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Which lunch table did you sit at in Highschool?
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Which lunch table did you sit at in Highschool?

>mfw I didn't have any friends during lunch periods
>secretly ate my lunch in the bathroom or library everyday
I sat with a group of normies who talked to me out of pity, and would always be out doing fun stuff without me
I didn't wanna sit at a table if more than two people were at the table so for the first few days I kind of just stood and ate lunch and for the next two years I just sat on these "benches" built into the wall bordering the windows. I decided early in junior year to just stop doing that shit. I would always fear that someone who knew my name or had seen me would see me sitting alone eating, and I'm sure it was psychological torture for me. I just stopped eating during lunch for the next two years. I would go to the bathroom and use my phone or do homework on benches on other floors. Infinitely less depressing; normie-tier, even.
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The bathroom stall.
The cool kids table. I didn't eat lunch though, I just hung out. I ate lunch at home after school.

In a class of 50 kids, there isn't much room for outcasts. The only people in my class who didn't eat at our table generally ate at underclass clique tables.
>sat at middle table with 3 other "friends" (friend #1 that changed schools is still a good person)
>had a couple others come and go
>we sat together for all of freshman year
>sophomore year they showed their true colors (at least 2 of them did, as I said previously, first person to leave is a good person)
>my friend who I knew since sixth grade left after freshman year to another school
>now me and 2 others
>shit started falling apart and one of them eventually moved to the table full of normies that treated me like shit
>now me and 1 other
>he lingered around for about two weeks after the other moved to the normies
>I felt that he had wanted to go to their table too, so I told him "look, you've seen me lose quite every single friend ive had here, you don't have to lose anything, you can sit over there of you want, I don't want you to sit with me just because you feel bad. go to that table, I don't care at this point"
>he promptly got up and went to the normie table.
>sat alone and had no more friends for the rest of my school career.

God damn, I feel kinda like Huey at the end of MGSV, except I literally dindu nuffin
I sat by myself Freshman and Sophomore year, Junior and Senior year ate in class and went to the library or snuck out during lunch
>band geek
>hung out in and around the music room in the corner of the school
>sometimes practiced during lunch
>played hacky sack with other band geeks
>later on stoners would smoke in the corner of the school
>they started playing hacky sack with us and got me into smoking
>achieve semi-normie status
I sat with the cool kids
>bullied all through elementary school
>decided I wanted to remake myself in high school
>it worked and pretty much everybody thought I was an alright guy
I sat with them because I had a huge crush on one girl in the group and she was nice to me anyway. I wouldn't say I was a normie, but I was normie-adjacent.
What happened, anon? Tell us what prevented you from attaining normiehood.
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>freshman year
>sat alone with other loner kids, too much shame to bare, went to the library for the rest of the semester

>sophomore year
>same thing

>junior year first semester
>went off campus with friend to his house a few blocks away, his parents were always at work, so house to ourselves as we eat whatever we want and play vidya

>junior year 2nd semester
>sat with friend who was in a hipster/normie cool table, was welcomed

>senior year
>had no more classes after 5th period (8 periods in a day), left everyday at 12

Senior year was the fucking shit. For once in my entire school career I had multiple friends in EVERY class and they were all blow off classes. Shit was amazing.
Sat at the girls and guys table. Fingered three girls, and 1 guy. I was a pretty popular guy. Highschool was a different story.
>9th grade

With a bunch of autists.

>10th grade

With a bunch of autists.

>11th grade first semester

With a bunch of autists.

>11th grade second semester

With a bunch of senior girls. My favorite lunch table.

>12th grade

Normie band geeks.
I was still socially awkward, but more people knew me.

Never tried getting with any girls either.
>restrooms if library was closed, which often was
>ditched school if I knew it was closed

And that's how I failed high school, my attendance. I got A's on all my tests and homework but I still got D's and F's, and the principal was confused as to why I never went to see a counsellor for my problem.
ikdf man
>tfw all your normie friends ditched you in high school
Same here. I'd been the weird kid and decided I didn't like that anymore.
>made friends
>nobody bullied me anymore
>was popular enough that people I'd never met while in school would ask my family how I was doing after I graduated
>was asked multiple times to host various pep rallies and such at the school
I started dating my oneitis in our second year after a party at her house she'd invited me too and we got married almost right out of high school.
I still don't like most people, though.
Freshman year
>With my two childhood friends in a teacher's classroom, occasionally their friends would come by
>With my childhood friends again for a little while, then some dipshit manlet that I hated started coming and I left because I didn't want to deal with him and was pissed that they didn't tell him to fuck off when I've known them since we were 6.
>Found some other dudes that I knew from Parks & Rec lacrosse team and hung out with them at lunch.
Junior year
>Started playing cards at lunch with these guys. Was pretty fun, they all had the same sense of humor as me.
Senior year
>Same for the most part until the table started to get really crowded with 10 or 12 people crowded around what started as 3 or 4 people's table. Girl I 'went out' with was there, I 'broke up' with her. Stopped coming to the table (they were mostly her beta orbiters by then, fucking sad) and spent the rest of my senior year's lunches in my 5th period classroom or in the library watching art films on youtube.

There you go. Overall, it was alright most days. Don't ask me about middle school though.
For some reason I sat with cool kids and hot chicks
Varied from year to year. Freshman it was alone, but next year guys kicked this one candy-ass out to make room for me at the table. Funny thing was he sat at the table next to ours and still tried to jump into the conversations but it was painfully obvious nobody there liked him and we'd make jokes about him with him right there.

And before you think this is cruel, he deserved because I say so, si don't worry
Sat with two Chad friends pretty much every day. We talked about silly shit and laughed all the time. It was pretty awful.
high school senior here, I used to sit alone in the library when I was an underclassman, I now go off campus. feels good man
There was an English teacher that would eat lunch in his classroom every day and let other kids spend the period there as long as they were quiet. I'm grateful to have had a lunchtime refuge that so many robots didn't
In high school I sat with two people who I had known for kind of a while. We weren't friends but I had sat alone all through middle school and I was sick of it. They were kind of losers so I didn't feel as out of place as I could have. Eventually two other losers showed up.
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the one table that was always empty

occasionally other people would walk up and ask me if i wanted to talk to them and "are you okay"

after a year or so i stopped eating lunch and just stood in the hall
We used to do break-ins and make those chemical plastic bottle bombs thing during lunchtime. good times.
>didn't want to be a faggot and sit in a bathroom
>sat alone for 3 weeks until normies pitied me and sat next to me

Fuck my school, the library ladies would harass you if you didn't come in with a class that had been signed in to be in the library during that period. Our building wasn't even very big.
never ate in the cafeteria once in my entire 4 years. i either went home and skipped the rest of the day or ate it in the bathroom, once the school janitors got on my ass for eating in there though i just stopped going entirely.
Sit with my bros and play MTG
The library so I could shitpost and make dank memes.
Didn't eat lunch and hung out behind the school, listening to techno music. If I did, I sat at the vidya nerd / emo table.
I ate in a classroom
The emptiest table. Then tried to avoid them as much as they avoided me.

And dread the possibility that one of them (politely) asks me to move to a different, more crowded table so they can all sit together.
I always tried to sit alone and people would just sit with me occasionally. For about 3 weeks, Sophmore year, like five girls would try to sit with me for whatever reason so I took refuge at the nerd table for the rest of my high school career. Didn't stop normies from trying to sit with me though.
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I never ate at a table, always grabbed my stuff and ate by myself at the back of the school. Sometimes the smokers would be there and it would put me off my lunch because of the strong taste of cigarette in the air.
People even mistook me for being a smoker because the smell stuck to my clothes, including my parents who would always shout at me for it.
For all of freshman year, I was able to sit with my best friend from middle school. However, he moved away a bit into sophomore year. I didn't have many other friends besides him. I talked to people in some classes but I wasn't at the level where I could just go sit with them at lunch. It sounds silly now but back in school you just couldn't suddenly sit at a table because lunch groups are established and never really change.

So I would scarf up my lunch super quick while everyone was still buying theirs, and just proceed to kind of wander around the lunch area because it was too awkward to just sit alone. I would kind of pace around the whole area until lunch was over, stop in the bathroom a bit, leave, pace more, until the bell rang.

Eventually I discovered that going to the library was an option and that was a lifesaver. I would just go in there and do homework or read.

Later I made friends with a guy in PE and he invited me to sit with him and his group at lunch. It was kind of clear that I wasn't too welcome in that group though (I wouldn't be included in conversations or invited to hangout outside of school, only the guy who invited me really talked to me), but they let me sit with them. I'd still go to the library every now and then.
I didn't go to a physical high school. I went online. I spent every day sitting home alone while parents were at work.

I literally had no contact with anyone outside of my parents and my also isolated brother. I can't go back and change it now. I missed that entire chapter of my life. I hurts to think about but I think about it so much because people keep talking about their time in high school.

You guys talk about how high school toates sucked, but then there's what I had. Nothing but depression over being alone causing self destruction both inside and physically. The hell that is complete social isolation. Every day is the same. I ate 5000 calories while waiting for my stressed wage slave parents to come home and hopefully not take it out on me. Rotting away, seeing no point in living.

So, do I feel bad for you guys and your "omg totally loser embarrasing" high school years? No.
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I had a couple of guys to sit with that didn't really fit in either.
One of them might even browse here, but I'd doubt it.
Tfw sometimes got two tothree tables to pick from
Tfw still fat and nogf tho
>Sat with the dark outcasts, or light outcasts, sometimes shot the shit with the various normie tables

>Group of girls I knew, or one of the outcasts groups
>Mostly the light outcasts

>Switched schools
>Slept in a corner of the courtyard with my backpack as a pillow in my lap

>Eat food in courtyard, usually 2 chicken sandwiches or nothing
>Go to computer lab with nerdy teacher and shit around on the unblocked websites I could find, or sleeping in the comfortable chairs
>Otherwise slept in the courtyard

Dark outcasts were led by my best friend, the incomprehensibly charismatic Andres. We grew distant before he moved half-way through year 2. I still don't understand what makes him so popular with the outcasts, and me so unlikeable. They were mostly made up of the weird and unstable or "alternative".

The light outcasts usually sat outside where everyone else was inside. It was mostly made up of the naively kind and childish. They would play games and run around and stuff. It was very nice and friendly. I had a crush on one of the girls who was in it, her name was Reba. Typical for her name, her parents were rednecks that beat her. Last time I saw her, she mistook me for a 16 year old, and came to talk to me while holding her baby when I was visiting another friend at the subsidized housing apartments. She was cheating on her baby daddy with that friend's brother. Weird shit desu.

The group of girls was a tiny a-cup, a taller a-cup blonde, and a gorgeous but still MAYBE a b-cup raven haired girl. She was probably a 9/10 and could have been a model. Unfortunately she had a thing for older men. Her first boyfriend almost got put in jail as he was 18 when she was 16. He did get put in the "other" school. Her second boyfriend was like 22~ and knocked her up when she was 17~. He died in a wreck a week later. Who fucking knows what happened to her. I liked her a lot, both as a friend, and physically. She had halitosis though.
I didn't eat lunch in High School because I had no friends to sit with
I lost a lot of weight during High School
I was also not allowed at any lunch table during lunch. What I did was this thing some people do not realize they can do, NOT GO TO SCHOOL. It is not a legal thing you have to do in highschool. Just take the tests for the diploma and enter college.
Freshman year
>super smart kid table. I think a few kids are going to ivy league schools from that table. One had his dad die and became super religious and another just became a huge stoner

Sophomore year
>psuedo popular kids, desu they didn't really like me that much so I was always on the fringe of conversations. Was depressed as shit that year

Junior year
>sat with the basketball team kids/black dudes. It was pretty fun, they were total bros.

Senior year
>sat with semi popular kids from my neighborhood that were fun, inviting, and actually cared about me. Fucking loved those guys.
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I was really lucky to have small circle of bros in high school that I was really tight with. Some of us were at the top of our class, others were...not, some into longboarding and shit like that, others not, but the one thing that seemed to bring us together was our affinity for drinking and getting high together in a small group in one of our basements every couple weeks. Probably the best days of my life.

Once I got to college I somehow forgot how to make friends. I've walked around campus alone for three years and my university experience have been one of complete loneliness and alienation. Luckily I'm still really close with a lot of my high school friends, otherwise I don't know what I'd be living for.
well we didn't have tables.

We had a common room, and I sat with my friends at the back on the comfy couches.
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>freshmen and sophomore year
>zero friends
>too many people for such a small cafeteria
>can't sit by myself
>there's no shady spots outside
>everyday i dad to find an empty spot on one of the big tables
>"hey could you move so my friend could sit down?"
>seemed like everyday someone would ask me to move
>sometimes a teacher would sit with me and talk to me out of pity

Next 2 years i crewed up with some other loner losers who had the same problem, and we claimed a table as our own. We were not friends, some days we wouldn't even talk to each other. We simply had an alliance.
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sat near the vending machine with my friends. one was a chinese exchange student and the other two were obsessed with lifting, but they were pretty nice to me. sometimes these indian kids sat with us and one of my friends would be kindof mean to them, which i didnt like so i asked him to stop and eventually he did. pretty good time tbqhfamilliampie
>sometimes a teacher would sit with me and talk to me out of pity
oh christ dude...christ
>9th grade and 10th grade

With my nerdy friends. They didn't have nerdy interests or anything, they just worked hard and got good results and weren't all that interesting.

>11th and 12th grade

With a mixed bag kinda group. Everyone had above average grades, but most of them weren't all that focused on school. Some of them were drama or band geeks, some didn't really do much at all. We would definitely have been considered normies, but kind of a weird type of normie.
I posted a more detailed response in the earlier thread today, but:

>Beginning of 9th grade: At a table with a few of my friends I somehow made. We were the weird kids, but we were more socially accepted than the total rejects. Like one or two tiers above.

Then parents moved during middle of the year.

>First few weeks of 9th grade at new school: Get pity invited by some Stacies to sit at their table on first day. Were nice, but just didn't fit in well with them (and the Chads).
>Remainder of 9th grade: Migrated to the social reject table (fatties, school shooter types, etc.). Sat there any day I couldn't get a pass to the library.
>10th-11th grade: Same as above.
>12th grade: Left campus each and every day.
you focking bastard
I sat by myself in a corner of the school where nobody else sat. Anyone else think they're a bigger loner than me?
>Freshman year
Friends (like 8? don't remember) and I didn't sit at a table, instead we hung out by the stairs overlooking the football field
>Sophomore year
Some tiny Mexican manlet and his taller-than-him butterface gf would always be where we hung out and just make out for half an hour. We eventually just took this table that one or two kids would sit at.
>Junior year
We found a new table elsewhere, when we were done eating, we'd just walk around campus in a big group
>Senior year
I ended up changing schools, didn't really make any friends aside from this one weird emo chick that I started crushing on. After she made her own group of friends and hung out with me less, I started going to sit in the library and fucking around on the interwebs (mostly posting on forums) or drawing.
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>mfw I sat alone at lunch at a table to myself
>mfw none of the kids seemed interested in talking to me
>mfw too much of a pussy to hang out in a toilet stall
I sat alone at whatever empty table I could find every fucking day until senior year, where we got a new librarian who would actually allow people to sit in there at lunch.

Literally no one even attempted to sit with me, and often times I would get hit by food that some normies threw at me.

I don't even get it, because I was never really bullied and I was aquatintences with pretty much everyone.
>14 results
rofling @ u rn
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9th: with friends
10th: with the same friends and a couple more
11th: with this senior black kid, a crazy girl who wanted my dick, and another girl I cant really remember
12th: back with friends
it was p. fun
>all these babyfags are so young, there highschools didn't allow them to leave school for lunch

heh, feels good to be an 80's baby.

Somedays I had lunch with a couple close friends
Somedays I sat at a table all by myself texting girls from other schools

It wasn't all that bad to be honest. I just didn't worry about it too much.
I left school for lunch ~3 times a week senior year, younger kids werent allowed to leave for lunch
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