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>move on campus
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>move on campus
>meet qt 3.14 shy girl
>fall in love because she actually shows me attention and is nice to me
>don't act on it
>throughout the entire year hear she gets plugged almost every week by different people
>next year
>same shit, different person
>this year
>meet another qt 3.14 girl
>gonna have to bear it all other again

Is there anything worse than living on a uni campus?
You could always drop out, live in your father's basement, have no job or be underemployed, and not have sex, kiss or even hold hands with anyone ever in your 30+ year lifetime.
So the same as now except I'm living in a dorm?
maybe try acting on it for once pussy
You're still young and have options in life. Don't wait until you have none.
Dear diary today I became infatuated with another girl that made eye contact with me. I wonder how long until she breaks my heart?? I'm soooo sad :(, sad things always happen to me!!

Fuck off
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Totally original comment k thx roboto
Why are people so commited to living on campus anyways?

I live in an apartment just a 10 minute walk away, save $400/month+ parking/mealplan/ect, have 10x the space and never have to deal with drunk frat kids.

Although I did start uni at 22, so maybe that's why I wouldn't want to live surrounded by drunk noisey 18 year olds.

Fuck off that's why lmao
I live 8 hours away from campus, so I have to live here

Plus it's cheaper, free, unlimited internet/water/power, etc
LMAO one thing is for certain, and its that campus dorms are basically a trap for your money. Seriously, an apartment or even room off campus is significantly cheaper than splitting a dorm with 2 other people and paying nearly or over 1000 dollars a month for the privilege of it
>$1000 a month

I pay $600
>shy girl
>she gets plugged almost every week by different people
grills LITERALLY can't be lonely
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>meet girl through friend
>she's pretty hot
>know I'm not gonna get her but she's nice so I hang out with her
>eventually one day tell her how I feel and she let's me down gently, asks to still be friends
>decided to go for it because I fell for the "she'll introduce you to other girls" meme
>since I still see her a lot I can't completely get over my feelings
>can't just stop hanging with her because she hangs with my friends and will just come over to their dorm room some days
>tonight, hanging out guy friends
>she comes over kinda drunk
>sits next to me and starts getting really flirty
>figure this might be it
>after a short while some random guy knocks on the door
>he makes some mention that no one is in his room
>a couple minutes later she says she forgot something in there the last time she was there
>they go off to his room and don't come back the rest of the night
>obviously they're fucking
>tfw know I shouldn't care but I still do
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Iktf too well min bror
Man I just went back to my room and am currently in the process of getting drunk and listening to some music just to try and deal with these feelings. The absolute worst fucking part is that last part of the greentext, knowing that since I already know there's no chance with me and this girl that I should not care about it at all, but for whatever reason I still do. I immediately thought of this shitty fucking song that I love and how I never thought I would relate to it and how cheesy it was that people have these dumb feelings but this is almost undeniably the song for millennial failed normie relationship insecurity. I may or may not have almost or actually shed a tear desu

>confusing lust with love

Anon, please.

You don't have "feelings" for this girl. You want to fuck her.

Just use a fucking fleshlight and a body pillow and imagine it's her, Jesus.
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Jesus anon are you me? Literally doing the same at the moment, even the fucking song man, I fucking just finished listening to that cause it reminds me of her
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Nah, seriously. At first I really thought she was just some hot girl I knew. The friend that introduced me to her actually had a huge crush on her at the time and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what he saw in her. Over the last year I'd hung out with her a lot more, and last semester we got pretty close. I started to realize exactly what it was that made her special. It doesn't hurt that she's a 9/10 and smart too (Electrical Engineering major that gets mostly As), but she's extremely sweet and if she were to look in your eyes and complement you on what you're wearing and tell you that you're her favorite friend I can guarantee you would fall for her like I did. I really try not to get hung up on girls like this, and I've known plenty of girls that I just wanted to fuck. I know the feeling, and it wasn't the same with her.
>tfw "and it's all in my head, but, she's touching his chest"
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>move into dorm
>have nothing in common with anyone
>never leave room
>never talk to anyone
>2nd semester in, don't know anyone
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>hanging around girls you like that you have no chance with
Please don't do that senpai, just don't
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>I just can't look, it's killing meeeeeeeeeeeeee
three less es and it wasnt original lol
she takes off her dress now let meeee gooo ow ow i JUST can't look
Trust me man, it's not like I'm trying to. Ever since I told her how I felt, I don't text her and she doesn't text me. We just happen to share the same friend group, and sometimes I show up to places where she is and she shows up to places where I am. And it's not like I hate her or anything, I think it's dumb to hate a girl that you think is cool just because she doesn't want to fuck you, but I just wish I was over her.
Bumpoooo DESU senpai
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>go out drinking literally one time because she asked me to
>dance with her to this song
>haven't been out since
>always think of her when it comes on even though she got fucked that night by someone else anyway

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are you me

this is literally my last two years
I'm a girl and when I'm in college I'm going to stay a virgin
I don't even talk to the people in my dorm. Didn't go out once last semester.
Watch the fucking hodgetwins and see how chads acted on pussy before they were chads. Their advice to faggot pussies like you, is GET AS PHYSICAL AS POSSIBLE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Make the fuck out on the first date you PUSSY.
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this, I failed countless times just because I'm too shy

>be at a bar with girl
>conversation is starting to fade
>buy a new drink
>meanwhile she starts talking to to the guy next to her
>he's more assertive than me, starts touching her arm etc.
>she keeps talking to him, completely forgets about me
>soon they leave together

I didn't care about her but it still felt like hell. I hate being such a beta cuck

The other night I had a date with a grill I really liked so I was even more shy. She must have liked me otherwise she wouldn't have listened to all of my bullshit for hours but at the end of the night I was too scared to make the next step so it ended in nothing
Now you know senpai, dont ever, ever hang out with girls you are interested in. It only makes you feel worse.

Im sorry this happened to you tough.
You guys are such freaks. You have to try and sleep with the girl STRAIGHT AWAY. Don't befreind her first. Don't fuck around and do it by action not confessing your feelings, jesus christ.
Just fuck her first and keep living
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