.
>considered "above average intelligence"
>not rich, but come from reasonably high class, well-cultured family
>hated primary school
>time comes to move onto secondary school
>decide on "alternative" school, which will be easier on me
>get there; it's full of white trash and retards; teenage drug addicts, kids with "behavioural problems," illiterates, kids who were held back, etc
>don't fit in at all. other kids ridicule me. have no friends
>no actual curriculum or schoolwork
>really just a day-care centre for teenagers
>spend three years there
>reach legal age to leave school
>try "normal" high school for a week
>it's hell
>beg parents to let me leave school entirely
>they give in
>become neet (age 15)
>still neet (now age 26)

fuck school and everything similar. all universities should be bombed
should of smashed that cunt in the face. Regardless if you got jumped or not, would of been worth it.

>be in year 9 maths
>guy who pretty much has been picking on me since primary school
>he throws shit at me
>gets my bag and throws it across the classroom
>then drops a giant drop of ink on my paper i was working on
>as i get up to get my things he goes to put some rubbish in then bin
>as hes bending over to push him to the ground
>tfw had a clear shot to fucking beat the fucking shit out of him
>never took the shot
>he kept harrassing me till i left school and even after when he got a manager position at the job i worked at
>tfw still regret it to this day that i never took the shot and i could of ended all the bullying right then and there
>bitched out cause i could of been suspended

fucking hell i wish i could take it back and take the shot, he would of left me alone after that i swear.
I dropped out because I got kicked out of every school. I had good grades though, just kept getting in trouble. Not like high school matters at all.
I just want to know what the mini-nigga did in that office.
>So fighting him was wrong, wasn't it?
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