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I've been watching Mushi-Shi, not really sure if I like it so far, it's kind of eerie.

My favorites are NGE, FMA: Brotherhood, TTGL and Code Geass.

Also, anime discussion general if you guys want.
Here's the spoonfeeding you're looking for. Now get out.
Wow those all suck ...
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Rune Soldier Louie
Record of Lodoss War
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight
Monster Musume
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I just made the same thread on /a/, but apparently it's not allowed. Any good anime that's cute, ak, like welcome to the nhk, or just plain great animation?
Also, I recommend shiki if you haven't yet seen it. Definitely one of my favorites so far.
Anyone else watch one or two episodes of an anime and never watch again?
>cowboy bebop
>kill la kill
I usually don't like to leave a story unfinished, but I really didn't like these.

Serei no Moribito and Bokurano are good series and most of the movie suggestions i agree with

I'll also recommend the Gundam OVAs from the nineties, they are better than the series.
>Code Gease
Just watch every shitty action shounen, then.
Oni Chichi
Princess Knight Janne
Resort Boin
Milk Junkies

Decent animes
Damn, all the time basically.

I do this for a lot of things, a lot of people make fun of me because I eat half of my donut and throw the rest away even though i have more
>Yuru Yuri
>Lucky star
>kodomo no jikan

My favorite so far
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Attack on Titan
Sword Art Online
Death Note
One Punch

everything else is pretentious shit suggested by /a/fags. Theres a reason nthese shows are mainstream and its because they're good.
No, it's because they appeal to the largest demographic the most, which is 13 - 17 year old boys. The market for women's beauty products is a much bigger seller than men's, because women are a much bigger demographic.

Anime studios put out what sells and becomes popular, and what will sell the most is what appeals to the biggest demographic. For anime, this is younger boys with simpler minds that are pleased with watching shitty action on the screen.
what sells more merch is echhi shit which isn't what the mainstream watches.
keep convincing yourself that you have superior tastes.
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Is apparently unoriginal
Mawaru Penguindrum
Welcome to the NHK
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Haibane Renmei
Denpa Teki na Kanojo
Paranoia Agent

SAO is shit tier m8 the mc is a mary sue with no character development and the plot sucks
OPM is just a power fantasy, don't bother watching it.
OPM is a parody of all anime.
>Liking parodies
Parodies are a cancer.
The American and Japanese markets are different. The American market is mainly the action shounen watchers, while the Japanese market is the stereotypical fat autist that loves ecchi or anything with a strong leading girl that becomes a waifu of many.

Toonami was on Cartoon Network, a station for kids. It played many popular action shounens, because they're for younger kids. It's the same in Japan. They'll play the shounens on TV stations for younger audiences, probably, but I don't know about this one as much.

>what sells more is ecchi shit
That doesn't make sense. Why would all the action shounens get the biggest budgets? Because they will sell more, there's more profit to be made, because even though there's less superautist, basement dwelling waifufags for the popular shounenshit, there's enough younger people that spend their money or their parents' money to make up for it. The demographic is less intense, but so much bigger that it still makes up for it.

They sell Naruto toys in the kids' sections at toy stores, for fuck sake. Obviously kids are the main ones that go for the popular shit, and kids are retarded.

>keep convincing yourself that you have superior tastes
Project harder. It's been years since I watched anime, I don't even care about it. I'm just not an idiot, and surprise surprise, the idiot here (this is you by the way) is the one that likes shitty action shounens made for children/very young adults.
Crouton you can be pretty cool but man does your autism get triggered sometimes
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>finally watch Lain
>mfw I'm stupid and I don't get it

I also like NGE and would recommend it to anybody.

If you haven't seen Hunter x Hunter(2011), check it out. Evangelion and HxH are probably my personal favorites.

My other must-watch shows are Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, and Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

After that, check out Paranoia Agent, Hellsing Ultimate, Katanagatari, Redline, Tatami Galaxy, Steins Gate, and Madoka Magica.

These are the only shows I recommend out of the gate without knowing more about personal taste. Happy watching fellow otaku.
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I shouldn't have expected anything less, but somehow I did

Holy shit, are you me? Those are literally my favorite animes. I don't ever post that on /a/ because they're pretentious. I don't care if it's not patrician.

Check out the 2011 Hunter x Hunter series. It's on hiatus though and likely will never be finished.

Let's get some get action anime recommendations going, should I check out Fate/Stay Night? Also, there was an anime my friend had on, I only saw one episode, but there was a guy/creature in dark armor who looked really strong but then he got obliterated by one of the main characters who summoned a ton of swords to rain down on him.

The animation was really good and I think it might've been an earlier episode. Any ideas?
Girls Und Panzer, couldn't make it through the second episode.
yuru yuri

it's too much. it makes my teeth hurt.
Detroit Metal City
Koe de Oshigoto
Ryu Ku Bu
Accel World
Osomatsu San
Yokai Watch
Another (comedy GOAT)
Tamako Market
Mugen no Ryvius

Your welcome familio
your taste is like one tier above shounencuck

you'd probably like most of the stuff on this guy >>26310727 's list, but I wouldn't say all of it is good.

if you want to be a patrician start cultivating a taste for shoujo.
Battle programmer Shirase
Golden Boy
Figure 17
Pani Poni Dash
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Thread images: 8
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