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>actually staying friends with your oneitis...
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>actually staying friends with your oneitis after she rejects you
None of you have done this, right?
>fell for the "If you stop being friends with them, you weren't really her, and you only wanted sex" meme
>keep being their friend after rejection
>later on they still see me as desperate or still miserable about the rejection
>They stop talking to me

f-f-fucking hoez.....
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I barely asked anyone out, so I wasn't really rejected.

>tfw asked a girl out over MSN when I was 13 and she rejected me after a week of 'deciding'
>tfw my friends laughed at me for even asking her out
>tfw probably internalised it and took it to mean the idea of me being with someone is laughable
>tfw never asked anyone out again, hid any interest I ever had in any grills, and didn't do anything when a girl was confirmed to be into me, because I didn't want to risk being laughed at again
I have never even had the courage to ask a girl out, but at this point a female friend would be enough to make me a little bit happy.
nah. I stopped trying to communicate with her immediately. It is like a band-aid. I have no desire to prolong the suffering
>kept outing it off so long I became gay :p
>looks like I will end up forever girlfriend less after all :)
the fuck is this oneitis shit i keep hearing about?

are you 13?
I do. I figured it was a good way to meet their single friends. Unfortunately they keep all their friends away from me.
I had it worse.

>Oneitis of three years becomes gf
>Realize I only like her as a friend
>Not sure if I should break up and potentially lose the friendship or tough it out and wait until she breaks up with me
oneitis is the definition of cuck, there are billions of women out there, you don't focus on just one
I mean I'm still polite-friendly with the last girl I asked out, we run into each other because overlapping friend groups, but I don't make any effort to communicate beyond that

too many girls in the world to get hung up on any one (or anyone)
I did because she was really fucking cool and the only girl I could actually laugh with. She is legitimately funny. I wanted her so bad for years but she told me she saw me as a friend.
Finally I saw her get with this manlet dude who's in a band and they've been together for 2 years now and live together.
Cut her off completely, and she added me on facebook a month ago. Haven't liked or tried to contact her in any way. May just delete my normie book anyway considering no one contacts me in the 1st place.
Two years ago a girl asked me out as a joke. she was in a group of friends that my brother hangs out with so I got made fun of for it for a while.
No, giving up on your dreams is being a cuck.
you cuck

focusing on one girl and only one girl will net you zero girls in the end

enjoy being alone for the rest of your life
She's my only real friend though...
I think if she ever gets a boyfriend I'll drop her though. It's fine for now, but if that ever happens I'll actually be the standard beta orbiter that she comes and tells all her relationship troubles and shit.
She doesn't talk to me much about herself though, I usually have to start conversations and stuff. Except for recently she had been starting conversations and talking to me a lot for a couple weeks. Which then stopped like a week ago.

In any case she's not a oneitis anymore, I don't want to go out with her anymore, and couldn't ever imagine marrying her or anything.
I'd still like to fuck her though.
"Dreaming" about one girl you were never even intimate with is sad. If she doesn't like you back, its a shame, buthere r billions of other females in the world.
fuck man sorry to hear that
similar thing happened to me

>have massive crush on girl
>all my friends know
>im sure she even knew by then
>all my friends conpsire against me and get girls phone
>text my phone saying that she heard about my crush and that she thinks im cute and likes me too
>my endorphins were pumping in my veins
>my heart is beating so fast at that point
>all happening during class
>cant even sit still
>for the first time in my life something has gone my way
>class ends
>cant wait to share the news with my bros
>get to my group of friends and they are all snickering
>all completely filled with guilt at how happy i am
>one of them laughing his ass off
>comes up to me and shows the texts
>all my friends just laugh and walk away
>some just leave because of how shattered I was
>just stand there
>literally just stand there baffled
>go to lunch by myself
>sit there awestruck
>felt like shit for the next 2 days

It may not be that big of a deal to some but I wanted this roastie so bad
Never have I had a girl "Like" me so seeing it for the first time was a high of its own. I finally felt a sense of worth and affection in my own mind but of course it was just a fucking joke.
Don't hang with them anymore, only 1 and he still laughs about it because he's a chad who has girls crawling on his cock.
>Oneitis of three years becomes gf
>Realize I only like her as a friend
How does this happen? Is she just incredibly ugly?
I bet you fuckers looked up at the sky 500 years ago and said humans could never fly and told people to stop even trying.

the fundamentals to flying were always there

the chemistries of the brain to get her to fall for you arent

there is 0 chance to get with her outside of chloroform/rape

move on
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