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Weird shit we did with friends at a young age
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thread about weird shit you did as a kiddo
>be me
>be 8 years old
>some kid I barely know comes over, let's call him David
>David and I are playing innocent games
>find a Matchbox plastic hammer
>suddenly get "amazing" idea
>leapt up onto couch arm because neither of our parents gave two shits
>tell my friend to hit me in the crotch really hard with the hammer
>this goes on for about 3 minutes and we took turns

i am a sad little man
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>lie down on the floor, stomach down
>make snow angel movements with my crotch touching the floor
>prepubescent orgasm

I did this in front of people.
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if this is bait it's pretty well crafted, it's just about believable but maximum cringe
I try relatively hard to repress things like this, and if someone else ever brings up stuff from the past i tell them "I cant say I remember that" or similar
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This didn't happen to me personally, but it still counts, I guess.
>be me
>have a 7 year old sister
>everytime she sat on a couch she would bury her face in it and dig in to her 7 year old vagina
>she did this when people came over too
>parents had to step in to stop her from masturbating in front of their friends
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>me and this kid who I'm sure was autistic in middleschool would pretend to be gangsters
>we would tag each other in 'gangster' pictures on facebook like pic related and this other one of 3 skinny 'gangstas' sat in front of cars
>we would go around school talking hood to people like retards
>we even made up fake gangster friends (seriously)
>we'd say shit like ''yeah I was fucking chantelle the other night and B-dog was like fuck yeah bro''

he stopped talking to me after I started crying after getting killed on CoD

Turns out he's now a pool cleaner living in Spain
>Be me, 14 at the time
>Hanging out with 12 year old friend on New Years eve
>"Hey Anon, I dare you to go poop behind that bush"
>I do it for the lulz
>Lay down a massive foot long
>We decide to put a bottle rocket inside it and blow shit up
>Bottle rocket goes off
>It stinks everywhere
>I forget about it until the next morning
>Wake up next morning
>Go outside to find that the explosion literally covered my neighbor's house with poo
>Clean it up as fast as I can
>Nobody ever found out
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>not leaving it there for teh lulz

you dun fukt up familiar
yes.. the cringe is incredibly efficient. we could potentially use this to power our starships to reach distant galaxies..
> be 10 or 11
> 9/11 just happened a few days prior
> hanging out with friend
> friend says we should do something to help raise money for 9/11
> go door to door asking people for money to help with 9/11 relief
> never mention a charity or how the money will help
> end up raising $20 somehow
> we aren't sure what to do with the money
> decide to walk to subway, then to the blockbuster next-door
> celebrate 9/11 with subs and rented video games
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lol that sounds fuggin sweet
>be 4
>neighbors kid is my best buddy
>we'd play this game called bottom fighting or some shit like that
> consisted of both of us standing at one end of the room
> we'd then run backwards untill we bumped into each other
no fucking idea why we came up with that but we used to find it hysterical. I was i weird kid
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This was just to much for me. I want to harm myself.
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>I wanted my eyebrows to be dark like an anime character
>I got a marker and drew some on.
>went to school like that
>everyone stared
what did they think of me
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>Be 7
>Sleepover with friends
>We get naked and start using our penises as if they were puppets
>We invent a story with our dicks as the main characters
Another one
>Be 8
>Birthday of a friend
>He has an older sister
>Older sister comes with us because she was cool and played vidya
>His brother tells her to show us her vagina and pour some nose drops in it as a dare
>She did it
>She opened it up so we could the inside and she started pouring the drops
>First and only time I saw a vagina
>nose drops
who even uses those?

how much older was the sister than you?
2 or 3 years, I don't remember well.
>who even uses those?
I use them on winter because my nose gets all runny
This thread makes me incredibly jealous. I don't have any memories like this, everything I've experienced has been incredibly 'normal', for lack of a better word. The worst memory I can recall is peeing in my pants when I was six years old in kindergarten. And that's bad but thing is, that's the absolute worst. Everything else in my life since has been painfully appropriate. I feel like streaking through a mall or something.
thats actually hilarious
nothing wrong with that
Kinda similar story but gayer
>be 8th grader
>lots of friends not robots but not normies
>every lunch was spent in the bathroom
> we would all first pee on the floor
>then pull down our pants to expose our asses
>furiously try to touch eachother with our butts
>called it ass tag
Some times some one would turn off the lights, and some times one of us would slip and fall in the piss
>later on in the year a stoner bot got high in the only stall while we did this
>didnt really aknowlege us
>friend of mine touches his wrist with his ball sack while he was walking in
>friend gets choked outand dragged through piss
>we just stood there laughing hysterically.
Be 22 now. Stonerbot, the kid he beat up and i are all best friends.
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>me and bro (7 and 5) watch V.I.P tv series
>hear a lot of talk about sex
>decide to try
>no idea how it should be
>get both naked under the blanked
>try rubbing erect penises
>nothing happens
>try for another 3 minutes
>go to sleep
I really hope that he doesnt remember this.
dude youre lucky as fuck
some of the shit ive done is embarrassing as fuck and still haunts me
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anyone else here do gay shit with their cousin/friend/whatever as a kid?

i still hang out and drink with him and shit and it hasnt been spoken of in like 6 years or more, but i know he remembers just like i do
My first and only kiss was with my cousin.
We also used to see each other assholes when we were kids, because we were curious to see what they looked like.
>get horny
>have family computer
>search up typical stupid stuff to get off
>moms come home
>she sits somewhere she can see the screen
>she treats me diffrently
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Thread images: 13
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