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I know no one here is underageb& but...
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I know no one here is underageb& but IF YOU WERE, describe how life would be like in high school nowadays. I'm getting up on my 10 year anniversary now. Feels weird.
>I know no one here is underage b&
There are definitely a few underage robots
>"dank memes"
>chads and stacies still at the top
>robots still seen as degenerates/weirdos

aside from the smartphone stuff, it's like it always was. school shooter paranoia is at its peak, though. the onion has a great video about it

>There are definitely a few underage robots
No, that's not true. Everyone on 4chan is 18 years old or older. No one under the age of majority posts on here, because it is against the rules to do so.
i am in high school, I'm a senior and 18.

shit fucked although i don't really bother anyone so no one bothers me.
>teachers being very lenient on smartphones because either they can't control it or they're trying to 'be hip' and 'keep up with the times'

>more and more kids being less aggressive and more docile due to the feminization of male culture

>still would be just as lonely for me as it was back then
Nope, the underagers break the rules by being le epic shiposters and posting here while underage. They suck
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>normal stacies are rare, tumblrinas make up most females
>what few normal stacies there are are usually spics
>chads are mostly the same, but it's acceptable for anyone to play video games
>anime is acceptable for some chads
>most normies love capeshit, and hate donald trump
>obsessed with vine and instagram maymays
>classes revolve around preparing for standardized tests
>everyone is extremely promiscuous
>many "transgenders"

That's just the standard stuff.

I had a history teacher that talked about white privilege.
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Come on, anon, you know that's not true.
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>social circles are more prevalent, better for nerds and losers but worse if you don't fit in to any
>Chads and Stacies, still, occupy the top
>smart kids are more often seen as the Stacies and Chads, but not always
>anime is acceptable
only dbz, mostly for black people
everything else is still considered weebshit
I know its true my man
>be me
>be 17
>be a loser in highschool
>always sit by myself
>highschool is full of the following:
White niggers
Emo fucktards
>be in math class
>doing my work (A-B Student)
>Talking to people at my table very awkwardly
>See this Japanese girl walk up to me
>asks me what a problem means (smartest I'm class)
>we talk more often
>she asks for my number
Fuck yes
>we txt
>a lot
>like a lot
>I love her
>same interests
>same everything
>I gain the 'confidence'
>steal liquor and get drunk to get 'confidence'
>send long message
>tell her I love her
>I only want to be with her
>she says she just wanted to be friends
>realize she acts the way towards me to everyone
>generally a friendly person
>I wanna kill myself
>realize that I will always be unhappy
pic related, its me
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this is her

Not original
People don't really get bullied anymore like the savage greentexts on here, the only fights are between black people and spics doing gang shit but that still happens a lot. Most teachers have given up on life or are fresh out of liberal brainwashing college. Lots of black kids wearing "black lives matter" or "cops are pigs" shirts, then proceeding to beat the shit out of eachother. Normies only like shitty vine and donald trump jokes, but they actually aren't as bad as the kids who play smash bros every single day and say nothing but "show me your moves XD" and several other inside jokes I've yet to decipher. Overall boring experience, only time anyone actually gets picked on is when they're blatantly being an autist/ trying to mix social classes. All qt goth and scene girls are now shaved head social justice pigs and the few remaining goths exclusively date spics for some reason? Wish I could've grown up in the seventies.
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Well of course Matt Stonie isn't going to love you back. Do you know how many groupies he has?
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I have to say, the most disgusting new clique would be the "androgynous" tumblr-core girls that call themselves trash.

Who could ever respect someone that calls themselves trash?

Chokers, those are also disgusting.
>someone using my image I cropped of Pearl
>someone posting tumblr universe outside of their containment board
Currently a 2nd semester senior in High School. Turned 18 back in September. Here's what's really going on:

Kids nowadays are much more sarcastic and have more "autistic" senses of humor. Prolly because all the new Vine and YouTube humor is random and autistic.

Drug use actually has been declining except for weed and alcohol. Half of the student body has tried weed most likely.

Sex is actually somewhat rare/kept lowkey. Oral sex is absolutely rampant however.

The "top" Chads (the football playing jocks etc) actually keep to themselves and only really hang out with the "top" Stacys. The top Chads, believe it or not, are actually hated by everyone including other Chads who aren't at the top. The hierarchy isn't really a thing; most people just find their own groups and stick with them. Popularity is defined by how many people know your name and who you are. Because of this, a lot of kids can be considered popularity.

No real bullying save for verbal shit. Most kids don't get bullied unless they do stuff that openly wrongs other people.

Teachers are even more careless and apathetic. They don't force kids to put their phones away anymore. You can also chew gum and eat in class.

Goths/Emos have been replaced by Hipsters and Scene kids. Punks have been replaced by Skaters.

Sports do not guarantee automatic popularity and Chad-dom anymore. In fact, if you're on the rowing team or track team, you're actually often times seen in a more NEGATIVE light than if you didn't do those sports. Only sport that people see in a completely positive manner is Basketball. Sports like swim and golf are completely forgotten about. Cheer is full of ugly girls; all the actual hot girls are on the Field Hockey or Lacrosse team.
Are you a canadian or something?
>aus fag here

>Lesbian restarted Stacey English teacher
>South African math teachet who is disgusted in me after I let out a disgusting wet Fart in class which everyone heard
Friends are all fucked in the head
We have the bronie scooter faggot satanist weeaboo who is almost alpha
The skin headed weaboo who's family is disgusted in
Tall drug fucked guy who has minor insanity and anxiety from his over abusive mother who convinced his sister to disown him
A Manlet gymnast weaboo
More druggos
Afro autist that is athletic
Smart guy with computers but retarded

Yeah nah
Oh and the greasy fat cunt who dropped out to work at kfc and thinks he is top shit

>fat cunt is 14 at the time
>let's call him funt
>has crush on a qt3.14 girl
>treats her basically like a gf, very protective
>random kiwi Chad talks to her
>kiwi isn't even interested
>funt threatens to bash this FUCKING giant 6"2 kiwi alpha giga nigger
>never lifts a finger
>qt3.14 is sick of his shit, he had a chance but not anymore
>people like him less and less
>is faggot
If you ever had a girlfriend, you realize you should rate girls a little less harsh
>drug use has actually been declining

nigger where the fuck do you live?
>drug use has actually been declining
>sex is actually somewhat rare

nigger where the fuck do you live?
Thread replies: 26
Thread images: 8
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