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Who here actually enjoys being friendless...
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Who here actually enjoys being friendless and isolated from society?

I do. For some time I thought loneliness is a barren experience, but then I actually got to be friends, if there exist such a thing, with many people and what not. Feeling of being dependent on anyone else and intimacy required with most of the people made me sick. Now, I for sure know that one rose can be my garden as long as it is mine and feel very glad to have no friends. Occasionally I do meet interesting people, but knowing that people get old quickly, I appreciate them for their transient nature. They will never spoil themselves with appearing worse than they initially were.

Pro solitude thread.
i don't think that's the right word but once you have been so isolated for so long like i did your brain adapts to that reality and you start finding comfort in that situation
I feel you OP, recently I realized that I don't need social contact, and suddenly I'm not lonely, no >tfw no gf, vidya are joy to play again. I even started reading for the first time in two years.

I fucking love it, I'm not even depressed anymore.
I actually I've lived in very social environments for most of my life. I genuinely dislike being social. Occasionally it's good and all that jazz, but most of the times it feels like literal waste of time.
Actually same here with reading, I used to read much more but I just quit or read very little for some time. Now I read quite a lot. I'm finding outdoor hobbies as well. Can't wait for summer, sea is about hundred or so metres from my house, so I'm going to swim a lot.
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You remind me of a person I heard once while reading a book who said "Oh I hate people so much" and continued on loudly telling the other person about the various locals nightclubs and bars.

Solitude is a gift that you earn.
Who ganja hermit here?
I grow my ganja and love it very much.
Never really felt isolated thanks to my ganja.
Yeah. I'm all alone in the world except for my mom and an ex who I see sometimes and can't see why robots complain so much.
I really like it to be alone. Sometimes for weeks at a time. When I crave social contact I just hit up my childhood friend.
People sometimes like loneliness. It happens. You've been isolate enough that human contact isn't a priority and you do not pursue any relationships.

But DO NOT try to revert this. YOU WILL be let down and left in the dark again by some ones betrail. Except this time you will hate it.

You can convince yourself you like being lonely, but just one person can permanently persuade you into being not only alone, but forever in pain by it. Learn from my mistakes and make yourself better off.

You assume me to be vain; I am not.
I'd love to do some weed from time to time, but you need to know people to buy some weed and it's always too much of a hassle to bother with. I envy Netherlands, it's just so easy to score some weed and psychedelic mushrooms there legally without the shady drug dealer part involved.
How are your relationships with them?
I'm still ashamed I lost my childhood friend a very long time ago. We had so much fun exploring old buildings and doing all sorts of autistic shit whilst playing vidya.
I've reverted my condition several times, sometimes on my account, sometimes due to necessity. Well, to be fair,I feel mixed. I have no regrets, not even for the more depression inducing moments and things that literally make me cringe looking back. Burnt hand teaches the best. Actually, to think of it, I revere that sense of melancholia and feeling of thinking how things could've had turned out when looking back. Certainly beats feeling dead inside.
I hate it but I hate being around people more.
Of course EVERYBODY likes it, but nobody likes to be exiled or forced to be isolated.
So can you be social? I was lucky enough enjoy socialisation when I was in my mid teens. Before that I was sort of a social exile, having dropped out of school for an entire year and lost all contact with people of my age due to disfunctional family going through divorce. I hated the fact that I was missing out. Little did I know that I would become impartial to all of those things that I saw as really desirable. I mean, I idolised lots of it.

What about you?
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